Analysis: How much could Arsenal generate from player sales this summer?

How much will Arsenal have to spend this summer? by Yash

The need of revamping the Arsenal squad has never been more needed in the history of the Gunners. The North London outfit have not played Champions League football since March 2017.

It is astonishing when you consider that the club was one of the most consistent participants of the competition since the 1996/97 season.

Barring Real Madrid, Arsenal had qualified for Europe’s elite competition the most number of times.

But here they are this season, looking unlikely to qualify for any three of the European competitions (the new one being the UEFA Conference League) that will be available from next season.

This is a hypothetical article which will deal with the money that will be available to the Gunners this season, plus the revenue they can generate from possible sales.

David Ornstein of The Athletic recently reported that Arsenal are one of the clubs who can generate more revenue than their counterparts.

Thus, the summer should be an exciting one for the fans and a crucial one for the development of the club.

Money raised from sales:

Eddie Nketiah: Arsenal should have loaned out the England U21 international in January to preserve his market value. However, they didn’t, and he has barely played for the first team since. Consequently, he may be Arsenal’s first of many sales in the upcoming close season. £15 million.

Reiss Nelson: Although many Arsenal fans would like the winger to get more opportunities at the Emirates, it doesn’t look likely that he will be given any by Mikel Arteta next season. The 21-year-old has barely played for the first team all season and has two years left on his contract.  £12 million.

Alexander Lacazette: The Frenchman has been the top-scorer for Arsenal this season, but with only a year left on his current deal at the Emirates, he might be shipped out.

Many believe that giving Pierre Emerick Aubameyang a hefty new contract was the final nail on the former Lyon’s man career at Arsenal. Surely Arsenal don’t see Aubameyang as a winger for the remainder of his three-year deal. Thus, Lacazette might depart.  £20 million.

Willian: The Arsenal board must admit that they got it wrong with the Brazilian last summer. Mikel Arteta recently said that the club needs to be ruthless in the upcoming transfer window. Thus, one of many ruthless decisions might be letting the Brazilian go.  £2 million.

Matteo Guendouzi: The young Frenchman’s career looks likely to be over at North London after an altercation in a Premier League match post-lockdown angered Arteta.  £15 million.

Ainsley Maitland Niles: The 23-year-old was so desperate to play in midfield that he joined the only club who were willing to give him minutes at his preferred position, even though they were in relegation dogfight. Arteta clearly does not rate Niles highly as a midfielder. The England international has played just two games in midfield since the Spaniard took over in December 2019. Thus, a sale looks likely. £20 million.

Lucas Torreira: It’s never good for the parent club when one of your players publicly claims that he wants to leave the club. As a result, Arsenal may be forced to let the Uruguayan leave at a cut-price deal.  £10 million.

Mohamed Elneny: The midfielder has been impressive when called upon by Arteta, but it is clear to many that he lacks the quality to push Arsenal to the top of the Premier League charts.  £8 million.

Granit Xhaka: With Arsenal being linked to a number of midfielders, Xhaka’s Arsenal career might also be over in the summer along with many others. Considering the fact that Xhaka wanted to leave Arsenal in the winter of 2020, the Gunners may finally look to offload the error-prone Swiss in the summer.  £20 million.

Hector Bellerin: Several reports have already suggested that Bellerin’s heart is no more at North London. He is looking for a new chapter in his career. Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona have been recently linked.  £20 million.

Rob Holding: Keeping Calum Chambers over Holding looks to be a clever bit of business. Chambers can play multiple roles in a team, be it central defensive midfielder, right-back as well as center-back. He also looks a player far more comfortable with the ball at his feet. And given Holding was handed a contract extension recently, Arsenal may well get a good price for the Englishman.  £20 million.

David Luiz: If Arsenal miss out on Europe, keeping the likes of Luiz, who is on good salary, might make no sense. Free.

Bernd Leno: With the inconsistency of the German shot-stopper this season, The Gunners well look into other prospects. Ajax’s Andre Onana is reportedly under Arsenal’s radar and his signing can be a shrewd bit of business. Leno is also not the best goalkeeper on the ball out there. His long balls are rarely accurate in a match.  £20 million.

