An in-depth look at who Arsenal need to replace this summer

Who needs to leave Arsenal this summer? by ceofaruk

Arsenal have a wealth of players but we still fall just a bit short of really competing for the Champions league and winning the Premier league. On our best days we can compete with anyone in Europe and it was a real shame we lost so badly to Monaco in the first leg of the knockout stages. So who should Arsenal replace this summer to become real contenders?

Let’s start with keepers.
No disrespect but I have never thought Szczesny was good enough to be a first choice keeper for a top top team like I imagine Arsenal to be/is aiming for. He is not bad – but just not good enough for a title challenging team, and to be frank I am far more pleased with Ospina in goal. Although Ospina has performed far better then Szczesny but he just falls a bit short (literally and metaphorically, he’s not so tall), I feel he would be ideal for second choice keeper. I respect Ospina and feel he has done a good job so far. However, with a world class top keeper like Petr Cech available, I feel like it would be a good opportunity to Wenger to finally get a top quality keeper that has a good few years left, so we don’t have to worry about silly mistakes.

Verdict: Wenger should buy Cech, keep Ospina as second choice, sell or loan Szczesny and keep Martinez in reserve.

CB Defenders:
First and foremost Koscielny should going nowhere. He’s fast and solid and can also score some goals. Mertesacker is experienced but hasn’t got many years left (and is quite slow) so I feel he needs a ready replacement but we shouldn’t sell him. Gabriel is coming along nicely and should slowly take Per’s place in the starting XI. Chambers should be kept as a contingency player in case of injuries or loaned out to gain some experience and more confidence we should not sell him.

Verdict: We should stick with what we have – or – Acquire another CB (maybe Hummels?) and loan out Chambers.

Wingback defenders
left back is perfect. We have two different types of players; Monreal (more defensive) and Gibbs (more attacking) in healthy competition which shouldn’t be tampered with.
At right back we have Debuchy who, when fit, is first choice for France so will probably be first choice for us too. However now Bellerin is coming up, Debuchy’s place is far from safe, but I think between those two we have two fine right backs. We also have Chambers for emergencies.

Verdict: Keep our current crop and loan Chambers or keep him for emergencies. We could sell Carl Jenkinson, but because he is an Arsenal fan if he is good enough we should loan him out again until Debuchy retires. At the moment he is not good enough to make the squad.

Defensive midfield:
Coquelin is a getting better and better but he will end up being burnt out if he doesn’t get support next season. We really need another DM (maybe Khedira or Schneiderlin or Cabaye) and we’ll be fine. We do have Ramsey and Wilshere who are versatile but we really need some good protection for our defence.

Verdict: Buy a world class DM no questions about it.

It’s time to say goodbye to Flamini who is just not good enough anymore. Abou Diaby is too injury prone so despite his loyalty it’s time to say goodbye. Mikel Arteta is good but with the competition he’s not guaranteed a place and it would be sad to see such a great player on the bench so often – so for me he should also be sold.

Attacking midfield
We have Ozil and Cazorla – two word class number 10’s – so if one gets injured the other comes in. Also we have Ramsey and Wilshere in time of desperation. Sanchez and Chambo can also play there as well. Rosicky is another great player I don’t like seeing on the bench. If he is happy on the bench he should stay but he is at the twilight of his career at 34 so if he wants to spend his last years playing regular football I wouldn’t blame him for leaving.

Verdict: We need no more Attacking Midfielders

Strikers and wingers:
Giroud is the main man and fits well specifically to Arsenal’s style of play and for me has been our MVP at the moment and does not need to be replaced. Welbeck is brillant, but that guy just can’t score enough goals. He is more like a second striker and is really frustrating because he’s a great athlete, great person, works hard but just doesn’t give you 20 goals a season. However I hope he will improve, but to compete on the biggest stages we need a top goal scorer.But we should keep him because he still adds value.

Sanchez is world class. He saved us when Giroud was out injured. He can play as a striker (but I would rather Welbeck in that case) but more effective as a winger. He should DEFINITELY not be sold. Chamberlain – I personally think Chambo should be a striker because he is strong and fast. Seriously I think he would be a good centre forward and Wenger should look into it. He is developing nicely but keeps getting injured. We should keep him as he can play on either wing and also (if we like) in the middle. A great player in the making.

