Analysis – A combined Chelsea and Arsenal XI show our weaknesses

Why are Arsenal fans so positive? By Galen

The summer has all been about Arsenal becoming title challengers with our players and fans believing this could be our season. I feel pretty confident too, but may be not as confident as everyone else. In the last couple of weeks fans have disagreed about transfers, with some arguing that it is very difficult to improve Arsenal. You hear people say how can we improve the team or get players better than the players at Arsenal?

I know its difficult to improve Barcelona or Madrid or Bayern. yet these big clubs still expand their squads. Arsenal are not in that category, so people saying its hard to improve Arsenal must be clowns. Without being biased I would like us to compare Arsenal vs Chelsea position by position in a 4-2-3-1.

Goalkeeper. Courtois vs Cech. Firstly these two keepers are built for the league. Compared to Ospina they are both giants. 6ft 7in and 6ft 5in respectively. They are very strong in the air and are capable of making the goal look so small. I personally think its a 50/50 battle, but with Courtois playing most of the games last season he edges it out slightly. He is younger as well so that gives him a slight edge. How Mourinho was thinking of ever keeping these two happy remains a mystery.

Right back. Ivanovic vs Bellerin or Debuchy. No need talking too much here. Ivanovic is better than both of them combined.

Left back. Azpilicueta vs Nacho and Gibbs. Azpilicueta is a strange case. he is a RB by trade and he plays leftback as if he was born to play there. Nacho will give him a good run for his money, but Azpilicueta edges it out.

Center back. Terry vs Per. Terry is worldclass and Mertesacker isn’t. No need talking more on this.

Center back Boss vs Cahill. Boss is one of the top 3 CB in the league in my opinion. Cahill has improved so much since he joined Chelsea but I just think the Boss edges this out.

Defensive Mid. Matic vs Coq. Coquelin showed a lot of class when given his opportunity. But I also think Arsenal desperately needed a DM so much so that even an average Flamini looked decent playing as a DM. We need to watch Le Coq handle a full season of English football before we start comparing him to Vieira. At the moment Matic is better than Coquelin.

CM/B2B . Cazorla/Rambo vs Ramires/Mikel. I think we have an array of talents at the deeplying play maker and CM positions with Jack, Ramsey and Cazorla. Cazorla is a special football player and I will never understand how we only paid £15m for him. I think Cazorla takes that spot.

AM/No10 Cesc vs Ozil. Many Arsenal fans will argue about this one but not me. Cesc is clearly better than Ozil. That is just my opinion. Some of the football Fabregas played when he was at Arsenal was just out of this planet. Ozil has not shown anything near what Cesc used to do for Arsenal. Cesc had 18 assists last season and he was the best midfielder in the country. Things may change this year with Ozil having a full pre season. But for now Cesc is on a different planet.

Left wing. Hazard Hazard Hazard. He is a big game player. look at how he sliced through our defence last season. Hazard is a hazard.

Right wing. Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez. Just like with Hazard he is world-class and there is no need explaining why he is ahead of Willian.

Striker. Costa vs Giroud? Should we even talk about this? Last season was Giroud best season in 3 years in England and Costa was still better than him in his first season in English football. Why am I even typing ……..






That is 3 Arsenal players compared to 8 Chelsea players. The only position I wasn’t too sure about was keeper with Cech and Courtois. Mr Wenger said team chemistry is very important. I hope the fact that our team is settled and our players have played together for a long time helps us achieve our objectives this season. But we desperately need at least 2 new players.

I don’t just buy the idea that we can only improve Arsenal if a world class player becomes available. We need to go out there and force the issue. Instead of just waiting for a world class player to come out of space. How many of our players will get into the teams of the other top European clubs? Even the great Barcelona still paid 40million Euros for Arda Turan. Bayern paid 40 million Euros for Vidal when they had Javi, Martinez, Thiago and Xabi Alonso all fighting for that position. I am positive about a title challenge from Arsenal this season. But am also not as deluded as most fans out there. We are a long way from Invincible.

