An open letter to Arsene Wenger from Arsenal fans everywhere

A letter to Arsene Wenger by John Legend

On behalf of Arsenal Fans all around the world, irrespective of their various opinions about you, I would love to make a number of appeals to you.

We are sorry to have expected more from you this summer. We really should have known you by now. However, winter will come around in a couple of months. Now, here is the deal. You have to bolster our squad. “We need cover at the back” were your words but they seemed to be empty words. By then, you can be sure our back line would have been stretched. Either we are in a great position or we are struggling, we will need cover. We implore that you duly oblige to our needs come January.

On some occassions when we have to chase a game, you are of the habit of panicking. Whether or not you dont trust your players to deliver and grind out a result, show some level of leadership and believe. Give instructions, twist tactics, fire them up, do anything. Squatting, kicking bottles, zipping and unzipping your coat, complaining to fourth officials and the rest will never help.

We know you are a master at what you do and probably know better than about 99.9% of us, no dispute. However, when you make mistakes or you are not proactive enough, we can tell. When a player is not in the best frame to affect a game, he probably should be substituted, not that personnel who is trying to fashion out something. Being one of the highest paid does not mean playing all the minutes of a game, irrespective of contribution. Early substitutions like at Everton is not a crime, is it? I dont think so. I also wonder, do you just want some players in the team just as part of the spectators? They dont get enough playing time as expected. Please, address these issues.

We know your abilities, we know you can pull off streaks of wins, even up to the tune of 12. It really gets bad when we have a bad showing or result or we get disqualified from a Cup competition. These things should never affect our progress and success on other fronts. Kindly look into this and make necessary adjustments.

Finally, over time, pundits, counterpart managers, opposition players and the rest of Arsenal haters have always said lots of crap about us – and we seem to prove them right every now and then. We hear every season “oh, they will fizzle out”, “no chance, they always crumble”, “they can’t sustain a title challenge” and all that. Do you mind proving these people wrong as from now?

We need your hunger to win again. Stating that a draw at a just promoted club is a fair result is not acceptable. Make us winners and champions again.

Your faithfully,
Arsenal Faithfuls

John Legend

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    1. i completely co-sign this letter. want the best for this club.

      if we are not aiming for league/champions league titles and a complete squad in all positions…
      the season ticket prices should reflect that

      highest price in europe bar none means we should have a complete squad and should be bringing in the best, not just up and comers.

      no excuses

      1. You didn’t reply to me on the other thread on this same question. Wait i will get you the link.

        “How do spurs have the second highest league season ticket cost after Arsenal but last won the league last in 1960’s and a Capital one cup in the last decade?”

        1. While my comment waits moderation- from the article itself-

          Liverpool’s cheapest Anfield season ticket is £710, significantly more than at City, United and all clubs outside London; in fact it is the Premier League’s fourth most expensive lowest-priced season ticket after Arsenal’s £1,020 (for 26 matches), Chelsea’s £750 and the £745 that Tottenham Hotspur charge at White Hart Lane.

          Keep in mind we funded a new stadium without any sugar daddy.

          1. sorry man didnt your last post.

            spuds are more than two hundred pound less. but who cares.

            ours cost double chelseas, is way more than bayern, barca.real

            debts have been paid-

            whats the excuse. focusing on spuds tickets is not a viable counter argument we are still the most by a lonngg way

            1. @Muff
              Ofcourse i have been here long to know that even you stand by Wenger.
              Actually i was saying it to all not to you(i am talking of the reply below)

              I even remember you comment about Wenger is like the Big Brother when Jose said him a specialist in failure. 🙂

              That said.

              “ours cost double chelseas, is way more than bayern, barca.real”

              Barca and Real are state sponsered and they receive the major amount of tv money for themselves. Hence no need for costly tickets.

              Chelsea is Russia sponsored.
              750/19= 39.47


              How is it double Muff?

