An Arsenal fan’s view of how Everton’s 10-point penalty will affect all clubs and fans

A Gooners view on how the Everton points deduction and its aftermath might affect all top clubs and their fans by Jon Fox

My fellow Arsenal and JustArsenal “addicts”

The rather harsh judgement on Everton and the shock deduction of a TEN-point penalty might be thought, with justification, a draconian punishment, especially when compared to the measly three million pounds fines for those who were intent on destroying any remaining fairness in football by the squalid idea of a European Super League, our own beloved Arsenal included, in still recent times.

Can I float the thought that it seems easier to punish the likes of now lowly Everton, but taking on the REAL big clubs with their easy access to top lawyers and all the influence those clubs and their fans wield, some of whom are VERY WELL CONNECTED, is a lot more daunting for the EPL appointed commission?

The ironies reported to be connected to this case, probably accurately too, are legion.

Let’s take “poor hard done” by Leeds United for example. That same Leeds who, barely twenty years ago, under the chairmanship of that litigious old rogue Ken Bates, formerly owner of Chelsea and a really nasty, uncaring for fans, sort of grizzly tyrant of a man – befitting Chelsea, one may well conclude – blew up spectacularly, when gambling all on a mad unaffordable financial chase for CL glory and spent themselves in the process into relegation, and this whilst under the managership of our own former great, David O’Leary. But no Financial Fair Play penalties existed back then.

No, my friends, if there is ONE club that deserves nothing of benefit to come from any attempt to sue Everton, it is surely LEEDS hypocrites UNITED!

Which brings me to that fanciful idea, widely reported as being on the cards that such as Leeds, Leicester and Burnley, the three relegated teams last season, might try to sue Everton for damages. LAUGHABLY wrongly, as I will now explain.

Firstly, Everton were indicted for spending above the limit allowed across a three-year period, not one, as some seem to imagine. I won’t delve too much into the fact they were allowed to lose two hundred and thirty million pounds, across the three-year period including Covid and the Russian Ukraine war, neither of which were foreseeable in advance, rather than the normal one hundred and five million losses for other clubs.

In fact, the total loss was two hundred and fifty million, against an allowance of two hundred and thirty million, a mere eight per cent excess. Blame their financial director then if you wish. But why punish DECENT, EVER SO LOYAL FANS!!?

Therefore, nine clubs, not a mere three, might convince themselves they have some sort of THEORETICAL claim against Everton, were any of them unwise enough to try their luck in court.

But not a single one will do so, as to do so would cost them all money in considerable lawyers’ fees which will be prohibitive, and any club attempting to sue would need to show a specific and proven case for them being relegated, involving actual points lost, while Everton stayed up.

And THAT will be impossible to prove, and undeniable proof is what will be needed, IF they are to have a hope of succeeding.


Everton and their fans, some of whom have already said they are happy to face that ten-point deduction THIS season, instead of during the previous two are being realistic.

THAT would have meant almost certain relegation, whereas this season Everton are a better team, and even though now stuck on a mere four points, they are only just behind such as Luton, who are two points in front with the three promoted clubs seeming certain still to be relegated.

Evertonians are naturally well aware of this and are rightly confident they will stay up, IMO comfortably too.

I think them unlucky to have been punished so heavily, while being fortunate it has happened THIS season, not last.

Moving on from Everton though, onto future punishments for other overspending clubs. No prizes for guessing which TWO “lovable, cuddly clubs”(NOT!!) are next in the firing line. Yes, that’s right, “your favourites and mine too”, in Citeh and Chelski.

IMO, these two clubs taken together, are responsible, more than all other clubs together, for the mad, “money is no object” financially immoral race to trophies.

Those two financially doping clubs have done more harm, by themselves, to damage what was left of any remaining fairness between top clubs than all other clubs, including our beloved ARSENAL, with our ability to award such as Ozil and Havertz salaries which are absolutely mad, obscene and which damage football so much.

And other top clubs have done even more to ruin fairness, even before we again mention Chelski and Citeh!

