Analysis – Were Arsenal really so stupid to let Aubameyang leave for free?

The Auba debacle revisited

As this is being written, it looks quite possible Auba will be sold to Chelsea by Barcelona. Either for a straight transfer fee or a combined fee + player deal.

If it happens, it is almost certainly bound to reignite some debate about how “stupid” Arsenal have been. Even if it doesn’t happen, the Auba debacle is still dragged into a lot of debates here.

First of all, I think we can assume the facts are; Arsenal let Auba go to Barcelona, not just without any transfer fee, but also are reported to have paid some kind of “salary compensation” to make it happen. So we are not talking about letting Auba go for free, we are actually talking about paying to get rid of him. Now that it is clear, he in the current market has some transfer value, it seems obvious to ask; “How could Arsenal be so stupid???”

 One accusation that is repeated without any deeper thought behind it, is that we let Auba go in a cost cutting exercise – “slashing the wage bill”. I think, it is very easy to dismiss that as nonsense alone by looking at the realities. It would make much more economic sense to have kept him, paid his salary for 6 months and sold him. It only takes the minimum of ability to add and subtract to see, that his salary for 6-7 months adds up to much less than the minimum transfer value, and then we haven’t even counted the salary compensation, we paid. The reality is, it cost us a lot of money to let Auba go in a hurry.

 Are the people deciding to accept his move to Barcelona including the economic loss then complete morons, who couldn’t do the calculations either? Of course not. They knew what they were doing. Let me explain.

 In an earlier article here on JA, I have detailed, why letting Auba go to Barcelona was a decision taken by Arteta, the management and the owner in unison. I am not going to repeat that analysis, as I think most will agree, there is no way Arteta alone or Arteta and Edu alone have the authorization to decide to let arguably the biggest name in our squad go to another club for nothing, let alone decide to pay a substantial sum for it. It is of course Arteta’s right to decide not to pick him to play. But actually signing off on letting him go and pay for it, that can never be more than a recommendation from Arteta. The final decision could only be taken by the management and the owner.

Once that fact is accepted, it really becomes much clearer, Arteta, the management and the owner saw eye to eye in deciding to get rid of Auba, even though it cost quite a lot of money. That was simply accepted, because they were in agreement that the best for Arsenal was to get Auba out of the door as soon as possible.

 Another argument sometimes seen here is that Arteta can’t “handle” big personalities like Auba. This is of course an opinion, and can’t be neither confirmed nor dismissed by actual facts. We can use some indications:

 Is it likely, Arteta, who spent several years at Man City amongst a great number of stars, and who has played with many stars himself, shouldn’t know how to handle them?

Is it likely when it seems Jesus and Zinchenko, who know Arteta chose to move to us?

Could it be just the opposite, and Arteta actually knows exactly that some have an ego too big to be part of a real team?

 I think we can each make our choice. There is no right or wrong to be proved here. I think, it is very much a choice about how you look at it.

But what about the fact, Auba played terribly for us for several months and almost couldn’t score a goal, and just as he turns out for Barcelona, he scores several? Isn’t that proof Arteta, couldn’t get the best out of him?

There is no doubt, Auba wasn’t playing well, when he decided to “stick his finger” to Arteta and his teammates by ignoring when he should turn up for training. But why was that? Was it necessarily because Arteta isn’t good enough to handle him? Or was it because Auba, has such a huge ego that he simply decided he wouldn’t give 100% for Arsenal, he wanted to move to Barcelona at all costs for Arsenal, and like a spoilt child, once he got his will, he gave 100% again?

Again, I think, nobody can actually say for certain, except maybe Auba and Arteta themselves, so we can each take our pick of “beliefs”.

 But I would like to offer my own theory.

If not before, then no later than at the start of last season, it became clear Arteta’s and indeed Arsenal’s project now is a long term plan, that strives to assemble a young and hungry team which can develop into a truly competitive team. A team which may be able to compete for the PL title within a few years.

