An open Get-Well-Soon card to the Arsenal Nation

Dear Fellow Members of the Arsenal Nation:

I am writing this letter to my fellow Gooners worldwide to express my sincere get well wishes for the Arsenal Football Club. Right now, our club is in a rapid decline, and I’m afraid we might have lost hope for a speedy recovery, or for any recovery at all.

Can we believe a recent media report that claims “the Arsenal board is 100% behind Unai Emery?” Is this club statement true, or is this a public relations spin to turn supporters’ jeers into tears while the board tries to decide what to do next?

The following are my own personal thoughts and opinions. You might agree or disagree, and I’m not trying to change anyone’s point of view, however, there is a strong case to make a change, and in my opinion, a change needs to happen now.

For almost one and a half seasons we have witnessed the evolution of Unai-ball. Last season, we finished 5th in the Premier League and 2nd in the Europa League. Neither result was good enough to get us back into the “promised land,” the Champions League. Then, in the summer we had a good transfer window, and with a few exceptions most of our squad reported in good fitness. We had a decent pre-season, and then the season started.

Let’s take a look at some stats to show where we stand at November’s international break…

Overall record: 8 wins, 6 draws, 4 losses – 30 out of 54 points
Premier League record: 4 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses – 6th place – 17 out of 36 points
Goals scored: 8th in the PL
Goals allowed: 8th in the PL
Goal Differential in PL: -1
Notable PL draws or losses vs: Watford, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Wolves
Carabao Cup: Eliminated

And, our one success story…
Europa League: 1st place in Group F – 10 out of 12 points

As I have stated in previous posts, I’m normally not a proponent of firing a manager midseason, however, after watching game after game of Arsenal football this season I just don’t see how this club gets any better under Emery. We hear the board wants to block out the “noise,” but how can they? Gooners are a passionate group of supporters, not only in London and the UK, but from all over the planet. All of us invest our time, money and hearts into this club…and we expect more. Am I wrong?

Right now there is a host of potential candidates who could come to the Emirates and bring some positive change. The list: Massimiliano Allegri, Brendan Rodgers, Luis Enrique, Mikel Arteta, Thomas Tuchel, Erik ten Hag, Jose Mourinho, Steven Gerrard and Patrick Vieira

But what will the Arsenal front office and ownership do? Are they hoping a relatively weaker schedule following the break will get us back on track? Will the likes of Southampton, Frankfurt, Norwich City, Brighton and Hove Albion, and West Ham be the medicine the team needs? But…what if we go down in flames in some of those games? We will still have a very long and difficult list of fixtures to follow. What happens if we don’t have our stuff together by the time we play Man United on December 15th? Will we be stuck in mid-table of the Premier League by then? That is even too frightening for me to consider.

So my Gooner friends, we know we are part of the “noise” being discussed in north London. But you know what, our opinions count, too. We do not want to see this club go down the poop chute without a fight. Stand up and be heard, and let’s hope the execs in the boardroom come to their senses and realize it is time to make a change right now.

The clock is ticking.

All best to the Arsenal Nation!

Regards. Gunner1953

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  1. Please be realistic. See these facts about your candidates and think why Arsenal don’t rush:

    – Allegri and Enrique: They want to take a break for one year and their English skills are doubtful. They would also most likely ask for big transfer budget, which is not possible currently since we have spent it on the new players

    – Rodgers, Tuchel, Ten Hag, Gerrard and Vieira: They are tied with their current contracts

    – Arteta, Ljungberg and Henry: Unproven, but I’d like Arsenal to gamble on Ljungberg. I think Arteta would want at least a two year contract and Henry failed once at Monaco

    – Mourinho: Positivity and unity are not synonymous with his name. Left Chelsea and Man United with major trophies plus chaos

    Laurent Blanc is another unemployed top manager, which is worth to try. But it’s better to contact him in the summer, if our caretaker fails to improve Emery’s squad

    1. I’m with @innit-get Mick McCarthy in now before he is snapped up by another club of our standing. Such as Cardiff City

