An incident like the Spurs fan kicking Ramsdale needs to be severely punished – Where’s the deterrent?

The shocking Ramsdale incident after the Tottenham match by Dan Smith

I have long written that English Football has a problem, a culture of grown adults thinking in the confines of a match day that they can act however they want.

At the end of the NLD, Aaron Ramsdale was kicked by a Spurs ‘fan’.

The worst part of the incident is it wasn’t even deemed a shocking incident. It’s now become the norm.

There seems to be more debate about Arsenal over-celebrating then the simple principal of the fact that a supporter has zero business on that pitch, yet alone being violent.

The FA will continue to hold off on sanctions and punishments for crowd trouble due to their marketing campaign.

It’s hard to promote the Premier League as the best in the world once teams are forced to play in empty stadiums and/or points are deducted.

Yet the UK are quick to judge other parts of the world when their domestic football is blighted by hooliganism.

The 35-year-old who kicked our keeper has rightfully been named, which will bring shame to his family and embarrass his employers.

Spurs have already insisted he will receive a lifetime ban once found guilty.

If I was in power, I would sentence him to years in prison and hand Spurs large sporting sanctions.

Zero tolerance is zero tolerance, we need to educate the next generation of supporter that events like Sunday are unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

Did Ramsdale have to celebrate in front of that end?

Did he need to ‘give banter back?’.

I’m not going to justify that with a response, because that would portray there’s an excuse for what happened at the weekend.

A man assaulted another human being because his football team lost!

Say that out loud, a grown man couldn’t handle his team losing, so lashed out!

If a toddler kicked out because they lost a game of pass the parcel you would say that was unacceptable.

Richarlison hasn’t helped by offering reasons why tempers boiled over. He feels Ramsdale should have interacted with the away section and not try to be ‘cute’ with the home crowd.

Not that any adult should need one of their players to educate them, unfortunately some need that help.

It’s not great that a youngster looks at one of their role models, who instead of condemning the actions of the guilty party, puts the spotlight on the victim.

I don’t care if Ramsdale did a cartwheel in front of the home end, it doesn’t warrant getting kicked.

We keep having these small incidents. Little incidents which are increasing.

Ramsdale on another day could have got hurt, and one day someone is going to get seriously injured.

Despite stats showing a rise in crowd trouble, those in charge continue to offer zero deterrents…

Football is a beautiful game but it’s just that …. a game

Dan Smith


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  1. Richarlison reminds me of Edmundo nick name( The Animal) same character, but The animal was of superior talent, though only represented Brazil in the 1998 world cup because of his character.

    Was happy too we didn’t sign this brat who we knew sick from way back when, it’s in Richarlison dna he won’t change, he has been acting like this over a decade.

    Surely the fan should be ban , there is no place for these types of behavior.

  2. Slightly biast that really sanctions ROFL 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂enjoy yourself this season as most teams be back to full strength next year did you get paid to write that dross

  3. I agree but we live in a world where a 14 year old can get shot in the head in the west bank and the world barely blinks

    1. Bro this is a football forum, would be nice if we stick to that, ’cause others will also point to the innocent kids killed by rockets, suicide bombers, knife wielding fundamentalists etc.

      1. Fifa am told Spuds fans are not taking the lost nicely, but we need them to park the buss on the Citizens tomorrow.

        1. Yup 100% @Gun! I wish we could lend them Saliba and Gabriel just for this game! Pep always plays into Conte’s hands, tomorrow wont be different I expect Don Conte to get a result at City.

  4. Richarlison actually started the physical contact which the ‘psycho’ fan emulated. Ramsdale kissed the badge, which players do in many matches. Richarlison is a little ‘crazy’.

  5. Richarlison has gotten off scotch free because of that fan. To me he clearly makes an attempt at Ramsdales face. Maybe a poor attempt but one nevertheless, he should get at least a 3 match ban.

  6. What a bias article. The supporter in question should get a lifetime ban.
    but to suggest spurs should face sanctions… come on i await the next the next instalment from an arsenal team who’s behavior is way over the top and not just in the nld

    1. A club faces sanctions if they fail to control their fans. What makes the vermin different to other clubs ?

  7. @Sean Williams, true talk. Richarlison displayed anger throughout the game shows his level of inmaturity.

    Richarlison started the drama instigating the attack on Ramsdales and should be punished.

  8. If the FA have decided not to press charges against Richarlison, it proves to me that they are biased and corrupt.

    Now I use the latter word intentionally and, as an educated man, will challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

    Remember when PV spat at Ruddock and the punishment he received?
    Or what about the punch that Davies landed on a Southampton player (hope I’ve got that right)?