May be we need a good beating tomorrow to bring us back to earth. If we beat Chelsea tomorrow then is good bye to new signings. We will start talking about how good we are and how we shall win the league. Remember last season after we beat Man city at Wembley. We came back to earth when the season started with a series of weak performances.

have a great weekend people.
By Galen Sona

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  1. Sanchez played left for Arsenal. And he will do it next season. Which means you cheated. Sanchez and Hazard fight for the same spot. Make a choice.

    1. am tempted to slate you Galen for these article but deep down i feel that just maybe correct…The premier league team of the season was flocked with Chelsea players…if you look at wengers latest comments, you will notice that he is not confident enough….i really cannot find any errors from your article from a football fan point of view and am also tired of lying to myself that we have the best team in the world so nice work galen

      1. Chelsea had the same back 6 for almost every PL match and won it, that’s why they have 4 of those players in the team of the season; it really isn’t a good gauge on actual quality.

        1. Let’s not forget Zouma, who is a beast. Matic has looked lackluster preseason,but Chelsea still have a great squad. Should be a tough game. For me it’s all about Hazard. He is untouchable it seems in games. Will be a tough game

      2. @plastic fan
        Thanks. I try to be honest. Many people may not agree. but thats also because they love Arsenal deeply. So I won’t blame anyone for bashing me. lol

        1. Sanchez and Hazard are equal in my book, and I personally prefer Sanchez and on the RE side Theo is better than Willian so the wingers are ours. Also Cech is equal to Courtois and I would oprefer his expertise to as well. Also Ozil vs Cesc is in our favor as well. So in reality the split is closer than you make it out to be. It’s either 6-5 for Chelsea or 6-5 for us.

    2. You seem to be picking and choosing random players to go in random positions. For instance, Oscar is their number 10, Fabregas is 9 times out of 10 deployed in that deeper role. Terry is also their LCB so he is up against Kos. Mikel/Ramires rarely featured for them so why you’re including them is beyond me. Hazard is their LW and Alexis is ours.

      GK: Cech Vs Courtois -> Equal
      RB: Ivan Vs Debuchy -> Ivan
      RCB: Cahill Vs Mertesacker -> Equal
      LCB: Terry Vs Kos -> Equal
      LB: Monreal Vs Azpi -> Azpi
      CDM: Matic Vs Coq -> Matic
      CM: Fab Vs Caz -> Fab
      RW: Willian Vs Theo -> Theo
      CAM: Ozil Vs Oscar -> Ozil
      LW: Eden Vs Alexis -> Alexis
      ST: Costa Vs Giroud -> Costa

      So I’d say it’s a lot closer than you’re suggesting.

      1. Not bad but…….

        I think Bellerin is Arsenal’s best RB. He has already surpassed Debuchy. Bellerin still needs some improvement defensively but offensively he is already better than Debuchy AND Ivanovich.

        Costa may be better than Giroud by analysis (and also because Giroud is under appreciated at Arsenal). But their goal production stats are nearly identical (goals+assists per appearance). And that is a fact – not an opinion.

        1. Not sure on who’s our sure starter at RB if I’m honest. My heart says Bellerin for his flair, attacking nous and pace but my head says Debuchy for his experience, positional sense and aerial presence. Ivanovic in my humble opinion is currently one of if not the best right backs in the world, I’d only put Lahm (who plays his trade in DM now days) ahead of him. Bellerin certainly has the ability to go on and become the best in the world though, but it’s premature to say he’s better than Debuchy (and certainly Ivanovic) at this point in time.

          Costa is better than Giroud, that’s the brutal truth. I’m not berating Giroud, I actually like the guy, but you have to bare in mind that this was Costa’s first season in the prem. Not only that, but he failed to score in the UCL, with Chelsea having a poor campaign in Europe last season in general. I’d expect him to score more goals in the prem this season and to score a fair few in the UCL this season as that was his forte with Atletico. If Giroud can push further than 16 goals in the prem remains to be seen, but I can’t see him outscoring Diego this season.

    3. Good catch. Many things wrong with this analysis. Author casually dismisses Mert while claiming John Terry is the best thing since sliced bread.

