An Art de Teta-Style Merry Xmas to JustArsenal readers (Image)

Hi everyone,

This is Micky Art de Teta and I would just like to thank all you JustArsenal readers that have stuck with me during this extremely difficult year.

Without dwelling on the strange happenings at the Emirates recently, I would just like to remind you of our glory days from last season.

Who could forget that glorious FA Cup semi-final where I upset my old Mentor Pep Guardiola. No hard feelings Pep!

fa cup

And even better when we easily brushed Chelsea aside at Wembley to end my very first season with more trophies than a certain Mr Pochettino has ever won! Why would anyone ever want that loser at Arsenal!

And then of course, my ever-loyal Arsenal team rallied around and gave me yet another trophy to start this season with, making sure that we were set for lots more glory in 2021

So we are only going to have happy thoughts for this Xmas message so I give you a reminder about how happy we all are at Arsenal this Xmas….

A very Merry Xomas from me and my lovely wife Lorena Bernal, let us hope we have many more of these in the future…

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  1. Sitting at 15th spot, Chelsea next, Leeds can put us 6 pts behind or Burnley & Brighton can also go above, 17th spot.

    Realistically we are out of top 10 this season with no EL unless a drastic change.

    The uncertainty and surprises in this league allows to still consider top4 today.

    1. You are really 2021 then? Odd that, as I would have sworn , by the way you write, that you were younger than that by over two thousand years!

  2. Festive greetings.Jesus is the reason for the season though I’m high on jack daniels.May London be red tomorrow.Support the team not the regime.Arteta and Edu are incompetent.

    1. “Support the team not the regime”πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
      I think i have found my slogan for the team going forward

  3. He has always been a great professional and what I have read n heard a good person. I hope he enjoys his time with family and best of luck to him for all his ventures in future whether it is football related or not. Arsenal job is too big for him and I am afriad he is out of his depth. We need to sign a quality new manege now or atleast have some sort of agreement in place for next year. We still have a lot to play for and can still qualify for champions League via UEFA cup. We really need to make UEFA cup our priority. We simply can not go on like we are because sooner or later we will start to come across quality in Europe and we know what happens when we play against quality opposition. We need to be intelligent now and pick our battles then go all in.

  4. Steady Micky Art de Teta, you willl make me blush, as I am your most steadfast supporter on JA, even taking much silly criticism from non fans of yours like Lord Denning, Mohsan, Mogunna and many others for having the sense and forward vision to stay solidly in your corner.

      1. Umm, Now how do I say this in simple words that you have a chance of understanding. Oh, I know … NO!
        And as for emojis, they are used by folk who have not the ability to put words together properly.

  5. It’s a pity that usmaninov didn’t take over.he was prepared to spend money unlike this rubbish kroenke who only wants to take money out.

  6. Mikel, Mikel you made us proud,
    Don’t worry about our toxic crowd,
    With Jon “Boy” Fox and TMJW,
    You will never be in any trouble,

    A word of caution though must follow,
    I know it will be hard to swallow,
    These two fans were very slow,
    When calling for Emery to go,

    Furthermore, you should discover,
    The mole within , is it your mother?
    The vast majority” so we are told,
    wonder why Ozil’s still in the cold!!

    Along with Salaba and Guendouzi,
    Things aren’t looking very cozy,
    But us fans will have your back,
    Because there is this that you do not lack

    The fact that you are a Gooner,
    Means you should have been here sooner,
    We know you have no room for donkeys,
    So we take on board you deal with Kronkie

    Please just sort out this mess,
    Then you could be one of the best,
    If you don’t then please remember,
    Your are still loved by Arsene Wenger!!!

    What higher praise can there possibly be,
    Except of course from us, the JA family?
    Between us fans , we know it all,
    Although we’ve never professionally kicked a ball!

    One more thing my dear leader,
    Sort it out you silly bleeder!!!
    Happy Christmas Senor Arteta,
    Now work harder, make us better!!!!

    From the fans of the JA blog,
    Don’t forget an important clog,
    AFC is our life and soul,
    Let that also be YOUR goal!!!!

    Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year,
    Please just bring us some festive cheer,
    All we ask is that the pride and fun,
    Of watching Arsenal is not undone.

    Just get the great results we had from Wenger,
    Then we all can go out on a bender,
    No more relegation worries for the Gunners,
    It’s the CL once again come next summer!!!!

    1. A noble effort KEN. Probably not enough to become poet laureate but more beneficial than watching boring, constant repeats on TV today as I have been lazily doing, albeit under orders from she who must be obeyed!

      Loved the Jon “Boy” Fox bit, even though it is inaccurate by over half a century. Stilll, even that is closer than most of Xhakas shots at goal and quicker than he moves too.
      I predict more than 10k fans allowed at all Prem games by seasons end, with all us old fogies who have been vaccinated by then allowed in sooner still.

      This time next year, things will look far brighter with health all round and brighter with our club too, while still with MA as manager, then poised to enter his third year of many still to come as our manager.

      I hope that we may well have a new owner within 18 – 24 months too.

      Happy New Year old chum!

      1. I got it out of a Christmas cracker – my Southern Comfort addled brain πŸŽ…πŸ₯°Hope everyone had a good day – let’s beat the blues now!!!

          1. The best is a collection of single malts to go through and forgetting which one was next…oh well. Best try again.

  7. Makes one proud to be an Arsenal fan Ken. Sharpen knives for today’s game though as the holiday season truce starts to thaw.

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