Analysis of the risks – If Wenger left Arsenal?

A request to Mr Wenger by AD

Does change equates with risk? If it does, then ipso facto consistency must be identified with safety. Unless, one is able to find that high – octane quality of taking risks consistently. Results must then be born out of ability to shun or bear risks. Exempli gratia: A manager will not change a winning combination even when it is apparent to him that the combination itself is inherently flawed. Thus, while taking a risk that it might all come undone at a most opportune or inopportune moment, the manager shuns the risk of trying to find a more optimum combination that might work better for longer in future.

But then what if, and just to point out there is ample risk in this ‘if’, the combination crashes repeatedly after few highs in favour of ‘vast-and-hard’ to recover lows. Is it combination that is at fault or is it the one who is the constructor of the combination that is at fault? It was after all the combination that gave those highs, which ultimately could not be sustained any longer, whereof the replacement ‘link’ was not found optimum enough to pave the way for new ‘high’ Is it then the fault of the ‘link’ or of the combination or of the constructor? Surely then, having suffered such travesty before the constructor must be wiser now in stuffing strong ‘links’ in his pocket to stave off or facilitate hasty recovery from crashes. But then again it happens, so who’s to blame now, the constructor, the combination, the old links or the store that ran out of ‘new links’. Perhaps it is the game itself that is at fault or is it organizers or even the patch-eyed-bandit-with-gimpy-leg who pick-pocketed our constructor.

If you are confused and ready to bash me over the head should I introduce myself to you in some dark alley for this rambling prolixity, then you are not the only one. For it is the same feeling I get while reading the Wenger ‘in – or – out’ debate. How can anyone, irrespective of which side the argument comes from, claim himself/herself as correct. If they do, hell they must be real geniuses or soothsayers or something. For us normal folks who are no better than the next, and can see no further in the future than the next person, at best we can say —- we do not have a sure-shot answer.

What we have is anger and hurt. Again. And the fact that all of it comes with a distinct feeling of deja vu makes us feel humiliated as well for thinking that this time it was going to be different. So now what to do? Well, truth-be-told there is nothing we could do. We must grit and bear it. Some real cowboys might even grin-and-bear it. Heck, there must be some real optimists who might feel spurred on to put their loyalty on show at ‘a time like this’.

Me. I just want this season to end. So we can move on. I know we are not going to win anything this season. I have known it for a long time now. I know we are going to have Wenger with us next season. If he’s not we might have to check if the Earth is still revolving around the sun. I know the next transfer window will be a version of transfer windows gone by. I know we will feel the same way come September 2016 that we felt come September 2015 or 2014 …. Bitter as well as sweet. Proportions may vary but both tastes would be there in our mouths. We would have the quality to play attractive and at times unbeatable football. But then again at time we would have our stuffing knocked out of us. We might be in line to win something but we will probably win something that would just not be satisfying enough or may be we will win nothing at all. And I will probably be writing another version of the same article. As I have done in previous three years variedly. It would be nice if some of you may remember. You may call me pessimist but I prefer to be a realist. And if I were a statistics man, I would be on an even more solid ground in my reading of the situation next term as would stats of the recent seasons gone by would dictate.

There is a serious lack of inspiration at Arsenal that would make us look towards future with excitement and anticipation. And I am sure that if the players are as human as us fans, even they would be feeling a distinct lack of inspiration presently. Even when everything is rosy for Arsenal there is this fear in the back telling me that it may go sideways anytime and real fast. So why shouldn’t the players be having the same doubts. I mean we do want to play like machines but they are human after all. And when the slide does happen, I tell myself I just knew it. Wenger has become, rightly or wrongly, symptomatic of everything that is wrong with Arsenal. He is an albatross around Arsenal’s neck. I do not know whether after him things would improve or fall apart even more but I think it would nice to view a season without Wenger around my neck.

Yes, there are those who point out how things could be lot worse without Wenger. That may also be true. So for arguments’ sake lets accept the premise that without Wenger we would be like Man United. So what would we be missing except a Champions League place? I am sure we would still compete for FA Cup and without CL might even make good fist of the ‘other domestic cup’. Then would CL, apart from financial reasons, loss be really a loss. It is not as if we seem to be taking CL seriously – crashing out at the first hurdle consistently. Some might say we are just making up the numbers. So would a couple of seasons without CL, to re-evaluate ourselves be so bad.

Now, for the other side let’s assume that Wenger stays is a good thing. It will ensure CL qualification like clockwork. But considering that from next season there will be about 10 serious league contenders, what chance would a realist give to Arsenal in lieu of its track record for say last 5 years. If one looks at the past under Wenger it seems we have as much chance of winning the league under Wenger as under a new coach. Risk is there either way. That is unless we reconcile ourselves to a new emerging reality that, while Arsenal might financially be a big club in footballing terms, we would in line to at best a middle club. One with a shot to win everything but will probably win essentially nothing. With such thinking there is no risk. It’s all good, and if we win something it would be such a pleasant surprise.

What it would be is that it would be nice to have someone new talking to me from the helm of Arsenal. At least I would be able to look towards the future with a new hope without the old baggage. It might not go well, but at least there would be anticipation that the new guy may succeed where the last one failed. And maybe if the right guy is found, anticipation, optimism, ambition, confidence and excitement can be found again. So, I want to risk more disappointment in asking, very politely and very respectfully, Mr. Wenger to go. Thank you for all the wonderful feelings and for not so good ones. You will be remembered. Rest assured. But please just go.

I think it’s time we took some risk. We do it so gallantly and at times frustratingly on football pitch. Why not take some off it as well?



