Analysis – A full team of Players that Arteta has frozen out at Arsenal

3 defeats in 4 fixtures have put the spotlight on some of Mikel Arteta’s decisions.

I like the Spaniard and want him to succeed, but for too long he has gotten away with the amount of talent he simply has given up on.

As a rookie manager he has been taught that it’s okay to wash his hands on a player if they don’t suit his ethos.

An employer with ambition would insist that part of his job criteria should be to get the best out of the resources he has.

The irony being that at Man City his strength was supposed to be his ability on the training field to improve individuals.

That’s not to say our boss is always wrong.

There are some names on this list who need to take accountability but the fact I can make nearly an entire 11 out of players he’s frozen out/mismanaged means it can’t be a coincidence.

Leno – GK

Don’t get me wrong Leno was making too many errors to remain our number 1.

Yet with the German media he’s adamant that his boss is yet to give any kind of indication why he’s been dropped.

I should stress that on international duty it’s common for players to be misquoted. I also think our keeper should have the mentality to see for himself he hasn’t been performing at the required levels.

Yet if the player’s version is true, working with the same person every day without a conversation as to why you have been benched must be an awkward working environment?


CB Saliba

This mystifies me.

Saliba was signed in 2019 for 30 million yet is still to kick a ball for us.

There’s even talk that all parties are open to a permanent transfer in the summer which would cement the defender as the biggest waste of money in our history.

Surely in the interview process Arteta didn’t claim he intended to pour a 30-million-pound asset down the drain?

While we market the Prem as the best in the world it would be arrogant to say that years performing in Ligue 1 isn’t enough for a chance in the worst Arsenal squad in 25 years?

That’s the point. If we were challenging for the title, it would make sense, but two 8th place finishes make it hard to believe that Saliba doesn’t deserve a chance.

All the more bizarre when we are playing Kolasinac in a back three at the Etihad?

At first it seemed the club were trying to protect the youngster.

Losing both his parents as a teenager led Arsenal to believe the defender to would be more settled in his own country.

Yet subsequent interviews indicate that the defender doesn’t agree with the assessment that he’s not ready for English Football and that he’s not really been part of those discussions..


Sokratis (CB)

In his first season as a manager, Sokratis was the exception to Arteta’s rule.

The Spaniard quickly had a shortlist of players he simply didn’t feel suited his ethos.

He quickly decided that the Greek defender didn’t have the attributes to do what he required in his centre backs to do.

The few times he did play him was actually at right back.

Unlike a Guendouzi or Ozil, the manager had told Sokratis’s agent he could leave, but was happy to keep him in the squad because he trusted him as a professional.

The opposite happened that summer when Arsenal didn’t register the player in either their domestic or European squads because they thought he had arranged a transfer.

If nothing else, he was an experienced body who could do a job in the Europa League group stages.

It essentially meant they were paying someone 100,000+ pounds a week to sit at home from August – January, at which point they mutually ripped up his contract.


Kolasinac (LB)

Imagine going into work every day knowing full well that if your employers had their way, they would have got you off the wage bill years ago.

I guess a 100,000 pounds a week salary helps you get over it.

After a failed attempt to teach the full back how to play in a three, based on it working for Tierney, Kolasinac was loaned to Schalke.

The deal pretty much was the German club could keep him for nothing, they simply had to take over his contract. This suited the player fine.

Relegation from the Bundesliga meant that Schalke were in no position to pay that kind of earnings. A feeling shared around the world.

Kolasinac is an Arsenal player in 2021 because no one else will pay him what we will.

He will be aware of that fact.

So why Arteta thought he would have the confidence to suddenly start in a back 3 at Man City remains unanswered.


Maitland Niles (RB)

The player himself doesn’t see full back as his position but for 5 years and under 3 managers, that’s the role he’s been trusted with.

Given that this has been the worst Arsenal squad in decades, if you can’t break into our midfield now, then you never will.

Why then did Arteta personally ask the board not to sanction a 20-million-pound move to Wolves?

With zero Match Day revenue, we were not in a position to not be refusing such a sum for a makeshift left or right back.

It’s like the Spaniard doesn’t quite trust him but doesn’t want him elsewhere just in case he fulfils his potential.

12 months later Everton are only now prepared to ask for a loan.

The player wanted the move because he realises, he’s not (at the Emirates) going to be the midfielder that only exists in his own mind.

