An exciting Arsenal transfer rumour at last! This Dutch striker is perfect

At last we have got an Arsenal transfer rumour that sounds exciting AND believable, as it is being reported that Arsene Wenger is considering a move for the AZ Alkmaar striker Vincent Janssen who has scored an amazing 26 goals in 33 games in the Eredvisie, in his first season in the top flight in Holland.

Jannsen has also earned his first two caps for the national side and made a dream debut on his first international start, with Holland beating England 2-1 and Janssen scoring and providing an assist. Previously he has been involved with the international set up from as young as 15 up to making 10 appearances for the Under 21’s and scoring a not untidy 8 goals for them.

Previously prolific Dutch strikers have had mixed results after moving to the Premier League, but I am sure Arsene Wenger would be very keen to get such a freescoring centre-forward, especially after watching some of our insipid performances this season. If Janssen is given free rein I am certain he will easily outshine Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud’s performances this year.

He is young at 21 and has years ahead of him. He is supremely confident and has a great future ahead of him, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Arsenal will get him at a bargain price from Alkmaar.

Go get him Arsene!



  1. Exciting?…well i will be excited if we get him in addition to a proven experienced striker so he can take his time settling into the EPL….the Dutch league is vastly vastly inferior and for every striker that set that league alight before coming over here that was a success another 6 failed so in my humble opinion he is not what is required, am sure Akpom will hold his own in the league so if we are going to the nurturing potential way again why not nurture our own home grown? At least Akpom is used to the English game and knows what to expect…in other news Per has been ruled out for the rest of the season..dude served the club well to the best of his ability but I sincerely hope I have seen the last of him in an Arsenal shirt….unless of course its more of the same next season!!!

    1. Vastly inferior…suarez came from there…sure u said the same…sure u said the same with martial, too young, for a vastly inferior league…stop talking about epl is the hardest league…u said la liga and bundesliga are easier, but take a time, smell the coffe..look at cl semis and finals in the last years…just this year citieh make it…even i think bundesliga has started tu be more fun

  2. Hahahaha … E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G huh?

    I’m excited indeed *Looks away*

    if u really wanna know how to make one excited, get Aubameyang or Lewandowski…. Janssen could be an added incentive

    Then u would see real excitement!


    1. Auby and Lewy started somewhere too, they probably had a season like this kids one and then teams took a chance. It worked out for them and it will work for many many more young players. That said, even though I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if we are that team to take a chance with this kid, I wouldn’t want all our eggs lying in this one strikers basket.

      I think you must look at every story in here, and try to figure out how to have a moan about it, honestly.

      1. A lot of people on here don’t have to try and find something to moan about, it seems to come naturally to them.

        1. It’s a Gooner Bug, it’s highly contagious between the months of August ~ May.

    2. Looks like u got a problem with Deciphering a simple sentence

      didn’t i say “Janssen as an added incentive” ? (considering his price tag) …. We need a proven goal scorer…. Haven’t times taught u all this?

      didn’t u just say “cast all ur eggs in one basket” ?…. How could u just assume Janssen is all we need to better the striking dept after only one good season in a dutch league? …. He Looks good, i’m not disputing…..but our days of casting the whole burden on kids ought to be over!

      Get Janssen, i dn’t care……but the sight of having Auba, welbeck and Janssen would be awesome!

      Are we clear?

  3. I’ve not been as excited as this since my Nan gave me a walnut in one of her old socks for christmas.

    It really is that zzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. Must say I liked the look of him too the moment I start checking up on him. He doesn’t look to be blessed with any certain abilities, but what he does look to have is what H Kane has. He knows where the nets are and he looks very determined when inside the danger area. That makes two decent prospects over in Holland, this dude and Milik.

  5. I Heard Wenger is leaving at the end of this season and Korean is stalling on signing a new contract.

    My sauce is
    ‎Anyway, enjoy  your Friday and forget about the Arsenal brand. There are so many other brands that we can enjoy and that give better return for our money more immediately.

    ‎I’m off to Marks and spencers to buy a cheese grater because I need something that will enable me to great cheese well. So I won’t be buying a toilet brush for this job.

        1. Sorry Trev,
          But have you tried posting on Just Arsenal with a blackberry z30. It’s an Impossible and frustrating ‎experience that reminds me of supporting AFC.