In Scotland, a few short years ago Rangers FC, for financial irregularities, were demoted to the bottom Scottish division, the league two. However, any Gooner craving a similar fate to befall Chelsea and City will be almost certainly disappointed.

It is clear, that in order to try their best to stave off the almost certain influence the government appointed independent regulator, soon to be appointed, will have over the EPL financial affairs, that commission, in their unfairness, decided to act in draconian manner against poor financially up against the wall, Everton.

But when the City and Chelsea cases come to be heard – God alone knows when – as TOP MONEY LAWYERS employed by those filthy rich clubs have already let it be publicly known they will fight the EPL with every dirty money petro dollar they possess, we will see how BRAVE the EPL are then, when faced with deadly enraged legal tigers to take on – and not a tame harmless Toffee pussy cat to fight.

In all his sorry mess, the people I most feel sorry for BY A CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE, is we ordinary fans, whether we be Gooners, Toffees, City or Chelsea fans or any other fans. We fans, if only we would work together as we did do superbly well when defeating that evil rapacious idea of a closed shop Euro Super League, could wield such effective power.

But first, we need to recognise that we are all on the same side. We all appreciate banter, provided it is just teasing. However, when we are seriously and foolishly trying to bait opposition fans, either online or in the ground, we let ourselves down bigtime.

WE FANS are, together with only a relatively few notable exceptions, like the late Everton loving and caring for Bill KENWRIGHT, are the TRUE GUARDIANS OF THE MORALS OF FOOTBALL.

We sometimes forget that, and when we do, we do so at our peril.

If we ever let the many money mad rapacious sharks who infest football, run willy nilly over the little of what remains as wholesome in the business that surrounds our game, then our life addiction, as Gooners, as Toffees, as Spuds and as any fans anywhere, is effectively DEAD!


Remember evil flourishes when good men and good women stand idle.


Jon Fox

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  1. It’s these foolish socialist rules that we must fight as fans or others….A club or any entreprise which is taking too much risks has to face bankrupcy as Leeds once faced….This leftist thinking of “regulation”is harming football and economy more than we think…..The Super League is Indeed a good Idea and a “fair” one if you ask me :we’r ,all,watching football for the Big clubs,dear Jon, so these Big clubs have the right to reap the reward and gain more money…..Fans cry when you don’t spend money and complain about what’s brings money!!!They moan about “doping” petrodollars and abuse their own club for not spending cash every window ( Wenger being the most famous one abuses from all over the World for not spending)…..Ask any Arsenal fan if he would rather have Abramovitch or the yankee we have now at the hlem…

    1. Sorry to say dear PIRES, Ifind your thinking to be muddled and your understanding of what constitutes “socialism” about as wrong as it is possible to be.

      I admire your keeness and passion but I really do think you would be better re- thinking the whole matter and coming up with an almost opposite answer.

      I remind you of the almost TOTAL fan antipathy and righteous anger against that appalling idea of a European Super league. It is totally anti democratic with nothing remotely fair minded or just(as in HONEST) about it.

      I can think of NO decent, honest, fair minded Gooner anywher who would rather have that rapacious, dishonest, criminal, Abramovitch as our owner. Perish the dreadful thought!!

  2. Why dear Jon would i wish to “regulate” you?!!You spend YOUR money then if you find yourself in a state of bankrupcy it’s your responsibility….Of course it’s not an orthodox socialisme(the common propiety of the means of production)but,you got me, i mean the public interventionnisme about people money…..If you hate R.Abramovitch (i mean if you have any proof of him being corrupt) then take him to court ……..You cannot crtisize someone for not spending money and hate those who invest and get results…. Juste give me an answer; why people all over the World are watching football? Because of the Big glamourious clubs or because of the likes of Luton and Burnley(no disrespect)?Why deny anyone earning a rightfully deserved money?Is it a matter of democracy ?No…It’s called business and we must ,as fans, understand it and be ruthless instead of this démagogique populism that most club supporters seems to follow…..

    1. l had no idea Pires that you were interested in discussing regulating me. I see no point in asking such a pointless question, anyway.

      I only grasped certain parts of your post, as most was in puzzling and hard to understand English.

