An Arsenal fan’s thoughts on the sacking of Pochettino

Goodbye Pochettino from an Arsenal fan

I woke up yesterday morning to the shocking but expected news of the sacking of Pochettino as the coach of Tottenham FC. This piece of news on a good day, wouldn’t have brought out a reaction from me, but it did and for reasons I will highlight here.

Mauricio Pochettino who spent five positive years at Tottenham Hotspur, was a coach that brought Tottenham into the league of the premiership and European big boys. He came to Tottenham to build the team into a team that competes for trophies at the highest level. He came to Tottenham to awaken the spirit of positive football in them. He came to Tottenham to give their young but talented players the belief and impetus to face the big boys in Europe without fear. In his time at Spurs, he turned Tottenham into one of the powerful teams in England.

Now as an Arsenal fan, I am expected to be happy that he has been sacked because he made them so competitive, that they ended some seasons higher that Arsenal, but I won’t be happy; I rather just remain neutral here. I hope my stand on his sacking will be respected.

I remember the game we played against them in the premiership last season when we came back from 2 goals down to win the game by 4 goals to 2. In that game, we played one of our best games of the season and it was a thing of joy to end the game with a win. After the game, Pochettino was quoted to have said Arsenal was so excited to win the game because they probably thought they were not going to win. He had so much built the Spurs into a formidable team that nobody wanted to play them. The height of it all was when they played in the finals of last seasons’ UEFA Champions league! Spurs were definitely on a high.

However, anything that has a beginning must surely have an end and Pochettino’s’ end at Tottenham started towards the end of last season, when they started dropping points at will and this form continued right into this new season. Every team has their peak period and their doom period; what is needed for the team to remain strong, despite the period they find themselves in.

Spurs have taken a difficult but needed decision to sack their most successful coach in recent times; a thing their North London neighbor finds hard to do. I wish them luck in the future, and I also welcome the ‘Special One’ back to England.

Can anybody remember any other special game Arsenal played against Pochettino?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. As an Arsenal fan, it frustrates me to see that Spurs are more proactive in regards to dealing with their obvious problems than we are.

    They were in the CL final yet sports it a “what have you done for me lately” activity. If you want to dwell on your past glory do it at home in front of the fireplace. We kept Wenger long past his best only because of what he had done many years ago.

    Now we once again sit paralyzed whilst another manager is squeezing the joy out of our club and fans.

    I only hope Mourinho doesn’t win a trophy with them because that would add insult to injury given that he was available for us as well and Spurs can not have promised his a big

    So here is to hoping Mourinho and Spurs are not good pairing.

      1. Twig
        That is my fear
        The only thing keeping us apart is the trophy cabinet
        JM is centaiy not my favourite but are crying out for someone to organise us and kick start this team to have a winning mentality
        Short term he or someone in that mould is perfect for us.
        We have a good enough team to be that team but we ha e been in transition for the past 10 years
        Always had a strong g front li e but middle to back we have been all over the place for years
        Not hiding leads is criminal
        And for purest who will shout against this..winning things are always built from the back

        1. @ Allanbal & Twig:

          I was a fan of rolling the dice on Mourinho since I believe it now is in our long term interest to get CL football in the short term, ie now. Jose would have liked his chances of winning the EL with this squad. Not sure if there are many better cup managers in the game than Jose. So even if he has lost his touch in the PL he could well have won the EL for us as he did with a bang average Man U.

          In addition, the guy is an intelligent guy and there is nothing to say that the time off from the game this past season has not given him a chance to re-invent himself. I think his biggest weakness seemed to be alienating his squad. They stopped playing for him when he picked a fight with the big players like Pogba. It is entirely possible that he will change his ways to suit the modern prima donnas.

          Let me clear, I don’t like the older version of Jose and there are managers I would prefer but I would take Jose over Emery at this point. And I would probably take Jose today over lesser risk longer-term solution this summer.

          The fall out of missing CL football and keeping Emery till it is too late will be so big in terms of potentially losing our best players and failing to attract good players and managers next not to speak about our diminished transfer kitty
          that I thought Jose now (like Spurs realized) is a bet worth taking despite the obvious downside.

  2. I thought this was an arsenal site, or has pochettino officially become our head coach, this article is completely ment for spurs, they question at the end of it makes it look as if it’s not a pochettino , spurs article

    1. Did you actually ignore the part about it being about an Arsenal fans thoughts? Have you checked out the latest Arsenal fan videos on Youtube? Have you checked the comments on here? You really want us to ignore what Arsenal fans are debating right now?

  3. TBH, I am surprise. I think it’s rather early decision from the board.
    I can’t remember when last time Spurs, under Pochettino, running in crisis before this season.
    Arsene had sailed so many stormy seasons before ended in Champions Cup zone.
    OK, Spurs don’t win any trophies yet. But they are in the right track, only a bit derailed.
    Poch only need two season to overhaul their starting eleven and make them competitive as well, both in league and Champions league. I think his job in that two years is already better than what Emery is showing today.

    1. It started last season, there champions league exploits covered it all, there league poor form started all the way from 1/3 of last season

      1. But they did finish 4th after all, did they?
        “Poor” but still finished ahead us.

        For me, Poch to Arsenal, even with himself closed that chance once in the past, seems very logic to try. Even with no trophy, he still understand how to play highest football in premiere league. Better than Unay Emery, that’s for sure.

    1. I absolutely agree but unfortunately what has happened at Spurs is the biggest talking point among Arsenal fans. Do you expect us to ignore that? We reflect what the fans are debating, what makes them sad, angry or happy. We reflect their frustrations at the board, manager and players. We would hardly be a proper Arsenal site if we actually ignored what the Arsenal fans are debating.

  4. What spurs did with Pochettino is what Arsenal should have done with Wenger and should do with Emery right now.
    Need to be ruthless.

    We let wenger stay on for far too long. We still have dead-end players draining our club. The manager seems to not know what he is doing but the board is still playing cutie cutie.

  5. He’s a fighter? How come they kicked him out?

    Engaging Pochetino is risky and comes with its own baggage. We won’t find out until we are taken in by those eye lashes and Bam! We are screwed!

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