Now, if you are 32 years old, as Auba was at the time, and you are a big name with ambitions to win titles and maybe shine personally, a long term plan is not such a good prospect to look at. Auba simply doesn’t have “long term” left in his career. This means, if you were Auba, you could conclude that this project actually has a focus, which isn’t suited to you. If you conclude that, it is almost impossible to give 100% for it. You could of course  “sacrifice” your own ambitions and chose to fight a couple of years for the good of Arsenal, or you could start thinking, I must get out of here to a club where my own ambitions for the remainder of my career can be fulfilled. My theory is that, in his heart, Auba concluded the latter, and mentally stopped fighting for Arsenal and even forced a situation where Arsenal had to let him go to Barcelona. Once at Barcelona, he could straight away give 100%, as he was now an important star in the team again.

 Finally, Arsenal have come under some criticism for not investing in some kind of replacement for Auba straight away, especially as we finished only a couple of points from a CL place. Again, this can be looked at in different ways. To begin with, we mustn’t forget, the team actually improved quite a lot in the weeks after Auba was left out of the team selections. It was as if some players “stepped up” and there seemed to be more unity. Even so, should we have bought or loaned a new striker?

Which striker was available and would surely have secured us more points?

Which striker could at the time be seen to improve a team, which at the time was performing quite well?

Would it better to get a new striker which might not fit the profile for our long term project, than letting the team get on with it?

In hindsight, things look different.

But either way, I think what makes the difference is how you value a CL participation at this stage of our project. If you have, or had, the conviction it was crucial for Arsenal to get top 4 last season, then it all can look like a huge mistake, which should have made heads roll.

If you on the other hand are of the same conviction that our owner clearly must have, that although top 4 is very attractive, it wasn’t crucial for our project at this stage, then you can conclude, missing out on top 4 was a great pity, but the most important thing is, our project stays on course, and we will only go for players which fit perfectly into the plan.

Take your pick of beliefs.



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  1. I dont think keeping auba would’ve guarenteed top 4. Our form actually picked up the moment he left the club. And it could’ve been a headache moving him this summer and that might’ve led to us missing out on Jesus. Of course we are just talking about alternative history here, but things panned out the way they were meant to, and it’s a savvy move by Barca to force Chelsea to pay for him and get a player they wanted as well.

    1. It annoys me when people make certain comments on impulse and moments.

      Auba was given a very good contract while performing well for the club, but there after he simply stopped working hard enough. He felt too important and was not as productive.

      He was moved on for the team to actually get better (which is priceless), because we can not estimate the worth of that impact some feel it’s a loss.

      If he was Soo good, I don’t think Barcelona will go spend so much on a 34 year old this season.

      Now for Chelsea, the are simply his next victim due to their dare need of urgent fix. If he was a preference, we won’t be talking about this deal on the last day of the transfer window.

      So the fact that Barcelona are benefiting from Chelsea clueless transfer approach should not be used to measure success or failure for Arsenal.

      It would have been understandable if we are worse of without him, but we are much more better without him, Laca and the other guys left off.

      By the way let’s not even talk about Belerin…

  2. I believe Edu already made clear why we had to get rid of some players, terminate their contract and even paid see to leave for free. Why revisit it just because he’s going to Chelsea and Barca are getting something for him bro?
    I don’t think it was stupid, crazy and daring acts most times always look stupid at first.
    Edu gave solid reasons and I believe a lot of people agreed with it even though it wasn’t easy to do so.
    I wish Auba the best at Chelsea though, happy to see him shine

    1. It was stupid as we could’ve sold him for 0 fee but have certain percentage on future sales. Exactly what Barcelona is doing.

      And apparently we are doing the same thing to Bellerin, receive nothing for him as Barcelona gets him on a free. Probably sells him next summer for 15-20 million.

      We are taken to the cleaners once again. I actually feel bad for Kroenke right now. I would be furious if my employees were this incompetent at asset management.

      1. What you fail to mention is that Auba and Bellerin both have far lower salaries after this now. Nobody was going to match Bellerin’s wages and that is why him and Auba were impossible to sell for a profit. Edu/Arteta can be blamed for the Auba contract but not for Bellerin. We’ve been trying to get rid of Hector for years now but only foreign clubs wanted him and they dont pay those wages to average players. Also, I’ve heard nothing about Barca getting future sales off of Auba, where is that info from?

