Analysing rivals’ run-ins to predict what Arsenal need for Europe (Opinion)

Arsenal still have three potential rivals in Man United, Spurs and West Ham for the remaining four European places, so we’re looking at how many points each of our rivals are likely to pick up.

It would be a little rude not to mention Wolves, who can join West Ham on the same points total if they win their game in hand, but that game is against PL leaders Manchester City, while they have trips to both Chelsea and Liverpool remaining this term.

West Ham

The Hammers themselves are only just about in the thinking, although they have a torrid run also. They go away to Chelsea tonight, with us possibly having softened them up, although odds are that they will come out fighting after their 4-2 defeat at our hands. They then have a two-legged clash with Eintracht Frankfurt as they aim to reach the Europa League final, whilst hosting Arsenal in between those legs. While I don’t expect them to play a weakened side against us, the focus will surely be on their European exploits, and that should see their hopes of a top four finish fizzle out at the very least.

Chelsea West Ham Loss
West Ham Arsenal ???
West Ham Norwich Win
West Ham Man City Loss
Brighton West Ham Win

These Six points will leave them just one point above Arsenal’s current tally, so unless they can win one or both of their next two matches, they can be discounted.

Manchester United

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that we face off with Manchester United tomorrow, in what will be a huge game in deciding who will finish in that fourth and final Champions League spot, while Spurs will likely be praying we share the points. They then have to host Chelsea who are tough to judge at present, whilst Patrick Vieira’s Palace to end the season could well be a potential banana skin also.

Arsenal Man United ???
Man United Chelsea Draw
Man United Brentford Win
Brighton Man United Win
Crystal Palace Man United Lose/draw?

I feel like our win over Chelsea, paired with United’s dreadful performances in recent months all points towards us winning, which should mean we can rule them out for fourth, but which Arsenal turns up is a worry. Their projected 7/8 points from these will take them up to 61/62 points, just five points from our current tally, with my predicted win over United and a possible win over the Hammers taking us above that tally.

Tottenham Hotspur

It seems daunting to realise that we also have to face-off with our noisy neighbours, meaning we have all three of our main rivals for fourth to play in our remaining six matches. They have the easiest run-in of our rivals, although with the pressure that comes with the all-important bid for the Champions League places, any match can become difficult.

Brentford Spurs Win
Spurs Leicester Win
Liverpool Spurs Loss
Spurs Arsenal ???
Spurs Burnley Win
Norwich Spurs Win

At this moment in time, I cannot judge how the clash with Spurs will go. Without that result however, Spurs should be able to reach 69 points, a healthy tally which we will need to be aiming to beat from our remaining six points. Fourth could well be decided at the new Tottenham Stadium, although it wouldn’t be a huge shock if they were to slip up and let some of these wins get away from themselves.

Arsenal’s remaining six PL fixtures:

Arsenal Man United
W Ham Arsenal
Arsenal Leeds
Spurs Arsenal
Newcastle Arsenal
Arsenal Everton

How many points do you expect Arsenal to get from their remaining fixtures? Are we the most likely to claim fourth analysing the fixtures?


VIDEO – A great win for the Gunners at Stamford Bridge and Mikel Arteta was in an upbeat mood after the game…

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  1. We could only finish in the fourth place if Nketiah becomes consistent in the remaining games and if both Kane/ Kulusevski get injured. So we likely finish below Spuds

  2. I just read on ESPN that Odegaard has created more chances than anybody in the Epl since November, and still Lacazzette played 12 matches without scoring and some will tell me “he work hard for the team” is working hard for the team Lacazzette role . we need someone who can put those chances away. I will be very angry if Arteta start Lacazzette ahead of Nketiah again for the rest of the season.

  3. I’ve given up predicting…between Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Man U is a lottery of results on a weekly basis.

  4. I don’t know makes people think Spurs are better than us and will win all their games.

    If you’ve been watching them all season they’ve been losing games they should be winning easily.

    I think whoever gets the 4th place will be undeservingly. Man U, Spurs and Us have been sh*t mostly.

  5. Losing home and away to this spineless and defensively average Man Utd team would be unacceptable There will be no excuses for tomorrow. Its because of how bad they’ve been that I’ve been very confident all the while that we’d finish 4th. I’m also expecting us to beat Spurs away or for them to drop more points. We must win tomorrow. They shouldn’t even have beaten us away let alone at home. We gave them that one so I expect us to win this one.

  6. I can guarantee us the AFC fans worldwide that, the looking to be seriously hungry Gunners to get a CL spot this season will win all their 6 remaining matches of the season to finish on the high. Irrespective of the high level in performance of some of their 6 opponent teams they will play against may be. But those high levels in performance will not deterr the Gunners from beating all of them. Including their opponent teams whose levels are of the average level. And win this season’s race for the 3rd or 4th place finish to play in the UCL next season.

    This will come which is the hunger after Arsenal have missed-on playing in the European elite competition of the UCL for the past 5 consecutive seasons. An existing unacceptable fail football situation at the Emirates Stadium. But which Mikel Arteta and the Gunners are looking to seriously want to bring to a stop this season.

    1. I had to eat a large portion of humble pie on Wednesday with a large bowl of I dont know what I’m talking about to finish of my meal so I’m saying not a lot until tomorrow

  7. We HAVE to target Maguire tomorrow. I know he’s been ridiculed a lot but I have to say he’s the most error-prone defender I’ve seen. Easily dribbled past, gets caught off position often, misjudges crosses, slow, also languish in possession. A lot of low crosses and he might quite easily put one inside his own net.

  8. Lets remember one thing. This is the PL and nothing is certain till it is certain. I mean. look at ourselves. We lose 3 consecutive winnable matches against lower midtable teams and than go and beat the current European Champions in their own backyard. Matches for any of the top 4 contenders against teams like Leicester, Newcastle, Brenford and Burnley and Everton could all be tricky. It is very difficult to predict considering Brenford beat Chelsea 4-1, CP beat Arsenal 3-0, Newcastle is up and coming with their star signing Bruno Guimaraes, whom I so badly wanted at Arsenal, Burnley and Everton are fighting for survival, so nothing can be predicted. We should take it game by game and try to win as many as possible, starting from today against the Manks. That said, the Spuds being Spuds I hope they slip up somewhere along the way and we make it to the top 4.

  9. It’s all in our hands. Turn up today and against the Sp*ds and fourth is ours.

    The rearranged formation can be used as and when. Don’t rush anyone back. Just hope team stay calm. Tomi can wait.

  10. Arsenal qualification for the Champions League next season by finishing 3rd or 4th this season should not be hoped or wished on Tottenham Hs dropping more points in this season’s run-in campaign for Arsenal to capitalized on the Spurs’ dropped points by gaining points on them to finish 4th to play in the UCL next season.

    But should be based on Arsenal winning all their 6 remaining matches of the season. Which includes those their big games at home against Manchester United today and later against Spurs at away.

    Which if Arsenal win all the 6 matches will definitely guaranteed them a spot to play in the UCL next season. I think this is the way Arteta and the Gunners should go about Arsenal finishing 3rd or 4th in the table this season. But not hinge any hopes on Arsenal UCL rival club sides dropping points for Arsenal capitalized to qualify.

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