Analysis: How much Arsenal will gain from player sales this summer on these 7 players

How much Arsenal can raise from sales this summer?

With Arsenal set to break the British transfer record for a player, by acquiring the services of Declan Rice, it will be intriguing to see who all players depart to balance the books at the Emirates Stadium.

If all the minute details of the Rice saga are solved, the Gunners would have spent £170 million pounds on two players: Kai Havertz and the Englishman himself.

With the deal for Ajax’s Jurrien Timber also progressing, they can cross the £200 million figure come July, which will be a record in their history.

But they will certainly have to let go of some players to get in a more stable and sustainable position. Here is the list of players we can sell to avoid bloating of the squad:

  1. Kieran Tierney:

The Scotsman had a very difficult 2022/23 season, as he saw himself a regular fixture on Mikel Arteta’s bench after the arrival of Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Several reports have already suggested that the former Celtic man is keen to get more playing minutes. Newcastle United is one club that has shown interest in the left-back, while recent reports have stated that he would be willing to rejoin his former club on loan.

But if we end up cashing in on him, I would expect to get at least £40 million.

Tierney = £40 million.

  1. Thomas Partey:

With the deal for West Ham’s Declan Rice almost close to completion, it makes one thing certain: Thomas Partey will become a second choice holding midfielder.

And that’s definitely something which will not please the 30-year-old, especially because he only has a few years in him to play at the biggest of the stages.

Clubs from Saudi Arabia have already approached the Ghanaian, but his preference is to stay in Europe. Italian giants Juventus have thrown admiring glances at him, but it is still unsure whether they will formalize their interest with an official offer.

But I expect Arsenal to get a decent amount for him.

Partey = £25 million

  1. Folarin Balogun:

The American has been a hot topic among the Arsenal fans, after his impressive spell in Ligue 1, where he came out as one of the league’s top scorers.

With the player not looking for a role on the bench, it looks likely that the 22-year-old will push for a move, if he does not get reassurances about playing time from the Gunners’ boss.

All the indications until now are that he will be sold. And if he does leave, I think the London side will get good money for him.

Balogun = £40 million.

  1. Rob Holding

With the Englishman turning 28 this September, it would be only rational for him to consider a more important team role, somewhere other than Arsenal.

Since his arrival in 2016, the former Bolton man has failed to establish himself as a started, despite a stunning performance in the 2017 FA Cup final against Chelsea.

Now seems the right time for him and the club to move on, especially as the transfer for Jurrien Timber seems close to completion.

I can easily imagine him as being the marquee signing of one of the mid-table clubs in the Premier League.

Holding = £20 million

  1. Granit Xhaka

It’s safe to say that the Swiss’ departure from the Emirates Stadium is a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if.’ The player and the club are already in agreement with German side Bayer Leverkusen for a deal worth £13 million.

Xhaka = £13 million

  1. Albert Sambi Lokonga

In the case of Lokonga, it has certainly not gone the way the young Belgian and the club would have envisaged since his move from Anderlecht in the summer of 2021.

With the imminent arrival of Declan Rice and possibly even Romeo Lavia from Southampton, the competition for places is going to be huge.

Sadly, for the 23-year-old, the picture of making it big at Arsenal might have already disappeared, like ice does on a sunny day.

Lokonga = £20 million


  1. Nicolas Pepe

The Ivorian has only shown some flashes of talent that made the North London outfit buy him in 2019 summer. With an average loan at Nice last season, nobody will be cutting their hands to land Arsenal’s record signing.

But I still expect an offer to come by the end of the window, which will finally put an end to the bad marriage.

Pepe – £15 million

Total amount from sales: £173 million

Do you agree with the estimate that the sales of these players will accrue? Do you think we should retain some which have been mentioned but sell those which have not been mentioned?

Drop down your thoughts in the comments section below!

Yash Bisht

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  1. Arsenal will be in the UCL plus the cup competition and if we sell Partey, Lokonga and Xhaka we will be left with Rice, Goginio and Elneny and the only DM. This will leave us severely short so we will have to buy another. Tierney looks like he is staying and no way we are getting $20M for Lokonga or Holding so your intake will have to be revised.

  2. Welcome Kai and soon Declan. Welcome to THE Arsenal. You will soon realise there is only one class club in London. All the best for next year lads. Can’t wait to see you in the red &white.