Arteta made him train with the kids for venting his frustration before clear the air talks …. for now.


Guendouzi (CM)

Having warned the youngster about his attitude already, Arteta lost patience with Guendouzi when his response to losing at Brighton was to boast about his salary.

A refusal to say sorry means the midfielder hasn’t played for us since.

Our manager would lie in press conferences, saying in the two preseasons since that the player would be given a fresh start and judged on footballing merit.

Will not play for us again unless we change managers in the near future.

While subsequent loans have equally seen managers and owners question the players behaviour, he’s playing better than any of our CM’s.


Torreria (CM)

Arsenal were put in an awkward PR position when Torreira’s father went to the South American press and pleaded with the Gunners to allow his son to return home to grieve with his family after the death of his mother.

For that to happen Arsenal would have to agree to a reduced transfer fee.

It was naive to expect any business to just write off money, but this was at a time the club were trying to take the moral high ground on how the likes of Ozil were prioritising cash over playing.

The fact the midfielder accepted loans to Spain and now Italy highlights better management could have kept him in England.

He’s indicated that in interviews that he was not happy that Arteta tried to play him as an attacking midfielder when it was obvious he was a DM.

He feels this cost him his place with Uruguay.


Ozil (AM)

Wherever it was purely a footballing decision why Ozil for 9 months was paid to sit at home is debatable to this very day.

What we know is that Ozil assisted our winner against West Ham in March 2020, but little did he know would never pull on an Arsenal shirt again. He wouldn’t even make the bench again.

Even when Arteta could name 9 subs in the FA Cup Final, he insisted that it was a footballing decision to name a young Matt Smith ahead of a World Cup winner.

The players agent always insisted his client would honour his contract no matter the methods Arsenal tried to force the player to quit.

These included banning him from Wembley to celebrate the Cup Final win and leaking out his refusal to accept a 12.5 pay cut.

Ozil correctly predicted his employers were lying and would make staff redundant regardless.

While Ozil has suggested his stance, as well as his political comments towards China’s treatment of Muslims, was the reason he wasn’t registered in any Arsenal’s squads, Arteta maintained it was his choice.

He even said he failed his ex-teammate.

If true, it doesn’t reflect well on his judgement.

Arsenal haven’t replaced the German’s creativity and are no longer entertaining to watch.


Pepe (RM)

When you’re losing three of your last 4 games and someone who cost 72 million is sat on the bench, our owners have every right to ask why.

Especially given our overall failure to make that many chances in games.

Luckily for our manager, the Kroenke Family wouldn’t have known we were playing Monday, let alone were they watching it.

While the player has to take ownership for never justifying his record fee, this could be one player too far in who Arteta simply gives up on.

There’s talent in the winger and a coach’s job is to get that out of a player, not freeze him out.

The latest theory is that while Arteta and Edu consider if they want to transfer the Ivorian, they don’t see the point in triggering a clause that would mean they owe Lille more money.

It’s believed they were happy to buy Pepe due to Lille’s generous repayment plan.

Each scheduled payment is based apparently on the number of games played.

Arsenal making a decision where saving money is prioritised over what’s best for the team wouldn’t be a shock in 2021.


Martinelli (LM)

Started recently but long overdue. It took a stunning volley at home to Newcastle for Arteta to be pressured into starting him.

Has been so overlooked there’s a genuine fear we might lose this talent to another club.

When we needed a goal at Brighton and Anfield, Gabi was left on the bench.

It took Palace to go 2-1 up for the Brazilian to be brought on.

It goes back further though. Many Gooners questioned why he didn’t start in the Europa League Semi-Finals having been in good form.

In theory our manager should be in love with the player.

The attacker plays in a manner that seems perfect for Arteta’s style.

He works hard, presses, never stops running, etc


Striker – Eddie Nketiah

Sky Sports have reported that Eddie Nketiah has refused to extend a contract that expires this summer.

If the reason was motivated by money, you might understand the standoff but apparently the striker’s frustration is lack of opportunities.

I agree with the assertion that the 20-year-old isn’t quite at the level required, yet Arteta’s handling of the situation is puzzling.

Since being appointed as manager, the Spaniard plays Eddie in the occasional cup tie but rarely starts him in the Prem.

It’s common for him not to even make the bench.

Yet the player refuses to sign a new contract and suddenly his manager is picking him ahead of Aubameyang?