              I admit defeat to Brayen. In Germany they have a brilliant ticket scheme.

        2. we are not spuds we are ARSENAL we have won 39 trophies more than all the London clubs combined the only reason spuds charge that much is because of the location had they been somewhere else no would pay that kind of money

          1. location is a factor but 2 put arsenal/liverlool along with the spuds in the same bracket is a joke there is a big difference

            as far new stadium goes Bayern did the same & look at them + look at athelitco Madrid/bvb athletico Madrid has a debt of around 400m yet they sign quality players griezmann/mandzukic/cerci

            1. Do you any way imply that Sanchez/Debuchy/Ospina/Chambers/Wellback are not quality signings?

              That’s 5 players right there discounting thr fact of Joel Campbell returning.

              That is 6.

              Stop being greedy. We have singed same quality if not better than A.M.

              And about the Spurs thing, i was making a point to Muff about ticket prices. Comparing cost of tickets its not comparing calibre.

                1. fabianski, vermalaen, vela, sagna-

                  sumo those are all high level players that have left!!

                  how the hell is our incomings greedy?

                  dont understand your logic at all

                2. fabianski, vermaelen,vela – 2nd rated compared with what we bought. And honestly, Debuchy is a total upgrade compared with Sagna.

            2. You really are deluded, griezmann better than Ox? Mandzukic better than Welbeck? And who the fu ck is Cerci? What did he accomplished so far? Honestly, I do believe you and Hafiz are one and the same person. Not only you talk crap but you also have the same speech.

      2. Complaining about ticket prices then complaining why we cant get Falcao and pay $350 per week is a contradiction.

      3. The problem with Arsenal fans in a SIMPLE statement.
        Because we play with the big boys our fans expect us to SPEND like the big boys. We cannot.
        Because I was an Arsenal fan BEFORE most of you were born I have a longer steadfast attitude to Arsenal. I do not go hot and cold and in and out out love with the team nor the manager.
        I have seen the Arsenal before Wenger, I have backed the team through lean money years when we sold players that Wenger did NOT want to sell.
        In all the years I have ONE criticsm of our team. we try to dance our way into the goal. Around the box , shoot the &^%%^$% ball.

        A reprint from an earlier post
        “You giving Wenger advice is like me giving my mechanic advice to repair my vehicle. I know NOTHING about repairing cars and 99% of fans KNOW NOTHING about managing a football team.
        We are all passionate fans, just fans, not football experts. You are not Arry Rednapp, Alex Ferguson. Carlo Ancellotti or any ex player.
        I distinctly remember weeping about Wenger bringing “some skinnny winger from France”
        I distinctly remember teeth knashing when we got Sol Campbell from the dreaded Spuds. ” A goddamned Spud, who the hell buys a player from the Spuds”
        Don’t let me post what some of you fans said when we bought Kanu.”

        So in conclusion, don’t let your imagination carry you away to flights of FIFA14 management. Unless you have a coaching badge or played the game, we are all enthusiastic amateurs, NOT a football tacticians.

    2. I think it will be better we can suspend transfer list and rumors, at least for now. Let’s concentrate on what we have, this summer is not as bad as we all see it. Can you imagine if it was welbeck 1st, then SANCHEZ in the DLD?? I know we are short in some areas but let’s keep the faith. What if I tell you that signing Alexis and welbeck improve us from last season? And they both additions not replacements, don’t tell park or bendtner coz they never play. +we are getting theo back soon an addition from our second have of the last season. Once again let’s keep the faith. #ComeOnYouGunners

      1. Couldn’t agree more!!!

        Good luck to the Gunners playing tonight, wishing them good health (injury free) / and good performances!!!

          1. Wenger must be sweating until the game is over.
            We have yet to unleash Campbell or Rosicky or Podolski this season. Keep calm, we have goal scorers.

            We needed speed up front, we have it now. The wins they are a coming !