        1. Why do they need percentage of future sales they get money and a player for a player we payed to go there Arteta can’t handle personalities

  3. Nobody sensible thinks Arsenal were stupid. It was 100% the correct call and we’re reaping the rewards. Why is nobody asking why Barca are getting shot after such a short period? Overall, it’s a stupid mistake by Chelsea through desperation.

  4. Seems like we gave him for free and also paid a part of his salary. Did we have any option to add sell-on clause?

  5. The last time I checked Aubamenyang now plays for barca and according to report he is moving to Chelsea. We shouldn’t be discussing him on arsenal forum. Yes, we are grateful for the good times he brought to fans like me but its a new era now….

    Surprisingly he didn’t spend much time with Barcelona. Could it be due to the arrival of Lewandowski or maybe because of the robbers that attacked him and his family at his home

    1. Thank you for commenting.
      The intention is not so much to discuss Auba in person. More to give the point of view, that Arsenal is actually run by people, who make well considered decisions.

      1. Admin….. You don’t have to contact me first before running the show because you are doing exceptionally well….🙂

        I guess you misunderstood me. I m only tired of this whole Aubamenyang talk even after he is no longer with us.

        Anyways apologies Admin….

  6. At that particular moments it wasn’t stupid idea because he wasn’t performing . So nobody expected he will pick form straight away after joining Barca.
    Even though it might look stupid but it wasn’t. However in terms of money, we are on the losing side, and base on one of our areas of improvement was to cut wages but in the end we made a lose at the Auba deal.

    1. It was clear he didn’t fit Arteta’s style of play as a striker yet he annoyingly continued to play him there when Auba was at his most impressive under him as an inside forward. Auba’s style of play will always get you goals so I expected him to score at Barca and now Chelsea. He was probably dealing with some issues atArsenal which contributed to his loss of form so if he had stayed I think he’d have eventually found his scoring boots again even if not the same season. I never believe he was finished and I know a player like Auba can’t be blanking for long. As of now he’s not our player so I wish him the best. At leats he’s a player fans can’t hate for forcing the move hahaha.

  7. Shipping him out was the correct decision at that time, because:

    – Rather than losing more money by paying a non-playing footballer till the end of his contract, Arsenal cut their wage bill

    – He was obviously popular among his ex-teammates at Arsenal, so grounding him for months could have badly influenced his closest friends at the club

    – Arsenal were honest with their fringe players this season, such as Maitland-Niles, Bellerin and Pepe, that they won’t get enough playing time. I guessed Arsenal were also honest with Aubameyang and let him move on to re-ignite his career, since he was highly influential in Arsenal’s last FA Cup win

  8. I think similar topics on Aubamehang has come up before let’s not flog this topic too much. Since Auba left Arsenal left Arsenal have made good progress. Please let talk onbthe transfer dead line activity today.

  9. The decision was correct for me for reasons given above, but to forgive him? No! he was a well paid “servant” while at our fantastic club, some players like Wrighty and Keown are fans/Gooners, Auba is not, his actions were damaginI suspect both on the pitch and in the dressing room. Bad apples get tossed away.

  10. That’s what Edu said in an interview in late July,about cleaning the squad as he put it.said: “When a player’s 26 or older, has a big salary and is not performing, he’s killing you.

    “In the past, 80 per cent of the squad had those characteristics and there was no chance anyone would buy them.”

    Gunners chiefs also paid off defenders Shkodran Mustafi, Sead Kolasinac and Sokratis to go.said: “When a player’s 26 or older, has a big salary and is not performing, he’s killing you.
    Gunners chiefs also paid off defenders Shkodran Mustafi, Sead Kolasinac and Sokratis to go.

    Technical director Edu explained: “They don’t have a transfer value and are comfortable on a long contract living in London

    Technical director Edu explained: “They don’t have a transfer value and are comfortable on a long contract living in London
    So we needed to clean the squad and if we had to pay some to go, I considered it an investment.
    “It’s better than having them blocking the path of another player.
    Gunners chiefs also paid off defenders Shkodran Mustafi, Sead Kolasinac and Sokratis to go.
    I know it’s strange to go to the board and tell them, ‘Sometimes it’s better to pay a player to leave than to keep them’.
    “I realise that hurts and some people say that it’s expensive — but you have to take the problem out.