      Terry is better than Mert but they are both quality but aging players. And dismissing Mert as nothing was rude and just plain wrong. Last I checked Mert was the long-term 1st choice CB for one of the best national teams in the world AND 2ND in the voting for ARSENAL PLAYER OF THE SEASON behind Ramsey year before last. On top of that, since Mert joined Arsenal the defense IMPROVED.

      Arsenal have weaknesses, but also have some amazing strengths. And the weaknesses mostly involve lack of quality or depth at certain positions (DM, Striker). The article tries to find weaknesses where they don’t necessarily exist (Cesc is “better than Ozil”). We could argue all day but they are both great players and Ozil’s valuation is frankly higher than Cesc. Any quality difference is minimal if at all.

      Spurs Infiltrator???

      1. cesc is better than Ozil. Ozil is great but the price tag shouldn’t confuse you. Soon you will say ozil is better than cazorla simply because cazorla came for £15m.

        I am ahppy cazorla wages is matching that of the other top earners. price tags are just prices and club valuation. This days it doesn’t represent the actual quality of a player.

      2. I know I used to appreciate and like what Galen said but the quality of his comments have decreased quickly

    4. Luckily such divisive and arbitrary exercises do not determine who wins matches/leagues.

      My take is that their back 5 is better than ours but not necessarily in terms of individual ability. They have been together along time and the team system/style of play is optimised to accentuate their collective ability. The author mentions the curious case of the right-footed Azpillicueta at left back – a great example of Mourinho’s defensive mind-set. Inverted full-backs are effective against inverted wingers – not many traditional wingers around who will be looking to go by CA on the outside, the danger is them going inside so CA will be duelling with them on his stronger foot when they do cut back. Of course the corollary to this is that it impedes his attacking ability – but that doesn’t bother Mourinho.

      Our second string back 5 is significantly better than Chelsea’s in my opinion – a point not lost by Mems below. I would extend this further – our second X1 is better than theirs and by a more significant margin that their 1st X1 may have on ours.

      Their front 3 of Hazard/Costa/Willian versus our front 3 of Alexis/Giroud/Walcott is evenly matched in my book. Our front 3 scored one less goal than theirs in the PL – and that with TW out most of the season. A full season with TW and my money is on our front 3 to score more. Willian is a very decent player – but more a as a defensive winger, the amount he does to help out Ivanovic is astounding. Absolutely pants as a goal-scoring threat.

      The midfield comparisons are many and varied and likely to cause arguments. I’m not going to go there but we certainly have more creative depth and variety – they edge it defensively. And if Cesc does another of his half-season displays this year then no-one on here should utter anything about his “superiority” and WC ability ever again – sorry, turning up for half a season for whatever reason is unacceptable for any player never mind someone with illusions of world class.

  2. In my humble opinion, I disagree with one or two of your assessments. The main position that I would debate is the mertesacker vs terry position. I think mertesacker is a much better player than terry as he is more intelligent. The reason terry seemed so good is that Chelsea rarely play a high line like we have in the recent past so that terry isn’t abused for his lack of pace like mertesacker has happen once in a while. But mertesacker does very well with his positioning to limit this in our lineup which allows us to play they high line even though it isn’t a system that is built to suit him. If we sat deep like Chelsea and simply asked him to be a rally point for the defense and be big and eat any long balls that come into the box I have no doubt mertesacker would be easily top 5 in the league as a cb. Terry is slow just like mertesacker but the style of Chelsea’s defense means that he is much less likely to be isolated. Not trying to start an argument just wanted to get my point across and if the selection is switched (plus cech to me is a better keeper but the risk of courtois leaving if he wasn’t given the number 1 spot is what meant cech became number 2 to someone ten years younger than him) that would make the split 5-6 arsenal-Chelsea, a much more balanced split. Thanks for the read guys sorry it was long, can’t wait for the game tomorrow COYG

    1. Putting aside my intense hatred for terry aside on a number of factors , You’re wrong on this one my friend… Terry was by far the best defender in the league, its not just me saying it, he stats prove it he was unanimously voted by the rest of the players in the league into the pfa team of the year… Don’t let your love of Arsenal cloud the obvious were talking of a man who has had more world team of the year and uefa team of the year appearance’s, that Per can only dream of having… Having rose tinted glasses on would have you thinking Giroud was the worlds bes striker and theo walcott is on an equal ability to Cristiano Ronaldo.