Walcott – this guy is so fast and has the potential to be dangerous and been at the club so long it makes no sense to sell him especially to a rival. I know he is having some contract drama and demanding high wages but he can deliver. He just needs more time (I’m sure you’ve heard this before) but if you look at his performances before his year out he was doing really well. However, he needs to up his game if he expects to play. We invested so much in him we shouldn’t let him leave. He is getting to his prime – and he is the type of player that will make us pay if he goes to a rival. However I would have no hard feeling if he left because he wasn’t getting enough playing time.

We should buy one regular goal scorer (Jackson Martinez? Icardi?, Suarez? Loic Remy? Falcao?)
Sanogo needs to be sold. We really don’t need him now we have Welbeck. Myaichi should either be loaned out again or sold. Campbell should be loaned out again but we should keep him, he has promise. Podolski – I keep remembering how he used to be such a deadly striker but it seems that he just isn’t the same player he once was, and maybe Wenger was right not to play him. Still (if he manages to rediscover his game) I think we should keep him in the squad. If not, maybe we should sell him he deserves to play regularly. I hate seeing him on the bench knowing what he could do. Akpom is not good enough yet, but has great promise and should be loaned out for a bit longer.

Players that should stay – brackets ( ) means depending on situation:

Ospina, Martinez
Koscielny, Gabriel, Bellerin, (Mertesacker), Debuchy, Gibbs, Monreal,
Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Ozil, Cazorla, (Rosicky), Coquelin,
Welbeck, Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, (Podolski)

Loan: Chambers, (Joel Campbell), (Akpom), (Ryo), (Jenkinson)

Sell: Flamini, Arteta, Sanogo, Szczesny, Diaby,

Who agrees with my assessment?


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  1. I agree with you. However, I’d like Campbell not to be sold. He’s the spirit of Sanchez n Welbz sandwiched in him- strong, athletic, defensive-minded, work-rate, good engine etc. He’s young also. Loans will help him n Jekinson. We need more dribblers, shooters and passers.

  2. So, let’s forget about the numerous times Szczesny saved Arsenal, when the defence was complete crap. He just has an attitude problem, not enough of a reason to sell him. He has the potential to become great, and his refleces are top class. About Ospina, benching him while he hasn’t set a foot wrong is ridiculous. Cech is a bigger name than Ospina, but it doesn’t mean that he is better right now. There is a reason Chelsea are selling him.

    Loan Jenkinson because he is a gunner, until Debuchy retires? Debuchy will become 30 in 2 months. 30!!

    Wilshere/Ramsey aren’t good enough to play as DMs, even when if we become desperate. You have to look at what each available DM offers. By saying “let’s get Cabaye or Schneiderlin or Pogba etc”, you don’t have an argument. What Arsene wants? He wants a dominant presence? He wants a strong player? A versatile player? I’d be surprised if he don’t get a DM in the summer, but I’d be more surprised if he got Cabaye/Khedira.

    I laughed when I read “We should buy one regular goal scorer” and one of the options was Falcao. We don’t NEED to sell Sanogo. We didn’t buy him to score 20+ goals NOW. He’s one for the future. Podolski is what he always was. Slow, with no dribbling ability, and one of the best finishers I’ve personally seen. And have you ever seen Miyaichi play? I guess not. He rarely plays, and there’s a reason for that.

    I don’t agree with yoru assessment.

    1. To be honest I’m really worried about if giroud gets injured. In that case we need someone we can rely on to fill. We could gamble with welbeck who is good but I’m not sure if that will be enough. I really like welbeck but I wish he would score more.
      The reason why I listed the names of those strikers aren’t because of their price tag but because they could score goals regularly and could be down to join us u never know. I didn’t think ozil or sanchez would join arsenal but they did so don’t disbelieve because I see some real statement of intent radiating from arsenal these days. So with someone to cover giroud and we sort out a dm, we have a strong chance to win some trophies. Also with the keeper thing – if cech is available – buy him simple – if not its fine I believe in ospina. But should ospina get injured I don’t know about sczesny. Even if we loan a striker for the season that would be fine I’m sure with the way falcoa is playing at the moment he is willing to take a pay cut.

  3. Good assessment and it leaves us space for 4 additions

    Cb or fwd(hummels,varane)(rues,turan,Pedro)
    Dm (schnederlin,kondogbia,krychowiak, niangolan)
    St Dyblya, Lacazette, Jackson.m

  4. I wouldn’t loan Chambers…decent back up to have…
    Also Arteta should stay for capital cup games…and also good to come on as sub.
    BTW: Think any1 would be brave enough to pay for Diaby…if so how much would be expected?

