Analysis – Can Arsenal beat West Ham, Man Utd and Spurs to Fourth Place?

Who will finish fourth? by Jonbo

Given Chelsea’s league form, it is conceivable that they can be caught by the chasing pack and lose out on third place, but given the quality of their squad, and the confidence boost of just becoming Club World Cup champions, I cannot see it happening.

So, for the purpose of this article, I wanted to focus on the teams chasing fourth in the league, having a light-hearted look at my own formula for predicting who gets fourth. Teams will be placed from 1st-4th in each category, receiving 4pts for first, 3pts for second, and so on. The teams in contention: West Ham, Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs.

Performances (consistency of performances)

1 – West Ham
2 – Arsenal
3 – Spurs
4 – Man Utd

Quality of Squad

1 – Man Utd
2 – Arsenal
3 – Spurs
4 – West Ham

Experience of Squad

1 – Man Utd
2 – Spurs
3 – West Ham
4 – Arsenal

Depth of Squad

1 – Man Utd
2 – Spurs
3 – Arsenal
4 – West Ham

Quality of Manager

1 – Spurs
2 – Arsenal
3 – West Ham
4 – Man Utd

Club History (more of a nuanced category, but I honestly feel club history, in connection with the size of the club, often plays a role in results. E.g. Man Utd and Arsenal have a long history of qualifying for the CL, whereas Spurs, and especially West Ham, do not. I feel this does give ourselves and Utd a slight edge.)

1 – Man Utd
2 – Arsenal
3 – Spurs
4 – West Ham


1 – Man Utd 18pts
2 – Spurs 16pts
3 – Arsenal 15pts
4 – West Ham 11pts

As we can see, Utd come out on top, but one important footnote – Arsenal have 2 games in hand on Utd and West Ham, Spurs have 3 games in hand over those two. If ourselves and Spurs both win our games in hand, we’ll both be on the same points, 5pts clear of Utd and West Ham.

So, Utd collected the most points from my formula, and I personally feel they will edge it, but why, given their constantly shocking performances both domestically, and Europe, AND all the off-field problems?

The answer is in the results. Utd have been shocking in the CL, yet only lost one game on their way to winning the group. They have been just as bad in the league, and for longer, yet after 24 games, are in 5th, level on points with 4th placed West Ham. They do not defend well, have barely any teamwork, and huge off the field problems as well. So how are they still alive in the league and in Europe?

It’s because they have so much experience, and so many big-name players. Doesn’t matter how bad they’re performing on the day, the likes of Ronaldo, Pogba, Sancho, Rashford, De Gea, Fernandes, etc, keep bailing them out of difficult situations. That is the big advantage they have over us, West Ham and Spurs.

Overall, you need quality and teamwork to win and compete for the biggest prizes, but we’re not talking about the biggest prizes though. We’re talking about scraping into 4th, most probably 30pts or so off the eventual league champions. To do that, Utd can get away with having no teamwork, because their quality will be enough. That said, it is a very fine line with Utd at the moment given all the off-field problems as well, and the egos in that dressing room. I always feel they’re just one step away from an implosion.

Now before folks go nuts in the comments section, remember this is just a light-hearted look at the fourth-place situation. This is neither Arteta In nor Arteta Out, it’s just a bit of fun. If you like the formula, use it yourself in the comments, and see what team comes out on top.


WATCH – Mikel Arteta discusses the Wolves win and Arsenal’s red cards


  1. No, because Arsenal didn’t sign a better CF in January and they weren’t creative offensively against Burnley/ Wolves

    It might be difficult to find better coaches and players in the middle of the season, but an excellent CF could help us a lot to finish in top four

    1. If you consider the games remaining in the season, I personally feel Arsenal will still miss out again.My reason being that we have only managed to beat Spurs and Westham from the top 7 clubs..we still play all the top 7 but Man City in our remaining 17 games.Unless we do a big turn around,we won’t be beating the big sides any soon..We were flying and united we all over the place yet they managed to find victory over us .We go to White Hart lane.there is still Chelsea, Liverpool and the bunch of relegation battling teams….we also do not score much.

        1. Why we may not finish top 4?
          Injuries to key players, too may red cards costing points, Refree decissions going against, CF’s not scoring.