Total:  £182 million.


If Arsenal are ruthless in their transfer window, they may not require a single dime from their owners. Edu has a massive job at his hand this summer. If he and Mikel Arteta fail to dramatically improve Arsenal’s league position next season, the scrutiny on them may become unbearable.

Yash Bisht


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    13 players including first team and experience squad players sold??

    even if we were to sign new players they need time to adapt and settle

    with our inexperience young squad

    we would be lucky to finish top 10 next season

    1. USGooner says:

      Well we’re barley going to finish top 10 this season so what’s the difference? This is unrealistic and won’t happen but if it did happen we wouldn’t be any worse off than we are now with our pathetic performances.

    2. Raghav says:

      A lot of these players are not heavily involved in first team action though. Nketieh, Nelson, AMN, Elneny fall under thay category. I’d also include willock in this list. We should be able to get good value for him owing to his phenomenal time at Newcastle.

      Amongst the regulars, I agree with selling laca (with his contract situation and the need for funds), xhaka (he’s a bit too slow on the ball), bellerin (his best days are probably behind him), Luiz and Willian.

      I’d like to retain Leno, Guendouzi, torreira, Holding though. Guendouzi and torreira are both talented players and worth a lot more than the transfer fee we’ll get for them. Plus if we sell xhaka and elneny we’d be short of players in the middle of the pitch.

      I hope the club brings in Bissouma (40 mil) , Emerson (25 mil) , Brandt (25 mil) , Malen (25 mil) , Buchanan (5 mil)

      Gk- Leno, Ryan
      Rb- Emerson, Cedric
      Cb- Gabriel, Mari, Holding, Saliba, Chambers
      Lb- Tierney, Buchanan
      Cm-Partey, Bissouma, Guendouzi, Torreira
      Cam- Brandt, ESR
      Wingers- Saka, Pepe, Martinelli, Willian (no way we’d be able to sell him)
      Strikers-Auba, Malen

      First and foremost though. We need to replace Arteta.

    3. Yash Bisht says:

      Only four of them are established in the first team

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think the valuation is too low, because homegrown players shouldn’t be that cheap

    I also believe Nelson will get his chance next season, if Arteta is still with us. I don’t think Willian is saleable, so he’d likely be a backup winger and CAM

    1. Johnze says:

      Lol. If arteta is still with us or if another manager come here too. Because arteta did not show any kind of will to try developing Nelson. Of course Willian could be sold, even for free. That would save 11.5 million on wages a year. Huge. But the problem is that no club would probably pay close to the 220k he makes. So Willian will prefer to stay here for money like Ozil. Our only chance is if William has still desire to win and wants to play and a club that is in some European football or nice challenge maybe want to sign him. Or other chance would be a Chinese émirati clubs that is willing to give him same or even higher money if he is on a golden retirement desire. He might do that as he is 33 years old this summer. How incredible is that to realize. 33 years old this summer. Still owing him 2 years and 20 millions. We were not even out of ozil nightmare situation that arteta/edu brought his replacement. It might have make sense but it simply did not work and now look an awful signing given tight finances. Hopefully we can get out of it this summer. Even if he was on acceptable wages, no need to take minutes off pepe, Nelson, willock, or other youngsters to develop for a fading aged player. Was great but not anymore. Only signed because Chelsea did not want to give him the lenghty contract he wanted and he wanted to remain in London with his family (which is a reason why i am afraid he will have NO reason at all to move).i still think his agent screwed the persons who made contract. Given the fact we gave him what he wanted (stay in London, with his friend Luiz, in a competitive club and on the length 3 years contract he wanted) i still think arsenal were amateurish in paying him so much money. Look again at these numbers : £30,000,000 contract with the Arsenal F.C., including a £14,400,000 signing bonus. if they are right it is really awful. That is more than two times the money we made by offloading Martinez last year. It is not to protect at all kroenke but we can’t always argue that we have less money than others. Partey, willian, Gabriel, we put money on the last market.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Willian still has a lot to offer. Arteta has figured out Willian’s best position

        1. Logic says:

          Which is on the bench yeah 😂🤣😂

          1. gotanidea says:

            CAM and LW

        2. Johnze says:

          A lot to offer ? Did not see the lot he offers against Villareal. You will tell he played 10min. Ok, bit if arrête found the key with him and that he really looked like a220k a week player, then why not using him more than 10mn in the most important game of the season. Big paradox here. Can we really as a mid table club now with no Europe to have this kind of 33 yo underachieving player on this kind of wages ??!