  5. no way Wenger will get Hummels in my opinion. Wenger won’t spend more than £20 million on a defender in my opinion

    Also, you give unrealistic names like Hummels, Suarez, Remy, Falcao.

    I don’t see a need to push Ospina to second choice. He has been excellent this season. I don’t have a problem with Szczesny staying as number 2 if he wants to stay.

    Also we can’t sell Flamini, Diaby or Arteta. Just release them

    1. Two years ago you’d have said the same about us buying unrealistic names like Ozil and Sanchez!!

      1. i understand what you ate saying and agree to an extent but the reason I said unrealistic was not just about transfer fees

        Hummels is out because Wenger doesn’t believe in spending big on defenders

        Cech and Remy could be difficult because Mourinho is an ass-hole

        Falcao makes £280,000 per week. I doubt he will want to take a £100,000 per week decrease

        Suarez will be more difficult than last time.

        I could be very wrong. As with any opinion, I’m not an expert and just an opinion

    2. i am a german and i don’t get what everyone wants with hummels. you’re all complaining about merts being slow.
      1. who the flying f’ cares? there’s always 2 center backs playing, don’t you guys see that? and no one really beats merts 1vs1 dribbling wise. check sterling. merts always picked his pocket, and if not, koscielny cuts of the route to the ball. he can play a high line. i agree he is not the youngest, bout kos is not much younger. so get your bias straight. he had a shit first part of the season but always played and that in a shit defense. now with a solid partner back, he is back on form. have some damn loyalty and stop getting on the hype train.
      2. now to hummels. yes, he’s younger, so i get that argument, but he’s slow as shit. just like merts, he is great 1v1 , but relies on an athletic partner in case he fails. so stop saying merts is slow , so we need hummels. you sound clueless when saying that. “you” -> all fickle fans out there. merts has been great, but yeah we should look to the future as well, just don’t be c*nts

      1. You get the same old s£&&te before every match about who is going to make PM dizzy and rip him a new one – the pundits can’t help themselves and just churn out the same lazy crap every time. Like to see someone list the situations in the past 2 years where PM has been left exposed and one on one in a foot race that led to a goal being conceded. Ironically, on Saturday the only player RS went past in a dangerous position was the fastest player in our squad.

  6. GK:
    Doesn’t NEED touched as far as I’m concerned. IF Cech was attainable (i.e. allowed to join), then i’m all for it. Save that there is no need for a foreign import to come learn the league when Ospina is doing just that.
    Verdict: Cech in and Szcs out or nothing.

    Another position we don’t have a NEED for as we have 2 LB’s (Nacho, Gibbs), 4 CB’s (Kos, Gab, Per, Chambers), 3 RB’s (Debuchy, Bellerin, Jenks). You could argue that a ruthless move to upgrade Per is worthy, but IMO he’s going to be a backup player next season on.
    Verdict: Sell Jenks

    Our b2b (Rambo, Jack) and AM (Ozil, Santi) options are comparable to anyone in the leagues, and they are backed up by experience (Arteta, Rosicky). Coquelin as the only legitimate DM is an issue.
    Verdict: Buy an elite DM such as Schneiderlin & sell/release Diaby, Flamini

    Some movements to be made here. Poldi/Campbell/Sanogo can get shifted straight away. At ST we have (Giroud, Welbz), LW (Sanchez), RW (Ox, Theo). Sell the 3 mentioned and you’re making 15-20mil and saving 200k in wages. That should go towards a winger, perhaps a young/not yet established talent ala Draxler. If Theo goes, we need a potential starter.
    Verdict: Theo stays get a Draxler type, Theo goes get a Sterling.

    Overall Verdict:
    SELL – Jenks/Flamini/Diaby/Poldi/Campbell/Sanogo
    BUY – Schneiderlin/Gonalons & Draxler/Sterling

    1. Fair post. Only disagreement I have is Sterling. He is good but nowhere near as good as the hype. But more than that there is clearly a spoilt brat in there that shouldn’t come anywhere near this squad. If he can do what he is doing to Pool at the tender age of 20 with a slim one season CV under his belt then gawd knows what he will be saying/doing in a few years time. We will be his stepping stone and not having that. Let him go to City – Draxler way, way better prospect/Arsenal fit than RS.