    In both cases, the establishment came down, quite rightly, on the two Arsenal men, so why is Richarlison being treated differently.

    It is there for all to see a physical attack on another player – so why don’t they use their own rule book… as they did in the two cases I mention above?

    We have Keith Hackett (ex referee) coming out and stating, quite clearly, that he feels The Arsenal are being singled out and wonders why this is so.

    If one has a rule book and applies it to one situation, but not another and with no explanation as to why the rule book is not followed, that is corruption – not for money or personal gain, but corruption of the game itself.

    I believe Tottenham have acted in an exemplary manner and I applaud them for it.
    Let’s also remember that the vast majority of their supporters are as disgusted with this moron as everyone else is.

    This coward, who tried to cover his face then ran away like a scared rabbit, needs to be made an example of – let’s see if our judiciary have a set of rules that they will apply with the diligence required.

    Finally Dan, you may be right about the escalation of violence at football grounds, it certainly seems that way

    However, I suggest to you that it is a small minority who go to games, intent on causing trouble (that doesn’t mean I condone it or use it as an excuse) and it is very easy to become part of that, if one wants to.

    I am no Saint or a goody two shoes, but in all my time being involved with football and especially The Arsenal, I have never actually been involved in one single act of violence.
    Because I go to watch a game, to be entertained and see the rules being applied correctly as per the rule book.

    Until we get an association and referees who act correctly, along with a minority of fans who can’t control themselves, there will always be a tender box waiting to be lit and used as an excuse for moronic behaviour and that is the case throughout the world of football.

    1. Absolutely hilarious replies a out all this and not see arteta out of his technical area all the time . Been plenty of games where granit is out of order

      1. Did Mikel kick anyone? Did Granit throw a punch at Hugo? Looks like I’m expecting to much from a Spud!

      2. And Shaka has been punished, or have you forgotten that simple fact?
        If Arteta is charged for being put of the technical area, would you then, retrospectively, charge Ferguson, Mourinho, Klopp, Pep and probably every other manager for doing the same thing?

        In truth, they should have, because that is what the rules say, but once again, they ignored that, in the order to accomodate AF, but let’s see what happens.

        By the way, the actions of leaving the technical area has never seen a fan assault a player has it.

    2. KEN I of course agree with all you wrote- though with a caveat, in case you are implying that refs actually cheat in games, which you will know I do not accept as true. I DO however think almost all refs are weak and of poor standard !

      But the reason for my post is to express ASTONISHMENT at your saying “if the FA do not act against Richarlison, that will prove they are corrupt”!
      I AM INCREDULOUS THAT YOU DO NOT ALREADY THINK THAT IS THE CASE. Surely a man of your football experience must have LONG AGO known how corrupt the FA are.
      I have known it for decades past and DO NOT NEED FURTHER PROOF, ABOUT HOW THEY ACT IN THIS CASE.

      1. But Jon, I do include referees in this.

        They are instructed to follow the rules of the game – if they don’t they are corrupting the game.

        As for the FA, they are also corrupt, by not disciplining the referees.

        1. Well Ken we agree on the FA and on refs being weak. I have always thought a lot of hysterical accusations against refs honesty in decisions is EXTREMELY COMMON on all clubs fan forums.

          Gooners are far from alone in these silly cheating refs accusations; it being in the nature of MOST, though not all fans, to blame anyone but their own team.

          Almost all players cheat constantly and ask anyone who used to love football years ago but who no longer go, about WHY that is!


    3. Ken,

      I don’t understand why you’ve used the word corrupt as the definition is act g dishonestly in return for money or perso al gain.

      I agree Richarlidson should get a ban for his assault on Ramsdale but if he doesn’t, I’d say it’s an error of judgment or an injustice but not corruption

      1. LeGunner, by not following the rules of the game, referees are corrupting the game.

        I did say not for personal or financial gain, but if they apply the rules correctly, as they should have done with the Richarlison incident, where he actually assaulted another player, there would be no discrepancies.
        By not following the rules, they are corrupting said rule book – so why have rules to begin with?… To stop corruption of the beautiful game.