      1. How about Arsene Wenger, Phil? Bayern are going to snap him up

        I believe he has been thinking about all his mistakes at Arsenal when in hiatus and already has a plan to rectify them. Sometimes one can think and assess things clearer when he is not occupied with his routines and when he is out of his comfort zone

        It might take another two years to dethrone him if he fails again though

        1. @Got-please NO.
          I’m still getting over the last two years he was with us. I just could not go through that again.
          Note to @Ken 1845 and all the other AW fans. Please do not bring up 3 FA Cups, 3 Community Shields, Champions League qualification since before the birth of Jesus Christ. Think more of Granit Xhaka at £35m and Mustafi at £35m.

    2. Arteta not proven

      Ljungberg was an assistant manager with Wolfsburg but got sack together with Jonkers

      Blanc has not proven himself to be a top manager yet… but he has a bit of experience

      but if we want to rebuild we may gamble on Arteta with lower expectations…

  2. I totally agree, I think that if the board sack Unai Emery mid season and rush into another appointment it is a gamble.
    Having said that players do seem to lack unity and cohesion on the pitch.
    If he goes Ljungberg should be caretaker he certainly seems a good man manager with good credentials from the youth set up.
    If a new manager is then needed I feel strongly we need to have someone with Premier League experience who can get straight on with the desperately needed rebuild.


  3. Nice article 👍
    I really have no idea why Gerrard is linked with us, when he’s guaranteed the Liverpool job, once Klopp departs!
    The way I feel right now, I honestly wonder why anyone would want to manage us, the mess we’re in!
    Is it going to take something drastic to happen – like continuing to slide down the table, eliminated from the FA cup and out of EL, plus losing all of our best players – for the board to act?
    I really do feel an exodus isn’t too far away… tell me why Auba and Laca should renew? Everyone is pointing out we’re going nowhere, so if Real or Barca come knocking, why would they stay with us??
    We really need to start looking ahead.. baby steps.. and I believe that begins with Unai going….
    Freddie can be caretaker….
    Oh and did I mention I’m dreading a week Saturday? Bet Southampton aren’t!

    1. LOL Sue, I really feel for you right now. You seem so down with it all 🙁 You’re not suicidal yet though are you? You seem like it’s really getting to you but you’re not alone! WE ALL FEEL THE PAIN!!!

      Stay strong and try to relax. Yes this is Arsenal. It’s hard to relax but hey, there is hope and unity in all us Gooners!!! 🙂

      1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, GunneRay!
        I’m not suicidal just yet.. but as everywhere I look – online or tv – it’s all teeth, as Klopp is smiling, it’s Liverpool this, Liverpool that.. just makes me want to hurl… and to think if we fail to finish in the top half of the table, they go on to win the league, CL and are invincible.. I really will be looking for the nearest bridge 😂😂
        I’m clinging to the hope that happy days aren’t too far away 😳🙃

        1. Hahahaha.. Yes those teeth! I’m not sure they are real tbh?! Or, he has a wonderful dentist (probably called Klopp-Chops) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          Why the hatred for Liverpool so much Sue? You have to respect what they are doing I suppose 👍 as opposed to us 💩 .. I do hope they don’t go the season unbeaten though, that would piss me off!

          1. Hahaha, brilliant!!! 🦷
            I’ve never really liked them since that Fowler hat trick.. plus, being surrounded by their fans in everything I do, work, family, socialising, even on holiday the other week.. having it all rammed down my throat on a daily basis, is no good, I can tell you!!
            Yes, I wish we had their never give up attitude.. not that I’d admit that to any of them 😂😂
            If they are unbeaten (on top of everything else) I can guarantee I’ll hear about it for the rest of my life 😩😆 Great!! Argh!!!

  4. Even the fans are not sure who should be signed as coach. They (we) are not all speaking with one voice.

    Few coaches leave their former jobs without being sacked. The ‘sacked one’ (Arsene Wenger) is reportedly being courted by Bayern Munich (Bayern Munich??!!). This is inspite of he being sacked by Arsenal (fans). Now that is coming back to bite us in the arse.