          1. gotanidea says:

            Willian is having his first season and Arteta needed time to figure out Willian’s best position. By the time he found it, Smith-Rowe, Odegaard, Martinelli and Pepe emerged

          2. Pepe says:

            You are full of excuses
            I have never seen any one full of excuses like you, excuses for failure

  3. 03 gooner says:

    I agree with your list apart from elneny(keep as back up) loan out willock and Nelson unless we receive good offers to sell with buy back option then important who we can bring in: onana gk atal rb duig lb bissouma dm locotelli cm buendia am/rw Ivan toney st make mat ryan permanent. Integrate saliba and mavropanos into 1st team and then hire ten haag or graham Potter and we are good to go. Without European football we have an advantage other the other teams and can concentrate on the league, so maybe get into top four or dear I say it repeat what Chelsea in 2016/2017 did and challenge for league.

    1. 03 gooner says:

      Team next season:
      Atal Mavropanos Gabriel Tierney
      Bissouma Partey
      Saka Buendia Martinelli

      Bench: Mat Ryan Cedric Saliba Mari Duig Elneny Locotelli Smith Rowe Pepe Balogun

      Manager: ten haag/potter

      1. Sue says:

        Congrats to Toney for breaking the record! He’ll be too expensive for us…
        Buendia with the most assists… what a final day in the championship and I think it’s safe to say Rooney needs
        another hair transplant 🤣

        1. Logic says:

          😂🤣😂…that Rooney bit was really funny Sue 👍

  4. Liam says:

    We cant let every midfielder go apart from Partey or we would be clearly lacking. Seen as Xhaka has outperformed £45 million Partey this season it would be sensible not to lose him for £20 million. A replacement with him as back up rotation would be a better idea. Everyone else on the list can go as we have immediate cover. No european football and the fact most of these players are out on loan or the fringes of the team means we can cut the squad size in half. We should look at bringing in quality over quantity. 14 players out and Max Aaron,Fofane, Bissoma,Tieleman,Aouar and Martinez in.

    1. Johnze says:

      And xhaka has flaws yes. But he is also a leader. Been at the club for long time. This is a parameter we can’t totally forget. This is one that Wenger forgot here and there past in the time and that ended us being labelled boys team. There was years when we totally lacked some older leaders. Imo there is no need to offload xhaka right now. Would be better first to sell or let go Auba Willian Ceballos and bellerin. Give their playing time to balogun, nelson/willock/azeez or a new DM.

      1. Davi says:

        He’s not a real leader – when things got tough, players like Adams and Vieira and Henry stepped it up and made a noticeable difference in one way or another. I don’t believe Xhaka has ever done that; when things are going well he looks great but that’s not what leadership is about.
        Could be wrong as I don’t know what really goes on but that’s how it appears to me.

        1. Johnze says:

          You are right, he is not Vieira or Adams or Henry. Absolutely. But one of the only leaders and experienced we have at the moment i meant. Tierney would have the potential too. But who else ? Maybe laca ? Maybe Saka in 2/3 years ?? Don’t see others in this team. It will hurt but Martinez seemed that kind of leader too and around the club for 10 years but….

      2. RW1 says:

        This guy is the Benny hill of leaders .. Leaders don’t spend most of their time avoiding receiving the ball and when they do pass sideways or back … if he stays we will continue as a mid table team … no one in epl will take him for 20m

  5. Stewart Macintosh says:

    We can do pieces of that but not the whole thing.

    Said elsewhere that my problem in rating players is I don’t know just how good or bad some actually are – part of this is down to appearances and tactics and part is down to poor and inconsistent play by teammates.

    Some of these guys might be really important pieces if the structure was different and some not on the sale list maybe should be.

    Sadly, I just don’t think that they will do very much about it.

  6. DaJuhi says:

    I agree although I would just loan Nelson, Willock and keep Holding as squad player.