    1. You’re right,
      David Ornstein
      🚨 Arsenal have agreed to let Hector Bellerin join Barcelona. Free transfer – not a contract termination. 27yo awaiting permission to travel for medical after agreeing terms with #FCBarcelona. Taking a pay cut & waiving any payments #AFC owe @TheAthleticUK

  11. They obviously know they made a mistake because Bellerin as just terminated his contract to move to Barca , this time Arsenal have added a substantial sell
    On clause .

  12. It was right to let Auba go, but not signing a replacement in the January window was one of the worst mistakes in Arsenal history. We handed 4th place to the N17 Imposters and Conte. If we don’t sign a midfield player today it will be a tragic negligent mistake. Is Edu wise or a complacent fool….we shall see by 11pm tonight.

  13. OT,

    Anders you are growing in your writing. Thought I was reading Dan’s article until the end.

    I usually don’t agree with most of your views but what a wonderful article.

  14. Everything that is being said and done, fans and pundits need to accept that the club does what is best for the club – whether we agree with it or not. And given the kind of status Auba had at the club, he had to either live up to it or be let go. You can’t have someone like him not turning up to training or being late when the very culture the manager is trying to build is based out of respect, passion and commitment.

    The talk about Arteta not being able to get the best out of Auba is absolutely rubbish – Auba had his best spell at the club in the first 8 months of Arteta’s reign. Besides, no player is ever bigger than the club – the manager has to have the final say and I’m glad it is Auba out of the door and not Arteta. Do we really want a football club to be run by its stars or by the management? There is not a club in the world that can be successful the moment a player dictates how the club is run instead of the manager.

    For those thinking that the club made a mistake financially – well I disagree! Firstly, contrary to some of the reports that Arsenal was paying part salary compensation whilst he is at Barcelona – False! Arsenal only terminated the contract, there was no deal to pay any of his salary. He effectively became a free agent to be able to join another club. He was on a staggering 350k/week. Given he joined in Feb, Arsenal have already saved 10mil in wages to date! He is going to Chelsea for more or less the same amount – so financially it has not been bad deal for Arsenal. It has freed up the wages and we’ve had to do that given the circumstances.

    However the biggest gain was that he was not in a squad and the manager could really build what he wanted. The arrivals of Jesus in particular but also that of Zinchenko, return of Saliba, extension of contracts now for Saka, making Odegaard captain have all been possible only because Auba left. You cannot sell the vision of a young, hungry team that is motivated to play for each other, respect each other, show passion and commitment when you star player who is captain on an exorbitant wage not bothered about the team.

    I’m proud of how the club handled the situation. I’m proud that the owners backed Edu and Arteta, and that Edu had Arteta’s back. I’m hugely impressed with Arteta, whilst he is still a very young manager – he has stamped his authority and shown how he wants to run this football club. I’m of the same ilk and would rather have a team that is hardworking, committed, show passion and fight for the badge than relying on talented players who can’t even respect their teammates.

    It has taken a few painful years however Arsenal are finally where they need to be, a club that has an identity, a club that strives to show passion and commitment, respects everyone and whether we win or lose, we turn up and do our best. What more can one expect? Let’s face it – we are not going to ever be bank rolled like how Man City, Chelsea and likes have been – we’re different and that’s what makes Arsenal. This is a new beginning and I’m hugely excited. We can talk about finishing in the CL spots or winning cups, but for all that to happen we needed to change the culture, we needed to have identity and we needed to have everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. All of this takes a huge amount of sacrifice, pain, belief and backing. We’re slowly getting there. So let’s move on from the past and support not only the players, but the manager, the club and everyone in it – it is time we stand united as one!

    1. TONY, Certainly the single most REALISTIC AND PROFOUNDLY TRUE POST , I have seen on JA in many years. What obvious wisdom about how MA runs our club, even though sadly rare on here til very recently. APPLAUSE FROM ME!

    2. Agree 100% Tony

      Football is a team sport and the only way Arsenal can win any significant trophy is if everybody at the club pulls hard in the same direction.

      Auba was clearly dragging his feet and making his own rules.

