Analysis of who Arsenal need after Elneny – and who should go?

Happy Gooner! New Signing Arrived, do we need more and what do we do with what we have?‏ by SOH

Now we have signed Mohammed Elneny from FC Basle for about 5m rising to 7.5m, who else do we go for or do we need more?

With Coquelin, Santi and Jack back we would have a midfield 7 (rotational) of these 3 playing alongside Elnenny, Rambo, Flamini & Chambers. Calum in there too as he will be taking Flamini’s place for next season and will be vital cover until our injuries are back. Not a bad midfield base to have!

I know Santi is injured but when he is back I believe he will cover that no10 role when Mesut needs a break. Plus for next season young Reine-Adelaide will be coming through so I doubt another no10 will be bought, Jack can also play there so plenty of options when fit!

Defensively we are pretty good at the back barring one or two movements maybe happening between now and September. Apparently Debuchy will be loaned now in Jan, so who covers Hector? Jenko is at WH so do we call him back? Or is it Chambers?, but is Le Prof not trying CB/DM? At LB we are good with Monreal as Gibbs isn’t going to push him out of that position anytime soon. As long as Gibbs gets his head right he is good enough to cover at least for Arsenal.

The Centre-back position is a really hard one as Per annoys the hell out of me, but can we play Gabriel/Boss alongside each other without leaving ourselves very exposed as they both like to push on. One would need to learn to sit back, and that has to be Gabriel as Boss going forward is a huge weapon that is great to have! If he learns how to do Per’s job to cover Boss then he has to start… he has the speed, power and aggression needed for back there. We could do with another CB in the summer but Hayden is back so wonder what Wenger will do with him?

Cech – Need i say anymore!! Greatness…

That leaves our attacking 3positions to fill and have cover for, we actually have quite a bit when you look at loans etc coming back.

LW – Sanchez – cover – Walcott, Iwobi
ST – Giroud – cover – Welbeck, Akpom
RW – Campbell – cover – The Ox, Gnabry, Wellington Silva

Now where do you fit everyone as we need a new attacker? Aubameyang has been mentioned and I would love it, but I seriously doubt anything will be coming from that. In saying that, what do we do with the rest as they all cant play? Some are not good enough in my opinion and need loaned out or sold to spare up space, and that’s nearly all the cover we have bar Walcott and Welbeck!. Campbell or Giroud would be good cover for any new attacker coming in would they not?

Who do you think we need to sign, who do you think we will actually sign, and what do we do with the youngsters and oldt-imers of the team who are not cutting it anymore?

There is a lot for the club to be happy about at this moment in time;
• 1st in the League
• UCL last 16 v Barcelona
• Great Stadium with No debts
• Training Facilities – One of best in Europe
• Our Youth Academy
• 4 Trophies added in 2 years (Community Shield and FA Cup x2)
• Great Squad, uninjured
• Money, our own, to complete squad
• Lastly, Great Fan Base.

What more could we ask for, a lot to be positive about and it’s nice to be able to enjoy what Arsenal are doing! Onwards and Upwards Gooners! Have a good week and on to the defense of our FA CUP, lets make it 3 in a row!



  1. There is a lot for the club to be happy about
    at this moment in time;
    • 1st in the League
    • UCL last 16 v Barcelona
    • Great Stadium with No debts
    • Training Facilities – One of best in Europe
    • Our Youth Academy
    • 4 Trophies added in 2 years (Community
    Shield and FA Cup x2)
    • Great Squad, uninjured
    • Money, our own, to complete squad
    • Lastly, Great Fan Base.

    What more could we ask for?……


    1. Plenty
      Chelsea to be relegated
      Spuds to go back back to where they belong
      Mike Dean never near an Arsenal game again.
      Mourinho in a Psychiatric ward and Eva the doctor in charge.

      1. No. I want Sp*d second. You know what that would mean? Arsenal automatic first because they cannot finish above us.

  2. Elneny will replace:
    short term: Jack Wilshere & Santi Cazorla
    long term: Little Mozart and Mikel Arteta

    since Flamini is likely to leave aswell in the summer I’d still like to see a DM coming in this window.

    1. When making serious analysis of Arsenal squad, I think it is a great blunder bringing Wilshere into the equation.

      1. I just meant to say Wilshere isn’t going to be fully match fit for quite a while, so Elneny will be a short term solution for him aswell. Elneny has a similar playing style but a bit less aggressive.

  3. It’s obvious for me that arsenal need 4 players to become a world class team like bayern and real madrid i couldn’t dare mention barcelona because they have unbelievable front three and they maybe the best attack in history of football
    we are lacking quality in the ST as well as the RW of course giroud and campvell are very good players but in my opinion they are less in quality than the rest of the team so we need to improve the quality in these positins
    About the DM it’s a number issue and i think the position is covered with flamini doing good job and elneny coming which can be deployed there
    About the fourth signing we need is a center back
    I don’t think i saw till now enough minutes for gabriel to tell if he can make the position his own or not
    But what makes me doubt him that wenger didn’t choose him till now over per which means he is not miles ahead of him so i think we need a new better CB
    This team can go and fight for every thing even the champions leafue


  4. we need one more player .
    two if debuchy runs away screaming- i will play in these euros if its the last thing i dooooooo

  5. I’m guessing that the writer of this Article (SOH) is a door to door salesman?
    He just sold me the lot! ???

    Speechless….. I feel mugged ???

  6. Arsenal are close to signing Adrien Rabiot with the player’s mum in London for talks over the switch, according to reports.