      I will try to answer the parts I properly understood though, as follows, leaving out your halting grasp of politics:

      Why do people all over the world watch football, you ask. Answer: because it is an exciting and rewarding game to watch. Most folks become being football fans long before they watch such as Luton, Burnley or ANY larger clubs and their interest is there BEFORE they watch TOP PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, in most cases.

      You seem to be asking” why deny anyone earning rightfully deserved money”? Answer: I don’t deny anyone doing that.

      You seem to be saying that Abramovich and what he spent on running Chelsea and how he operated that club whilst owner, is OK with you. Answer; I see him as a lowlife criminal and fraudster who has harmed football and the fast drifting away integrity in our pro game, IMMENSELY.

      I am very glad that he was forced out of English football and that he is banned from owning a club in England and most other countries too. I would like to see him serve many years in prison.

      Hope that helps you but sorry that I could not grasp all you were asking.

      1. It’s simple Jon: In a free society you cannot dictate to anyone how to spend HIS money nor YOURS…..”Regulation” is a form of totalitarism

        1. And if most folks started to watch amateur football BEFORE watching Big clubs so they can remain watching “exciting and rewarding” football outside Européen Super league

        2. Pires, Not as true as you like to think. If you really think about how society works, even in so called free countries, we have all sorts of regulation and I SPEAK IN MANY LIFE MATTERS, NOT ONLY FOOTBALL.

          All ordered free societies NEED some regulation in order to function properly and peacefully.



          MargaretThatcher tried to introduce the free market with as little as possible regulation, esp for banks and we were all held ransom by mad “so called “free marketeers”! And rogue bankers!

          Not my politics, not at all.

  3. Jon, I think you underestimate Everton with regards to their ability to employ top legal experts to fight their appeal.

    They have a veery wealthy owner, who wants to sell the club and he would want to preserve the PL status at any cost, otherwise he will lose millions… in my opinion.

    Of course there will have to be some kind of punishment for city and chelsea and I believe it will happen this season, with both clubs appealing said punishments.

    The only way to make these two clubs act quickly, is to deduct points immediately (as with Everton) and then we will witness no delaying tactics whatsoever… simple really.

    1. KEN the crucial difference where timing of any future punishment for Chelsea and City are concerned, as opposed to Everton, is that Everton ADMITTED their guilt, even though they tried to mitigate any punishment. When guilt is admitted, punishment can fllow swiftly.

      But when guilt is not admitted ,nor legally proven and those two clubs openly declare they will fight any attempt to punish them, then a long legal process is CERTAIN.

      Sad but true!
      Both those clubs affairs are far more complicated than Evertons, which were, legally speaking, rather simplistic.

      Therefore your final sentence will, I regret to say – as my hopes are the same as yours – NOT be going to happen, without a long legal process.

      1. Jon, I believe chelsea have said that these incidents happened before the takeover and they actually took them to the authorities.
        With city, out of 115 charges, the authorities MUST have one slam dunk example, otherwise why bring ANY of them?
        It will just need one for them to be immediately punished and the same would apply to chelsea, if what I believe has happened actually occurred.

        1. But Ken, simply claiming that as thr current owner and therefore not guilty, Boehly and co will not be given any credit as they woud certainly have fully inspected the books before paying that sum to Abramovitch, en route to HM Government. Boehly and his cohorts will still fight the Prem commission if they are charged, as seems certain now
          EVENTUALLY, I DO THINK CITY AND CHELSEA WILL BE FOUND GUILTY. But I stop short of predicting relegation, as money and the power those clubs wield in the game overall wil count in their favour more likely than not.

          That would be a total disgrace of course but I DONT RULE OUT A FUDGE WITH A HUGE FINE ONLY AND A PALTRY POINTS DEDUCTION. Unless, , hopefully, the government regulator, to be appointed soon, we hope, acts forceably.

          That COULD HAPPEN but again I suspect a sort of fudge will save them both from RELEGATION.
          Hope I AM WRONG. I can’t agree that it will happen THIS SEASON though, as you predicted.

