An insight into Mikel Arteta’s precise training methods

The Arsenal fans who have watched us all season, will be able to see the vast improvements that have happened on the pitch since the Mikel Arteta appointment.

The Spaniard took over the role in December after a disastrous number of months under Unai Emery followed by Freddie Ljungberg (who has returned to his assistant manager role), and while it has taken a while for our performances to turn out the desired results, the improvements were clear to see from the off.

We’ve finally managed to string three league wins together for the first time this campaign, only for the Coronavirus to put a halt to the fixture schedule.

Despite the disturbance to the schedule, we still have a lot to look forward to as we look to end the season with a push for the European places, and Gabriel Martinelli is the latest to come out to praise the input brought to the club by the new boss.

“He’s been brilliant,” Martinelli says. “He pays a lot of attention to moves and keeps pushing me to improve my game; not only in attack but defence, too.”

“The boss is very wise tactically and incredibly helpful. He’s not an angry guy at all, but likes showing you exactly what to do on the pitch: ‘If the ball goes that way, don’t stay here, go there and turn your body that specific way…'”

“He has a keen eye for detail.”

The Brazilian has found himself on the team sheet a little less since the arrival of Arteta, but Martinelli still appears to be appreciative of the new coach’s input, and there is finally an aura of positivity surrounding our club after some tumultuous times.

Is Arteta the right man to get the best out of our young future stars like Martinelli? Will his attention to detail give us the tactical edge in the battle for European places this season?


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  1. Good to learn of Arteta’s attention to detail.As the old saying goes, “to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail”.

  2. Depends what is meant by “this season” . If you mean this calendar year, I think you will be proven wrong. And trying to look further ahead than that, given the enormous changes to almost everything in football life, routines and players still being even here(with the huge financial hit football will gradually take more and more each month), to write as if this virus is soon about to leave our society, is naive at best, plain daft at worst. Your entire article made zero mention of Corona and its long lasting effect. PRAY TELL US WHY?

    1. I do see that you used the expression, “Despite the disturbance to the schedule…”. I would respectfully suggest that this national crisis is rather more than a mere schedule disturance. A week of waterlogged pitches could be accurately called “a disturbance to the schedule”, but NOT this world wide crisis!

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