    The Gunners have been strongly linked with Rabiot recently after he publicly announced he wants to leave Paris Saint Germain this month.

    And now Ita Sport Press says he’s closing in on a move to Arsenal with his mother, who works as his agent.

    Oh dear, I hope that Giroud behaves himself! ?
    The last thing we need is this kids mum taking selfie’s in a hotel room with Super lamp post in the background wearing only his skimpy Y-fronts! ???

  7. “I know Santi is injured but when he is back I believe he will cover that no10 role when Mesut needs a break”

    Santi will only cover for Zidane. And Zidane is retired.

  8. Cazorla has been absolutely immense in our much improved side. He relieves pressure in midfield, runs our attacks and is incredibly responsible in his positioning. World-class in my opinion and no way known he’ll sit on the bench if fit when there are so many positions and roles he can play.
    Your evaluation of Mertesacker is simply naïve. He came up huge against City, Bayern and a range of massive games for us this season. Our defensive record in 2015 was a huge improvement on previous years. Big hairy played a pivotal role in that.
    Though onto the main question being asked by the article… Midfield’s been a problem. Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Coquelin, Rosicky and Santi having huge injury spells is simply not on. Personally, after reading an interview with Elnenny about him learning to play the game playing 6hrs a day and a quick squiz at his injury record, durability may have been a positive in selecting him as a potential transfer. I can’t pretend to know all that much about him at all other than watching his youtube compilations. But in fairness Gervinho looks as good as Messi in some of his youtube comps.. So really can’t give much of an educated opinion. Can’t see him displacing Ramsey in the B2B role initially, and whether or not Wenger will trust him in the holding role ahead of Flam or Chambers is anybody’s guess!
    I’d like to see Rosicky and Flamini moved on respectfully at the end of the season. I wouldn’t mind if we keep Arteta as an experienced head and training and dressing room presence as Cazorla would be the only mature figure in midfield. Any reliance on him for anything other than cup appearances is wrong for me though. That’d leave us with Coq, Santi, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta and Elnenny. Bielik, Crowley, Maitland-Niles or Hayden may potentially be ready for squad roles? If not then the rumoured unsettled, and long-term target of Rabiot could be great. Might be a hard sell though after his limited first-team opportunities with PSG, first-team assurances may be hard to give if our midfield finds fitness.

  9. Start from the backline.

    GK: Cesc & Ospina. No need to buy.

    LB: Monreal & Gibbs. No need to buy.

    RB: Bellerin & Chambers (Debuchy leaving?). No need to buy.
    Chambers will only be cover but it will give him more experience than sitting on bench. If we buy someone then it will push Jenks out the door completely and he is worth bringing back to compete against Bellerin. No need to buy.

    CB: Per, Kos, Gabriel & Chambers. Yes Chambers again, Bellerin is good with his fitness and can play a lot so being last choice CB is the Wenger way to help give more game time and development. In reference to Gabriel needing to learn to curb his attacking capability… It should actually be Kos who learns to sit back, he is not going to stay as quick as he is and he isn’t as young as he use to be, learning to play without the agility to get back will set him up to play until his mid 30’s. No need to buy.

    Holding CM: Coquelin, Nene(If it goes through), Flamini, Chambers & Byliek. Yes Chambers, how much will a 4th choice play? as before, Wenger way and gives player experience. No need to buy any more after Nene

    Linkup CM: Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky & Nene. If others who have researched Nene since we been linked have seen what I have then they will know that Nene could also play as a def minded B2B player and he has decent passing to help link up the def to the attack. No need to buy.

    Creative CM: Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey. Our link up players can fill the void when Ozil needs a rest and we have plenty of talent who is pushing through. No need to buy.

    Wide Attacker: Alexis, Campbell, Welbeck & The Ox. No Gnabry and Silva yet, Silva may be ready for us next season but I believe Wenger will look for a EPL team to loan him for 1 more season. Gnabry is an exciting talent but he has had a few injuries, let him get over that issue on loan and not end up being injured when we need him because we didn’t buy… Put Welbeck as a wide attacker as I believe Wenger will deploy him out wide to learn more and to work on his shooting, like Theo was a wide player for most of his development with Wenger.
    I didn’t include Theo as he is a CF now and only playing out wide due to injuries, I bet he will play more time as a CF when injuries ease up.

    I would say we need to buy a player who can raise the level we have on the right as Campbell is becoming our main man for that spot, this isn’t a knock against Campbell but recognizing that he is developing and stepping up but he can step up even more. With another TOP player to compete against then I believe he can become as good as Alexis, he seems to have a lot of passion to do well for us.

    The rumor of Aubameyang is logical, he can play on the right and he knows how to score along with providing a consistent supply of chances/assists. He knows how to play CF so he could rotate with the CF during the game. This will support Theo as the CF due to his ability to rotate with a wide player and fulfill the wide attacking duties while the wide player provides a different threat in the middle.

    The other CF in the team is Giroud and as such we do NOT need to buy.
    Giroud may not be Messi… He can score though! Girouds dry patches have been harsher in the periods where he had no one to rotate with him and as such he played a LOT, when he has come back from injury or because Theo kept him out then you see the real Giroud, the Giroud who is fresh and got lots to give.

    That is the perfect CF combination for Arsenal currently and the depth comes from players who want to be there (Welbeck) and players with experience (Aubameyang?). Depending on the game to who starts and if that plan doesn’t work then go with plan b and use the other CF who will be a different style.

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