It’s almost like someone has pointed out that Eddie meets the home-grown quota so it’s worth keeping him.

Why not do this months ago?

Why wait till the player, within weeks, can sign with a club abroad to now try and massage his ego?


A lot of these decisions have often been followed by a lack of transparency.

While I don’t feel comfortable questioning anyone’s legacy, I find it hard to believe Arteta believes everything he says.

For example, as a former player himself, he knew we didn’t have a more creative player then Ozil.

As recently as Monday he was trying to keep a straight face when trying to convince the media that he genuinely thought Eddie was a better source to goal than Auba or a Pepe.


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  1. Arteta has given them some chances and they failed to fit into his system, yet Arteta still gave them more chances afterwards

    Your article will only ruin the harmony even further and will subsequently make us lose more games. Unless you think sacking Arteta as soon as possible is the best thing to do

    1. Not sure how an Article talking about players mismanaged by Arteta will make us lose more games 🤔
      This is a fan website where everyone has the right to talk all things Arsenal be it negative or the opposite,I’m not sure what we say on here has any bearing to how our team perform ,that comes down to the manager and the players he picks .
      And yes sacking Arteta is definitely the right thing to do ,that’s plain to forward thing fan to see .

      1. Negative assumptions will eventually reach Arsenal players through the media. It will either make their self-entitlement bigger or lower their motivations

        1. It is not only at Arsenal. When any team underperform there will be fans negativity. It reach all players of all teams and their managers. It is part of the life of professional player.

          If they can’t deal with it (criticism not abuse) then they have a lot to improve.

          1. I believe at this moment we need a Matured coach who can man manage each player for the good of the team. Arteta has a complex problem and it reflects in how he handles players that wants to express their opinions. Arteta can’t stand it. He is rigid and full of himself.

        2. I really think my article has zero bearing on the mood of the arsenal dressing room
          If it does then they are weak mentally

    2. GAI

      Possibly the most bizarre post I have ever seen on Just Arsenal. How in the hell can Dan’s fair comment make us lose more games? Absurd. Sorry GAI….where is your mind at? You are one of the most passionate, but this is a very bizarre comment.

      1. The fans have every right to be negative,he was backed and given time and you still want fans to give him even more ,till when the club are fighting mid table every season ,no thanks he had my support that went he won’t be getting it back ,i support the club not one individual .
        If the fans are negative that the managers job to sort out .

        1. Dan kit
          Spot on

          After 2 years we are still playing, nervous, scared football, spent £200 mill and Arteta is still here. This club is the definition of insanity. Arsenal must wake up and get rid of Arteta……the main cause. Now Chelski have Tuchel, The Spuds have Conte, and WE HAVE ARTETA. The blind leading the blind. Our club is insane.

      2. 👍 GAI, has finally lost his ideas and is “out with the fairies”, due to his misguided loyalty to Mikel Arteta.

    3. Gai
      I mean this kind of article should be vented before posting. You don’t put a coach against the players in a fan based plartform. We don’t need all the aguements now. We are in December and all that is necessary is how the team performs and make us fans happy. Not an article that foster disunity between caoch and players. There are better issues/Opinions to post.

    4. gai He did not give Guendouzi a second chance like some I could mention and he is better than what we have at present French International now

  2. Arsenal fans use emotions way too much and not enough logic.

    Nketiah, Pepe, Kolosinac and Sokratis are mediocre players that have had more than enough chances to show their worth.

    What confuses me is that after a couple of losses fans are crying for Pepe as if he was going to change anything. It’s been 3 seasons what has he to show for it?

    1. Keep any AFC player out of the first team for long enough and they will turn into Messi in the minds of some fans..Weird…

    2. Not crying for Pepe
      Just saying he’s a better option then Eddie who equally has had enough chances to prove his worth

      1. Pepe has been dropped the match after scoring! What was his contribution to Arsenal’s goal total last season?

  3. That is exactly the reason we were 8th twice, nice read Dan! You answered all the queries as to why the boss got them /trying to get them off our rolls and the exxact reason we are in this mess. Give credit to the boss, he signed some very good players, they will peak next season and add a pacey B2B player & a lethal CF, we will be top contenders. GK, Defense fixed, CAM fixed, CM & striker remains our achilles heel at the moment. We lose the ball from the CFs, MF recycles the ball n number of times and stresses out the defense. Trust Mikel to hiore a top notch CM & CF

    1. Why we 7th now then LC and playing the worse football than the previous 2 seasons .
      Arteta will ruin this club if he is allowed to carry on .
      Hopefully the club see this sooner rather than ..