      1. when you say the truth on this forum you get hated. Some of our players are well above any form of criticism. If you say per is better than terry or you say Ozil is better than Cesc then everyone will love you.

    2. I don’t know that Mert is better than Terry – probably not. But your basic point is correct. The author casually dismisses Mert as cr#p while describing Terry as “world class.”

      And he punctuates this highly exaggerated contention by writing “no need talking more on this.” I guess that means we are not to actually notice his hyperbole but instead we are to just accept it as fact and move on without question. Sort of a Jedi mind trick.

      1. hahahahahahahahahahaha. You funny man. They were just my opinion. I am always open to debates. Thats why its a fan forum. lol Ok may be I went a lil too far. But I won’t change a thing. Some people are just angry that Ozil is not in that team. But I chose cazorla instead of ozil. Matic and cesc had the spot. There was only more room for 1 person.

        1. You literally couldn’t be more wrong in your supposed “assessment”. If Mert didn’t leave his 18 yard box like terry you’d see Mert is the better player. Terry can’t start attacks or pass if his life depended on it. It would be cesc v cazorla for the cm and id take cazorla. You clearly don’t know much by saying ivanovic is better than debuchy and bellerin combined? hahaha! He is one of the worst defenders in the league ask any Chelsea fan they would complain and want him benched all season

        2. @ galen,
          You don’t need to argue. The arguments from some of these people are inane. I haven’t been here a week and it irritates how far off from reality these people are. Its like they hypnotize themselves daily with tapes about how great our players are.
          The same idiots also argue that Benzema is better than Giroud or that they are very similar in quality.
          On what planet is Mertersacker better than Terry? Very very pointless and irritating to even think that some believe this is actually true. Just utter stupidity and player petting for no reason from some.

    1. don’t bother looking for other scapegoats in order to protect your god….our main problem is WENGER…for god-sake he is the one who has failed a mourinho’s Chelsea in 13 games…how is that the fans fault…the last time he beat chelsea was like 5yrs ago and before that was like another five years from then…the only problem the fans have is patience and keeping up with the old man…should have kicked him out of the emirates like 7yrs ago….so what he build the stadium???? will we pay that for ever???….thats why i say ‘ARSENE THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES BUT ITS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE’

      1. Last time i checked i dont recall a Russian or Middle Eastern ‘sugar daddy’ financing our move to the Emirates. In fact Umsanov and Kroenke didn’t become major players in Arsenal until 3 years after we made the mov,its when they felt Arsenal was financially viable which by the way was all down to Arsene. Ill break it down for simpletons like you who don’t seem t understand that football is a business. ‘Sure you have to spend money to make money’, but if you have no money what do you spend ?Like most clubs those huge sums of money they have or spend in transfer windows come from credit… no one has 200 million in the bank and spends 30+ million on a player its tied up in assests, and in order to sanction a deal a bank evaluates there assets and forwards them the money based on how they feel the club have the capabilities of meeting the repayments and the earning potential a bit like you would a mortgage thats why in about 70%of transfers you hear about that break down its often over the payment arangement.

    1. Well if that will make us buy a striker and a DM then I will take a beating tomorrow. last year we won the community shield then what? We had one of our worst start to a season in the premier league era.

  3. u sound like a cheasea fan to me. really u are saying good beating in the eve of a big game. the fact and the truth is there is still 30days to go b4 the window closed. so lets wait till then and judge.

  4. the fact and the truth is there is still 30days to go b4 the window closed. so lets wait till then and judge.

    1. Better yet…… Why don’t we wait to judge by actual points earned in the league this season.

      If Chelsea are so much better than Arsenal then why was Arsenal the better team 2nd half of last season when ALL the Arsenal players slowly became available and started playing (Bellerin, Coq, Gabriel, Walcott, Ox etc.-

      1. Let me tell you why

        Arsenal had a full starting XI while Chelsea had their starting and back up striker injured playing a 36 year old. Secondly for allthe talk of us being so much better than Chelsea over the second half of the season Chelsea totalled 41 points ou of their last 18 games, Arsenal totalled 42 points.

