An Arsenal fan’s Tribute to Leicester City

My Tribute to LCFC by Dan Smith…

As readers will know I often like to write about non-Arsenal matters, keeping us up to date with what else is going on in the world. I couldn’t write about anymore trivial pieces without taking the time to send my love and prayers to anyone affected by what happened outside the King Power stadium on Saturday evening. Feel free in comments to pay your respect.

It was a weekend which put football into perspective and taught us how precious life is, how you never know what is around the corner. It is chilling to see videos on social media of 5 people walking to a helicopter, not realising they were taking their final breaths. People have since spoken about what a great owner Vichai Srivaddhanprabha was but really that’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you were the most tight-fisted billionaire in the world, no human being should go through that. 5 individuals who all have families grieving.

The only blessing is apparently normally more members of the family fly back after matches in transportation which can hold up to 20 people. Some business people see the game as a smart brand to invest in, others view it as a toy, not worrying about what profit they make. Vichai did things for Leicester that he simply didn’t need to do. He would arrange schemes such as free drinks and tickets for supporters.

Despite living in Thailand, he made a point of being at most home games where he had a hands on approach with his employees. He made personal relationships with his dressing room, buying them cars, holidays and lavish nights out. His whole family wanted to create a family culture. It wasn’t just what he did for the Foxes but the city in general. He donated millions to local hospitals and charities.

In times like this, results in sport are not important. But the man’s legacy was always going to be winning the Premiership. It’s what he will want to be remembered for, his vision within 6 years was to bring Champions League football to the East Midlands, he did it in 4. It’s easy to forget he purchased them when they were in the Championship in financial trouble. He made thousands of dreams come true. Not even dreams, as Leicester fans would have assumed it’s too big for a club their size to think about. They often said it was a fairy tale, one you could make a movie out of.

Now you have a surreal ending, to an unlikely story, one never too be forgotten.

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    Sorry for the families’ losses, but this article is not related to Arsenal. Let’s move on to the next one

    1. Phil says:

      Mate-You really are a twat.Sometimes things happen both inside and outside of Football that demands people to show respect.You are probably only 11 years old but what would you have done in 1989 as the horror of Hillsborough unfolded?The Heysel Stadium Tragedy?Bradford?Sat there reading an Arsenal Programme?Dressed in your Replica Kit?In your Bedroom with Arsenal wallpaper and matching duvet and pillowcases?
      You are pathetic.FFS GROW UP AND SHOW RESPECT.
      Have you read what that man and his family have done for Charities in Leicester.This is a very decent human being we are talking about here.Which is far more than you will ever be

      1. gotanidea says:

        Your vulgar words describe your mentality

        I said I am SORRY for the families’ losses

        1. Phil says:

          MY MENTALITY?It is YOU who feels wheat has happened at Leicester is irrelevant not me.Have you any idea of the grief and despair that is felt in a football community when a tragedy occurs?Let me inform you of one.
          The very morning the tragic news of the passing of David Rocastle was a Saturday and I was driving up to Highbury for the game.Do you know who we played?Tottenhan Hotspurs that’s who.The atmosphere in that ground before the game was as subdued as ANY I have ever experienced.The players came out and quite rightly there was a minutes silence with all the players around the centre circle.There followed the most impeccably observed respect and heartfelt feeling you would ever experience.This included ALL SPURS FANS.At the end of the minute Tony Adams walked over to the side of the Clock End where the Spurs Fans were and stood and applauded them.THAT IS RESPECT.THAT IS FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS UNITING IN GRIEF.
          I spoke to a Spurs Pal of mine about this after the game and he was himself PROUD of his fellow fans for their participation in their understanding and respect for what was a very sad and untimely passing of a TRUE ARSENAL LEGEND.He actually said that he was glad it was Spurs Arsenal played that day and not any other team.
          That is how respect is shown and that is how ALL fans should be feeling for the Board,Players and Supporters of Leicester Football Club.Respect in all forms of life is earned not given
          Dan Smith wrote what he and millions of supporters of all Clubs up and down the country are feeling.Thanks Dan

          1. l says:

            Must you correct a co-fan by insults?
            You suggested his age bracket whereas you attitude is not anyway better than your suggestion.

