An open letter to Mesut Ozil (from one of his biggest fans)

Dear Mesut Ozil,

How are you doing today? Hope you are well rested after featuring in the highly explosive game you played for Arsenal against Chelsea? Hopefully, you should be preparing to get involved in our next game, both physically and mentally, right? Well, while I wait to watch you play again soon, I will like to use this opportunity to talk to you. I am sorry if you will feel offended with me writing you this letter through the media. Well, I am sorry if you will feel offended, but be rest assured that if I had another alternative, I would gladly have used it.

Now straight to the point. Ozil, you are world class; nobody can ever deny that. However, for some years now, people have doubted your ability to remain world class. Why is this so? Why does any topic about you divide fans all other the world? Why are you one of the most vilified player at the moment?

While watching our game against Chelsea, as soon as David Luiz was issued a red card, a fellow Arsenal fan who was by my side said, and I quote “Now that we are one man down, Arteta should do well to immediately substitute Mesut Ozil and bring in Ceballos to add ginger to our attacking play”. I was forced to ask him why he felt Ozil should be the one to be sacrificed and his response was short and blunt! He said “What value does Ozil still add to this team?” My consolation in his response however, was that he knew you once added value. He just feels you no longer add attacking values to the team. In all honesty, he is not alone in this school of thought. So many football pundits have questioned your continual stay in the first team. Some Arsenal fans have been begging the club to let you go, for so many seasons now. As for me, well…..

I started following you since your days at Real Madrid. With the way you orchestrated proceedings from the midfield, watching you play was a delight. My joy knew no bounds when it was announced that Arsenal had agreed a deal with Real Madrid for your services in the summer of 2013, I was so happy and I felt finally that Mesut Ozil, my most creative player, was coming to my club.

At Arsenal, you played some good football during your first few years, but for the past three years or more you have struggled to make an impact in the team. In games where you would normally have excelled in the past, you struggle to flow along. Why? The answer is simple, Mesut.

You have passed your prime and it is not your fault; we are human beings and we have our rising and falling moments. You have enjoyed your peak form, now you are meant to be enjoying easy and pressure-less football. If only my fellow Gooners can realize that your loss of form or sweet creativity is not your fault, but simply as a result of life happening, then they will reduce the pressure on you.

I pray though that you find your form once again this season, and then after the season, you should look for how to enter a gentleman agreement with the club and severe ties with Arsenal. You should be looking to play in a club with lower expectations next season, because remaining in Arsenal beyond this season may tarnish your reputation finally, which I woouldn’t like to happen to you. I love you Mesut, please accept my humble advice. Find your way out of Arsenal after this season sir.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. NY_Gunner says:


  2. GB says:

    That’s a few minutes of my life I won’t get back after reading that piffle.

    1. GunneRay says:


      It is piffle, really. I don’t think you can blame Ozil entirely. If we had a Cazorla or Ramsey back in the team he would be a different player! As it is you have Torreira who is a fighter and tough tackling midfielder but not as creative. And then you have Xhaka who is, well we all know the answer to that! Fact is, Ozil needs the support and creativity from an attacking team, which, Arsenal are struggling to do. They try to play out from the back (badly) which forces our attacking players to remain deep. Every now and then, Luiz will pick out a long pass. Xhaka tries maybe once or twice a game but fails more often than not. Some where in there you have Ozil, with a certain set of skills he just cannot use. Don’t blame him too much because he just a cog in a machine with “lots” of faults..

  3. Eddie says:

    😂😂😂😂Okay someone please get me TF outta here

  4. gotanidea says:

    I didn’t see much difference when Arsenal played with Ozil and when they played without him after the red cards at the Crystal Palace and the Chelsea games. This means Arsenal have been playing with ten men, since Ozil relies so much on his teammates to get him the ball

    A no 10 player’s task in 4-2-3-1 formation is to link the two DMs with the three forwards, but Ozil simply can’t carry his team nor is he a good ball carrier

    Better replace that no 10 position with a box-to-box midfielder or ask Ceballos/ Lacazette to start as no 10 in several matches. Arsenal need energetic and combative players on the field, not someone who depends too much on his teammates to get the ball

  5. Igot350K4doingnothingandyou? says:

    We lost the plot when Arsene overlooked to re sign Fabregas to protect Ozil. Had we had the guts to transfer him then and sign Fabregas, we would not have been in the pit as we are today and will be till he moves away once he runs down his contract. Xhaka is explosive and unskilled, but still plays his best although his best is not our accepted best. Ozil on the other hand never tries and relies on his shirt sales as an excuse to remain in our club.He has seen the backs of Arsene and Unai, he would gladly do so for Mikel if /when the fans turn on.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Seven games are already enough for the senior players to show their maximum capabilities

      Arteta needs to play the non-match-fit players like Ceballos, Willock, Bellerin and Holding at the upcoming FA Cup game, to check whether some of them can replace the underperformers in EPL or not

      Can’t be consistent in EPL if the supposedly creative midfielder rarely produces assists, goals and steals

  6. Is the writer sure Ozil will read this article? Ozil should have been replaced by Ceballos the moment Ceballos was fit a few weeks back. Ozil is no longer the creative midfielder we are so used to seeing. He is trying his best but unfortunately it is not enough. Still I like him as a player and wish him the best and hope he gives us great performances, and if not, Ceballos is waiting.