          As for playing ketchup‎. We need a complete hamper of condiments to do that my friend! 🙂

          It May-onaise happen or not. ‎

  6. Janssen is valued at 6 mill
    so that tells a story.
    But excitement ah yes.
    Liverpool’s 2016 Europa
    Campaign has been exciting.
    Pulsating games fabulous atmosphere.
    Which made me think about Arsenal’s season.
    I reckon we had about 4 exciting performances
    and about 5 good performances. 9 decent performances.
    The other 43 were dull passing the ball to death passing mostly sideways.
    No wonder the Emirates is asleep all the time.
    Yet the AKB’S can’t get enough and will say but we got Champions league.
    But only 2 of our 8 ECL games were interesting the rest were sludge.
    Oh but we made 30 mill.
    But what did we do with the 30 mill?
    Walcott 7mill
    Wilshere 5 mill
    Arteta 4 mill
    Rosicky 4 mill
    Flamini 4 mill
    Debuchy 3 mill
    Sanogo 2.5 mill
    Ox 2.7 mill
    Ospina 1 mill
    So the Champions league money
    did not even cover the deadwood!!!

    1. If Ospina is deadwood then hart, de gea and courtois are one and a half deadwoods.
      Reason- last season per 90 minutes played in PL, for every two goals Ospina conceded the others conceded three. Ospinas other stats were better as well like saves per goal conceded.

  7. Heard a couple of things about him I thought were interesting, one positive & one negative.
    Apparently he’s genuinely two-footed, which is obviously very rare. I also heard that Feyenoord had him age 14-18, but decided not to offer him a contract- not necessarily the worst thing in the world, he could be a late bloomer- great strike rate this season, but does seem very strange.

      1. neither of whom were much cop so thats not too encouraging lol plus his price tag tells you everything
        good old Arsene shopping in the pound shops again and then wondering why what he bought turned out to be a cheap tacky immitation that doesnt do what he wants,
        Taking of things that dont do what you want why are we not looing to sell Walcott?? the kid is lazy and scared and bkloody rubbish and in the ten years we have had him has only managed to grow a beard
        if it were down to me Id give him away ….ha still Arsene gave him a wage rise
        tells you everything dont it ?

      2. Oh right. What traits has he got of each of them? I always thought if you mixed Giroud & Theo together, taking both their best points, it would make a world class striker haha!

  8. Hi fellow gunners just registeted but i have bee fllwing this site fo a while now I just had to be part of u guys I luv this site so much

  9. This player could be the real deal or…………….. maybe not. You just don’t know.

    Jozy Altidore scored over 30 goals in one season for AZ Alkmaar – more than Janssen. Over 30 goals is impressive. Altidore then scored a total of ONE goal for Sunderland. Yes, ONE goal.

    It takes great scouting and some good luck to find players who can really translate to the bigger leagues and clubs.

    Just a little perspective.

    1. He was also scoring regularly for USA, whilst at Sunderland.
      So maybe the problem for his goal drought at the club, was more of a mental issue or the set up around him.

      1. Been others who did that, coming from the Dutch league- Mateja Kezman, Alfonso Alves etc.

  10. Sign him up Quick. . Before he joins the forever growing list of Wenger’s ” I nearly signed him”

    You can’t go wrong with a young dutch goal scorer,
    It’s a money in the bank signing that has profit written all over it! ?

  11. This kid is good but I rather we get milik of ajax. He is very good on the ball, has vision and good at spotting team mates plus he has a finish similar to van persie. If we can get both then its fantastic, however if we are to choose I will definitely go for milik

  12. This dutch guy IS a proven goalscorer yes he IS good in the air he does have a physical presence yes he is good in his current league, BUUUUT,
    the league he plays in is a league far below the standard of the PL and as was proven with Giroud (who in my opinion is NOT up to this standard) the transition is an unqualified thing, when you bring in a player from a league that is of a lower standard more often than not the player fails.
    wouldn’t you just know it that we are again linked with a relative unknown who will cost us peanuts in comparison to what we SHOULD be looking at which is proven goalscorer from a league very similar to our own, BUUUUT this will never happen all the time Wenger has control over the purse strings as has been proven season after season after season.
    The EPL is one of the most physical and competative leagues in the world to get a striker who can score 30 odd goals a season is going to be tough but not impossible, IF you dont mind paying the price and as has been proven our Beloved frenchman does NOT wanna do that.
    So expect us to be in for him but expect him to sit on the sidelines for the first half of the season until Welbeck gets injured OR Iwobi does or whoever, THEN expect him to flop.
    The Cheap option never works
    As a foot note to this I read now that Chelski are after Higuian who we backed away from in favour of the bullsh!t Suarez deal that never was well if Chelsea think he’s good anough the lets have it right so too should we, BUUUT its gonaa cost way above our budget which stands currently at about 50p.
    dream on brothers if you think this player is the answer.

    1. I dunno- great attacking players have come to the Prem from the Dutch league: RVP, Overmars, Van Nistelroy, Suarez, Robben- only Suarez for big money, who knows?

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