      1. Dan that is because we have players like Auba who no longer care, his body language/demeanour says it all, he misses sitters, same applies to Eddie, Lacazette. Partey too needs to go, aweful these days. Mikel does not have the talent to make us contenders. Trust me , even Lewis Hamilton will not finish a grand prix with 3 punctured tyres.

  4. Leno. Ramsdale is better right now.
    Saliba + Guendouzie . Loose cannons. Sent back to France where they are learning and maturing. May return.
    Socratis Kolasinac Ozil NilesTorreira Pepe Nketiah Over paid over rated under performers.
    Martinelli long injury break.
    Chambers Cedric Holding Mari Elneny Bellerin Mavropanos. Not good enough for the PL.
    European football made these “B” graders seem useful squaddies but they are now being exposed as surplus to requirements.
    Along with Auba and Lacazette we should dump 14 players in the summer but contracts will keep many on the books through next season 🙁

  5. With Torreira, it was Emery who started playing him as an attacking midfielder. By the time Arteta rolled up, Torreira’s confidence was already shot to shit. You can blame Tets for not remedying the situation (although I think, in the early days of his first management job, that’s a bit harsh) but you can’t blame him for creating the situation. Also, sick of us all carrying on wailing and beating our chests over Ozil. Great player, but he never really reached the level for us that I hoped he would (that happened at Madrid). Never up with the likes of Bergkamp, Fabregas, Cazorla, Pires or Henry for me in terms of creative players and I think that he’s proving now at Fenerbache that he’s not the player he was, anyway. Frankly, atm, I’d rather have Odegaard or Smith-Rowe in that number 10 spot, even though they’re both so much more potential than actual for now.

    1. @Jon
      In all fairness to Ozick, look who he had playing alongside him, Aaron, Jack, Iwobi, Olivier, Chambers and Theo, Sanogo etc. All passengers. Sanchez was the only player at his level…

  6. This is a very good analysis. However, you don’t expect Arteta’s ‘Publicists’ like GAI to make sense out of it.

  7. One word sums it up for me, “regression.” Looking at some (not all) of the players mentioned above, they’ve either had great performances before joining us but then never given a fair chance, or did start of really well for us but have since regressed.
    Many people are complaining about Partey at the mo, but I remember when he came last season we were all over the moon with his performances. Yet now he seems a shadow of that. Even Saka doesn’t seem the same player from last season.
    Arteta is a very heavy focused tactical manager, and maybe that is the problem. With a young team, let alone players mentioned above, can we trust him to improve our squad? Or will he kill any talent that we have and turn out performances we are now living with…

  8. I think he took this from Pep but he overdid it probably without thinking it through. It is general knowledge that Pep first action at any new team is to get rid of players who have the dressing room in their hands.

    It is the right approach when backed by success. If not questions will be asked.

    The argument that Saliba does not have Premier League experience is as strong as a hatchling. Lukonga, Tavares and Tomiyasu did not have that experience yet they are performing admirably.

    I don’t think Arteta has a hand on Torreira issue. The player himself does not want to be in England or Europe for that matter.

    It is the right decision from the club to support the manager getting rid of the players who are ruling the dressing room as evidenced by what happened to Emery, the question is are they supporting the right manager?

  9. Difference between Arteta and Pep, Pep walks into already successful clubs with good squads and shit loads of money. Arteta looks like has bitten off more than he can chew, coming to an already unsuccessful club for well over 10 years before he arrived with little money and owners who are economic with the cash and the truth.

    Plus people complaining about the negative football and wanting Conte???????????. I agree that we can’t afford to be consistent now we lost 6 pts in a week but on last years performance we are doing better. If Arteta wants to keep his job he will have to win all our winnable games that starts with full point up until the 1st of January

    I don’t get the he’s spent 200m arguement it baffles me when the current top 7 all but West Ham have spent over 600m to well over a billion to get their success and maintain it. How long will West Ham be there not long if we go by Leicesters demise. We need at least another 300-400m spent on this team before we even consider ourselves top 4 mainstays.

    On the players above alot of them deserved to be frozen out. Leno made too many mistakes and his distribution is poor. Kola and Socratis there’s no reason they should have been brought in in the first place. Saliba isn’t gone he’s on loan and better him be playing than sat on a bench waiting for a chance. Guendouzi is a poisonous little shit and needs to shot of. Pepe if and when he can be bothered is a great player.