        Aesthetically more pleasing? Sure, much better incorrect

  5. Who the hell let this person write an article like this on our site?
    Obviously not a Gooner!

  6. nonsense.

    Courtois is younger; that has nothing to do with quality so they are even.
    Sanchez plays on the left and is equal to Hazard.
    Walcott plays on the right and beats out any Chelsea player there.
    Monreal is equal to Azpilacueta.
    Ozil is equal to Fabregas.

  7. Cesc better than Ozil?? i think you should stress that on last season. With the kind of striker and players Fab had and have what do you expect?? who the f**k is Fab when Ozil had amazing players at madrid? why don’t you switch Ozil to chelsea and fab to us just to see what you ain’t seeing, Ozil and Costa versus Fab and Giroud,tell me Fab won’t look average with Giroud. and do i have to remind you of their number of assists? no doubt Fab is a classy player but saying he edges Ozil? really?? forgotten they both played with WC players in spain? Fab behind Messi,Pedro and Sanchez, Ozil on the hand with Ronaldo,Benzema and Higuain.. who came out on top?? now you saying this cus Ozil is with Giroud. Get real man even Xavi would look average if he were feeding Giroud and Welbeck passes.

    1. oooh cmon and quit whining…when we way that giroud makes ozil look bad, you slate us for being inconsiderate and that giroud is the best striker that we’ve had in a while and when someone says cesc is better than ozil, you say its because costa is better…cesc is the best midfielder we’ve had in ages..he was in an inferior team and still performed excellently he did that at barca and also at chelsea…but we all have our own opinions

    2. When ozil is great we say ozil is the best. When ozil is poor we blame Giroud. When Ozil miss a penalty we still blame Giroud. When Ozil miss a goal we blame Giroud. When ozil doesn’t track back we blame giroud. If ozil get bullied out of the ball we blame giroud.

      has giroud stoped sanchez from scoring goals and playing out of his skin. I am also tired of Giroud bn the scape goat for Ozil.

      Is just my opinion that cesc is better. Some of the football he played at Arsenal was out of this world. Only cazorla has come close. that is my opinion.

      1. Your pretty dense then cause no1 says that. And cesc played as a CM all year so clearly you have an agenda. Tell your Chelsea mates good luck tomorkrw

      2. It was a good article.Of course opinion is going vary,such comparisons are always subjective. He was simply exploring the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and his conclusion was,rightly in my mind that Arsenal, despite having some great players, are still behind Chelsea.That of course woke up a lot of over sensitive Gunners,And since we’ve had the usual crossfire of venom and personal attack. Galem simply does not want fans to get carried away and he has discovered that this pre-season boasting and posturing will continue year upon year,regardless. Takes a brave man to disturb this lot of closet German Stick insect lovers.

      3. Shouldn’t you be judging Cesc on the football he has played at Chelsea not at Arsenal. Otherwise I think you would also have to judge Ozil on the football he played at Madrid. When he was arguably the best no. 10 in the world. Should we also be judging Torres on the football he played at Liverpool? Personally I think Ozil has been getting back to his best over the past six months. He didn’t have the best start but recently he has been sublime. Ozil at his best edges Cesc at his best imo.

  8. The only position I see the two teams evenly matched is in goal otherwise Chelsea edges it all round. Wenger had an opportunity to even things out a bit between the two sides this transfer window but he flunked it! Why, we will never know. Or does he lack confidence in his ability to gee up his team for the title if he goes out there and spends real big? Is he afraid that his tactical nous will be severely scrutinised and called into question if he had spent to match Chelsea, ManCity and ManU and yet fails to win the EPL? Wenger can be quite annoying. The EPL is there for the taking but he refuses to spend on quality DFM and Striker. Why O why I hear myself ask over and over again in frustration! Honestly, I think the fans should not let him remain as Manager If he fails to win the EPL this season. It’s always a case of ‘so near, yet so far’ with Wenger in charge!

  9. This break seems to have affected the memory of some gooners on this site. Wait till the season starts and they’ll be bitching on here about the same players, who clearly aren’t good enough. Mertesacker better than terry?, giroud better than benzema?. Do you even watch these guys play?