          Why we may still get top 4?
          We are one of better teams defensively (look at goals conceaded 4th game onwards), Only West Ham players looks as united a Arsenal’s on the pitch presently and thats big advatage .

          We are not worst that other teams around us compeating for top 4. ManU has Ronaldo problem, Spurs players are poor and have defensive issues and both are unlikely to change managers. Lift they were supposed to get with new managers isn’t playing out anymore.

          Bit of luck and 1-2 players fining scoring boot at right time like Pepe last season top 4 is a possiblity.

          Its tough to callout presently. But we are in with a change.

          1. Yeah, the last referee’s decision against us was highly unusual. The referees didn’t send Sadio Mane and Ben Godfrey off for elbowing and kicking Tomiyasu’s face, yet we got red cards for softer fouls

            Man United have a major CF problem and they have lost all their inverted RWs, so we could write them off. But Spurs still have Kane, Son and Kulusevski, therefore I expect them to bounce back soon

            We just can’t rely on our departing CFs to lead the line. Our defense would likely still be suffering because of our inability to protect the ball in the opposition’s area

    2. Yes I think I agree with Gai, CF is very crucial in claiming top4. You can imagine the goal Lacazette missed against Wolves? We shall not always be lucky. Aresenal is no Man City that has technical players all over the pitch who an score goals. I also feel Arteta don’t like PePe much he seem not to use him again this season except if there is injuries. And this makes me think he Arteta need to improve his player management. Pepe goal ratio is much better than Lacazette at the moment Frederick Lyuberg was much better at this during his brief stay.

      1. Aside from the goals, a great CF could win ground and aerial duels for the team

        Pepe would likely play again, although maybe not as a CF

      2. Pepe’s goal accuracy is great but his defensive play is terrible,
        If we were to use him, then Lacazette would come in for Ødegaard, while Pepe leads the line, this way Pepe does less defensive work,
        I wish Arteta would try this out.

  2. We have 4th Place in our own hands.

    Its very simple we win all of our remaining fixtures then we have UCL football, considering we have no other distractions from either Cup or Europe that means sole focus has to be on winning every game.

    Remains games;
    (H) Brentford
    (H) Wolves
    (A) Watford
    (H) Leicester
    (A) Villa
    (A) Palace
    (H) Brighton
    (A) Southampton
    (H) United
    (A) West Ham
    (H) Leeds
    (A) Newcastle
    (H) Everton

    Spurs (A), Chelsea (A) & Liverpool (H) have to be arranged and they seem the most difficult fixtures for the race for Top4.

    If we can stay fully fit, step up and one of the strikers finally start putting the chances created for them away then we could possibly reach Top4. Its all about how we react to the pressure especially as a young team/coach in the run in!

    I’m delighted we are in this position after the disastrous start, apart from being out of the cups, at this stage of the season. I did not think we would be near the Top4 never mind having an advantage with games in hand for Top4. All to play for an excited to see what happens…

    Just wished we had signed that Vlahovic guy, seems a monster and I think he would’ve steered us there.

    1. Football is not mathematics. If we win all our remaining matches, it’s possible we become the league champions ourselves😜.

      We don’t need monsters, they don’t work well with us. They can even devour half the already depleted squad😂. We rather can be a little more clinical, and distribute the goals among different players.

    2. So many if’s, if this, if that. A couple days ago I read an article here that the team is better and heading in the right direction. So why all these if’s? Suddenly your eyes have opened to the fact that top 4 is nothing but a pipe dream. Same old, same old.

      1. Arsenal might even catch Chelsea and finish third comes end of this season. They are sitting pretty right now at 6th spot. With just a point behind West Ham and Man United but has two games in hand. If they could engineer enough goals in their remaining fixtures, top 4 finish is well within their grasp.

  3. If Arsenal do not lose to Tottenham, Manchester United and West ham and they can beat the other teams lower down the table, they stand the best chance to make the top four ,as they have the most favorable fixtures for the rest of the season. My biggest fear though, is the quality of the refereeing decisions that go against Arsenal consistently. Arteta however, must find a way to make use of Pepe and Elneny. Effective rotation will be vital in keeping players fresh and fit. Arsenal can’t afford injuries and suspensions. The players must now believe and take the fight to the end, considering the miserable start they had this season. Only one point behind 4th place with 2 games in hand, very optimistic.