    1. Replaced the World Class Henry in two seasons with 30+ goals.

      Replaced Adebayor with 30+ goals RvP in two seasons.

      Replaced RvP with…….

      In Wenger i trust. Not your judgement.

      He replaced the full 2011-12 squad adequetly.
      And he is accused of penny pinching
      For fcuk sakes he paid 16mil for a kid whose the world didn’t know can plat a CB so nice as to the fans thinking that he can replace Kos or Mert and calling him WC.

      Made a trolley dash at 2011-12 deadline day and brought in Mert and Arteta. Who is now our vice captain and captain respectively.

      There is a method to his madness.

      People begging him to sell RvP. But stuck by him. Too sad the player didn’t stand by him.

      So against your better judgement stop sending this puny letters with no sense.

      Or atleast exclude us who still trusts in him.

      1. Also i would like to add.
        Is he beyond critism?

        No never. The only critism agsinst Wenger is his ego.
        The same Ego that didn’t give Pires a contract after he blurted againdt him in the UCL finals.
        The same ego that is now making cesc play for mourinho, whom he despises.
        The same ego that’s didn’t bring back a free agent Alex Song to the Emirates. (He played very well against us)

        But his goodness overtakes his flaws. That’s why i still love and will continue to do so.

        Some mad dcik on here wishing death to him.
        Now thats what i can’t stand.

        1. He let’s his ego get in the way of Arsenal’s success and despite all his great qualities, allowing his ego to get in the way is inexcusable.

          You are all living in the past. Even when you articulate his faults, you just close your eyes and go to the days where he created Henry from a winger to a striker.

          For every Henry there is plenty of Parks. Squids, Sylvestres, Bendtners, and Yaya Toures.

          Do you really think we will come better than 4th this year? If not, why not? Where is the progress?

          1. so, you want to 100% success in new player singing? and i reckon you want a 100% accuracy from strikers too…reality is a beach!

          2. ” Where is the progress?

            1. Finishing 7 points behind the leader as opposed to 20.
            2. From a selling club to buying. Incase you haven’t noticed. Net spend 46 mil.
            3. Having one superstart at a time like Cesc than RvP, there to having many.
            4. The FA Cup.
            5. The community shield.

            Its easy to cherry pick stats and use it to your benefits.

            Chelsea currenty has 20+ players on loan. Do you think all will make it at the club?
            I can add for every Drogba there has been a Torres and Schvchenko.

            It is his se ego or precisely love for players that Ramsey is what he is today.

            1. Still 4th place….

              10years one FA cup. Wigan has an FA cup, almost had 2.

              No one remembers no 4.

              Where is the progress?

              Do you agree that we might have a DM problem? We have had this for a few years, getting destroyed by top teams in the process. Had it been addressed?

              Do we have a CB depth problem? Has it been addressed. Is Per slow to play against fast forwards? Do we have alternatives?

              We are a better team than last year, but we are not in our own bubble, Chelsea is better, City is better, Manu is better, so if we are not progressing compared to our opposition….
              Where is the progress.

        2. @sumo
          im not an akb or an aob
          you got it twisted , i love wenger an am grateful to him for all hes done. but no ones untouchable, trying to justify every genuine mistake he makes to me seems desperate.
          when he does well i rate him
          when he does well i slate him
          but in the end hes our manager an i stand by him.

          i have a voice i will exercise it as all fans should

          1. we all complain about our manager’s/player’s mistake…but in this site, some fans are just so annoying. Call for more players, that i understand, its normal for human never say no to improve, but why the drama…sack, want head, old fool, little boy like weeping…

    2. Take me out of that list as well. I fu cking hate people taking the liberty to spread crap in may name. If I speak $hit then at least allow me the courtesy of doing it myself.

    1. You wouldn’t or would like…….. Only joking, cor blimey some of you lot are at each others throats.
      Keep calm
      Keep faith
      Stay a Gooner (through thick and thin, through the hard and the good)

      Because some of you do change you’re spots game after game.