    Lacazette > Daka or target man such Onuachu/Yaremchuk
    Nketiah > Balogun
    Luiz > Saliba
    Bellerin > Emerson
    Willian > Buendia
    Elneny > Bissouma
    Xhaka > De Paul
    Leno > Onana/Szceszny
    Runarsson > Ryan

    ———– Onana/Szczesny
    Emerson – Saliba – Gabriel – Tierney
    De Paul – Bissouma – Partey
    Buendia – Auba – Saka

  7. Sekitya says:

    Don’t sell lacazette and xhaka, but sell those on the list….. Buy bissouma 30m, grealish 60m, max Aron’s 20m, Ivan toney 25m, zaha 45m.

    1. Kedar says:

      Zaha 45??
      We won’t get him for that amount

      1. Johnze says:

        We could have go for zaha (Unai “good evening” emery wanted him but the board forced him with pepe)

  8. Acemane says:

    Pls admin, can you replace those players you sold with the 182m? Assuming youre the manager

    1. Yash Bisht says:

      Haha! My preference would be to buy Aarons, Bissouma, Buendia, Abraham.
      Im considering that Arsenal won’t be able to sign players like Odegaard and Hakimi due to no CL football.

  9. Kedar says:

    I would Sign Ryan
    Matt Targett
    Andre Gomez
    Odegaard on loan again
    Raul Jimnez

    And my preferred line up will be


    Chambers. Holding. Gabriel. Tierney

    Partey. Gomez

    Saka Odegaard Deulofeu


  10. ArseOverTit says:

    I wonder if our manager who was up for sale who if anyone would come in for him and how much would his price be?

    #poundlound #bargainbucket #heavilydiscounted

  11. Sean Williams says:

    Before we spend a penny we need a manager. Arteta will put good money after after bad, wasting millions
    There is one man made for Arsenal. His team’s play football, he gets confidence and is ready for our project. He will get us into Europe next season Make him a brilliant offer. Brendan Rogers. Brendan Rodgers will resurrect Arsenal FC. His project at Leicester is finished. This great Arsenal FC needs Brendan Rogers. The man has dignity, treats his players with respect and plays FOOTBALL and he’s a great coach. Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

  12. RFrancis says:

    We have a better chance of signing Messi as a free agent, than selling all the players listed above in one season.
    The ordinary fan and opinion writers on JA, don’t seem to understand how much work is required behind the scenes to complete just one transfer. In the context of the ownership transfer noises surrounding the club, European championships and the pandemic after affects, just three player transfers would be seen as a major achievement. In other words, the next few years will be bumpy and unpredictable. There are no easy fixes ahead.

    1. Yash Bisht says:

      I never mentioned that offloading all the players will be easy. It’s just a hypothetical article.

      1. RFrancis says:

        Right? A hypothetical article with a closing note to our parsimonious owner that a ruthless Edu could generate 180M from player transfers?

  13. jon fox says:

    Yash, If only transfers were as simple as your simplistic post tries to make out!!
    In the real Covid new financial world, many of your valuations are laughably unrealistic. As in too high and we would have to pay someone to take Willian at his present wage OR pay his contract up.
    You have much to learn about how finance and transfers work my naive friend.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Jon, I bet he’s good at Monopoly though!!!
      Even if this was to happen, where would we get top players from with just £182 million for 13 replacements?
      That works out at less than £14million each.

      Kudos for your MA post by the way…ABOUT BL##DY TIME 😊😊😊

    2. Yash Bisht says:

      I never mentioned in the article that we should sell each and every player.

    3. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      so true Jon…the abject naivety displayed by far too many posters on this site is uncanny…since Dein left we’ve had a difficult enough time getting 3 or 4 deals over the line in any given window and even when we do most usually occur in the 11th hour, so some of these extensive transfer checklists and their accompanying fee requests are so farcical it belies logic

      btw I get why you made your Arteta-reversal post, but I just wish you had waited until some of our more ardent Wengerites had done likewise first…your potentially mistaken continued vote of confidence for our embattled manager was more reasonable in light of his original mandate, regarding a more youthful rebuild, and the fact that many highly respected individuals seemed to vouch for him, whereas Wenger’s days were numbered long before his actual dismissal, yet some still refuse to acknowledged his obvious regression…some still don’t even believe that he was actual relieved of his duties because he was given the opportunity to save face by offering up his own resignation

      1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        defies not belies

  14. GunneRay says:

    NOT much mention here about who would want to play for a club who isn’t competing in Europe?