    1. Bro, we Will play 1 game a week, somtimes we will have more time between games. We dont need to rotate for fresh legs. We need subs as alternatives to win football matches and in case of injuries and xhakas suspentions

  4. If they can keep their feet unnecessary cards of sort…take the game to their opponents..utilize their opportunities…top 4 is ours

  5. I accept this article was done “as a bit of fun”.

    Personally, as a serious minded person, I feel there is a demand for a proper serious minded analysis, which would be more likely to come true than a fun analysis, however enjoyable (which it was!) could ever be.
    My view is that PROVIDED we avoid injuries/ suspensions to key players and esp those likely to score our key but few goals , then we have a better chance than WHU and Man Utd.
    I see it possibly coming down to whoever wins the NLD.

    Our main weakness is our lack of depth, which even in “fun”, I would place us fourth behind West Ham in third.

      1. YES PAT. I can and do believe that. It is also what I said in my post. Bookies and oddslayers look into precise details of all that they can predict or think they can predict with far greater attention to detail then most non professional bettors. That is how, in part, bookies make money from those who bet with their hearts rather than their heads.

        Its obvious I realise, but its surprising how often that basic fact escapes the notice of those who wear blinkers, as so many fans do much of the time on all manner of things concerning their passion for their own club.
        It is just the nature of fanhood, which is a key reason why this site and most other clubsites are able to keep going. I do not knock it; I merely notice and remark on it.

        Further on this same matter of passion Pat, when opinions are made with the heart more than with the head, it can be no surprise that so many are so wrong so often.

        I’d also say that if this passion ever dies, football dies with it, God forbid! And that final sentence is FAR more important than all the rest of this preachy post put together.

        1. Bookies don’t predict results, they predict how people will bet.
          Bookies always win, whatever the game outcome is.

          1. Le Gunner, If you care to read my post again and properly this time, you will find I did NOT say that bookies predict results. They predict odds, or in other words the chance for or against such and such a thing happening.

            Not the same thing as you are wrongly suggesting I said.

  6. I see Westham coming bottom of the buch.

    lack of depth, referring decisions and poot quality finishing will be the reason.

    1. I agree with your points. I’d like to add our implosions – I think if we can keep them in check, we’re in with a shout!

  7. The other teams have put us in a decent position its just up to us to take advantage of that.
    On a separate note regarding the upcoming Superbowl NFL nonsense game I would like to state that as an Arsenal fan I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart hope that the Bengals win and by a record breaking margin.
    I won’t bother watching it as I find NFL football as appealing as bowel surgery but the chance to to the Kroenke family suffering in abject misery would be too much to resist…

    1. My faith in the team and the manager has certainly been questioned at times during the course of this season.
      Lack of creativity, not understanding we set up the way we do at times but look at the table and still see us still finishing no lower than 4th.
      WHU in my opinion are our strongest opponents for the top 4 race.
      Why..because they have a good manager who can get the best out of a mediocre squad.
      The rest have decent squads but the manager’s are still struggling to find consistency out of there players.
      We may not ALL Llke MA but he has the back bone to at least get rid of players with ability but lacked desire and discipline .
      It will go down to the wire but 4th spot is for us to lose
      Onwards and upwards

  8. I have been enjoying our performances more recently. A lack of creativity at times for sure, and we are not the only team who would love to sign the next Christiano Renaldo, but the players are digging in and fighting for the team. 4th position is in our own hands. Other teams are struggling as well, so we may just sneak 4th position. Then we will need a bigger squad …..

  9. How I see is that manu and Arsenal have the best two teams but the worst two managers and vice Versa for the other .
    So could be anyones TBF

    1. I understand your point Dan kit but I thought Rangnick came with a great CV.

      Conte is the most lauded and Moyes has lots of experience. I can’t decide that Arteta is the worst until the season ends and our position will decide that. If we finish 4th then he will have got something right as it all won’t be down to chance.

      I would put ManU’s squad at the top by a country mile. Our team is made up of our youngsters and Arteta’s purchases – most of whom I’d never heard of so he must take credit for that.

      Top4 isn’t unattainable but it won’t be easy. As you mentioned, the reason we are in a four way fight is that our competitors haven’t been brilliant all the way along either

      1. The only manager with a track record to suggest he is ahead of Arteta is Conte and even he is struggling to make Spurs tick.
        There is a lot of unnecessary disrespect for Arteta; despite denials in my view Mr Kit clearly has an agenda against Arteta.