  7. stevo says:

    Dear Sylvester.
    I am resting here in my mansion enjoying a sauna after our lucky draw yesterday.
    To be fair my time at Real Madrid was unsuccessful in terms of trophies
    and when I came to Arsenal it was because no one else bid for me.
    The next season we (Germany) won the world cup and to tell you the truth
    I have lived off of that Cup win the rest of my career.
    Hey even I was shocked when I got a huge salary rise and an extended contract.
    Like I have only won one league title in my life but people still rate me 🙂
    I know lots of fans want me to move on but I have a signed contract worth another
    20 mill and as I announced last week I ain’t going no where.
    The new gaffer wants me to put in more effort but hey guess what
    they have to pay me if I play or not so I just cruise.
    Thank you Sylvester for your advice.
    Should I ever meet you at my multi millionaire’s only club
    I will surely shout you a lemonade (No alcohol at our club)
    I remain Arsenal to the end… of my contract :).

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      EPIC… 🤣😂🤣😂🤣👍🏿

    2. chukzenith says:

      This is definitly my reply if I was he too…
      Why don’t we face our business and support or jump to the other boat..

      Ozil is an arsenal player whether we like him or not… Don’t forget he has a contract…

      Any change is welcome, but he still is our best paid player…

  8. Mogunna says:

    Haha, I wondered how & why you would drop such a transcript, lack of topic or imagination,too lazzy to write, just copy & paste a fan letter to Eminem?

    Nope, this is a great article because it is a total laugher and we defenetly need some nowdays, or all we do is get pissed by same results, with same articles about same results; a draw or a lost is same thing, useless; unless you fight for something.

    A point can be crucial then; it is for us as we pretty much on relegation fight wagon, 10th but same 30points as 13th, 3points from 14th Burnley whos has one game in hand & we be at next. 5 points from 16th rank but Westham 2 games in hand. And 7 from 19th spot!!! Everyone behind us already on survival mode,hungry pitbulls; look how Southampton when by us, from bottom!

    Therefore we are in relegation fight already, not sure players and anyone will realise it, even with a Burnley lost! We will drop 14 upon other results, 14 as Burnley has a game in hand, 4 points away from 19th spot upon results Wich we then depend on already, as last night showed.

    Not being negative but realistic, what we can all see, hungry pits right in our asses, on Desperado mission. By the time we realize and get to this mode we not used to, pressure will rise for more crazy mistakes by players. They try to make abstraction but they can see Table, next game & team, possibly 4 points away from 19th spot 4 next week!

    We simply can’t move up with this average of 1 point a game, but down & under!

    We have players, good spirit and coach for bringing it back, but wrong formatting which makes his & players efforts useless as Auba goals or last night’s.

    Emery had players in right spirit last year, saw limits, couldn’t get 3 players he asked for to fix team.

    Once we lose or draw at Burnley, it will I think have a terrible effect on team & all of us. Next 5,6 fixtures beside Man City everton look as small teams, actually worst time to play the hungry pits bunch; all on desperate mode.

    Then it will be top teams who desperate for 3rd & 4th spot, Leicester showed that 3rd is still achievable and a race for! Not for us at all, if we can get formation right, 4-1 at the back, we can hope to fight for EL spot, not 3rd or 4th which I see Wolves as team who can achieve it, on a great day, they can beat Liverpool, cause them loads of issues at least… They lost a key player too, beast in middle weeks ago.

    1. SueP says:

      Hi Mogunna
      Arsenal’s dismal end to the season which culminated in a capitulation to Chelsea in the EL final wasn’t a success in my opinion from Emery. It only got worse this season
      I may have to eat my words if we end up in a relegation scrap

  9. Mohamed Aziz says:

    We dont have players like sanches who make the runs behind enemy lines for ozil to deliver pinpoint assist

    1. chukzenith says:

      Who ever remembered how Sanchaz was a real support to Ozil great abilities…
      They both worked well together before his sales, after then all the creative works of Ozil went and chances and no more as assist… But they are same thing considering the final consequence…

      If a chance created is scored then he assisted.. But all this times, even when he created good chances there is hardly a Sanchaz to turn it in to a goal…

      Anyway thank to the teenager world class we have hove martineli.. Ozil can still perform..

  10. Allstar abs says:

    I just don’t understand How some people watch football,please are we Watching the same football because i fear some people here are just commentin base on Fifa 19 and playstation 4 game which they play at home,at times some people see players like Robot

  11. Reggie says:

    Ozil is bringing nothing to the table, in fact he is taking up a spot of someone who would actually contribute to this team. The guy is going through the motions and not producing a single thing. If Arteta is blind, scared or blissfully ignorant the the fact, then he will ultimately pay the price. He said everyone has a new slate, well NEXT!, ozil you failed, yet again. As bad as he was Emery saw it.

    1. Reggie says:

      I can’t even remember the last time ozil stung the hands of the opposition goalkeeper.

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