      1. I don’t see why everyone’s jumping on his back frankly, kid has simply shelved contract talks until the summer wanting to see where Liverpool stand. Totally understandable seeing as they’re not making CL IMO, why does he ‘have to’ sign a contract just because Liverpool want him to mid season?

        He wants to play at the highest level, you say good for 1 season but he’s been in their first 11 since he was 17. No different to draxker wanting out of schalke for a bigger team, Liverpool are good but not on our level or that of city/Chelsea’s. I think draxler is unreal, only reason I point to sterling is he can no doubt play in our first 11 and is prem tested like Theo.

    2. 1) Even if Cech do come I wouldn’t sell Szcs still as a high ceiling just need to make the difference between confidence and cockiness and can be one of the best, better than Ospina from whom he should learn how to be calmed and composed as well as organize the defence
      2)Completely agree with you for jenko a buyback options should be included a bit like RM did for Morata for summer 2016,2017!Decent player, passionate about the club and will continue to grow slowly yes but surely.
      2) Unless a big time defender can be bought for Per also no need to buy, just need to give more CB looks to chambers and obviously Gabriel that I see as a starter next season alongside Kos
      3) DM need to buy one plain and simple and WC for that matter.
      4) Campbell should be kept otherwise sold if Wenger can put more trust and play time decent player to have as a back up but Poldi sold, Sanogo loaned or sold with buyback option. And depending on how it goes with Walcott this will determine who comes in for me

      For the rest spot on!

    3. Get Nabil Fekir (Future Cazorla), Veretout/ WANYAMA/ KONDOGBIA and maybe Kurzawa/ Jose Luis Gaya for LB position.

  7. Ryo isn’t getting anywhere. Sell.
    Sanogo was always more of one for the future. Loan.
    Debuchy is 30 and Jenkinson is an Arsenal fan. Loan.
    Campbell is talented. Loan to PL side hopefully.
    Podolski. Use as super sub backup or sell.
    Flamini. Sell.
    Arteta is now officially backup but his experience is useful. Keep
    Diaby isn’t going to be bought by anyone. Change to a low paid month to month contract until he stays fit for a while (which he won’t). Keep or Sell.
    Szcz is young and perfect backup, I can see him improving now that he has actual competition for number 1 spot. Keep.
    Rosicky is great. Keep.
    Akpom. Loan.

    Bring in a DM; We have the enforcer in Coq who wants to stay back and is very effective in that role, now maybe add someone who can stay back but is more of a ball player (can only think of Schneiderlin) so that in some matches we can play both and in others we can pick and choose.

    The main issue is the injuries, if that is actually over then our squad is only really one player away from proper title challenge.

    1. Have people forgotten how great Chambers was at CB in the beginning, also useful to have a 3rd choice RB. Keep.

  8. sell>>>> walcott,podolski,jenkinson,flamini,campbel,ryo,sanogo,diaby
    buy>>>>reus,javi martinez

  9. OT: Admin, a request. If possible can you create a grouping of articles published on JustArsenal?

    ie. Match Reports section, Transfer rumours section, Analysis section? etc. because some members (me included) might not always read rumours, so we can directly go to sections which interest us?

    I dont know if it causes any server strains but in terms of coding I assume you can do it. However this might require opinions and views of JustArsenal Members.

  10. One thing you have to understand is that we should sign players we need and not want.. Signing Cech when you have Szcz and Ospina is like signing Cesc when you have Ozil and Cazorla..

    We dnt need a new goalkeeper.
    And certainly none of Szcz or Ospina deserves to be sold although Cech is fantastic… And dnt forget Szcz only shared the golden glove with Cech last cson because Wenger started Fabianski in d last game against Norwich.
    Plus he is our academy product.

    In defense however we need some more class.. VARANE,SUBOTIC or GODIN to partner Koscielny a very good decision with Gabi,Per,Chambers as backup/ squaddies.
    Next cson should be Per’s final cson @ Arsenal; he has served d club well.

    In DM, we also need class or a very good competition..
    As regards class;Pogba,JaviMartinez

    For competition for Coq, he has to be viera-esque.. So Wanyama,William.

    Schneiderlin,Cabaye offers nothing we dnt alrdy have in Ramsey n Coq.
    Arteta should be retained as a squad player,remmber he isn’t originally a DM.
    Flamini sold or released.

    We need no AM as you have rightly said.