        1. Yes David Dan kit as an Agenda 🙄
          ,maybe I just don’t rate him mate have you ever thought of that .

          Quite clearly conte is a mile ahead of him and moyes finished ahead of him last season and is ahead this time round on a much smaller budget and with a smaller team .

          Now what agenda do I have ?
          As I quite clearly said that them 2 were ahead and I’ve jut given my reasoning for that .
          You obviously think finishing 8th twice and getting high earners off the clubs wage bill makes for a world class manager .

    2. How could you say the worst manager.. Arteta is rookie.. Yes.. But all human start from zero.. Give arteta time.. They wants time…

      1. A snippet from david on a different Article TRVL

        “Spurs have a more experienced manager but is Conte truly “way better”. I am not convinced that it is as straightforward as some people think.
        When you consider Spurs team do you think Arteta could have achieved similar results as Conte?”

        and I get excused of having some made up Agenda like you said .

        1. half the time the problem is that some within the ranks of the regular contributors, who are well entrenched within the pro-Arteta camp, will prop-up some of these half-wits simply because they want those with similar managerial leanings to remain active on this site…whereas you and I see all sorts of Neanderthals post absolutely baseless nonsense that’s attacks our present manager, yet we don’t go out of our way to encourage them to continue their campaigns of vapid hate

  10. Our biggest rival for top 4 is spurs. Man u have dropped too much pts vs bottom half teams to contend unless they go on a big winning run. West ham will be close but wont crack the top 4 like leicester last 2 seasons.

    Wolves are eating spurs alive, our win is looking much better now.

      1. Sue
        Whilst I see the spuds as a potential team to have a chance I don’t see as the main problem to us.
        We will be our worst enemy
        We have the points
        We have the games in hand
        We have the capability and after the midweek game we have shown we have the grit
        For such a young side I hope we can keep our composure and nerve
        Plus the teams keep dropping points all over the place
        Leicester just taken the lead 😃

        1. That’s exactly it, Alan!! We’ve found ourselves in this position many times before, to then implode and for it to be a case of ‘so close yet so far’.
          However, with the results we’ve seen so far, I’m beginning to wonder if the stars are aligning for us! Fingers crossed, Alan 🙂

  11. One of the things I love about Football is it’s unpredictability

    It clearly doesn’t stop people from predicting it because it’s fun to do so, some people even get paid to do it!

    We have got ourselves into a good position on merit and we are capable of kicking on for a top 4 finish, as are a few others

    Will we get it, I don’t know, will I enjoy watching us try, you bet, looking forward to it

    And if we don’t I’ll still be back for more next season, looking forward to that as well

    Meanwhile, shout out to Birthday boy Chippy Brady, what a player

  12. SueP said the reason why we are still in the top four race is because our competitors havent been spectacular ‘either’. I believe deep within you you know we can be spectacular. Therefor i believe thats the reason our competitors are still in the top four race with us. If we are playing to our full potential we would have been miles clear despite the bias from the refs, pundit and media generally. Arteta is doing a good job and i see him doing a better job come the end of the season.

    1. I 2nd that Tom👌
      It is up to the team and the manager to seize the opportunity and make it count
      We have the points and games in hand to put a bit of day light between them a d us and that is why we will be at least 4th come the end of the season.
      That 4th spot for us will be a game changer for what we need to do in the future to try and lose the gap on the top 2

    2. Well Tom
      I like your enthusiasm for Arteta. He has taken a lot of stick – some warranted and some not.
      I’ve been a fan girl and occasionally without good reason, but there was always that desire and focus about him that I have admired. He’s new on the managerial path and others with far longer careers are half the man that he is. But that is just my opinion

      1. I very much repect your opinion and everyone’s. I see improvement in this squad interms of personel and attitude which were lacking befor. I feel if we are going to achieve top four then the team aswell as the manager needs the fans support.

  13. Conte & Spurs just lost 2-0 to a team Arsenal beat with 10 men a few days ago, so I don’t see why so many Gooners want Conte so much.

  14. After this weeks results top 4 is definitely in our hands. Think West ham will drop points against Leicester too. Question is can we grasp it.

  15. the only things this article was missing was a water bong and a Ouija board…actually I could be mistaken, were they actually used in the developmental phases of this experimental predictive approach??

