An interesting new name is named as Arsenal’s second-choice striker target after Isak

Arsenal interested in Brian Brobbey?

Now the season has come to an end, Mikel Arteta and the club will be looking to bolster their squad for next season, with a few positions feeling like they need a bit more depth and considering were bound to see a few players leave, we could see a few new faces this summer. Reports have come out saying Arteta wants to get his signings done quick and fast so they can have a chance to settle in and go on the pre-season tour with the squad.

One big position that Arsenal are definitely going to be on the look out for is a striker. Arsenal have made it no secret that they will be looking for a striker in the summer transfer window and with a lot of names being floated around, but I never really expected the name Brian Brobbey to come up in the conversation, but according to Miguel Delaney in the Independent, his name is on Arsenal’s list.

Brobbey is a 22-year-old Dutchman, currently playing at Ajax in the Netherlands. He’s an out and out striker and knows how to find the back of the net. Scoring 18 goals and 8 assists this season in the Eredivisie and has had a very good season with Ajax, being one of their most important players.

He’s very good on the ball and uses his strength to bully defenders. He’s a great passer of the ball and although he’s a number nine, he’s a big team player and you can tell when he plays, he just wants to win.

He started his career at AFC before moving to Ajax academy and then went onto RB Leipzig and then later returned to Ajax and signed a 5-year contract in 2022 for €16.35 Million and has since been an integral part of Ajax’s set up. Ajax won’t want to sell their striker but because of the way the Ajax model is, they will sell him for the right price.

But should Arsenal sign Brobbey when there’s a lot of other quality on offer? Well, for me, this all depends on who is staying and going this season. If we see the likes of Nketiah and Jesus being moved on from the club then I think we will need to bring in someone a bit more experienced, but with Kai Havertz stepping up to the plate this season, it’s threw somewhat of a spanner in the works and maybe investing into a young striker is a good idea.

I think he could easily fit into the system that Arteta has created and could hopefully easily adapt, but he is still young, and the Dutch league is very different to the Premier League, so it does leave a lot of questions. At the end of the day, Arteta and the club have being recruiting very well, so if we do go and get him, I think it’s because they see a lot of quality in him.

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  1. Only concern to me is injury records. Though he hasn’t missed much games last 2 seasons. At this point I would rather get a player who can play all season and then look at how good he is.

    Brobbey seems like a Lacazette type striker. His hold up play seems similar, and I like that he is not a selfish player and tries to bring others into play, a good squad choice imo, instead of Nketiah who makes bad choices because of selfish attempts.

  2. This guy can’t live up to the demands of the PL. I have watched his hightlights and he struggles a lot by contrast to Sesko who is more at ease in the box with his imposing physique. Brobbey is still the raw product.

    Our striker priority should be Gyokeres if we want to rival top six sides. he scores easily and also distributes.

    Sesko is next. If not any of these 2, Havertz should get the role and Obi moves to the men’s team to support him with assured regularminutes for his development. Arsenal must not lose Obi.

    In this scenario, Jesus stays in the team to back up Saka. We also need to move more academy players to the men’s team: Nwaneri, Duberry and Skelly. All these guys can move up.

    The reasons given for our supposed interest makes no sense to me. I maintain, as I have all along, that our number one target as new striker will be ISAK.
    Prem proven, mobile, pacy, , tall, young and though he will be pricey, Newcastle will need to raise funds. He perfectly fits MA ideal type of purchase.
    I reject this latest false rumour as, well just that.

    1. But nothing wrong with smokescreen targets. There is a certain blue London club who like to spend unrealistic amounts of money on reported Arsenal targets.

      1. I would agree with you, IF, I thought other rival managers would fall for such nonsense.

        And you surely dont think Chelsea will take any notice of this either! Do you!!!

        But those rival managers are far too bright to fall for a rumour of this ludicrous magnitude.
        This player mentioned here is a million miles from the standard we need and not only all sensible fans know it, but all our rival managers will also dismiss it is as the nonsense they TOO know it to be.

        For fake rumours to work in putting rival managers and clubs off the scent, they MUST at least be half way believable. Only dullards give THIS daft rumour any credence at all

        1. Chelsea just sacked Poch, so I have my doubts about their decision-making prowess. But a little bit of research on the Brobbey guy and I really like him and don’t want Chelsea or any other club to get him. He would be the ideal CF backup for us, and this is solely because I believe Arteta isn’t looking for a 100 million CF signing, if we’ll see such money invested, it will be in the midfield, not upfront. But that’s plainly my opinion though.

  4. Brobbey is Nketiah-level at best.
    Edu needs to earn his keep. We have a lot of assets to trade, and we have the finances. We need to see statement transfers. Isak, Gyokeres, Fofana, Locatelli, Zubimendi, Bruno G. Hato, Kubo, Oliseh, Eze, etc.

    1. Not at all. Why not?
      1. Brobbey isn’t selfish like Nketiah.
      2. His final box decision making is miles beyond Nketiah as when Nketiah gets the ball within the box, you can guess the outcome, he almost always goes for the goal even from atrocious angles when other options are available.
      3. Nketiah’s holdup is no where near this guy, watch him, he can piggyback a defender and still position himself to find a great pass.
      4. Younger than Nketiah and arguably has way more ceiling to this skillset.
      5. Again, PHYSICALITY! Brobbey can piggyback a buffalo and still pass the ball; we don’t have anyone capable of doing that in our squad.
      6. His personality, he will blend in with the rest of our team immediately.
      7. His shooting is imo way better and generates a lot of power easily. Also, we will get a lot of assists out of him.

  5. Not a fan. If we are going to bring in another forward I’d rather it was Marcus Thuram. At 6’4″ and able to play LW or ST he ticks a lot of boxes and would add to the already impressive height we have in the team. Also, being moderately prolific in the Dutch League doesn’t count for much.

  6. Actually, this rumor seems to have some actual air to it! And he is clearly an upgrade on what we have on the bench currently. Nketiah and Jesus both suffer heavily from their final decision making inside the box, and honestly this Brobbey, his final box decisions seem elite tbh. No selfishness and having a nous to find the right passing lane even under immense pressure. Exactly the kind of guy I would get as a backup Striker. Either a striker has to score loads of goals or need to facilitate others to score by making vital decisions within the box. We have players with abysmal final box decision making right now and Brobbey looks like the one who can change that.

    Again, this is because I believe Arteta isn’t going for a 100 million striker this summer, he is going to rely on Havertz next season. I think Havertz is an un-droppable player now. What we lack is when we get things into a good position inside the box, we lack good decision making, and I can count so many occasions where that have happened, especially when Jesus have played at CF.

    Unpopular opinion, I would get this guy and ship Nketiah and Jesus. Tough as nail, extremely sturdy build, just look at those Trunk-like thighs! He looks like the thing from the fantastic four franchise and I mean it as a compliment! He manhandles defenders and has good injury record last 2 seasons. He seems physically ready for Premier league, albeit a bit short but we have never seen anyone ever complain that Sanchez and Aguero were short. And young and room for improvement. And that is all good!

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