    Torriera gets booked too often too early in games that makes him far less effective and he was crying about living in britain. Martinelli seems to be made of glass. Nkethia, well that miss the other night tells you everything about the lad he’s good but not great. We need a world class striker not a player who can’t shift and aging and failing Auba.

    Why does the Ozil crap rear its ugly head again. Emery also tried getting shot so 2 managers in 2 years saw and attitude issue he didn’t even play all the time for Wenger. Did you even see the Europa final against Chelsea. 350k a week on a player that goes missing all too often. Yes he had a wand of a boot on him, but the modern game has changed around Ozil and he failed to adapt. He’s not lighting the mecca of all football the Turkish league now is he.

    1. Nice one James.The title of the article is misleading in that while Arteta is not the Manager we need to suggest he is somehow responsible for the mediocrity of the players listed, including the inevitable Ozil is unfair and factually incorrect.

  10. This article is painful to read because it is so obviously true. Considering the quality of the players on the outer and the average ability of Arteta’s favourite sons, we are in deep trouble.

    1. Lol what quality is there in that list Pepe when he can be bothered Ozil was like Auba is now wipe the poop from your eyes fella you seriously that that squad would beat our current squad lmfao

  11. Maybe I’ve missed a wider point that the author was trying to make but couldn’t this article be written about any manager of any team at any given time? What one person may call being “frozen out” another person would call “selecting better players”. Which is the job of the manager.

    I’d be hard pressed to make a strong argument for more than a couple of those listed as “frozen out” being better than who is starting in their place.

    1. I agree with you the approach is correct when it is backed by results. As long as there is no success a manager will be questioned on his “selection”. The players frozen and moved out performed well under the previous two managers.

      Arteta has performed worse with the same players, froze some of them and still performed worse, finally he replaced them with his own players and still perform worse.

      Nobody questioned Pep treatment of Joe Hart and Yaya but would anyone had stayed silent if Man city finished 8th after freezing out their legends?

      1. I would go as far as saying those player performed under the 2 previous managers. We failed to reach the champions league places for 3 consecutive seasons with those said “performing” players. Added to that got humiliated by Chelski in the final of the Europa cup.

        The club needed a complete overhaul new coaches new director level staff and a new team that wasn’t as aging as the one Emery and Arteta inherited.

        1. Then how come the overhaul is worse than the previous managers? Don’t dance around the bush and enlighten me on that!

  12. I can’t read Arteta’s mind but he would have been disappointed by Guendouzi who as such a young player refused to accept he was wrong and apologise to not only his manager but Edu too.
    Torreira didn’t look comfortable here so I don’t believe it’s fair to say he was frozen out.
    Ozil clearly thought he was bigger than the club and it appears as though he and his group were the cause of disharmony in the dressing room. Offering to pay the club mascot who was already beyond retirement age and on a redundancy package was the last straw for me and probably the club
    Martinelli has plenty of time ahead
    Saliba is one I know nothing about other than what I read on here. He is also young and perhaps it’s his lack of mental maturity (?) rather than football ability which everyone raves over has got him sent out on loan again. That is a pure guess.
    Leno was injured and unfortunately for him, Ramsdale stepped up as Martinez had done before.
    We all have different opinions on the merits of each player so can hardly expect that the manager who works with them has not to have seen traits etc that we can’t from our tv screen.

    1. Agreed SueP, I think the one thing we can all agree on is the club has been in a mess for 13-14 years. I saw the player mentioned above as a part of the problem. The author also neglected to mention Bellerin Mustafi and the like who were also a part of the underperforming lot

  13. Before next season starts, MA will sign another 10 players except goalkeeper Ramsdale.

    He is special. He is allowed to reset and restart again a few times. His supporters die die will not allow MA to be sacked.

  14. Dan’s comment is right on. A manager’s job is not only to select the right players on the field, but also to manage the strategy and tactics to win games. Arteta has enough talents in the team to challenge at the very top of the league. His continued selection of the likes of Auba, and Laca and not playing Martinelli, Pepe, and Nketiah is just one example of mis management.

    1. If you think any Manager on the Planet could win the Premier League with this group of players, your knowledge of the game is decidedly limited.