      He had to be kicked out whatever the cost and even if that left the team thin up front.

      Better to have a small but united and motivated squad than a larger and more skilled one made of players not committed to the project.

    3. Absolutely spot on Tony. Personally, I think we will win the league this year. World cup mid season will throw some curve balls to teams, in terms of injuries and fatigue. We have as good a chance as anyone and have started strong 💪 The togetherness that I’m seeing, both of and on the pitch makes me think, this will be our year. Come on Arsenal ❤️🤍

  15. What happened was quite clearly shown on AON, I guess the author didn’t watch it.

    Which makes this article rather overtaken by events – the stated assumptions are known to be incorrect.

    Sensible posts above by people such as Tony, sylva, GAI show why it was the right decision anyway.

  16. We are selling poorly..auba ,laca ,ozil for free..leno is not 3.5 mil player..torriera for 7 mil, bellerin is going for free..clubs are testing our resolve …maybe we will get a 5 mil bid for amn.

  17. Reading between thelines of this “oh so diplomatic” but interesting piece from Anders, I can ses he personally agrees with me .
    My opinion is, that far from not demanding a fee for idle and self centred Auba, he should NEVER have been offered that damaging contract which took away all his hunger to even try properly ever again. Were I manager I WOULD GET ALL THE COASTERS AND FRAUDS LIKE AUBA AND THAT EVEN BIGGER CONMAN , OZIL, OUT .

    But then, I would never have even been trying to even buy, let alone play, ANYONE whose commitment is to themself and NOT to OUR club.

    Just my life philosophy which has not changed in over 60 years as a GOONER AND WHICH NEVER WILL.

    1. Just remind me Jon, who gave Aubemeyang that salary and contract?

      The other point Jon is that your idea of a fraud and coaster doesn’t agree with Arteta, who’s running our club with players you continually label as such.
      Xhaka and Elneny Jon??

      It is obvious that MA sees more of the players than any fan, so, if we are to support him 100% (as kronkie has done) then we should stop barracking his players shouldn’t we?

      As for Aubemeyang, I believe the club stated they were paying part of his salary, if that’s NOT true, then it changes the picture a little…. but I’m still trying to find another club who gave away their golden boot player, no matter what the circumstances were.

  18. Aubamayeng was on £350k per week, putting in poor performance and creating a toxic environment. If AFC put him up for sale no one would have come for him because of his wages and the risk involved. He would not want to take a wage reduction meaning we would have to put up with him for two more years. Either way he was going to leave on a free. Edu and the team knew this, so instead of having a problem get rid of it. It was going to cost us £7m if we kept him in any case.

    1. Not to mention medical bills if he got injured. So good business all around. Just look at our supporters now? They in a good space.

    2. But he DID take a wage reduction when he joined Barcelona, so he WAS willing to listen to offers – hence his move to Barcelona.

      1. I have heard that Auba traveled to Barcelona without permission to push through a transfer to Barca. Auba had a desire to play for them and therefore accepted a very ordinary contract, as a result of Barca’s financial problems.

  19. We should have insisted on a sell on clause but that was then this is now. The all or nothing series showed some of the issue with auba and had he stayed he wouldn’t have contributed, only negatively, even if he was back in the team . Good luck to him he did good things for a while, move on now and hope he doesn’t score against us when we play Chelsea is all.

  20. We supposedly paid 7 million to offload him (not certain that is true give the way he was forcing the move, essentially get a year extension and not taking that much of a wage cut.) In the 7 months we have saved 9.8 million in wages (reported at the time as 27 mil saved overall.) That is 2.8 million in profit worst case. Worth noting that a decent portion of the 7 million would of been outstanding loyalty bonuses (1st of which would of been due this summer) that we would have to have paid if we sold him anyway without him handing in a transfer request (why would he?) but it’s impossible for us to put an exact figure on that. The reality is we would of saved much more. Slashing the wage bill is absolutely correct, it impacts FFP rules directly.