          2. Phil says:

            I will not accept being criticised by YOU or ANYONE over this.Dobyou not believe the poster acted anything other than a CHILD with those comments?You trying to defend him in ANY MANNER makes you just as small minded and pathetic as him.Get yourself in the real world Pal and think before you feel your comments are anything other than worthless.

          3. Xxnofx says:

            Got say @gotanidea, that as got to be one of the most sh1ttest things I’ve seen you post on here and there’s been a few ,I stuck up for you on a previous post about how you called fans racists on here ,now I think maybe I shouldn’t have done that ,disgusting tbh what you just posted .

          4. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I’m 100% with you Phil, I’ve had a Thai partner for twenty years and have witness this respect many times when members of her family, youngsters as well, have died in tragic circumstances. Pictures of the deceased, chanting Buddhist monks, dress, black or white, open coffin, lots of flowers followed by cremation. You wrote a wonderful post Phil. Don’t let those comments bother you. Ignorant youngsters.

    2. jon fox says:

      Are you actually a fully fledged feeling human, capable of empathy, compassion and decency? I hope you are, despite what you wrote, for your OWN sake. Do you consider there are in life far more important things than just Arsenal and even just football, as decent folk do?

      1. I says:

        @jon fox

        Though I am not in support of gotanidea perception of the article with regards to Arsenal matters. I believe as humans we should empathize with our neighbours when they have issues such the subject matter. It does not warrant the use of vulgar words as a means of correction. Phil, who claims to be older by his comment should correct a co fan like an adult should.

        1. ken1945 says:

          I, that is EXACTLY what Phil has done,why you cannot see that from the responses received since, I completely fail to understand.

    3. Dan says:

      That comments got to be designed for attention
      You cant really be like that?

      1. ken1945 says:

        Phil, thank you for saying what any respectable person thought of that crass comment.
        I really despair at the attitude of some so called football supporters.
        I also compliment and thank Dan, along with Ozziegunner, who said much the same immediately after this tragedy.

        ThirdmanJW, your post was absolutely spot on, great observations.

        I just hope any Leicester fan doesn’t think we are all like gotanidea, I think it was maks who asked him why nobody took his comments seriously, well now we know.

  2. Pat says:

    Arsenal fans we are bigger and better than to send death threats to Zaha because of football. Life is bigger than that and we are better people than that.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I’m not surprised that some football fans can do that, because I have seen some foul mouths and bad temper here

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        And disrespect from you gotanidea. I recently sent you an apology for telling you to get a life. Now I think you owe Phil and Dan an apology for the outrageous comment of “lets move on to the next article”. However, I won’t be holding my breath because people like you don’t do apologies. I notice that 90% of the time you are the first one to post every time there is an article change which tells me your head either stuck in the computer or into your smart phone every minute of the day. So maybe my comment to you about to “get a life” had more credence than I thought it had.

  3. Pat says:

    Am so sad for the tragedy at Leicester, I pray the souls of the dead rest in perfect peace, and may we never experience anything of this sort anymore.

  4. Oz Gunner says:

    Well said Phil . .forum for Arsenal but also place for respect in football. What a blessing to have known such a visionary man who made Leicester and English football all the more richer for hwvng onown him.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    You get owners like Srivaddhanprabha who immerse themselves within the culture, and values of a club, building a strong bond with the fans, and genuinely wanting Leicester FC to be as successful as possible. Not mention, what he did for the the City of Leicester as well.

    Then you have owners like Kroenke! A man so distant, cold, and arrogant, that he would not even speak one word to the fans! An owner that is barely even seen at Arsenal, and one that probably doesn’t even understand football…or should I say soccer?

    Really feel for the Srivaddhanprabha family, and the Leicester fans, as they have lost a great man.

  6. ozziegunner says:

    I have commented on this tragedy in earlier posts. I can only support Dan Smith’s comments 100%. Events such as this affect the football family across the world and it is a poor state of affairs when people cannot express empathy with victims of events such as Leicester, Indonesia or Pittsburgh.
    Also thank you Phil for saving others from responding.