  15. All of these players are at fault? Only Arteta is right? You forgot Bellerin and Nelson. Lacazette and Auba are on the verge of departure. Anyone who puts the interests of Arsenal first, can see tbat Arteta is the problem at Arsenal

    1. Yep, give this team the right manager and they would win the champion’s league.
      As we can see the top teams in Europe are fighting to sign those players

  16. NEVER NEVER buy a player who cannot play well at the top 4 EPL level. Just a bunch of mid table players give mid table results. Do not spend on space fillers, get them from the u23 group. Then put in a manager who has experience at the top level.
    That is every manager in the EPL , Arteta is lowest. The brilliant millionaire is a complete football fool and will not figure it out.

  17. This is a really odd article. A team full of largely mediocre or underperforming players is the case against Arteta??
    What really has been clearly outlined is the lack of quality in the squad. Arsenal only began to address this with a clear strategy in the last transfer window.
    Blaming Arteta for the mess he inherited highlights how much of an agenda there is against him.

  18. I honestly don’t think that this club lacks quality in terms of player but lacks quality tactically. The tactical approach by the boss is exhaustive. Noticed that we run about chasing the ball often times than not rather than maintaining the ball and dictating the tempo of the game. Also I noticed that, after first half, we loose focus and the energy level showcased at first half diminish at second half. I also noticed that auba and laca with load of others get tired in a match game easily why, they are always marking and chasing the ball. Since Arteta came in, be sincere who has he improve…none. Auba became worst under him, laca became a passenger largerly under him, Saka game has dropped considerably, Tierney as well. Smith runs endlessly like a cock chasing an hen. To be sincere none. This quad has quality when you compare it to other teams. Apart from liverpool and mancity… I don’t see any other team that has the level of squad players that we have not even Chelsea. That I say, man to man player. Slightly better than us is man United in that regards but it is just what it is. Westham, Everton, Chelsea, tot and the rest don’t have a better squad than us. Seriously what they do have is a better experience tactician than us. Damn, viera of Crystal palace is more tactical than arteta, but arteta has a better squad than him. We play poorly, even though we clutch out 3pts or 1pts attimes.

    So yeah got us another Coach please. Anyone who doesn’t see this is not wise at all and will never be. I have nothing against him seriously but he is not up for it. Can’t believe we threw away Emery for him.
    I tell you what, give arteta – Neur (BYM), lawadoski (BYM), gnabry (BYM), Messi (PSG), koke (ATM) , Fernandes (man u), mbappe (PSG) , Alaba (RMD) , Virgl (Liv), Diaz (man city), Arnold (Liv) – with kante, di Maria, veratti, Ronaldo, Rudiger, Oblak and Sane on the bench, he will still finish below Fifth in the premier league. It’s not the players but the coaching crew. Is White better than Saliba, is Lokogan better than Guedo or torreira or Elneny or even wilock that was sold. Who has he discovered… We’ve seen more than 4 goal keepers come in under arteta spell. This dude is good but not good enough to raise any youngster…and that’s the plain truth…no youngster has improve under him and no one should even think of calling Smith Rowe. I watch that kid play under Arsene Wenger and he his way below is potentials. I watch the likes of Fab, nasri, song, Ramsey play midfield at arsenal and no one in this current team can fit in, in those shoes not even partey. I will pick song over him anyday any time. This coach is doing nothing than reducing the market value of this player. Period

  19. You look at that list and it says a lot about the club, not just Arteta’s people management. There is not a lot of gold stars on that list and we have accumulated quite a bit of it over the last 5-7 years. And to be fair, we have some bright spots.

    That is not a spectacular list of players – at best many of them are squad players whether or not Arteta and his system is in charge.

    Saliba is the unknown but the rest have had chances and have not been world beaters. I wouldn’t want to lose Martinelli and AMN because I think that they can be really important pieces and may be more in another system.

    Guenduzi did not set the world on fire and he has issues. Torriera doesn’t seem to like England so I am not sure that is due to Arteta, and he was only fair.

    I do think that Arteta gets less out of the team than its potential but I don’t know by how much.

  20. What makes it fun to have access to a platform like this one is to read different opinions on a very volatile issue and that is how to measure success. There is no right or wrong opinion. In my mind the managers role is to manage his players to play his strategy. Has that been the case so far this season? I’m afraid it has and thats why I question Art strategy but 6th place 10pts behind I consider success so my opinion somewhat makes no sense 😎

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