Analysis – Are Ramsdale, ESR and Ben White likely to go to the World Cup?

Aaron Ramsdale for England? by Dan Smith

The new Arsenal Number One Aaron Ramsdale was on AFC Wimbledon’s website this week claiming he has ambitions to be England’s number 1 by the time the next World Cup starts.

This follows on from Sky’s Friday Night Football where Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville predicted it’s a case of when and not if Smith Rowe gets an international cap.

Ben White was part of the Three Lions squad at Euro 2020. Then at Brighton, he was called up after an injury to Trent Arnold.

With Harry Maguire’s loss of form and John Stones not starting at Man City, many Gooners are campaigning for Southgate to put his faith in our centreback.

Mikel Arteta has been fielding the youngest teams in the Premier League this season, so it all depends on if the England national manager uses age as an excuse.

It’s not been a factor before but depending on competition for places it could be a factor.

As things stand Mr Southgate’s contract expires after Qatar so this could be his last chance at a trophy.

Anyone in his thoughts surely needs to be playing well by the start of the new campaign.

Weather has meant the host nation has switched the summer tournament to the winter.

In football language that’s a season and half to be in top form.

In reality it’s just over a year away!


Some will judge that Ramsdale will be looked at more fondly now that he’s at a traditional ‘Big 6 club’.

That though makes sense. At Arsenal you have to deal with pressure and attention you don’t get at a Sheffield United or Bournemouth.

Make a mistake at those clubs it’s headlines in those cities. Make an error as a Gunner it’s talked about everywhere. That can only help his mentality for the scrutiny that comes with playing for England.

It’s his personality and character that has been mostly impressive about him.  For someone so young he has leadership qualities that seems to bring confidence to the back 4 in front of him.

It’s deemed that most keepers are not at their best till their late twenties and early thirties.

Our goalie is only 23!

That’s where Pickford has the advantage. He’s never let Southgate down and you sense Pickford was having to make several clangers to be dropped.

We have seen Pickford even dropped by Everton yet still trusted by his nation.

That’s often been due to Pickford’s ability with the ball at his feet but that’s an area Ramsdale can rival him on.

Can’t see Southgate changing his outlook having stood by him for years.

This time next year I can see a public clamour for Ramsdale to be chosen as first choice, but Southgate will stay by his man.


Ben White

Given how they both played in the Euros it’s hard to believe Harry Maguire won’t get back to previous levels.

Stones is too good to be 4th choice at the Etihad and whether he forces through a move might impact on White’s chances.

Coady is more suited to being in a three, while Mings is too similar to Maguire.

In 2021 most managers like one of their centrebacks to be good on the ball, with an ability to build from the back and pick a pass.

White is the only English defender who can compete with Stones in that regard.

He’s already being compared to David Luiz due to his fondness of wanting possession and spraying long distance balls.

The longer Stones isn’t playing, the more of a window White has to form a partnership with Maguire


Smith Rowe

If he maintains current levels he will be involved next winter.

English academies deserve credit for finally producing talent who can keep the ball.

For decades the accusation was the English were not teaching their kids technical ability.

The irony is they now have too many options to the point it becomes a headache for Southgate.

Smith Rowe can travel with a ball and control it in tight areas before releasing a pass at the last moment.

The problem is so can a Foden, Grealish, Maddison, etc.

Grealish wasn’t starting at the Euros and is then being bought for 100 million…

So, in any other era Smith Rowe is 100 percent is a starter, but we are spoilt for choice.

Some managers would build their system around so many numbers 10’s, but Southgate is too conservative.

ESR could be in the squad but maybe as back up for Foden and Mount.


Which of our young Gunners do you think could join Saka with England for the World Cup next year?


I’m predicting the three make the plane but all of them might start on the bench..


Dan Smith

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  1. If we finish in top six, I bet Saka and Ramsdale will go to World Cup. Saka only has Foden as his competitor and Ramsdale’s main competitor in EPL is just Pickford, unless the teams of other English RWs and GKs finish above us

    Smith-Rowe has more competitors in Grealish, Mount, Sterling, Sancho and Lingard. Whereas White has to compete with Maguire, Stones, Coady, Dier and Dunk

    About Mings, he’s not similar to Maguire. He is the only high-profile left-footed CB in England national team, who is important for Southgate’s positional play

    1. Mason greenwood can also be considered as a good competitor for saka and foden.I think he is the better funisher of all 3

      1. One of my friends who is an avid Man United fan told me that Greenwood is more of a striker than a winger. I don’t know whether this is true or not though, because I rarely watch Man United play

  2. If ESR continues like this, definitely he’s going to be a part of the squad

    As for White, he has strong competitions so going to have to do more,

    Ramsdale has the most probability of being in the first team, I think he’s better than Pickford.

  3. Will likely be Ramsdale, Saka that end up going. Southgate doesn’t really favor midfielders with change of pace, and that like to drive. Typically he likes more conservative players in midfield. ESR has a shot out wide, but Southgate may say he has Grealish who can do that, and that’s enough. A lot can change between now and WC obviously though. White has a chance if Arsenal are strong defensively in the buildup to WC. Think there is just a lot competition there and again we have to remember what Southgate prefers.

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