    Is it easier to endure this or do we beg (!) Wenger back? Better a devil you know…Or do we try one of the long list of ‘potential replacements’ of Unai Emery, with no guarantees?

    Arsenal was totally scammed by Unai Emery with a roll out of statistics and what have you. Probably the result of an inside job (anyone?) just to impress the board and secure the vacant seat. Now we know better.

    Onwards to the next coach.

    1. GUNNERPHILIC, Spot on that our board were scammed by Emery. Given a day to google it and absorb a goodly number of facts, I could convince a room of scientists that I know a great deal about The Moon , when in fact, all I know is that it is visible at night! This is ONE of several reasons why I scorn stats as being of limited use and far too easily trotted out as facts. There are two separate things competing here. ONE IS LEARNING FACTS AND THE OTHER AND VITAL ONE, IS KNOWING HOW IT IS DONE!If Emery were indeed the true profesional that the board believed him to be, then he would have learned to speak understandable English soon after his appointment. Or, as in Wengers case, many years before ever applying for the job!

  5. Whoever takes over from Emery should be fluent in the English language so there is no dubiety as to what they are trying to convey to the players.

    1. “Dubiety” Grandad? I doubt anyone much on here uses this, nevertheless, correct word and so I applaud you for using it. As a life long lover of our rich language, I sometimes feel I am almost alone in standing for correct usage of words. Glad to see I am not alone.

      As for the substance of your comment, it was a huge and easily avoidable mistake to make a non English speaker (and non English learner too it appears!) our head coach. A man who cannot communicate and who speaks little more than pigeon English, even after 18 months, is clearly not the right choice.

      1. Jon, I have to say, you do make me laugh. Watch out ‘The correct usage of words’ police’ are about!
        As you say you’re a ‘life long lover of our rich language’ surely you’re wasting your time on here and should get yourself down to London Colney and sort Unai out?! 😂

        1. Sue, What a great suggestion for me to “sort Unai out”. TBH, I would far rather throw him out. I would have to use sign language though to point out where the door marked “exit” is!

  6. The club has been in decline since 2004.
    Arsene Wenger gave up on the title race when Mourinho arrived in 2005.
    He invented all the excuses in the world for 14 years for not winning
    and the fans bowed down and lived off the invincible memories.
    And that was when the league was much easier because only 4 clubs had any money.
    Since then most clubs are owned by a billionaire.
    In fact Arsenal is the only club who has an owner who spends no money on the team.
    There are now ten teams with a better squad than Arsenal.
    So if Arsenal make top ten Emery has achieved a great result and deserves an extension.

  7. Freddy should be given the caretaker and then we get Nagelsman in the summer.

    Freddie would allow the players to go out and play their natural free flowing game. We have so much attacking talent but you wouldn’t know watching our games. Let them enjoy themselves and we will see what Laca, Auba, Pepe and Ozil can do together.

  8. For Bayern to call Wenger means what it means, they offered him to finish season only, he is not thrilled by that but they still in talk, if they can work it out giving a year option upon a goal to reach, he will accept and win it all.

    If he can keep us in top4 and in CL final with a bunch of kids, he will of course win CL for Bayern with team they have.

    The world feel that it will be great for football, a beautiful story for a very special coach and man!

    No one can secure CL for so long with a bunch of kids, it is not luck then when it happens for a all decade! We had the very best and we chased him out of a stadium he built from us without realizing hell Kroenke gave him.

    Kroenke jerked him, promised money when stadium built, keeping us in top4 all that time, when paid for in July 2013, Wenger asked for Suarez, convinced him, he was on his way; Kroenke ruined the deal, we would be champion in 2014, Suarez came knowing this, a year later, Wenger had Kante, same Kroenke BS have us miss for Kroenke bet short of 5M!