  3. To me balogun should be given a chance to prove himself…selling him is not a good option to me …we have four cups to play for in the 2023/2024 coming season ….pls keep hold of balogun ……..Gunners for live…….

  4. The concept is really good, but you seem to forget that this is Arsenal, and we don’t sell players for reasonable prices. In fact we often pay for the players to tear up their existing contract so they could leave for free.

    Tierney: albeit being a great yet underappreciated player, his highest ever market value was €32M. Everybody knows that he is not an Arsenal regular, and he wants to leave, so we can sell him for 20M best case. Which is only 15M in GBP.

    Partey: the 25M could be right, but only if the Saudi transfer materializes. Juventus is rumored to be interested, but I doubt they will pay Thomas his current 200.000£ weekly salary. And they have abundance of CM/DMs, so there is a good chance that Partey will remain at Arsenal.

    Balogun: the entire world knows that we are under pressure to sell him. He might have many suitors, but not many rich clubs among them. £30M will be the reality.

    Holding: you are smoking some heavy $hit, mate. Rob currently worth 8M, which means he can be sold for about 5-6M realistically. And he will most likely go for loan, anyway.

    Xhaka: your estimated 13M seems reliable. And this is a signature Arsenal transfer: a great player for a fraction of his value, that leaves me in shame.

    Lokonga: let’s cut your hopes in half. There aren’t many suitors for Sambi, and Palace is not known for making huge investments, while Burnely is a poor club. Plus the Belgian was never worth more than 15-16 anyway, so let’s hope for 10M.

    Pépé: he had an outstanding year in 2018-19 and the following bidding war didn’t only inflate his transfer price but also resulted a huge salary for Nicholas. Which means that Arsenal will not be able to sell him to a foreign mid table club. Since noone else is interested, I don’t expect to receive a single penny for Pepe. He will either go on loan again, or get his contract terminated – which will be a cash outflow, not inflow.

    So what you calculated as 173M is only 98M in my book, and possibly even 90M if we deduct the payment if/when Pepe gets released. It’s still a hefty sum, but a lot less than what the club would deserve based on the players’ market value. Taken into account Tierney, Partey, Lokonga and Pepe might not be sold at all, we can bank on only Xhaka and Balogun, leaving us around £40-45M incoming to offset the 210M for the world class trio. So we should pray that the Lavia rumor turns out to be false and the guy ends up at Liverpool.

  5. I think those estimates are a bit generous. Can’t see Holding, Lakonga or Pepe generating more than 20m between them. If anything Pepe looks like ending with us paying him off and Holding and Lakonga could end up only being loaned out

  6. I think that everything except Xhaka, and possibly Partey, is wishful thinking.

    I think $120M is closer to reality, as teams will (as they always do when Arsenal try to sell) claim poverty and ask for loans or a cut price sale.

    Also, losing Xhaka, Partey and Lokonga, as well as Tierney, leaves us at least a couple of players short in the squad and in need of more incomings (even assuming that all of Havertz, Rice and Timber are confirmed), which means even more outlay…

    Let’s face it, getting Rice is huge, but that price… ouch… Don’t get me wrong, I’m for the signing but I hope that they didn’t cave to Sullivan’s request for all of the money to be paid within 18 months or, even if all of those players are sold, FFP might prevent us from signing other players.

    1. No one is talking about FFP. We are not immune and we have posted significant loses in the past two accounting years. I feel this is our role of the dice transfer window. It’s all in because I can’t see how we spend in the next two windows and remain inside the rules

  7. I can see that also was a small team last season that need re forcemeat.
    The seven players mentioned above what I can see those who can leave are
    Elneny, holding, lukonga, Xaka, Pepe, Nunu Tavares,

  8. Some really inflated figures on most of them. We pay inflated prices but sell for peanuts. We won’t get £40m for Tierney and Balogun and Holding and Lokonga for £30m each is hilarious. If they sell I’ll expect £30m each for Tierney and Balogun and £10m each for the other two.