    1. Some valid points John Legend but you can’t write a letter that represents all Arsenal fan and this one is certainly case in point. I’m sure you’ve visited this site enough times to realise that. Stick to writing songs, you’re pretty good at that.

  1. I like Welbeck. Just watched his interview on and he sounds really hungry. He wants to prove himself and he doesn’t seem too upset to be leaving United. I also like the way he said “we won the FA cup”. Sounds like he’s genuinely excited to be at Arsenal and wants to do well for the team.

  2. Campbell agent on collapsed Benfica deal: “If Joel is not in Wenger’s plans, then why not allow him to leave?”

    Joel Campbell’s agent Batica to O Jogo: “Benfica tried everything to get Joel, but Arsenal refused to let him go. We tried really hard.”
    well Campbell 2 benifica was close we ready 2 sell for 10m think Campbell will be sold in jan or summer we made an offer 4 willy carvalho around 12 + Campbell but they wanted straight cash 24m

        1. Leo how do you he want’s to leave ? you spoken to him, sometimes i think you should write articles on caughtoffside.

          1. Besides, if he does want to leave then he must leave. Players like Coquelin, Jenko, almighty Rosicky don’t have any issue with being benched. I understand he’s young and wants to play but it does not work like that. I wish I see him saying this to Mourinho. He will be sold next available window to Turkey after he woul complete his loan to Bournemouth. Like seriously, discipline!

            1. Everyday you see more ridiculous things here.Are you a failure of some sort?Why should a player want to spend his entire career on a bench?
              Mou didnt sell Lukaku to Turkey did he.He apparently doesnt share your twisted way of thinking..
              Newsflash:Some people are actually ambitious Budd…Or did you start at the bud and stayed there?

      1. Agreed, agent talking probably wanted his agent fee to pay for his mistress.

        Campbell will play, Wenger said “talk even bring me offers to sell anyone “

    1. Straight cash of 24m for Carvalho is and was a bargain for someone who is versatile, can play CDM and CB…… hell he got away!!!

    2. Wenger will play him in weak matches where he will shine thereby raising the amount from 10m to something like 20m!! it’s very simple maths

  3. Yes the old boy has flaws but what gets me mad is to see some of our players’ attitude on the pitch. I want to see them put a fight and realise we are not guaranteed the win because we are better on paper.

    I hope the next one just ambling around and doing very little gets dropped in favor of another players hungry for game time. AW needs to address this.

  4. wenger wanted welbeck 2 replace Campbell who along with his agent is now becoming irritating he will be sold either in jan or summer 4 sure + wenger wanted bony / huntelaar but it couldn’t happen we tried for carvalho & nastasic , nastasic however prefers stying on city bench than joining us

      1. Campbell’s agent: “Benfica fought until the last minute to sign Campbell but the operation didn’t happen because, in the last hour.”

        I don’t want him if he doesn’t want us he can fu*k off

        1. why doesnt he want us, seems to me wenger has made it clear he will get very limited first team opportunities.

          when joell first arrived he was delighted and raring to go….put two and two together dude

          1. he wants more 1st team action which is unlikey esp with theo returning he needs 2 patitent & for agent it’s the way 2 make some money

            1. I think the story of Joel Campbell is pretty sad actually. I follow central and South American football q bit (my wife thinks a lot), and Joel is regarded as potential World class talent. The question raised in some quarters is “if he hadn’t been farmed out over the past 3 years (not all Arsenal’s fault btw) and had a more focused development, could we have been talking about him in the same way we are salivating over some of the Columbian players”. He’s 22 and needs help and development. The question is will Arsenal and Wenger do that. I would like to think so, but just sitting him on the bench is useless. He still really only speaks Spanish and I don’t think Wenger does so there could be communication issues which could be frustrating them both.

            2. Joel Campbell has told NO ONE he wants to leave !

              Just some pissed off agent that missed his yearly agent fee.

