An Arsenal fan already excited about next season! – Great times….

Wilshere – out, Leno – in, Torreira – next by Konstantin Mitov

Hello again lovely Arsenal people! I can get pretty used to the way things are happening fast around Arsenal these days! We’ve confirmed what practically everyone knew, that Bernd Leno will join us, and also that Jack Wilshere would leave.

And now, the president of Sampdoria confirmed the news that Lucas Torreira will be leaving the club in a deal worth 30m euros and it’s highly likely that it’s Arsenal who will be getting the man. Of course announcing the deal before the WÇorld cup ends for Uruguay is highly unlikely, so we’ll probably have to wait till next month to officially confirm both him and Sokratis.

I am extremely happy to be honest. This is FOUR players before JULY! I know two aren’t confirmed, but I mean those players will actually have the summer to prepare with the squad. I can’t stress enough how important this is. We’ve started a lot of season where we’ve slept through the first few games, due to players given an extra long rest, bad transfer timing and overall bad summer preparation.

Now it looks like everyone is doing their job and we’re actually working hard, unlike what Arsene used to say every summer. And speaking of him, do you ask yourselves why he hasn’t been offered a top job in Europe? Funny hey. Anyway, I’m so happy the days of lies and dictatorship are over.

Anyway, we’re having a really tough start to the new season and the work of the new head coach will be put to the biggest test it can get right from the get go. But it is what it is. Imagine if we could snap up 4 to 6 points from City and Chelsea? I’m getting ahead of myself here, but it’s so refreshing to be excited about Arsenal and next season.

I heard some fans complain about our new signings, which is laughable in my opinion. We cannot go bombing 50+ million for players every window, which we actually have done in the past 2 windows! We cannot go and buy Oblak or Alisson when there are Champions League clubs in a much better position than us needing a new GK.

Instead we were smart and went for the next best thing under the radar in Leno, who Roma wanted as a replacement for Alisson if Real go for him. In my opinion it’s smart business. We lack a spine. Arsenal is a team with a bunch of good players going forward right now and a bomb with a timer at the back waiting to explode every game.

We’re adding players who’ll do the dirty work, so that what we have up top doesn’t go to waste, because we concede 2 goals to the likes of Newcastle, Bournemouth, Watford and so on. The signings are not flashy, but look, Torreira is famous for tough tackles and actually being a defensively minded midfielder.

Sokratis is known for leadership qualities and hard work. Leno has over 260 caps in the Bundesliga and he was selected for the confederations cup. He’s practically the next best German keeper after Neuer and Ter Stegen, who, by the way, play for Bayern and Barcelona and we’re a long way off them right now.

Lichsteiner may be 34, but his experience and the fact that Bellerin finally has competiton is also good. All and all, we cannot complain. I’d rather have 4 players help improve the squad overall, than 1 player for the combined fee, because fees don’t play on the pitch.

It’s also funny, how AKBs now talk about the importance of trophies and WOB wants patience with the manager and giving the team a chance! How the tables have turned hey? Anyway, times to be an Arsenal fans are great for once!



  1. Sheet Head says:

    Should Russia fail to win the world cup, so that Putin doesn’t mistakenly press the nuclear ⚛ bomb button instead of the fireworks ? button and end the world, I’m seeing us winning the league ???. I’m serious about this!!

    1. killamch89 says:

      I am somehow unusually optimistic about where we will finish in the league this season. Not sure we gonna win the league but I feel that we may very well pull a madness and I’m not sure why I feel that way.

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      Moley called the torreira deal ages ago. Forget kev.. I dont understand why everyone doesnt just follow moley. I called the lacazette move turn by turn through his tweets. So guys if you want transfer news follow moley

      1. Xxnofx says:

        What about lemar when’s he having his medical

      2. RSH says:

        what about Lemar, what about Mahrez, what about Malcom, what about Arteta? He’s been wrong on player contracts too. You do realize this guy just goes through papers, hints at a bunch of players so he can bring back a tweet from months ago? Same strategy many Twitter ITK’s do. They know nothing.