  1. An era must come to an end and should come to an end quick. It has been frustration enough of recent.

  2. Look…Wenger has to leave one day. He won’t be manager forever. Even if no one can sack him, he won’t be able to cheat old age forever. But as long as hr remains there, it shows no ambition. Wenger is no longer improving. He’s just tarnishing his once good record.

  3. wenger leaving this club would be a tremendous waste., im completely against the idea.anyone who downplays his relevance in world football is too busy focusing on why we dont buy cavani an pogba in january lol.

    but as our first team coach he doesnt belong and hasnt for years.

    He hasnt progressed our team in a decade if you look at results…our league capitulations and consistent squad deficiencies
    we will all be saying the same thing this time next year…why…cos we were saying the same thing this time last year.

    just sit tight.vent on here if it helps an accept things wont change for abit.
    perspective is advised, we wont fall down the league and we play in europe no matter how irrelevant every year.

    could be alot worse guys
    i need to learn to not look sideways at other teams success with new managers and player buys.
    cos i get jealous 🙂

  4. Good reading..Although I would have loved some suggestions as to we should replace Wenger…
    I know its not possible but our players will really thrive under Pochetino…
    Look at the way his teams play(Soton and now Spurs)…
    He has now gotten Spurs into the Top4 in his second attempt.
    He is young and very strict, his teams play very positively and they also defend well…
    Personally I am prepared for anything that happens when Wenger leaves..

  5. Can someone be bothered to do an article with all the main or key statements which wenger has made this season?
    (From the summer transfer period to the present day)

    The evidence could be used against him for the courts to grant a divorce from Arsenal fc ???
    For ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’

    1. The list would contain duplicated terms from last seasons, but this one with some few new ones like cohesion, and so on

  6. Muffy..
    The most frustrating is EXACTLY,the same thing happens every season,no matter the player Wenger differnce in eventual season results…
    I can bet with you that without Ozil and Sanchez we would still be making Top4..I honestly dunno how Wenger manages to do that…
    Rivals fans are always very sure of Arsenal’s yearly collapse..
    No matter the kind of run we are,they will say..”Is not Arsenal? You know your position”….
    Our eventual season results is as predictable as our gameplay in recent seasons(sideway passing,possession just for possession sake)…
    No matter what happens when Wenger leaves,let’s embrace it with courage…new ideas are needed pls

    1. Hahaha ?
      Yeah, Of course ….. ???
      There’s more chance of wenger disappearing into the Sunset, at the end of the season!

          1. didnt that used to be on at like 6am?

            i used to get up for school an be like f this….biker mice from mars is way more realistic.

            thudercats with its strong moral message.

            the good ole’ days

  7. What Wenger doesn’t realise is that if he did resign, most fans would actually be in tears across the world when he FINALLY manages his last game for Arsenal because we do appreciate Wenger for what he did in the PAST and we do know the history but we need to look at the FUTURE of the club. I love Wenger but we need change.

  8. Its hard to strenghten our midfield…
    Once again, I think we need a world class striker and a defender but above all, a world class tactician..

  9. It’s always hard to say goodbye to something you are or were attached to. But it is the way of all things..

    So please do one Stan the organ grinder and Wenger his monkey ffs!

    The risk is keeping them at the club any longer.

  10. Now is the hour for you to say GOODBYE
    Wenger it’s time to go and for you to retire.
    We’ve had success and failures to
    Your fame reached far and wide
    But now got to pack your bags
    and bloody move aside.

  11. At man utd it is already decided that whether they win fa cup or not LVG will leave as the board felt man utd is above challenging for just fa cup, but why in arsenal as far as we qualify for top four with fa cup as bonus after 10 years our board are very very very happy and even crown wenger as the life coach of arsenal

  12. At man utd it is already decided that whether they win fa cup or not LVG will leave as the board felt man utd is above challenging for just fa cup, but why in arsenal as far as we qualify for top four with fa cup as bonus after 10 years our board are very very very happy and even crown wenger as the life coach of arsenal?

  13. You need to take risks once in a while
    The reason we haven’t won the PL in 12 years is because Wenger plays it safe. Mostly getting good players that don’t cost too much but can not win us the PL or CL trophies.

    Now even our youth academy doesn’t seem to be giving us WC players or even excellent players. So where do we get them from if we don’t buy them and don’t get them young?

    You need to take a few risks here and there if you want trophies

  14. Change is not a risk. It gives us a new perspective, a new platform, renewed hope and a new dream to chase. But right now we are marooned. After all a ‘new broom sweeps better’. If ‘silent Stan’ is serious about his so called club-branding he must now carefully plan for Arsenal’s life after Wenger.

  15. Interesting read, failed to take the board into account and the owner as well, overall it was lacking.

    AFC is more than just Wenger and the combination of players (links), it is the owner and his yes man who has in part who made the squad, they bought Welbeck and we still need a decent CF.

    Missing out on CL will also affect the type of players we can attract… and keep.

    I like watching Ozil and Alexis, I doubt they would stay if we wasn’t in the CL for a couple seasons, I would like to see players of that quality added but I think it would be harder if we wasn’t in the top competition.

    As for the risk part, Silent Stan wants SAFE profit, if he wanted riskier profit then he would spend more on AFC in the gamble that we would gain a larger income… this hasn’t been the case since in all the time he has been with us, safe profit has rules and that is the reason for so many £25mil sales over the years… the CL money.

    You can’t look at just the manager and players, the coaches are also parts which work to create the larger picture along with physios… Oh of course Ivan the Terrible and Silent Stan.

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