    The second point is would Chelsea be interested in signing Auba if he had remained with us exiled from the squad? If so what fee would they be willing to pay in that scenario? Certainly they would be aware that we’d need to get his 350,000 off the wage budget. How would of having Auba stuck on his wages until the end of the transfer window have effected are incoming business? Substantially I’d argue. What if he’d come back into the squad (adding further bonus costs, 50k per start reportedly for instance) and continued his bad form prior to exile? Stating that we’d of got a transfer fee for him regardless considering he is also now on 62,000 odd a week less at Barcelona on the back of scoring quite a lot of goals is not thinking deeply about it at all in my opinion. Even the exact circumstances could be impossible. Would Barca be willing to pay a fee for Alonso to help facilitate the move? It’s not as simply as saying he is going for a fee now we’d of got that, the circumstances are completely different.

    Debate on Arteta and personalities is simple if he was that difficult to work with and as some have claimed unable to coach then the rest of the squad would of downed tools in protest of the treatment of Guendouzi or Auba. They did not, case closed. Jesus/Zinchenko joining when they had multiple options and knew him very well just ices that cake.
    Every manager will have certain types they clash with just like humans in general and if Arteta has certain non-negotiables then some players will not be able to abide by that either.

    On the January business. It’s all if’s and buts. Isak could of been bought for 80+ million clearly overpaying by 30 million and as a young unproven in the prem signing who would not be familiar with our style would not have guaranteed top 4 either way. People seem to forget we could of spent and still missed out which would of left us unable to do the business we have this summer. Spurs were lucky Bentacur/Kulu were available and knew Conte’s personality/style low risk and pretty cheap. Had we been able to sign Zinchenko/Jesus in Jan then yes we’d likely of got top 4 because they didn’t need to get used to Arteta’s personality or style. That was not on the table. Also I think it’s fair to say the squad we had should of actually got over the line in the top 4 race the way it played out. Beating Southampton alone where Forster played a blinder in goal (great saves to deny Martinelli, Saka twice, ESR and Xhaka) for them would of done it.

    The if’s and buts game can be played either way round. Reality is we finished 5th. We’ve had a great transfer window. We’ve started the season fantastic winning all 5 and the fanbase has not been this united or this optimistic in many years. Long may it continue, past is past.

    1. There are still some flaws to how we are operating now, if u want to be the best u keep looking to improve the process not just close your eyes and think we are perfect. Our dealings in transfer market has been appalling, remember transfer market is not only about buying but selling as well. Our failure to recognise and land a striker was a big mistake. Even now if we don’t land a DM then we repeated same mistake as last season and not learnt from it.

      1. Totally agree that we should always be improving. Totally disagree that our dealing in the transfer market have been appalling.

    1. Not really. They could easily get top without him at our expense. Not like we’ve sold him direct is it? Would we have Jesus had we kept him? Quite likely no unless Jesus was willing to wait until now for the transfer and then we’d of missed him for the start. In my mind Chelsea are adding yet another expensive over 30 to their squad no doubt on a long contract and overpaying for him too. Quite excited by Chelsea’s business this summer could leave them in a very awkward position going forwards with the high fee/wages they are dishing out. We are already 8 clear of Chelsea, not worried.

      1. No but you could have kept in from Jan – may where he do better then Lacca and Eddie then sell him to Chelsea
        That way you get money and be in top 4

        1. Except if we kept him there is no guarantee we’d of got top 4 he was in awful form for a year before then for us, I defended him a lot initially believing he’d rediscover his form but he didn’t. Laca/Eddie both outperformed Auba when compared side by side that season, Auba started more games than Eddie and scored 1 less.

          Seems a little wishful to believe he’d of magically been better all of a sudden. The change of scenery and a much more direct Barca did him wonders, weirdly his only good patch under Arteta was when we were playing more defensive/direct. Let’s see how he gets on at Chelsea 33 with a 2 year contract + 1 year extension and what wages are reported as well.

          Apart from against us I wish him luck, was our best player at times. Don’t forget 101 mil Lukaku 29 and his insane wages return to Chelsea next year. He’s only got 1 so far for Inter. If he has a dodgy season for them Chelsea will have to eat a huge loss to get him off their books if Auba has a dodgy season as well they are in massively awkward situation having spent 278.4 mil in transfer fees alone this summer.