  2. killamch89 says:

    Yeah, we making moves BEFORE pre-season for a change. I’m loving this new set-up – Our club is a lot more efficient in transfer dealings than in the recent past.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  3. jon fox says:

    Yes, exciting times, tempered with realism. Realism both from the club and needed by some fans too. Konstantin is correct in explaing that we cannot expect to leap from a disant 6th place to being title winners overnight. What we have long neaded to do, but never have under WENGERS LAST DECADE, is to make steady progress to plug the gaping holes in the squad; in fact a gaping cavern at DM ever since Gilberto left. At long last we have people running things who even RECOGNISE the many problems and are determined to move in the right, not the wrong , direction. THOSE IN CHARGE NOW ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE DEFENDING, GLORY BE! Coaching, tactics and positional discipline are vital when defending, though this truth never dawned on Wenger. I will not further visit the many old greivances but it is impossible to contrast positively the dynamic new regime without even mentioning the dismal recent past, to show how not to do things. I am excited beyong belief that we now have a modern run club and though I am by no means ceretain that we will make top four, this cioming season, I DO hope we may. I will be content to see passion , vigour and fight return to our squad, something that was lessening each passing year. At last , I am proud to tell new people – those who may not even like football- that I am an ARSENAL FAN, AGAIN. I used to sense their pity. No longer and no need.

    1. killamch89 says:

      Yeah it is definitely positive times Jon. I have a feeling we will be a bogey team for a lot of teams this year.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  4. Sue says:

    Don’t know why AKB & WOB keeps on being mentioned!!
    I am very excited for next season, we sure are heading in the right direction! Roll on August 11 ?

  5. Declan says:

    Torriera is on.

    1. Sue says:

      You beat me to it!

      1. Unai Emery says:

        Verrati played well…. Oh wait it was Torreira

        1. killamch89 says:


  6. Trudeau says:

    Enjoyed the article until the end. Always felt that the WOB v AOB was simplistic and a false dichotomy (I can vouch that many of us never felt we were in either csmp) so I find it unfortunate that the author wants to keep the divide alive. Not needed or helpful to this new era.

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes, this old fan divide into two opposite camps can now be consigned to history , where it belongs.

      1. killamch89 says:

        I was never apart of that crap. I was always team Arsenal and that era is behind us and we are truly moving forward. We have truly suffered for the longest time and now we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Long may it continue.

        1. Sue says:

          Nice one! No more Wenger bashing would be nice, drives me bloody mad! Have to look ahead to our bright future ?

    2. joseph says:

      whats WOB,AOB n AKB?

      1. Sue says:

        Not worth worrying about Joseph!

  7. Gogo says:

    Exciting times for my club and fans. gunners for life

  8. Dan says:

    If this is exciting times for club supporters you must be very easily pleased had we spent 250 million on players to show supporters that the club’s ambition is back and gona challenge for every major cup as promised when we moved to the Emirates then I would agree but please are you really telling me that all of a sudden with the mediocre signings we are making that we are seriously going to do anything next season if you do then I think your be in for a complete shock and not a good one!!

    1. Trudeau says:

      Dan, maybe you should read the article again. No one is saying we are going to win the PL next year but the difference in the way things are being done – early transfers in key areas, no more sentimentality – is refreshing. With respect, if you want to support a club that spends £250m in one transfer window maybe you need to look elsewhere to find happiness.

      1. De-Ra says:

        Trudeau dont bother?. I have tried already. It just wont work with Dan?

        1. De-Ra says:

          Also Dan, still waiting on your reasons for calling our new and potential players mediocre. This should be fun?

          1. Xxnofx says:

            I’ve responding on said article

          2. Dan says:

            Well let me put it simply for you do you see all the big clubs in Europe fighting us to sign these players no not 1 has why because they are not top top class hope that now answers your question!!

          3. Sue says:

            No one wanted Auba & Laca… yet look how good they’ve been!