    We would be champion in 2015 and after if Kroenke didn’t screwed Arsene and all of us. Then Reds, City passed us by instead, Barcelona signed Suarez, won CL we would have won with team he was building with Ozil arrived!

    Instead, we missed top4, the market flew up the roof and no way for us to buy players with a cheap owner while Leicester made right sales and reiforced their team, investing twice more than us, just as reds! Look where they at!

    Instead of a great new rise wenger perfectly planned and timed as of 2014, he kept us alive until other team passed us by as Kroenke ruoned these 2 additions on time. Then market prices double and no way to compete with 50M while Leicester invest 100M!

    He showed it was not about money with our bunch of kids but also knew that it would take to bring top players, not one but 2 or 3 per window, if we couldn’t bet 45M on these two players, no way when market doubled. We had to watch City and reds and everyone buy all best players, young ones at 70M a piece.

    How does Wenger felt losing those 2 players he had secured? Betrayed and embarrassed!

    How did he feel to see Kroenke provide players to Emery but denied & ruined deals for him?

    How did Prof feel to be booed and chased out of a stadium, home he built for by his own kids?

    Kroenke was pleased for us to do so as Wenger fought him as he did to keep us in CL and build & paid this stadium!

    He could have left years ago, not bother and put all his heart as he did to be kicked out like a nobody, that is what Kroenke did, using us or he knew that fans would not be happy…

    He finished using Wenger to pay stadium and make more money, now got Emery he can boss! The real boss at Arsenal is Wenger, that’s why we have a total mmess and no more club, no spirit! He is part of and making the brand for 20years!

    Bring Wenger back asap is our only chance to survive, it is reality, fact, no debate! Then let him pick a coach and name him president! He should be at Emirates, his home as Sir Alex!

    That’s shows how much of a mess we became, no spirit, image ruined!

    1. its possible that the board have shown their support for the manager whilst signalling to the players to get their fingers out and start playing, now that the manager has their support?

    2. Thanks Mogunna, I felt that Arsene ruined his legacy with those 2 years outside UCL. Your points are very true, unbiased and may ruffle the feathers of the “Wenger Our Brigade” but honestly speaking we were never so low in points, performance and morale in his 22 years as compared to the 18 months of Unai. Arsene would delight with PAL, groom Cabellos, Guendozi, Willock into world class as he did for Fabregas, Nasri, etc. To add to the list all have forgotten Rafael Benitez, another respected UCL winner, should definitely be considered over Unai.

    3. Bringing back Wenger would be nothing short of delusional! Going back to Wenger would be like FINALLY plucking up the courage to get out of a long-term marriage that had gone sour years ago, ending up in a worse relationship, then going back to that marriage. Because in comparison, it would make your previous marriage look half decent. The answer is to keep looking forward, until you find what’s right for you, not to go back to something bad.

      Although our attack gradually got worse under Wenger, and has plummeted with Emery, it’s our defending, or lack of, which is the real issue. Arsenal were an absolute joke at defending for the best part of a decade under Wenger. I actually cannot think of a worse candidate to fix that problem. Wenger, along with Gazidis, left this club in an absolute mess, which the new regime are still tying to put right.

    4. greatest fairy story ever written, well done dude. i have heard it all now .take a bow MOGUNNa, in fact, take a break.

  9. Some begging for the return of Wenger (he was sounded out but Bayern decided not to go with him), others for Allegri, Enrique, errr Big Al and Mick McCarthy!;))

    Really is a crazy time at AFC.

    No, the board and owner will do what they do best and maintain the status quo. An unproven Arteta or Lundberg to take the elm if things still aren’t good at the end of the season/Emery’s contract.

    Exit through the gift shop!

  10. No one is going anywhere it will cost us 10-15 million to get rid of UE n his staff. Board n the owner will wait for summer to part ways with him. They will never flush that much amount of money down the drain when in 6 months time it won’t cost us anything. We are self sustained business model so we can not afford such thing.

    1. Except our reputation as me standing in the football world?;) But that probably went a long time ago if we ever really had it in the first place..

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