  21. Now looks like Bellerin is off to Barca with another contract cancellation. Edu must have set a record of contract cancellation. He will be the 6th Arsenal player who we could not sell. No wonder FFP needs to have a look into our accounts. Really poor by Edu, we need to get another person in club who can sell players and take that responsibility away from Edu of selling players. He is giving other clubs free gifts. If we keep this up then even current players will be like yeah let’s negotiate more pay with another club and leave for nothing.

    1. No, it’s reported as being a free transfer not a cancellation and that it includes a”substantial” sell-on clause.

      1. And apparently Bellerin has waived any monies due to him from Arsenal (not clear to me what they might be – maybe we weren’t paying him to help him acclimatise to life in Barcelona ;)).

        1. Loyalty fees. Usually agreed upon signing a new contract and split over the length of the contract. When ever you sell a player you have to pay the outstanding amount.

        2. The one year left on his legally binding contract I would assume and who knows what add ons were in that contract?

          Still no fee though, wasn’t that what Arsenal were insisting on with regards to the player?

  22. Let us don’t forget that the arsenal process is not for now but for the near future which would take at least three to four years before thinking of winning the premier league title. Also, teams will not just sit and see arsenal winning the title easily because they have a combined team that have been together for two or three years. Every year premier league teams prepare for new season, so it’s difficult. Arsenal most times developed players and at the end these same players will strike and want to move to clubs which are bigger than arsenal as long as the money they’re going to get to the next club is huge. So, for me I don’t believe on this process because at the end this boys will become superstars and bigger clubs will come for them. Will arsenal stand their not to leave.

  23. Being a leader means making decisions that do not always appear sensible or rational. When you know all the facts in a case, the “idiot” suddenly appears as a genius. Terminating Auba’s contract was done based on a cost-benefit analysis, and what’s best for Arsenal in the long term, which I support 🔴⚪️

    1. How do you know that Didrik?

      MA, or anyone else at the club has ever said it was a cost cutting move.

      The official reason was for disciplinary reasons.

    2. As you say it is quite clear that careful thought and analysis went into the decision to let Aubameyang go.
      However, this perspective is far too intricate for many on JA. As far as they are concerned the decision was simply “stupid”.

      1. Well David, if it’s far to intricate for some and I guess you don’t believe your stupid, perhaps you could enlighten everyone?

        Chelsea have just announced the signing of Aubameyang – Barca get him off their salary roster, but they also get a transfer fee and aren’t paying a contribution to his salary.

        Barca certainly haven’t been stupid have they?
        Neither has Aubameyang, he’s still going to play CL football.

        1. You realise a deal can work for everyone Ken? It was good for us, good for Barca and good for Auba not everything is zero sum. Barca needed a bargain, Auba needed a change of scenery, we needed his wages gone. Don’t think it will be good for Chelsea in value terms but we will see, he played well under Tuchel before so not impossible.

  24. Well, I have never considered disciplinary problems as an asset, and neither do Arsenal. Considering all pluses and minuses regarding keeping Auba, or terminating his contract, is nothing but a cost-benefit analysis.

      1. See my reply to David above.
        I have no problem with MA choosing to let him go, but I can’t stand Chelsea giving Barcelona a reported £18,000,000 for his services!!
        Let’s see if Tuks can get the player to abide by the club’s rules.

          1. So are you saying that IF Arteta wanted to keep him, the club still would have insisted he left?

            REMEMBER what the kronkie’s said “We support Mikel Arteta 100%” and backed that up with a three year contract.

            If Mikel wanted to keep him, he would still be here and not at Chelsea, while Barcelona receive £12,000,000.

            1. Where do I write that Arteta wanted to keep Auba? Arteta has the trust and support of Kroenke, but Arteta does not alone decide whether Arsenal will take a loss on a star player’s contract or not. Nor did he make the decision alone to terminate Özil’s contract.

              When a player leaves Arsenal, for whatever reason there is always a risk that he will find success with another club.
              There is even a risk that he returns and score goals against us, but I don’t dwell on that. Little use crying over spilled milk.

  25. Whether we like it or not, the PEA ghost created by Arteta, will be here to haunt him all season long. “Unfinished business in the premier league” is only our ex-captains first shot across the bows.

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