Analysis – The similarities between Arsenal and Leicester’s title winners

Comparison between Arsenal other title winning team by Beastmode

Following my article about the “Style-less Arsenal”, I tried to look at similarities between this team and other EPL champions in recent years.

Compared to other teams that won the EPL trophy in the past few years, this team is more similar to Leicester City. The 2015-16 Champion’s style of play was mostly defending deep and counter attacking whenever they got the possession. They rarely dominated their opponents and mostly relied on the speed of Vardy, and wonderful dribbling of Riyad Mahrez (I can’t believe Wenger didn’t buy him when he was available).

Here are the other comparisons between the current Arsenal team and the title winning Leicester City team.

In Defence, they had Robert Huth, Wes Morgan, Chilwell and Danny Simpson- who were not regarded as world class defenders but rocks in defence. This current Arsenal team have better defenders in Gabriel and KT, while the other Arsenal defenders are about the same level with Foxes’ defenders

What made their defence so strong was the protection they had in front of them from the midfield, and from the rest of the team. The ever industrious N’Golo Kante made his name during that season, and with Danny Drinkwater alongside him, they were a formidable force that made it hard for the opponents to break down. They were simple and efficient. In Thomas Partey and Elneny, Arsenal have the midfielders with the same attributes. These two can play the same role as Kante and Drinkwater. Also, like Leicester, this team defends deep and has everyone behind the ball to protect the defence.

Now the x-factor for the Foxes during that season was Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez. These two fitted like gloves. Mahrez was the outlet that relieved the pressure from the defence and where the attack began. He can score goals and was also great at breaking down the defence with his tantalizing dribbling.

On the other hand Jamie Vardy occupied the CB’s and with his speed and he became a nightmare for the opponent’s defence. Currently, we have Auba who can play Vardy’s role, but we don’t have anyone close to Mahrez’s level of Skill. Nicolas Pepe-The one-legged Arjen Robben knockoff has the dribbling skills but lacks the brain to go with it. The only player close enough and can reach that level of skills is Bukayo Saka. He can dribble and his passing is not too shabby either.

I am not saying this style will win a title again, but all I am saying is that this team just needs some few tweaks and can be as efficient and good as that Leicester title winning team.


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  1. The first essential”tweak” should be to change the current back three formation.Unless this happens a season of mid table mediocrity is on the cards I’m afraid.

  2. Brilliant article but you failed to mention one major player in the Leicester premier league winning team, SHINJI OKAZAKI, he plays as an attacking midfielder and as a forward more like Lacazette but the major difference between him and Lacazette is that he has a better work rate and always score crucial goals unlike Lacazette who waste them and they also have In Schmeichel a very very reliable goalkeeper who doesn’t waste time on the ball. I believe under Arteta we will get there but not this season

  3. You can’t clone a team from the past. The game evolves and managers work hard to solve the puzzle and undo any tactics from the past. That stands the reason why Leicester did not repeat and that stands the reason why EPL teams do not dominate for ever. To win the EPL you have to be creative or you have to have the resources to buy good players. Arsenal will go no where cloning Leicester even with Mehrez.

  4. “A FEW TWEAKS” EH, BEASTMODE? I take a very different view sorry to say but for me, to title challenge seriously, we need at least four new defenders, including two top CB’s as we haveONLY Gabriel of real quality.
    We need a top class RB, A QUALITY CENTRAL ATTACKING MIDFIELD CREATOR WITH REAL WORKRATE and we need to move out much deadwood to finance these imports. UNtil we do all this I see no chance of doing a LEICESTER. NONE AT ALL!

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