          2. yah, after 4 long match season, he didn’t get chance, why didn’t he?! (player some mins in everton though)…come on guys!…
            he’ll get chance, he is new in arsenal, he should be first blend in…start with small matches…after that according to his play…
            in liester, we could made only 2 changes (after kos injury), we need points too…other games are also too tight…there is no way Wenger through him in those high tempo match without previous check…

        2. Yeah Leo, i think you have that wrong, he want’s to leave because of no game time, who would ?
          Wenger please play him.

    1. Once again rumours. If they are founded I don’t want a player discouraged after 3 games.

      You earn your place through the limited chances given, that’s how it works.

      JC needs to persevere and with hard work he may become an indispensable part of our strike force.

    2. As usual, you talk crap. Why the fu ck would he buy an aging and mediocre forward like Huntelaar? Same for Bony. Nastasic would have been a nice addition but he said just yesterday that he decided HIMSELF to stay at Citeh. Campbell would not play anyway the same position as Bony let alone Huntelaar who’s a totally different profile. A worse passer version of Giroud.

  5. not defending wenger but the fact is arsenal need a footballing director like every club has someone like overmars currently at ajax would be perfect with them we could have done proper business
    Danny Welbeck reveals he dreamed of playing for Arsenal while at Manchester United he is good signing but we could have done better he can become like sturidge

    1. that would mean he shares his 8M annual salary with another person. But he wants it all, thats why he does everything. He is good maths man

    2. I agree I think Wenger is trying to do it all, and sometimes there are too many balls in the air for him to keep juggling them. Southampton got one of our supposed defensive targets Toby Alderweirld on deadline day (not sure about the spelling).

  6. Real Madrid say Khedira was injured in Germany training. Germany say Khedira was injured in training with Real Madrid

    he is out for 2 months good we dodged that one

    1. What? So you happy now after crying like a beech Wenger should pay the money to get Khedira. How about you apologize for being so retarded and you lack any kind of vision.
      Old man was right, everyone is having an opinion but when they are wrong they don’t come back and say they were wrong. So fcuk you too while we are at it. Hafiz.

  7. How dare you write this drivel on behalf of “arsenal fans everywhere”

    on behalf of some is fair enough, but I do not want to be associated to such schplurge. change the title now!!

  8. Gazidis in Zurich for the first ECA meeting of a task force set up to investigate the controversial issue of third-party ownership well he is late 4 that hope we can this sorted & try for carvalho + others in jan

  9. Imagine welbeck scoring the winner against Manure, in our 2nd to the last game of the season and then it automatically send them out of the UCL for the consecutive seasons and and arsenal win the league! #BestCaseScenario

    1. Yeah like manure (sarcasm) just putting it in there because it doesn’t go down well on this site.

      Trying to think of an anagram of Hafiz Rahman, any takers, he’s a constant troll!
      So far ive failed spudfan in disguise doesn’t fit.

  10. Tell me any super star that wenger bought and became succesful. lets stop slating wenger. henry, RVP, fabregas, Nasri, Vieira were all raw but did so much for the club. lets give welbeck time

  11. I concur. It would be awesome for Welbeck to score the winning goal against a team that has Rooney, Falcao, RVP, Mata, Di Maria. How funny would that be for them to miss 4th place again.

    Also, Falcao may leave next season, RVP will be older, Rooney won’t change much. They will probably have to spend a lot on another striker lol.

    Welbeck is young and will improve and will be an asset to us.

    He is a hard worker, passionate, great in the air, hussles to get back balls. He doesn’t score a lot but with more games his finishing will improve. He is only 23 and has more potential than Sanogo (no disrespect to Sanogo. I hope he improves too)

    1. Rooney is a shadow of himself, he really is. Why is on 300k
      Even ex united staff have suggested dropping him, i do not fear united one bit.