  9. From last season if am not wrong when almost everybody mock and negatively accused Arsenal of celebrating wins to this season when people like Richard keys been weekly hunting Arteta to be banned for showing passion and pushing is team towards victory that I have been worried that soon different rule book will be apply towards same situation involving Arsenal if they are the victim or Arsenal if they are the offending team,

    In space of a week we get caution from FA for our players calling on the refree applying the needed law within the game to foul in both The Newcastle and Oxford match which we see other teams did before Arsenal, After Arsenal and later to be done before the season ends and the asking and calling us out on player conduct seems funny ,
    Manutd players crowded the refree in the first leg until he was forced to cancel our opening goal base on the slightest contact in football and yet nobody charge them.
    Now Fans are looking at our team with different view of why must we celebrate when pundit and commentator are saying we should not.
    If you remember few weeks after the season started Ramsdel did an interview where he highlights how he get abuse from opponent fans and he banter with them when ever we scores, he particularly made mention of an instance where the away fans was calling him all kind of names and after the match he wave to the fan and the steward told him he should stop and he said back to the steward u are here hearing him all this while calling me names and said nothing but me waving back seems offending to you.
    We all want our players to show passion and love for our various beloved club and one of those things is we look forward to them kissing the badge (which nowadays doesn’t count) but if ure now been attacked for it, we all need to grow up.
    Really which spot light should be put to Richarlison for the fact he grabbed our keeps cloth and pushing him, just imagine that been Xhaka even some Arsenal fans will join in hounding him and calling all such name and by now its a guarantee that he will miss both the Manutd and Mancity game for violent conduct, now wonder Arteta ran at full speed to pull him away and yet people still make mockery of it.
    I pray the Authority act fast before someone get really hurt from been attack by a fan because he / she scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game against his/her favorite team.

  10. Oluseyi round of applause to you sir saved me typing a similiar comment just imagine xhaka instead of richarlison and an arsenal fan doing that instead of a spurs fan FA wouldve thrown every book in library at us 35 games ban for xhaka ,massive fine for the club i wouldnt put it past them even deduction on points just to help their beloved clubs corrption its real guys small reminder romero and sessegnion shouldve had at least 4 yellow cards each,i wont go to more details but it doesnt matter coz we won but….

    1. I think you are massively exaggerating your ridiculous claims, almost as much as Oluseyi is in his little rant.

  11. “FOOTBALL IS JUST A GAME”. So writes Dan Smith! The problem is that in fact it is a highly lucractive BUSINESS and all Prem players profit financially to an obscene level and to most of them it is NOT “just a game”, but an opportunity to get fabulously rich and set for life well before theyb are even thirty. These are facts, not opinions BTW!

    You may well think “what a shame it is a huge business and not just a game” , but to deny that it is NOT just a game but a fairly unpleasant business(surrounding a game) seems to me to be deliberately negligent of facts which we can all see are true!

    Does anyone else agree with DAN THAT IN 2023, IT IS STILL “JUST A GAME” , and if so, can they explain exactly WHY they believe such untrue nonsense?

  12. Come on people, Richarlison, (as much as I dislike the smug looking, overpriced idiot) did not punch Ramsdale, spit at him or kick him, he just got in his face and wagged his finger at him and got hold of him. Yes, perhaps he should be spoken to and warned, but a ban, why? We have all seen our players do far worse, not just in the distant past but recently. The so called spurs fan though, who kicked Ramsdale, should as a minimum be banned for life from every ground in the country.

    1. Because its the rules GB and must be followed, otherwise it becomes a nonsense.

      Remember PV getting sent off at old Trafford, when he kicked out, but didn’t touch RVN?

      Show me where that decision followed the rule book versus the Sunday one?

      Without rules, it becomes a lottery – some think it already has regarding The Arsenal.

  13. It does annoy me that there is this constant criticism of Arsenal’s celebrations (as if no other team ever celebrates a win), and to some degree, we saw this again with the slight suggestion that Ramsdale provoked the Spurs fan.

    Unless you put fencing between the pitch and the fans (which no one wants), you have to accept you cannot control EVERONE. All the authorities and the clubs can do is to dish harsh punishment, which is what is happening. I am sure that person will get a lifetime ban from Spurs (hopefully all football stadiums), and an assault charge from the police.

  14. You know what I think? I think this is a man’s game and let men to express themselves in an avenue where they can, in a world that constantly insult masculinity. Media pundits and social media clowns are biggest culprits to this rotting culture. The weak men on these platforms don’t face the consequences of their actions while commenting and insulting other men who are forced to face consequences on theirs. Let Ramsdale banter the fans as the fans banter him (this happens everywhere all the time anyways), let Ramsdale and Ricky Gaycut settle their differences on the pitch, let policemen investigate and reprimand the fan who broke the law. That’s about it.

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