  7. Peter S. Sumo says:


  8. Declan says:

    Well written Dan, respect and condolences for family, friends, colleagues and the fans of Leicester. Also well said, Phil, Pat, Oz and Ozzie, some others on here need to learn some manners, respect and what reall6 is important in life.

  9. Innit says:

    It’s very sad. I send my thoughts and prayers to families involved and Leicester fans.

    Will be a very emotional weekend

  10. l says:

    RIP to the dead.
    And nice write up by Dan Smith.

  11. jon fox says:

    A touching, emotional and powerful article Dan and credit to you for penning it. At times like this , as Phil so powerfully reminded “got an idea,” not only the football community should stand as one but all humanity should do too. If some still will not accept that there are many things in life far more important than Arsenal and even football as a whole, then I pray that they come to learn the real truth before they get much older. It is by having and showing compassion, empathy and decency for our fellow members of our human family that we grow as people and can contribute something of worth in this troubled and unstable world. I applaud you as a writer and far more importantly as a person, Dan , for writing as you have. You have touched many of us today I suggest and I only hope the one or two on here who refuse to be touched learn swiftly what REALLY matters in life.

  12. Kenny Rolfe says:

    The generosity and respect of Vichai Srivaddhanprabha’s family is so typical of Thai people. Over the past 25 years I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand and witnessed this on many occasions. Rich or poor it’s exactly the same wherever you go and a fundamental reason why I fell in love with the place all those years ago. As I said in a previous post I’ve had a Thai partner for the last 20 years and have no doubt I will end my days on one of the beautiful Islands scattered around Southern Thailand. I can safely say to anybody interested, go and visit this beautiful country, you will not be dissapointed. However there are some things you must understand. First of all you will notice a big change in culture. Respect is without doubt the most important thing in Thai mentality, respect them and they will respect you and above all, respect their rules, not a place for youngsters who like to get drunk and cause trouble. I’m off to the Thai Embassy next week with my partner. I’ll show them this article, hopefully they won’t charge me for the visa

    1. Phil says:

      Kenny-I once took a Four Week holiday from mid December through Xmas and New Year to mid January (watched all our games though) in the most beautiful resort in Phuket.The people are the most lovely and hospitable anyone could wish to meet.My Son called Xmas day to say he was marrying his Australian Girlfriend the following year and they decided Thailand behind nearly half way was the ideal place for thevWedding.I cannot begin to tell you what an unbelievable experience this was.They chose the Rayavadee Resort in Krabi which is one of the most incredible hotels I have ever had the fortune to visit.Again we had two weeks in this resort and my only regrets are that 1) I have not been able to return to this most beautiful country with such wonderful people and 2) I brought up my son who despite having a season ticket for 20 years since age 10 allowed his future wife to arrange the date during the football season.
      Kenny-if you spend your later years in life living in this Beautifull Country you will be a very lucky person

  13. Abel says:

    Great write up. Very sad for the Leicester family and football as a whole. The Leicester literally lived and died for Leicester. Saw footage of the take off and it was so eerie to imagine what was the last thoughts of those on board.
    Life is fickle afterall, vanity and vanity, all is vanity.
    What good thing would be said in our eulogy? The late Thai billionaire has indeed left a legacy to b emulated.
    Our hearts go out to his surviving family.

  14. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Lovely post Phil, so glad you enjoyed Thailand. Phuket is one of the nicest and affluent parts of Thailand. If you return try the very tip of the island, a place called Kata and Kata Noi (Little Kata), absolutely beautiful and when you we’re in Krabi did you go Phi Phi island and Raleigh beach, where they made De Caprio’s film The Beach, Stunning, although I haven’t been there since the tsunami. You’ve obviously sampled the hospitality, you feel it as soon as you arrive at the airport, that’s why I understood your post more than most and your respect for Vichai Sriiaddhanprabha’s family.

    1. Phil says:

      To be honest Ken we used the long vacation as total relaxation so other than the odd day did very little sight seeing.You cannot feel anything other than warmth and kindness from everyone you meet.Wonderful Country.Wonderful People.

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