    1. It always happens, Mert will all of a sudden be crap, Giroud will need replacing so on so forth.

      I said it before, rampant hypocrisy runs this site and 99 % of the criticisms here are met with, “oh you must be a Chelsea fan” because criticism is equated with hating Arsenal or its players.

      We all love Ozil and Giroud as players but to say he’s better than Fabregas is your love of Arsenal speaking. People talk about Fabregas disappearing for half a season, yet Ozil had that same half a season and didn’t put up close to similar stats. Oscar fell off for half a season and he as well had better stats and 99% of those came before January.

      Ozil had 4 goals and 5 assists. People will talk about his days at Real Madrid but they’ll say Di Maria is a flop after 1 season where he was injured very similarly to Ozil but still had better stats. Giroud is given the same treatment but Cuadrado is immediately a waste.

      As I said, rampant hypocrisy

  10. What about… Cech= Courtois, İvanovic>Bellerin/Debuchy (no doubt), Terry >Mert
    Azi vs Monreal (not sure)
    Cazorla >Ramirez
    Walcott >Willian

  11. plastik fan ever wondered all those goals costa scored would giroud have scored it all?? its amazing how you not seeing the differences in the teams. without goals there’s no assist, and costa guarantee goals, ever imagined if all the passes ozil made to giroud were to costa?? sure you haven’t..yes giroud is the best striker we’ve had fr 3 seasons now but does it means he’s better than costa? man all am saying is just a season back in the EPL and some of you sees him as the best AM in the world. y not ask mourinho who’s the best, you think if he had the chance to pick Ozil before we got him, do you think he would have said no to ozil and say fab is better? i wonder if some of you guys ever know football or just watch football

    1. ospina > begovic
      Gibbs > no recognized 2nd choice
      Gabriel > Zouma
      Chambers > Ake
      Bellerin > no recognized backup
      Arteta = Mikel
      Ramsey >Rameris
      Jack > no obvios none first team starte
      Ox > Caudrado
      Gnabry < Remy
      Welbeck < Falcoa

      1. I was thinking of posting this just because I’m tired of hearing how bad our squad depth is while Chelsea supposedly have fantastic depth and their title had nothing to do with the fact that they had the lowest injury total of any PL team.

  12. Its even, only difference is cheatshits squad is healthier physically and mentally tougher, now that we have cech – so lets wait and watch if we are a match or wether cheatshits gonna bulldoze us.

  13. Sick of reading about Chelsea’s ‘almighty’ defence.

    If Chelsea’s defence is so good why didn’t Courtois win he golden glove? Why did they concede only four fewer goals than we did last season? Only conceding four more goals that Chelsea with all the problems we had – having Koscielny injured for ages, playing Monreal, Chambers and Debuchy at CB, not having Coquelin until around Christmas and not having a ‘world class’ goalkeeper either.

    Chelsea’s defenders are massively overrated. Hugely overrated. It’s not the quality of their defenders that makes them look a good defensive side, it’s because they are that – a defensive side. We play to attack, they play to defend, and apparently they’re still not that much better than us at it…

    Playing defensively isn’t exactly difficult. Chelsea tried doing it twice against Man City, and twice they failed to keep a clean sheet. We kept a clean sheet when we played defensively against them, yet these ‘world class’ players couldn’t.

    1. I know…tell me about it.
      Chelsea’s defenders are massively overrated. In fact their team is hugely overrated. That is why we, Arsenal, world class team who need no improvement especially in our striker force because we already have the best player in that position finished 12 points below Chelsea who won the title.
      I get what your saying. Mertersacker is 100 times better than terry. Giroud is 1000 times better than Costa. Coquelin is 100 times better than Matic. I am sure Fabregas who had the highest assists and broke the record if I am not mistaken is also overrated.
      I get it. We are very close to Chelsea like Wenger says.

      1. Your mistaken as usual cause you don’t know much. And watch cesc’ assists he maybe had 4-5 that were actually good the rest was corners and easy passes

      2. This is a fan football forum. Not and English class. Some people here are from France Germany Africa Asia or latin America. what didn’t you understand?