  16. Spurs lost to Wolves, Leicester have grabbed a goal back v West Ham.. we could not have a better chance at this Top 4 now after this weekends results to the teams above and UTD.

    Up to Arsenal now to show they have the grit to go on a take advantage of the rest of the teams slip ups, Its about time we did also.

  17. It would be a fantastic achievement to get top 4 this season, after a dodgy start, but it may be 2 more seasons before we really pose a threat to the top teams. But hey live in hope it’s football and is not over till the final whistle.
    Boy I wished we had got that Dusan

    1. All Hail the Quiz Ball King!

      I agree with your first line Ian Ures Boots but I genuinely reckon we can challenge the best next season

      I didn’t know much about Dusan the player but plenty more fish in the summer sea and if we find the right one (or two) up top we won’t be far away

  18. I now understand someone prople here ain’t true Arsenal fans. Some here castigated our team for winning against Wolves with 10 men.

    That same team have beaten spurs in that toilet bowl. Yet people still see Arsenal as a small team. Respect!!!!

  19. I find it a witty pastime, predicting the future. Another way of approaching it is by using statistics. Let’s focus on how many points each team has earned over the last 10 matches. In Arsenal’s case, we actually got 19 points over our last ten games = 1,9 points on average. That is our “current form”. Let’s assume that we pick 1,9 points from each game for the rest of the season and that the same applies for each and every team around us. (It won’t happen of course, this exercise is just for the fun of it, remember.) The equation is as follows:

    points earned so far +
    (current formXnumber of mathes remaining=) points predicted for the rest of the season
    = total numbers earned this season

    ManCity: 63 + (2,8×13=) 36,4 = 99,4
    Liverpool: 54 + (2,3×14=) 32,2 = 86,2
    Chelsea: 47 + (1,4×14=) 19,6 = 66,6
    Hammers: 41 + (1,4×13=) 18,2 = 59,2
    ARSENAL: 39 + (1,9×16=) 30,4 = 69,4
    Wolves: 37 + (1,7×15=) 25,5 = 62,5
    Spurs: 36 + (1,7×16=) 27,2 = 63,2
    Brighton: 33 + (1,5×15=) 22,5 = 55,5

    As you can see, ManCity will miss the 100 point-mark, but they will surely win by some margin, with Liverpool second best. But then, who will finish third? See for yourselves! … statistics don’t lie, do they? 😉

    1. Nicely done but recent form would not be a good indicator as it changes so often for all teams.

      I’d take last 15 games minimum to get a more comprehensive average.

      1. Look buddy I don’t think that will work

        Cause one day we play soooo good one day we play extremely poor
        We are unpredictable

        There are factors like opponents form and of course our lovely referees

        So ig we sit n wait anxiously

    2. This would be as a foundation for a prediction as any. But you have chelse wrong. They have 47 p. for 24 games, thus averaging 1,96, and this will then keep them 3’rd 😉
      Anyway, to close to call, I think.

        1. Indeed, the last ten games are the deciding factor in this prediction game that I put forward… I saw the suggestion of using the last fifteen games instead of the last ten, I’m sure how that would pan out.

            1. So, Arsenal got 29 points over the last 15 matches. This means our “current form” is 1,933 point per match.

              39 + (1,933 per matchx16=) 30,928 = 69,928 pts

              What we see here is a rather remarkable consistency. No guarantees that it will continue in this vein, however. We all know that.

  20. All the teams around us dropped points, great weekend for us.

    There really is no excuse to not make top 4 now.

  21. Further to my above post written this morning and BEFORE Spurs lost 0-2 at home to Wolves and West Ham drew away to Leicester 2-2, these are the latest Betfair odds for fourth place, converted to nearest fractional equivalent. Arsenal 7/5 favourites, Man Utd 9/4, Spurs 7/2, West Ham approx 11/1.

    I presume all REAL Gooners already know by now the precise points and games played for all these teams, so I have not listed them here.

    In case you do need them, then please ask and I’ll give them on another post on this thread.

  22. In my opinion, a good percentage of wins will pull us through. I know it is achievable by these guys. Neither of Manure or Spuds can put together a streak from my assessment of them. As for West Ham, they are not in the league of the other 3. I feel our guys are fired up for this. Whether they can put all the fire into their performances and put smiles on our faces come May 2022 is what I await.