    A striker ll also be important,not just one with potential like Dybala,Lacazette as we alrdy have that in Welbeck but established worldclass like Higuain,Muller,Lewy.
    Walcott retained

    Sanogo,Campbell,Jenkinson,Akpom,Zelalem,Martinez,Gnabry loaned to EPL teams.

    Personally, I’ll take Wanyama and Muller and Varane.

    Wanyama for EPL and UCL experience.
    Viera-esque, he won’t displace Coquelin totally; will be competition.
    Steel in midfield.

    Muller because he wnt displace Giroud totally too and can play in other positions like RW,LW and AM so he is also a backup/competition to Alexis n Walcott/Ox on d wings.

    Varane because he already has an understanding with Koscielny and Debuchy at National team level and is still young with experience from the biggest club in the world against the best oppositions one can face.
    He also wants game time as a starter which Arsenal can offer him and is as dominant in the air as Per , also a good reader of the game..
    In 2yrs starting at the club,he ll be the best defender in d world and might be contending for the Ballon d’or..





    Subs: Ospina,Gabi,Bellerin,Monreal,Coq,Wilshere,Santi,Ox,Giroud,Welbeck

    With this tight XI and bench.. Injuries would mean nothing.

    1. Mullers not a striker, well not a lone one.. hes more like an old fashioned English no10 except he starts in midfield. I would liken him to ex liv Kuyt except much better although Kuyt was great at tracking back and working his ass off just like Muller.

  11. IMO
    Players out : Flamini, Diaby, Podolski, Ryo
    Loan: Akpom, Sanogo, Sczezny, Jenkinson, Gnabry, Cambell.
    Players in : Cech, Kondogbia/schnerderlin/Wanyama, Lacazzette/Icardi/Dybala, Reus.
    Arteta and Rozza should stay because they can provide depth when players like Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey, Santi or Coq get injured.

  12. With regards to Ospina, i don’t think we have seen the best of him. If he repeats anything like his performance for Colombia against Argentina in the world cup (particularly the double save) then very few, if any fans would want to replace him. Just because we did not pay a fortune for him does not mean he is no good. After his WC performance and nearing the end of his contract with Nice and wanting to leave, he would have had many choices. He chose Arsenal and for £3m was a bargain.

  13. Line up.

    2nd line up
    Bellerin/Per Mert/Chambers/Gibbs

    Others: Welbeck, Rozza, Arteta, Martinez, Hayden for depth.

    1. Take out Reus and add Ox and you got yourself one hell of a team. Reus will go for between fifty to sixty mil so you may forget about that… Compare Reus to Sterling and tell me the liv boy is worth fifty mil… truly lol.

  14. On the keeper scenario, i do think acquiring Cech is too good an opportunity to turn down and the almost best part about it is we know mourinho would absolutely hate it, but what can he say… nothing.

    On Ospina, i would be confident enough keeping him as no1 and dont think his height a hindrance as the man literally has go go gadget feet and can out jump just about any keeper or defender… also we see with Pers case height means nothing if you dont jump. The only real criticism i had with Ospina is i thought him one of those flashy keepers showing off to cameras by unnecessarily diving or punching ball into play or wide, but lately have noticed an improvement and cant remember one recent instance where he has been doing that.

    Al;l other points are taken, maybe i would differ on targets.

  15. Some of our contributing members on this topic do NOT take the Home Grown Players policy into considerations in their analysis. I think the numbers/quota has been increased (maybe 17 or thereabout?)

    1. yeah, AW could see the policy early, and did well to bring in Welbeck and Chambers…
      and I’d say from all the EPL teams, we have the best English players in our Squad..
      You could see it in the WC that England missed the flair provided by OX..
      Rather get rid of players like Flamini, Diaby, etc

  16. LOL as if we’re getting cech

    if we come second, you think maureen would want to path up our woes? bless you then. let me remind you of demba ba

  17. How I wish sagna had extended his contract. It would have been so ideal for jenko and bellerin to fight for place.
    Hope jenko gets his chance.

  18. DAFUQ did i just read?!
    disagree with almost every thing

    GK: there is NOTHING wrong with szczesny
    And buy cech!!! do you realize he will be 33 soon?!!!

    CB: Per should b sold, some one to replace him
    Chambers should not be loaned
    jenkinson loan NOT sold

    DM: Schniederlein

    ST: icardi?!! jakson martinez?!!!(he is 28!) suarez?! remy?! falcao?!
    LAUGHABLE suggestions
    sanogo another loan

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