        1. LOL. He said “read” not write. He is not criticising your writing skills – he is querying your ability to comprehend what he wrote.

      3. Dude…really go read some articles in the Web today. I admit chelsea are favorites but all the odds are almost even chlsea being slightly one or two points above or even even a draw sometimes.
        I read some and two came from respectable names in football

  14. Mourinho is harder than Wenger and would we’ll beat him in a fight!




  15. So you’re basically saying we should also “sell out” like those aforementioned teams??? Nah bra that is not the Arsenal way!!!! In Arsene I trust-he’s got the team’s best interests at heart and sticks to a good natured philosophy in the way he conducts things….who says you need to spend like Bayern, Barca etc to win cups? Just look at BVB and Atletico Madrid-relax gunners our time is coming-not many teams have chemistry like us (ala Arsenal channel youtube videos). Let’s just add a marque striker and come out guns blazing #History #Class #Tradition

  16. it is heard to believe cus d said dat d truth is bitter, dis is d best write up ever, not minding that some AKB wont agree with you, we might beat chelsea tomorrow but dat doesnt mean we are better than them, if u actually played football ball u will know that dis game some times not the better team win,but dat doesnt mean we should shy away from the truth. The AKB beliv dat mert is beta than terry like seriously i wont doubt them cus wenger got opportunity to sign cahil but he saw world best defender in squacilia. This are kind of thing we see in arsenal

  17. Chelsea have more solid backbone and better attacking options … Wengers job to correct … So far he hasn’t … Mourinho quietly confident

      1. …… in better attacking options. Take Hazard and Costa out and they are on thin ice in terms of attacking options.

        1. take hazard costa out …that says it all…. and all those saying walcott better than willen are sadly dillusional … so yes giroud better than remy and thats about it….

  18. Let’s look at depth. This is where Arsenal has the advantage over Chelsea. This will be of huge importance.

  19. using your opinions as facts and then drawing a conclusion as if it was scientific is about as stupid as it has gotten on this site.

  20. the cesc obsession has to stop also. he was a main reason we went on a trophy drought for so many year. he is the reason Chelsea lost against Bradford and PSG. why Barca looked second best up against Athletico and Real. he get into the spanish team and in the past we put that down to him being at arsenal but it wasn’t. true is he wasn’t good enough.

    sure he is a great passer and if left un-checked and with runners he can be deadly. but that hardly happens. teams will put pressure on him. he is composed in the final third but is slow also.

    essien, fletcher, anderson had him in their pockets proving he is no pirlo. defense is his biggest weakness. constantly getting ghosted.

    he has just as much liabilities as assets.

  21. ohh i forgot to mention he fades now in the latter stages of the season. a new thing for us. he started that at barca.

  22. In all honesty both teams have a world class player who can open up the play for the team: Hazard and Alexis. Elsewhere on the pitch Chelsea’s starting 11 probably edge us in most positions but they have less depth and less versatility. Ultimately Chelsea are a defensive team who have a very good striker, a very good assister and a worldie to make everything tick over. We are an attacking team who struggle against counter attacks due to our slow as fudge CB and until Coq, our slow as fudge DM. Since Coq…we’ve been as good as Chelsea. The difference between the two teams last season was consistency. That first 11 you posted was pretty much their team the whole campaign. I think they used 18 players total? I think we used that across 2 games!

    Truth of the matter: We need to add some quality but buying a better player who doesn’t disrupt the team or actually adds the amount of quality his price tag dictates is quite hard. In the current market MOST of our positions on the pitch are not worth buying in. The position we could most use a player – CF – is currently the least available option for buying top players in. Ignoring that we can try for a LW or a DM. DM is hard because we just had a breakthrough season for a young player who it would be difficult to bench now…and conversely buying good enough quality to warrant removal of Arteta as back up is hard because nobody wants to be fighting to be second choice! LW would be our best buy, but even then we’ve got new blood coming in, versatile players who can play there AND it’s currently home to Alexis.

    Simply put buying in this window is VERY tricky. I’m not surprised Wenger is holding out for a great buy instead of panic buying every last player who could possibly add a notch of quality to us despite disrupting other elements of our game.

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