  9. The Arsenal FC best team for 2023/2024 season are:
    Ramshadel, Turner, Zinchecko, Terney, White, Tomuyasu, Saliba, Gabriel, Kiwior, Partey, Rice, Timber, Jorghino, Lavia, Ordegard, Rowe Smith, Kai Harvezt, ,Viera, Trousade, Nelson, Martinelli, Jesus, Nketie, Boulogne,
    This team can make arsenal FC to fight for any title race within Europe

  10. What the article’s writer forgets, is the need to, not only bring in top players, but to keep players who helped The Arsenal to second place.
    That means that Pepe, Lokonga, Holding, Balogun and Xhaka (his choice) would be the only logical players to discuss.
    Pepe : Unable to impress MA, but will only command a small fee of, maybe, £15,000,000.
    Lokonga : As above, with a fee of £12,000,000
    Holding : A loyal servant to the club, but he deserves to play more consistently at a “smaller” club, with a fee of £15,000,000.
    Balogun : He could become another Gnarby, simply because the club gave Nketiah that ridiculous £100k a week and the same, it’s reported, for Nelson. With many clubs interested, a fee of £40k is a reasonable fee.
    Xhaka : It seems he wants to leave and good luck to him. A fee of £15k based on his performance last season.

    A total of £97,000,000 if we can find clubs willing to buy.

    To suggest Partey at only £25,000,000 and Tierney at £40,000,000 is underestimating two excellent players and, if they were to leave, a figure of £80 – £90,000,000 would be more realistic in my opinion.

    1. In reply to your last paragraph it beats my imagination that you’ve clearly, obviously and completely underestimated the incompetence of Edu Gasper in selling players. Did you suggest £90m for Partey and Tierney when we’ve got the best salesman in world football in Edu? This isn’t wonderland mate

      1. They are MY thoughts, as I have no idea what Edu’s are or what goes on behind the scenes.
        You obviously do, so let’s see your valuations and what you think Edu would sell them for.

  11. On the surface 173M might be a bit optimistic but the unknown factor this window is spending by Saudi Clubs. Not sure if we have any relationships with Saudi Arabia. Our neighbor Chelsea are laughing all the way to the bank with deadwood sales in that part of the world. We need to join in the action.

    1. I’m sure there is something fishy regarding Chelsea’s dealings with Saudi. There is a hidden tie up somewhere there which will hopefully be uncovered by the EPL.

      1. I care nothing about Chelsea’s dealings with Saudi. We should contact them to come buy some of our unwanted players. At least they pay some good fees

      2. One of Chelsea’s major investors is apparently a Saudi group which is also tied to the group who are funding the Saudi League . There’s nothing “fishy” going on.Chelsea are actively circumnavigating FFP regulations.At some point the authorities will have to act.Although as Citeh have illustrated it will be a case of ” do little”.

  12. You left out Pablo Mari, who already has a guaranteed sales figure, and Cedric Soares.
    I wouldn’t want us to sell Tierney and Xhaka.
    And I don’t know why nobody mentions Elneny when we discuss potential out-goings. That guy has overstayed his welcome, in my opinion.

  13. We will get nowhere near that amount of money.
    Balogun – 30
    Tierney – 30
    Partey – 17
    Xhaka – 13
    Holding – 8
    Lokonga – 12
    Pepe – 0
    Total Sales = 110

    Rice – 105
    Havertz – 65
    Timber – 45
    Lavia/Onana/Fofana – 45
    RW – (we need to take some minutes off of Saka so the boy can get proper rest during the season) 20
    Total Spend = 280
    Net Spend = 170. In line with what was predicted. Most reports listed 150-180, so 170 is right in that range.

  14. Last year we were short in MF just to play PL games every week. This year we are playing in CL. So need 2 quality additions and after that anyone sold need to be replaced like for like. Also need an addition to the forward line.
    Can’t see Pepe getting anything. It will be an achievement if Arsenal can get him off the salary book without paying him.

  15. Keeping one of the CDM is a must, and of course saving Tierney for all the competitions would be the right action and would make Zenchinko play harder. We need both of them.

    For some reason, I feel that Nkeitah is leaving …

  16. Only the values for Xhaka and Partey are anywhere close to realistic. Everything else is super overinflated. And we don’t even want to sell Tierney!

  17. I will stick to my point that if we sell any first team player like Tieney, Xhaka, Partey there will be nothing done to the team. Same problems of little squad and we will end up like last season, players wearing out.

  18. Talking about inflow, the writer didn’t mention Mari, Cedric, Patino. At least Arsenal may earn 10m for these three.

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