          4. Focus says:

            i suspect DAN is HAFIZ

          5. Brian Rotic says:

            Where did Hafiz go….I bet he was Arsene Wengers Agent

    2. De-Ra says:

      I knew it was you Dan before looking at your name ?. Anyway till the premiership begins. I pray you get humple pie?

      1. Mobella says:

        You are wasting your time on Dan. Any sensible arsenal fan won’t want us to spend 250m for the sake of showing ambition but to win EPL. Chelsea didn’t spend up to that in Conte’s first year yet they won the EPL and Leicester city didn’t spent ⅛ of that when they won the league.

        1. Dan says:

          What are you on about that’s what we were promised when moving to a new stadium it was to increase the capacity hence more money and bring in world class players and challenge for everything and that hasn’t happened and now we are a average team that can’t compete with top 4 and soon be struggling to get in top 6!!

          1. Buckteeth says:

            hey dan are you really an arsenal fan? if you keep insisting that the club should fork out 250mil every transfer window, why dont you go and support city, psg, and rm then? the fan base doesn’t need your negativity right now

    3. Admin says:

      Dan is setting himself up to be next ray of sunshine…..

      1. Admin says:

        Emery out!!!

        1. jon fox says:

          Too right ! HERE SIX LONG WEEKS ALREADY AND NOT EVEN WON THE TREBLE. Now, THAT was my Dan (JEREMIAH) impression. Realistic eh?.

          1. Xxnofx says:

            While your all here slagging Dan off just remember ,that most on this site wanted wenger out and the type of players he was signing .Now from what I can see and Dan can see is it’s the same standard signings that we’ve been accustomed to for the last 10 years .Can anyone be honest on here that they’ve watched or even heard of the players we are going after ,because to me it seems like the board have already put into your head that these are top quality players and everyone seems to be raving on about how good they are ,without even knowing if they are any good .im not trying to be a doom merchant but I’ve seen my fair share of shitty players pass through this club and I would ace have liked to have seen us really go for it in the transfer market ,like Liverpool and man city even though they were miles ahead of us last season ,so I can understand the frustration of Dan .before you shoot him down for being pessimistic just remember the shit we’ve gone though the last 10years and just remember all we’ve changed is a manager to a coach ,it’s still the same crappy board

          2. jon fox says:

            So Dan (JEREMIAH ) has a twin brother, with an unpronouncable name. You both couls sing “We’al all doomed “duets together. I bet funerals make you laugh though!

          3. Xxnofx says:

            No John we’re not brothers ,as I have my own way of thinking and don’t need to be influenced by the masses .you should know more than most on here with your endless posts about wenger ,which I agreed on most of them , that we’ve been signing absolute dog shit players for the last 10years and you think just because a new coach as been installed that we’ve completed changed as a club ?
            Do you know anything about these players we’ve signed or are just happy now that wenger as left and we have a new coach who mite work Alittle but harder on our do know that Steve bold as been keepers on right ?
            I get where Dan is coming from that he’s worried out the quality of players that are coming in .maybe you more than most should look back at your endless posts about arsenal and your see that all that’s changed is the manager

          4. Xxnofx says:

            And I’m not sure what my name as to do with anything regarding arsenal

          5. Sue says:

            Can’t we just give the players a chance before putting the boot in? They haven’t even played a game yet!!

          6. jon fox says:

            Sue, Almost all bar two on here ARE giving the players and those new people in charge a chance. The rest of us, you too I AM SURE, ARE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT AND LOOKING FORWARD WITH RENEWED HOPE TO THE NEW SEASON.

          7. Xxnofx says:

            Who’s putting the boot in I’m just saying it as I see ,I I see us finishing out of the top 4 ,I’m sorry if that seems pessimistic but that’s how I see it . I can just see all the fans on here complaining in 6 mouths because they think shit as changed .