      1. Scientifically and to be precise mathematically, the ratio probability of arsenal beating man united to the reverse happening put in a fraction format is lesser than the reverse of the whole statement. Infact, a simple statistiical analysis shows that the chances of them beating us is 3.5647/1.
        Good news is statistics tell about the past, not the future 🙂

            1. You forget science, one without the other is pointless!

              For some bizzarre reason i imagined you said that in a ‘scarface Tony Montana voice’
              Math is life maaaaaaaa. lol

  12. I’m happy with Wellbeck. But, concerned about the defence as 1 or 2 injuries and we will be groping again…….

    1. I’m happy with Welbeck, just because he’s not rated ’87+ on fifa 14.
      Our defence/and against counter attack is my only concern.
      The foxes showed that.
      How long till Gibbs is back ?

    2. in short term injury can be overcome, butone ling term injury will ruin us…if we’ll add in january, or 1/2 chamber like surprise from academy. Bellerin will be just ok back up for rb for now, but in cbs, i’m not impressed with our back up. But, hey, miracle happens. Wenger may buy! 😀

  13. What worries me is what Rosicky has said lately. “He (Wenger) doesn’t want me to leave Arsenal. Of course, this is not an easy situation for me.” Sky Sports
    I would be devastated if Rosicky leaves, although he is 33.
    He is my personal favourite Gunner, due to his love for Arsenal and passion he shows on the field!

    1. Little Mozart is legend, and i hope it will gain Rues, he idolises him 😉
      The fan’s love you rocky!

      1. All I want is for him to retire at Arsenal… I mean seriously, when last did a player finish his career at Arsenal??

        1. Wenger has already said Rosicky will retire at Arsenal.
          Tomas is 30 minute sub to up tempo the team when we get too slow.

          He is like an instant dose of energy. Not a 90 minute grind it out all season.

  14. We’ve had some good players come in, yet what’s saddening is that there are still positions in the team that badly need strengthening. I think everyone was hoping to see one or two new faces who would have strengthened the squad in key areas to improve our chances of success this season. To me it seems quite clear now that the process will not take place over just one transfer window. I can see us making this transition but at a slower pace than we the fans have patience for.

  15. That letter is one of the most stupid things that I have seen. I hope it was a parody of the idiot Arsenal fan.

  16. He has indeed improved, but he is slower than my boy Gibbo, and agsint NAVAS THAT WILL BE A PROBLEM, sorry caps, eating a sausage roll whilst yping (sausage fingers mwwwhahhhahha meh.

  17. My letter would have sound different and might have been ban from this blog, if i actually wrote the manager. (and please do not say all arsenal fans)
    Any way i can not say it has not been a great transfer window, WHY, for million of years (thats how long it feels) we have been asking for that non-existing DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER (the monster in the middle), A pacey CENTER-HALF and a STRIKER with pace and power.

    WHat we have got so far have all been replacements in some sense, except for the PACEY STRIKER none of our other true needs have been filled.

    If we the fans , media(who put and extra hype on things) and football experts can point out our weakness, i would then believe our opponents can see them too.

    Tactically i think we have also suffered and this has become a major issue, we approach matches for the benefit of individual players or favorite players of the manager given opportunities more than those, that would benefit the balance and performance of the team

    It is high time that arsenal start using the players will pt the fear in the opposition before even reaching the field. At present we may hold the most speedy attack in the league, i fear it is time for the Arsenal forward line to become the most feared in the english premier league again.

    But our RIDICULOUS MANAGER continues to stifle talent

  18. Arghh soz man, gotta disagree with you, of course he cares about his players, it’s mind over matter though.
    If you’re playing 5 a side with you’re mates and are in for the cup, one of you’re best mates is rubbish the other mate better, you would go with the latter.

    P.s no longer best mates.

