An in-depth Guide to Sports Betting for beginners

 Sports Betting Odds Explained:

How to Make Them Work for You

There are many options available when it comes to sports betting. We have looked at a few areas that may be useful to newcomers to help them understand how to get a start betting on sporting events. All betting entities have slightly different options available, but you can always call them to ask for prices on specific events or outcomes that perhaps don’t appear on their website.


Basics of Sports Betting

Placing a (sports) bet is the process of staking a certain amount of your capital which in turn will give you the chance to win back more money from said investment. Many gamblers follow different sports ranging from football, horse racing, rugby, cricket, motorsport, athletics and more. People have been placing bets on just about everything since time immemorial and many have likewise made a successful living thanks to their savvy choices, although this can be potentially hazardous for newcomers to sports betting. There is a wide range of betting types available for experienced gamblers and newcomers who are looking to see what betting on sports is all about. There are many opportunities for people new to betting to start an account online, for free, and you may also receive some free money as an added bonus for opening your account.

Deciding How Much to Stake

Now for the tricky bit, which is deciding how much to place on a bet. The value of your bets should always be calculated as a percentage of your available funds, or how much you are willing to spend each month. Set yourself a limit for each type of bet you will place, and this should be worked out by the odds you receive, or to put it plainly, how much money you can win back from a certain amount. If your picks are favourites to win you may want to place a larger amount as the bet is safer and more likely to be successful. If the odds are more remote that you will win, you should lower your stake as you may lose a lot of money, very quickly.

Single Bets

Betting is simple when choosing single bets as you decide which horse, team or person will win an event or match, you get given set odds of how much you will get in return. If choosing single bets while betting on football, you will find the odds are on the low side. This is because there can only be three outcomes to a given match, win, lose or draw. You may not get the opportunity to win large amounts, but you will be more likely to win, which makes betting on outcomes an excellent way for beginners to understand sports betting, without risking too much money. Decide how much money to stake on your bets by checking the odds given at your local bookmaker and compare that to how likely you think that the result will go the way you think it should. Although you will get greater returns from backing an unlikely outcome, the chances of you winning will also drop.

Choosing Accumulators

Bookmakers offer a wide range of betting choices, and one where you can win a lot of money for relatively low stakes is through accumulator betting. In this instance you choose multiple results throughout the day or over a period, and as they win, your money then gets accumulated (as the name implies) and added to the next event. Depending on the choice and number of bets placed, you could very well end up with a huge payout, providing all of your bets come through, of course. Some of the largest betting wins have been made thanks to accumulator bets. Traditionally people would choose multiple football, horse racing or other sports events. But bookmakers now let you combine all sports on to one easy accumulator so you can have a football match, a motor racing event, a horse racing event, and a tennis match all as part of your accumulator ticket.

Betting on Points Scored

You don’t need to pick a winner to make money through betting on sports. Betting companies offer people the chance to predict anything that will happen during a given sporting event. You can guess how many goals will be scored, how many tries in a rugby match and add items such as penalties, corners, throw-ins or any other situation you believe may happen. This betting method can allow those who are less knowledgeable about a given sport or event to have a go at picking in-play actions without the need to get the right winner and losers. Most betting companies have many options for you to choose from so have a look around to find out what websites have the in-play actions you think you may make money from. These bets can also be added to an accumulator to give you the chance of winning more, without the need to get every result correct.


You don’t need to be a betting expert to try your hand at betting on Arsenal games or your favourite sportsperson, team or event. Many companies have offers available for new users which can help you dip your toe in the water without needing to invest any of your own money. Check around until you find a website that has the bets and odds you like, make sure you read the fine print and you’ll be ready for your first bet. Good luck!