    The only players we are likely to attract are those who demand high wages or are not getting a sniff of much playing time where they are etc. There is no shining light at Arsenal right now. We are way off top of the league and don’t even look like challenging for the top!

    Add to that, that Arteta has lost the interest of his players because his tactics are non-existent. The Kroenkes took a gamble and went cheap. Brought in players from Chelsea. Chelsea, who knew they had the best of them. They payed £72 million for Pepe who looks almost bang average every game. They could have bought much more with that kind of cash and I doubt they spend much anyway. Even selling players will be enough to stop the downward spiral until this club sell up and bring back the ethos and drive that made Arsenal a wonderful club playing wonderful football!

    If the owners don’t care about the history or brand of football how can this club ever be great again?

    We can talk about all the players we would like to see leave and come in. But, we all know “massive” change is needed. This club has been infiltrated by greedy businessmen with an infectious disease to ruin what is most important. It’s soul. Awful decisions have been made and will continue to be made with them here. Arteta was just one of them.

  15. Sue says:

    OT.. Oh Sergio, what was that???!!!!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Sue, that was nearly as bad as Aubameyang’s effort against the spuds at Wembley…. did you see Augerio ‘s face when Sterling scored 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Sue says:

        It was bloody hilarious, Ken!!!

    2. Yash Bisht says:

      Not everybody is Thierry Henry 😉

      1. Sue says:

        Brilliant, Yash 🤩

      2. ken1945 says:

        That was another brilliant penalty miss Yash – who was it went completely mad at Henry and Pires?

  16. Unge says:

    The thing is,even if you got 200M out of those players,it will be difficult,very very difficult to convince a world class player to come to an Arsenal that has no champions league football,and managed by an unproven manager.

    The way i see it is that he will have to stick with most of those players,bring the team into Europa league…he might even make it to Champions league since we wont be having mid-week games.Remember we lost most of the points after Europa league midweek games.

    Of all the names mentioned,i think Willian,Maitland,Bellerin,Torreira and Guendouzi are likely to go

  17. DaJuhi says:

    Anybody watching City Chelsea?

    Difference of a good manager (Tuchel) versus not a good manager Lampard.

    Our manager currently is lessa experienced than Lampard was. Thats why Chelsea are in CL and Artetas Arsenal is mid-table.

    1. Reggie says:

      You will still get an idiot tell you chelsea spent more money!

    2. Sue says:

      The Tuchel effect.. breaks my heart he’s really turned them into a force

      1. Reggie says:

        One thing you can’t lay at Chelseas door Sue, they dont hang about, they get the thing not working out, PRONTO and they 90% of the time get results. We dont.

  18. Nifty says:

    Always searching for excuses to justify failure.

  19. Reddb10 says:

    Apart from luiz, willian and xhaka we shouldnt sell until a new manager comes in

    1. Sekitya says:

      Your right coz some of those players can be turned into great by a good manager.. but we need top class purchases still…. Like it or not bissouma is a must buy, ran for grealish to make a good combo with saka and Smith Rowe, Tammy Abraham is available, his physicality is crucial to our team, and in defence we must buy maxi aorons, or dubois, our team will be more strong.
      Tammy 30m, max 20m, dubois 17m, grealish 60m, bissouma 30m. 157m with sales we can then compete… try that

  20. Dboy says:

    A solid left back is our top priority. Kieran Tierney seems to be injury prone and though he is a good left back he hasn’t done much for us, reminds me of Jack Wilshire. Then put Bamford, Buendia and Grealish top of the list. I think we should have decent attack. Try and tie down Odegaard. Find replacement for Ceballos. Cash in on Bellerin, Elneny, Willian, Torreira, Maitland Niles, Lacazette, Gouendouzi, Kolasinac. That should put us in a good position to do some business. The problem is these players don’t seem to wanna leave.

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