An Arsenal Holiday Quiz – How many can you get right? (No cheating!)

Arsenal do, what big clubs do. by Charles Veritie

An Arsenal holiday quiz.

Here are a few questions about Arsenal. With the Internet it is possible to find the answer to almost any question. Therefore, this is a personal quiz. How many answers do you know without searching the Internet?

The scope of questions is limited to my knowledge of the club without my need to check the Internet or any other source.
There are other questions I think I know the answer to, but I need to check. Therefore, I have not included them in the quiz.


1. Who was Arenal’s first manager after World War One?

2. Who was Arsenal’s first manager after World War Two?

3. How many former Arsenal players have gone on to manage Arsenal since World War Two?

4. Two of the them won the League Championship. As we know George Graham was one. Who was the other one?

5. Two Arsenal players have gone on to manage Spurs, who were they? (There is a third but I can’t remember his name. Therefore, I am not asking for it.)

6. Who was the one Spurs player to manage Arsenal?

7. Who scored Arsenal’s first goal in a Cup Final?

8. Who scored the goals in our second double Cup Final?

9. Arsenal have played in 21 Cup finals. Winning 14 and losing 7. How many clubs have they played against in a Cup Final?

10. Apart from being manager, what other factor do Terry Neill Terry and Arsene Wenger share?

11. Arsene Wenger won 7 Cup finals and lost one. Who did he lose to? (For our opponent it was ‘sweet revenge’ for 1950 and 1971). The manager of our opponent was French, but I just can’t remember his name, so I am not asking for it.)

12. Arteta came to us from Everton. He captained Arsenal in a winning Cup Final. He is the second former Everton player to do this. Who was the first Everton player to do this? (As a manager he later won the league with Man City of all teams.)

I haven’t checked the Internet for the answers to these questions but you can if you want. Even better add a question or two of your own to this list observing the conditions this quiz is based on.

Season’s greetings!


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    1. I for one will not criticise ANYONE for being honest.

      In fact I applaud total honesty! You can always learn facts LATER but honesty is something you either have or do not have, generally for your whole life, though there are exceptions to most rules of course.

  1. When you say cup finals, does that mean the fa Cup? I can think of two non-fa Cup finals we lost under wenger, and one fa Cup (which I think must be the answer as they probably had a French manager at that time, initials GH). That’s the only question I could answer with any confidence. I think I know a couple of others but not sure!

  2. All the questions, I know not one. I must however say this is totally good distraction from the normal just articles.
    Well-done Charlie

  3. 1-
    2 George Allison
    4 Tom Whittaker
    5 Terry Neill & George Graham
    6 Herbert Chapman
    8 Overmars & Anelka
    11 Liverpool
    12 Joe Mercer.

    Lost to Liverpool in Cardiff in 2000, where 2 blatant penalties were not given. That’s the only time they have ever beaten us in any Cup Final.

  4. HD
    You left 3 out which is fair enough
    I can only think of Terry Neill, Arteta and possibly Freddie in the interim.

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