Analysis of what Jurrien Timber will bring to Arsenal (plus video)

What would Jurrien Timber add to the Arsenal team?

As Jurrien Timber’s move to Arsenal edges closer to completion, here is an in-depth article of what he will bring to the table:

Jurrien Timber has emerged as a vital component of Ajax’s evolved attacking approach, showcasing his skills as a facilitator in a system that relies on well-coordinated movements.

While some may perceive his cautiousness as negative, it actually demonstrates his excellent understanding of the team’s tactics and his selflessness on the pitch. Timber’s off-the-ball movement is commendable, as he seamlessly transitions into midfield when needed and adjusts his positioning during deep build-up to create space for his teammates.

His strengths lie in his awareness, tactical intelligence, and composure on the ball. Timber patiently manipulates opponents, using every second to open up passing lanes and enable the team’s playmaker to maximize the tempo of play. However, there are areas where Timber can improve, such as man-to-man marking and avoiding defensive recklessness.

Timber’s ability to adjust his body position, use both feet effectively, and gauge pressure levels in different phases of play allows him to receive the ball in ways that disrupt opponents and initiate attacks.

While he excels in defensive work during final third attacks, pressing opponents from behind, and timing his challenges, he can struggle when tasked with marking specific players. His intensity can fluctuate, impacting his ability to guard crosses and stay aggressive away from his regular positions.

Despite being below 6 feet and not physically imposing, Timber compensates with his ground coverage, physicality, and speed. His body-to-body strength aids him in suffocating duels, while his scanning and positioning help him recover play and make clinical challenges. Trusting his speed more could further enhance his defensive game.

Overall, Jurrien Timber’s contributions to Ajax’s attacking approach and defensive solidity make him a valuable asset. With room for improvement in certain aspects, the 22-year-old defender shows great potential and a willingness to develop his skills further.

Yash Bisht


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  1. That’s the footage of a CB, holy cow if he and Zinny play together we’ll get annihilated. With a name like Timber, I was expecting a Bruiser. I trust Arteta’s judgment though so we’ll see, I’m sure he’s a good player

  2. I think his acquisition will herald the departure of Tomi and Holding.Very good RB but does not have the physical presence and ability in the air to become a commanding centre back in the EPL.

    1. Same comment was made about Lisandro Martinez. Playing CB in this era is all about intelligence and not Stature or physique.

  3. Yes, maybe he will play as our new inverted-RB. I guess that’s why Arsenal don’t seem willing to increase their offer for Rice:

    …….…………..….. Ramsdale
    ………. White ..… Saliba ….. Magalhaes
    ………………. Timber .… Jorginho
    Saka . Odegaard . Zinchenko . Jesus
    ……………………..…. Havertz

    When we don’t have the ball, Timber could drop into the RB position:

    ……………………… Ramsdale
    Timber . White . Saliba . Magalhaes
    …………………….. Jorginho
    Saka . Odegaard . Zinchenko . Jesus
    ………………………. Havertz

      1. What don’t you like about the line-up? Is it the Odegaard-Zinchenko-Jorginho midfield?

        1. The fact Havertz as come as a replacement for Xhaka so won’t be uptop ,and having Jorginho zinchenko and Odegaard in the same midfield is a disaster waiting to happen

          1. What about this?

            …….…………..….. Ramsdale
            White/Timber .. Saliba .. G.M….Zinchenko
            ………………. Rice/other New signing
            ……Saka ………..…. Jesus………..Martinelli

            I think thats the most realistic option and an attempt to imitate man city’s earlier years with bernardo silva as cm next to kdb. If we do get 2 of the defensive midfield targets (e.g. rice AND lavia or any other duo) i could see Rice occupying the no.8 role in some games. Having central midfielders who can occupy the two no. 8 spots but offer completely different things to the team will be very beneficial.

      2. Couldn’t agree more, Dan K. They look like they were picked from a lucky dip bag. All set for mid table.

    1. Martinelli has to start, he is on the same level as Saka and Odegaard and personally I like him a bit more than those two

    2. Anything with Jorginho starting is a no from me. Saying that, anything with Jorghinio being in a 10 mile radius of the first team is a no from me.👍🏻

  4. A midfield three of Jorginho,Odegaard and Zinchenko lacks physical presence, pace and power and is basically lightweight.What has happened to arguably our best player Thomas Partey, Xhaka and Rice?

  5. Well I don’t need to understand Arteta and Edu, I expect a powerful lineup, Timber seems good, I expect Zubimendi/Savic in Midfield for effectiveness, else with Jorginho,Odegaard, we will be squash to pieces,
    IMO, Rice nor Caicedo is worth £60m, if we must, its got to be both of them, if we’re to challenge for the title,

    I just hope there’s no politics involved in all this, else whys Partey been rumoured to leave?

  6. Until two weeks ago I had never heard of Jurrien Timber.
    I can neither say I am disappointed with this or excited by it.
    Very much a “meh” moment for me.
    Which is a very different reaction to the news of us potentially signing Havertz which is a baffling “why?!”