  19. And this letter is unnecessary and goes to show how some of us are shallow minded when its come to football management. I do accept our frustration, sometimes, but going to the extreme of even wishing death to Wenger, to say the least, is uncalled for. Guys this team will gel in no time and everyone will be happy

  20. What i hated most about this shamefull letter was it lacked constructive criticism, and was mearly a insulting letter parroting words that have been floating around by plastic fans.

  21. We are all fighting the same course. AKB or AOB, we all want the best for the Club.

    It is evident that we need reinforcement at the back and Arsene does not bother. An injury and a suspension at the back and we are as light as you can imagine.

    Up Arsenal !!!

  22. An open letter from one person, NOT fans everywhere.

    I’m quite happy with how things are going, and expect us to do well this year. I’d rather our team than a Man U who have spent loads and expect miracles, or a City who have bought loads in the recent past but are now faltering, or a Spurs who cannot seem to find that high level they think they deserve, or a Chelsea who everyone expects to win the title…no pressure for them eh?

    I wouldn’t mind being a Liverpool fan, because their football is great to watch. If we can up our game a bit and score a few more, we should be just fine.

    Lastly, to those who criticise Wenger constantly (we all do sometimes but…) just who do you think would replace him? It’s not easy being a top manager under constant pressure to deliver. I think we have evolved from last year, and it is taking time to become a cohesive team again, but the signs are good.

    A decent transfer window without overspending like Man U, who now HAVE to deliver, otherwise heads will roll..

  23. Are we really talking about the next transfer window already – we only finished one yesterday-

    Lets get back to actual football – I can’t wait for the next game!

  24. the only thing i have against, like sumo is his ego.

    BUT, him acting to sign players sooner than before, and his effort to sign Carvalho, bringing in Forsythe shows he’s willing to change. he still might have some old problems, like tactical changes in the right moments, and should perhaps acting even FASTER than he currently is in the transfer market, but overall, he didn’t do that bad of a job this window.

    on the Carvalho case, there is an issue with a 3rd party ownership which is complicating things.
    and we could get Manolas because Roma can guarantee 1st team football to him, we couldn’t.

    And when you think about Falcao, we didn’t miss out at all. 1st off his agent is Mendes, which means he will leave in a season or 2 as long as someone else has money to pay.
    2nd, Man U are paying 20m just to loan him, and another 55m next season to complete the transfer deal. THAT’s a total of 75m, not including his wages.

    is it worth it risk paying a player who JUST receoverd from an ACL injury?

    and honestly, Welbeck isn’t as bad as many think. He’s not godly, but he does have workrate and pace which is what we lack so badly upfront.
    Man U was forcing him out wide because Rooney likes to play all over the pitch. And that’s got nothing to do with Rooney being a player, he just has a big ego.

    Welbeck would most likely improve playing with us, and he very well might be like sturridge, finding his form playing with Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, OX, Cazorla behind him.

    the only thing i fear is that him coming to us ends up playing like our stagnant teammates(especially Cazorla, Arteta Wilshere who just likes to hold ball or side pass more than passing into space)

    other than that, i’m just waiting to see his first match to see what happens.

  25. By the time AFC faces Man C BVB and Chelsea in the next month we will have a pretty good idea what they are made of..

  26. Woah woah woah, author. you’re talking in my name without my authorization. This is a clear infringement of my rights. I’m gonna sue you.

  27. WOW i just had to stop reading this article after the first paragragh for fear of projectile vomiting…Seriously was you touching a picture of Arsene in a pink sweater lovingly while wrting it… Please never again

  28. How can you expect or beg in this situation that somebody changes his ways. Have you ever thought of the possibility that without his negative attributes he would be a very average manager. As fans we all have different opinions and very often it’s not Wengers. I’m also very frustrated about some of the lineups he creates, players he doesn’t play or out of position and his subs after 70+ minutes i almost never agree with but it comes with who is in charge. And leading Arsenal forward is all he has ever done in the end. So please, print out your letter and putt it up your asshole so it can join the other shite you create.

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