          1. That was my point Jon. Chelsea HAVE admitted wrongdoing within the club and, as you say, it doesn’t matter that Boehly has since taken over, they had the opportunity to look at the books.
            I won’t repeat my city thoughts, but IF and I emphasis IF the authorities WANT to bring charges forward, then they can.

            1. Some terrfic debates today with you Ken, but its now my bedtime, so I WILL SAY GOODNIGHT.

              Am back on JA tomorrow though, as I AM NOT ABLE TO PLAY BOWLS FOR MON , TUES,OR WED THIS WEEK.

  4. For Jon Fox
    Agree with the essence of the article.
    Only thing is that you have made an error in your calculation of 8% excess. It is actually 8.7% because you have to divide 20 m/230 m (allowable limit) to get the excess (not 20 m/250 m).

    The important point is that if we unite all as fans rather than stand divided based on tribalism, the game is a better one for all.

    1. Wow IGL! I thought , til now, that I was the worst pedant on JA.

      But you now have that crown. I wondered when I wrote 8%, if any pedant would pick me up on the very tiny inaccuracy, but decided that no one would, as to do so would make somone a real nit picker.

      Well you are now King Nit Picker.
      Long live the new King!!

      Glad you agree with the substance of the article and I HUMBLY BEG YOUR MAJESTY’S PARDON FOR THAT INEXCUSABLE MISTAKE!!

      1. For Jon Fox

        I am only a temporary owner. I am sure you will regain the crown.

        Always good to have banter. Otherwise the rigours of life make everyone depressed.

        Laugh as much as you and we all can as it equates to the lung capacity gained by swimming. Wish good health to all as it is a great contribution to the NHS by not visiting its facilities.

  5. I find it suprising, not what’s happened to Everton as it’s probably a reasonable punishment but how lenient expectations are of the punishment that Man City and Chelsea will face, if they are found guilty on all the charges. I’m fully expecting demotion to the Vanarama National League and a club crippling fine that is hopefully shared out to clubs from grass roots football and up.

    How much worse were Rangers’ crimes when they got banished to the Scottish third division? Their demotion, which was voted for by 25 clubs out of 30, had a massive impact on their leagues revenue- no more Rangers v Celtic games but it was MORE important to protect the INTEGRITY of their league and fair play to them, they slapped their brass nuts on the table and showed everyone how big they where!

    If City and Chelsea, are found guilty, there is no difference in my eyes to Rangers going bankrupt, it’s still financial mismanagement whatever the lawyers want to dress it up as and therefore a punishment befitting the crime is in order. Some may think me wearing Rose tinted spectacles for having this opinion and realistically, deep down I think they will likely get off with a slap on the wrist but they shouldn’t. They absolutely shouldn’t. The guilty club should closed down after a forced sale and reopened under a new name and have to reapply to enter the National League. This and a substantial, club crippling fine. Tell me after this punishment, what club would dare break FFP rules ever again thinking they’ll get away with a small fine?

    1. Andy, Though I thought I had disagreed with you, until you wrote somewhat paradoxically, ” Some may think me wearing……. and realistically, deep down I think they will likely get let off with a slap of the wrist….”, which rather destroyed your own whole argument til then, I tend to agree that any punishment either receive will be far too lenient and probably therefore a total disgrace and fudge.

      I do not go remotely as far as you do and do not wish to see either club disbanded, as FANS of both clubs are not the guilty ones, but only their owners and those making key financial decisions.

      1. Yes you are spot on, I am sure with what I’d like to see happen but then the realist in me takes over which knows the “big” clubs, will likely get away with it because- more money=better lawyers. A slap on the wrist will set the standard moving forward and the rules will continue to be flouted.

  6. Matthew Syed in The Times concludes:
    “[T]here is a growing crisis of trust in the integrity of the league. We have known for a long time that money counts in football; that a sugar daddy or sovereign wealth fund can take a club to places that ‘organic’ growth never could.

    “But what we are seeing here is subtly different. It is the perception that rich clubs do not merely have the advantage of buying sporting talent but also the ability to evade rules incumbent on smaller rivals.”
    I think Pires should read the full article before posting ideological comments

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