          8. jon fox says:

            But my whole point with you and Dan is that the new regime are NOT Wenger. I had good cause as did countless thousands to criticize Wenger as he earned his derision through constanlt ignoring the holes. He was thre man who wasted much needed money on such as Xhaka, Mustafi and keeping unporductive play like Walcott and Diaby around uselessly for years on high wages. The new regime are now forced to quickly but sparingly(moneywise) fix the many gaping holes a s swiftly as they can , while not waiting til thr last hours of the window as Wenger usually did, thus having new players with no time to gel with their teammates. This new set up have totally changed throld methods and though no one but a fool can expect skinflint Kroenke to allow them to bring in such as BALE, HUMMELS and NEUER, they deserve a little time at the very least. To come down on them like a ton of bricks as you and Dan are doing is ridiculous, without justification and bordering on paranoia. They are NOT Wenger but are still hampered by Kroenkes legendary meanness. IF you must call someone out RIGHT NOW, then blame kroenke. To blame those who are clearly taking much needed action is barmy, even downright stupid. THAT IS WHY YOU AND HE HAVE BEEN MOCKED, as you deserve to be.

          9. Xxnofx says:

            It’s only you that have mocked me no one else that I can see ,just because I don’t agree with your opinion or opinions doesn’t mean that either are right ,at the end of the day this is a forum for arsenal fans and in my book that means fans can have there say ,if you wanna shoot down fans because thery are frustrated with our club then be my guest but like I said in my other post is you and countless others were fed up with our club as a whole and all that has changed is the manager .
            I don’t like seeing fellow fans picked on just because their opinion differs from someone else’s .you have your say everyone else as there say if you don’t like it don’t think that your opinion is god like ,I know that a lot of people suck up to you on here for some reason ,not sure why ,but for me I have my own mind and I don’t follow the masses ,I’m old enough to se with my eyes what what I know about the club ,I am happy that we have signed a couple of players in the positions that we need but like I said before are these the right players to take us forward ,I hope so but I also know that this club as been letting us down for a number of years .at the end of the day you have opinion others have there’s .

          10. jon fox says:

            If you cannot see that far more has changed than “just the manager” -as though that is not much, when in fact it is almost everything but also much more besides, then you are not looking at things properly. Blaming the wrong people is plain silly. As I said, I could understand if you blame kroenke, ; most of us do as he is a miser. But you, bizarrely, blame people who have had virtually zero time to make changes. And yet those obvious changes are already well underway but only you and the ridiculous Dan seem not to have noticed. What did you expect? Honestly now , what? It is totally unrealistic to expect half a dozen top proven quality names as we are not top four and our owner will not sanction spending real money. Is that Emery/ Sven/ Rauls fault? Of course not! Get real for Gods sake and live on PLANET REAL FOOTBALL, NOT PLANET ZOB.

          11. jon fox says:

            Odd though how you think I am being unfair to Dan but you and he are being completely unfair and asking for the moon from people who have hardly got their foot in the door. POTS AND KETTLES, I ‘d say. Most decent and ardent fans would stand up for innocent people within our club who are being uinfairly attacked. THINK ON THAT and you might, just might, see things freshly. Wenger brought deserved blame on himself and refused point blank to ever consider he could b e wrong. He was actively harming our bleoved club in the opinion of most Gooners and THAT is why he was attacked with force and forced out. Only unfair fans blame innocent people who are just starting their vital work . This is not about you, Dan and me or anyone else. This is about defending our beloved club from unfair blame. If you do not know this by now, I say you are not looking at things correctly.

          12. Sue says:

            I wasn’t being funny to you, I just meant let’s see how they perform before we start slating them (or putting the boot in) not everyone is happy, I get it, as you say everyone has their own opinion… here’s hoping we’ll be happy gooners next season!

          13. De-Ra says:

            Xxnofx, again i understand where you are coming from because we are all arsenal fans. Bro have you considered that maybe our current players might not be as bad as people make them out to be. I personally feel that they went stale under wenger. Hence with a new coach coming in the least we could do is give him a chance. Heck we were patient with Wenger for several yrs. Its possible that we might not finish in the top 4 this season tho, but that does not mean that the next season we might not be there as i feel that by that time the squad would be used to Emry’s approach.So pls lets give our new manager time just like we gave our previous manager time.