  23. no because we didnt get a striker. Even a bang average one that can get 6-7 goals between now and end of season would’ve been a huge huge boost. Laca cannot even hit those numbers and we’ll get lucky if he hits 3 between now and end of the season. That is poor and rest of the squad is too inexperienced to chip in regularly. Also, would like to know what qualifies Arteta as a better manager than Moyes . He’s done wonders time and time again with very little.

    1. Rush
      I rate Moyes as good manager who has learnt his trade and also had to endure the wrath of disgruntled fans but I would take our novice manager who is still learning his trade over Moyes all day long
      You better believe it that we will finish top 4 this season even with out a proven goal scorer .
      Difference this time around, a 1-0 to the arsenal is good enough as our whole team have a bit of fight about them and the back 5 like defending unlike other teams we have had where they were show ponies.
      Keep the faith
      Onwards and upwards

      1. how many times can we rely on 1-0 tho is the question. and how many times are we even going to score a goal in a match? Truth is we’ve struggled to muster up even one goal for the past month.

  24. With the Spuds and Man U faltering at the moment, we have a great chance of finishing 4th. But we have to make our games in hand on WH and MU count. Beware the Wolves though, they have nothing to lose!!

  25. Nope.

    Where will the goals come from?

    Somewhere between 5-8th is most likely.

    If 8th, ask him for the keys.

  26. Goals count for nothing if you can’t keep clean sheets and we seem to be acquiring a knack for that, so fair play to team on that account.
    We all want to see us win by 2 or 3 goals but right now I will take 1 nil to the Arsenal.
    Wins breed confidence and confidence gives us the ability to play a bit more expansive football but we have a young team and you can see MA at times asking us to play a higher line and push up but instinct is telling them defend which is frustrating to watch.
    Good thing is we seem to have players who want and like defending. Even when GM got sent off for a 2nd yellow he was chasing back. In past seasons how often have we screamed get back 😀
    Onwards and upwards

  27. Rightnow as it looks, Arsenal are looking they could make the Top 4 Place Finish in their season campaign this season. But if they don’t suffer a blip in the remaining part of the season’s campaign. More so, as they are presently in the mix of the teams contesting for the lucrative Top 4 position that comes with a lot of money making in it, but depending on how far in it a team went.

    Adequate care MUST be taken by Arsenal to avoid a serious setback in good results obtaining in their 16 remaining matches of this season. Which if they don’t, they will be undone in their quests to finish 4th in the table this season.

    Pointer pointing to how far Arsenal can hold off the challenge of their 3 main rival teams of: Man U, West Ham and Tottenham Hs who are currently challenging them to the Top 4 Place Finish this season to keep going themselves without suffer a breakdown on the way. To thereby consequently give their 3 main rival club sides a chance to undo them to the Top 4 Place Finish this season, will become clearer to us Arsenal to see when Arsenal play host to Brentford and Wolves this weekend and upcoming next Thursday night,

    Arsenal who have 2 games in hands have to win if they win those 2 ganes to remain in contention for a Top 4 Place Finish this season. And give themselves advantage in rising points collection on their 3 rival club sides. To thus, to become the steady occupiers of the Top 4 position up to season’s end God willing. But not 4th today, tomorrow 5th and 6th next tomorrow. For, inconsistencies in Top 4 position sit could lead to a miss out on it.

    So, as widely expected in the Gooners’ camp, Arsenal will win their 2 games in hand and sit on 4th in the table. But let them remained sitting on 4th by remaining consistent to win their other 14 remaining games left afterwards this season.

  28. Points wise we could even come in third. Chelsea ain’t too hot either. One win in they’re last five. COYG!!!!

  29. Fairly confident of getting top 4,
    Only thing that might beat us is we’re not scoring much and even though we won’t loose many of the games left, I think we are going to draw too many,
    It’s time to try something different going forward so I hope he trys this team for the remaking games…
    Tomi. Ben. Gabb Tierney
    Partey. Xakai
    Saka. Pepe. Martinelle
    And let the front 3 interchange with one another….

  30. “Trust the process” during January window may cost us the CL spot.. Coz we are already thin interms of squad and struggling to score goals, also referees are very fond of us by showing their RED love in almost every other game this year.. but we must secure EL spot at the least, in order to attract desired targets in summer..

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