    1. Same tbh ,I don’t know one thing about him ,only that Ajax want to 50 million .
      Can’t really see it’s a position that needs upgrading

      1. Guys, timber has been around for 4 years now, so if you haven’t heard of him, its most likely because you are more focused in EPL news and teams.

        This guy played 15 times for Netherlands already and he has more than 120 appearances for Ajax. At the age of 22.

        Am not gonna pretend that i am watching Eredivisie regularly (i do watch 5-10 Ajax eredivisie matches and some ucl matches per year as one of my friends is obsessed with Ajax), but i have a decent sample and i honestly think that he will be a solid option for us, mostly in right back (even though his main position is CB) . He is great with the ball at his feet, smart, fast, strong but his tendency to go forward too often and lack of height imo make him suitable for a right back or for a center back in games against weaker teams. If he is to be employed at the same time as zinchenko, we will most likely need a reaaally good def. midfielder

  7. Once again we have to settle with our second or third choice target.

    If we seriously look at Tapsoba, why not pay the difference since Xhaka will be going to that same club.

    Maybe the gaffer obsession with the inverted full backs is the order of the day

    1. Timber is a priority target in the backline for Arteta, not 2nd or 3rd choice. Tapsoba was/is under consideration but not 1st choice.

    2. the target is not a center back. the target is a player that can offer solid competition to BW and also cover for Saliba (or send BW to cover for saliba while he occupies the RB spot). Basically the player should be able to play both RB and CB and be good with his feet. Tapsoba is a great player, but doesn’t fit that description. In an ideal world we would get both and replace Tomiyasu and Holding. I think that either Tomi or Holding will remain for one more season, irrespective of who will will get.

  8. This is the signing that really excites me. Forget Declan Rice and Lavia, this is the one. Timber is the real deal and what an upgrade on Holdinho!!!!

  9. So we have Tomi and BW that can both play RB and CB….cant see why we are buying a third player like this?

    Not saying he’s not good but surely there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed in our squad.

    1. 👍exactly my point uptop
      Ben white for me was in our top 3 players last season ,and I held my hand up and said he proved me wrong regarding his transfer fee ,not so good as a CB but in a back 3 playing at right back no one better in the league IMO , which makes this transfer odd even though I know nothing about timber ,especially when we have Tomi also

      1. You never if Arteta wants to use White in as CDM???
        Just like Pep used Stones..
        False CB
        So if that’s the case then you need 1 RB

    2. Well when Saliba and Tomi got injured our season imploded as Holding was not good enough ! So another flexible defender is a must on that side of the pitch

      Kiwior and Gabriel as CBs….

      LB we have Zinch and Tierney with Kieran likely to leave so need more cover on that side also …or is Kiwior left footed ?

    3. If Ben White plays then Zinchenko plays inverted LB. With Timber playing inverted RB, Kiwior or Tierney will play tuck in LB so Benny and Zinny can rest. You get it?

  10. My understanding is that Timber is going to be used as an iverted right back just like Zinchenko has been used last season. I think Mikel decided to shift this tactic to the right side because Zinchenko was no good at defending
    hence the idea to use Timber at the right side as he is a better defender and has similar or even better qualities than Zinchenko.

    To me, this transfer makes sense.

  11. It seems odd to me playing a left sided inverted full back (Zinchenko) and a right sided inverted full back (Timber) in the same first XI; wouldn’t that leave our defence bare for counter attacks?
    I don’t understand why we’re interested in an inverted right full back.

    1. Off course, playing two inverted full back does not make sense. I guess Mikel wants to use Timber on the right and Tierney/Kiwior on the left.

      Remember the last two games, Mikel was using Partey as an inverted Right back and Kiwior on the left side. Since he needs Partey in the midfield, he is trying to use a specialist (Timber) capable of defending, baller, and with speed to cover the right back in case he is caught out of position.

  12. From that video, I am seeing a press resistance RB/CB but can he stand the EPL on the physical side?

  13. What I like about Arteta is that he was not picked from office park, he’s a professional footballer himself. For that matter, he’s fully aware of who he wants and the expectations of individuals. My point is he studies players and marks them accordingly that is his job. All the best to him, who knows Arsenal may be the champions of some cup on offer next season.

  14. He must be first defensively solid and the attacking part is secondary. Once Saliba got injured our defence weakened considerably so we need a strong defence. A strong attack gets goals whilst a strong defence gets titles.

    1. We got second not because we got solid defenders. We got second because we got ball playing defenders to control the game, back to front.

  15. Hopefully the signing of Timber by Arsenal will workout magnificently for us as it’s beuig placed to work but has Arsenal signed him? For, I’ve not read of Arsenal signing him this summer

  16. Hopefully the signing of Timber by Arsenal will workout magnificently for us as it’s being planning to work. But has Arsenal signed him? For, I’ve not read of Arsenal signing him this summer

  17. Hopefully the signing of Timber by Arsenal will workout magnificently for us as it’s being planned to work. But has Arsenal signed him? For, I’ve not read of Arsenal signing him this summer

  18. He’s good at bringing the ball forward to midfield with his dribbling, he creates a lot of passing lanes. But I prefer to see his defensive attributes which the uploader failed to show

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