          14. nonny says:

            whole world They will still complain can’t believe this people are fans in any way
            wenger is sacked Still complaining
            modern football backroom signed still wineing
            experienced head coach brought in the board still not trying
            players bought and bought early still talking trash

            who ever is complaining is either smoking something or totally hates good Things

          15. jon fox says:

            AGREED! THEY ARE IN FACT TWO IDIOTS ON HERE, THAT IS ALL. DAN AND Xxnofx. Plain foolish , both. Almost everyone else thinks the new regime are doing really well, including me.

          16. Xxnofx says:

            Fair play John calling someone an idiot because they don’t fall into your way of thinking is plain stupidity .They way you have been going on for the last 6 months about wenger (and still now that he as gone )just shows me the type of bloke you are (your age that you keep reminding us of aswell ). I’m sorry if I don’t agree with what you believe is god John like ,but this is a forum for fans not a John fix forum like you like to take over with your long winded posts
            We’ve had to read your posts about wenger for god knows how long and now someone else as an opinion you come out again with some crap how because we have a different Opinion to yours we are idiots ,give it a rest I’ve been around people like you my whole life ,you talk a good speech. But at the end of the day it’s just hot air and mumblings .i came out with a adult post but all you can do is start abusing people that don’t agree to your crap .come back to me at the end of next season to tell me how much we’ve improved .

          17. Xxnofx says:

            Also don’t single me out with dan ,I’ve got my own opinion he’s got his ,I was just sticking up for him because of the shit he’s been getting .i don’t need to follow the loud posters on here ,I just see it as I find

          18. Arsene is Out says:

            Jon Fox stop calling people names taht don”t agree with you. They have a right to their opinion as much as anyone else here. Calling people names like IDIOT and FOOLISH and getting all riled up in a simple Football forum makes you look petty, foolish and idiotic. So take your chill pill and treat all Gooners here with respect.

        2. gerry burke says:

          hahahahahahaha, good man admin , always up for the laugh .

    4. jon fox says:

      Why not everyone on here in future refer to Dan as JEREMIAH (the prophet of Doom). I have never ever , in my long life come across anyone who is more determined to be pessimistic without even giving the new set up time to “fail”, which he is certain they will. JEREMIAH, old son, you would be well advised to bet against Arsenal in every game our club plays from now on. You will of course become potless but no doubt happy to wallow in your self indulgent gloom. You should have been on Dad’s Army as Private Fraser who constantly said “We’re all DOOMED”. Happy and optimistic people are everywhere, EXCEPT when you are with them , as you are the chief depressor of all. Poor sod. Watch out for that deadly disease, happiness. Though, on reflection, you are clearly immune to that lovely state of mind. All together now” We ‘re doomed, all doomed!”

    5. Gogo says:

      Dan we don’t need to spend 250million to challenge, Leicester didn’t. we just need the right approach. moreover Sallah only cost lpool 30+ millions…

    6. nonny says:

      You must be smoking something dude……

      ur definition of ambition is pethetic

  9. Declan says:

    And breath…..

  10. gerry burke says:

    brilliant article, have to agree with everything written there.well done sir.

  11. GB says:

    Don’t panic Mr Fox, don’t panic. ?

    1. jon fox says:

      Stupid boy! lol.

  12. Z says:

    when its all said and done,its had not to notice d quiet dynamism with which we doing our business this i right to think we all gooners here?this is not d time for division.myself i have some reservation about some of our targets,i want to give
    d new regime d benefit of doubt,they know their onions………lets wait until they fail or succed to have this discussions.methinks we may be in for a rude shock,positive d surprises if u get me.we needed gk,we signed one,we need to sort d defence,we are already on it,same goes for dm.all in
    all its hard not to be optimistic about season ahead,cos our defensive failings aside we not half as bad as d vaunted pundits would ve u believe

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