An open letter to Diego Simeone (from an unhappy Arsenal fan!)

An open letter to Diego Simeone. by Lloyd

Dear El Cholo

It is with great admiration and praise that I write this letter to you. To say the least, I am a huge fan. However I do have one problem. I am also a Gunner through and through. But that’s not really my problem.

The problem is, at Arsenal FC we have this guy that deluded fans call Le Prof. Maaan! This guy is a serious pain in the butt. He thinks he knows it all but has nothing to show for it. To make matters worse there are these guys who thinks he knows best. While Pep, Jurgen and Jose are laughing their ass off at what is happening over here.

Maaan! I tell you this guy is clueless. PS! He just included Sanogo in His CL squad, LOL! Actually it is not so funny considering the fact that we are facing Bayern Munich next.

Now see you, my man, you have gained my respect. See you know how to set up your team according to your opposition. You know how to keep them focused. How to motivate them when the chips are down. Man, dude I love your tactics. You still manage to compete with Barca and Real even though you don’t have the budget they have. In fact they respect you.

Now this dude here, oh man! Its like here comes bonus points.

So I’m sure you get the picture. As matter of fact, you might be having a good laugh at us as well. Hell, why not? We are the laughing stocks after all. Please don’t laugh too much, it is a painful experience though. And I think you would agree that no football fan should endure this much pain. I’m sure you are aware how many years it’s been.

So I make a plea to you, please EL Cholo. We need some help over here. We don’t really have tactics during games, except one of course ( we play our own game). Whatever that means.

Look my man. We Arsenal fans are so patient. You don’t even have to win the League or any cup for that matter, well at least not for the first 13 years. But top four on the log is extremely important to us. Now you may say that’s exactly what the old fool is doing. You see, the problem is, I think his luck has finally run out.

We are in danger here, please my man.

At least with you at the helm we will know what passion feels like again. Not to mention the respect we would get from those other guys laughing at us. In fact that is what its all about RESPECT my man. Can you believe the audacity? Even the smaller teams are taking their turn to pick on us, right in our backyards.

My man, please this has to stop. I mean Watford….

What i also do know my man, is that we will not keep ending up 10 points or more behind the leaders at February every year.

So please my man. I personally think you will be a big hit here. I mean if Le dude can do it, than you can do better.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Your number one Arsenal fan.


PS! How does £8m sound to you? Bet you can’t resist now!


  1. G-Rude says:

    I’ll do it for 1 million!

    Great read Dboy!

  2. frank says:

    I hope you didn’t get any man juice on your keyboard while writing your love letter.

  3. leo...fourteen says:

    I wish that love letter came from me… simeone coaches the same way he plays..he has grit and charisma…opposition wud fear our manager before they fear the team like they did during the time of ferguson…we are a team filled with useless players,how come has the lion lost its tooth..theres no passion from the guys in the pitch cos they have a manager that’s ready to praise their every move.,…imagine giving giroud and anonymous member of the team the MOTM against Chelsea that’s sums up the level of mediocrity in this team..ramsey comes into the sides spoils everything then gets injured and goes for holiday..sanogo is still an arsenal player collecting up to 40k per week yet we cant afford to pay better players…
    ozil wants a contract worth 200k per week and wants wenger to stay,sums up the fact why ancelotti let him go,what an average player,hardly any MOTM display from him,still miles away from the likes of silva, debryne and harzard or even fab.
    guardiloar signs Gabriel jesus for up to 30 million and wenger wud have felt he was crazy and the fool went for a takuma WTF…Gabriel slots into the line up providing skill,strenght and speed..goals..none of our attackers can match that dude..except sanchez whos an epl top 5…
    we are glued to a striker who can only use his head for the next two miserable seasons of our lives..
    walcot a player who will never reach average heights and chamberlain following his trail..the fact still remains that this players wud never be good under wenger,,,,wenger destroys their careers and leaves them without improvements..if a player cant come good after 5years y not let him go…jeez our problems are endless..just happy I ddnt watch the chelshit game wud really have broken my tiny little heart..OMG

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I wonder what the next Article is going to be about??

    1. verstellung says:

      Open letter to Santa…

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Why not??
        I suppose that there’s no harm in asking him to bring the Good old days back to Arsenal. ??

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Dear Santa,
          I have never- ever asked of anything from you before,
          So can you please deliver a squad load of Sacks and one big pair for our manager,Oh and we are going to need some big balls for those sacks too ??

          P.s I’m your biggest fan ?

          1. Admin says:

            Dear Stan……

  5. Bobbyraz says:

    Some fans really funny tho, they be like Arsenal lost so did Liverpool and that justifies our performance for them, those dumb pundits keep saying if Wenger leaves we might regret it I say let him go and let’s regret it

    1. bran99 says:

      for real, rather have few season out the top 4 and some seasons winning the league than 4th every damn season. we all laughed at Chelsea last season for being out of the top 4, this season they are the potential champions, next season they are in the CL and they can do better. we have always been in the CL but always getting battered at the round of 16 and no more than that, what’s the use? people are happy for only participating (and leave early) but we are now a big joke to everyone

  6. Vlad says:

    Maaaan, this has got to be the worst piece of writing I’ve seen on this site. Come to think of it, this is probably the worst I’ve seen anywhere, and I’m on several different Arsenal chat boards/groups. First of all, clearly you can’t write when you’re angry. It’s a gift that not many people have because typically emotions get the better of you when you’re in such state. Secondly, you mention Pep, Jose, and Klopp all “laughing at us” for some reason. Have you not seen the table? Have you not seen their games? Pep and Mou have virtually unlimited budgets. What have they achieved so far with their squads? Not much. Pool is in a complete disarray at the moment, and I think Klopp is slowly but surely losing the grip on things. As for Simeone, why do you think he’s this savior, this knight in bright and shiny armor for us? Because he competes with Barca and Real? Reality check – La Liga is NOT EPL, and guys like Pep and Jose can tell you the same. Another reality check – he’s got 1 win, 1 loss, and 3 draws in the last five guys. Atleti are sitting in 4th place at the moment, well behind the leaders. So I don’t think El Choco is the answer, and I don’t think Wenger is actually a problem. The owner, the board – those are our real enemies. Change the attitude from “we’re happy to make top 4” to “let’s spend some money, and win the title in the next 2 years”, and you’ll see some immediate results. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion, and everyone is entitled to one.

    1. arsenali says:

      the genius “wenger” spent the money on the likes of xhaka and elneny and ………
      so please dont defend

  7. ger burke says:

    well i have to say that i like this article. full of reality, this is what our club is lacking woefully since wenger went walkabouts. well written sir.

  8. firehart says:

    Cringeworthy. If only you could put as much effort into your grammar. Even if you can’t, at least get it edited from someone.

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