Analyst explains how Chelsea and Arsenal are similar in their financial dealings

Arsenal has been actively engaged in fortifying their team during this transfer window, gradually altering their operational model over the past few seasons. This strategic shift appears to be yielding positive results as they navigate in the intended direction.

Guided by Mikel Arteta, the club has displayed astute financial decision-making, notably replacing underperforming acquisitions with efficiency to ensure their upward momentum remains undeterred. Their recent resurgence into the Champions League represents a significant milestone, resulting in heightened revenue that bolsters their financial position.

Furthermore, Arsenal’s prudent financial manoeuvres extend beyond the playing field, positioning them favourably for both fiscal stability and competitive achievement.

Kieran Maguire, a reputable figure in football finance, has acknowledged Arsenal’s financial acumen. He has noted a parallel between a financial decision made by Arsenal and one undertaken by Chelsea, underscoring the prudent choices made by both clubs.

He said on Football Insider:

“You’re allowed to spend, this season, around about 80% of that on wages, so that increases your wage bill ceiling. 

“On top of that, they will have a full Emirates Stadium for at least three games in the Champions League. 

“The other benefit that Arsenal have is that some of the more problematical contracts, such as Ozil and Aubameyang, have now been kicked out of the door.

“As a consequence, they have much more flexibility.

“They’re trying to recruit younger players, and to a certain extent, they’re following the model that Chelsea have also employed. 

“Signing players younger on longer contracts but actually paying them a lower base salary with a higher commitment towards performance-related bonuses.“

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  1. Away to Crystal Palace in our Epl match next Monday night. Which defense Gunner would Arteta start for the match to replace the injured Timber? It has to be one Zinchenko or Tomiyansu that he’ll start at left back for the game. Or shouldn’t it be? But is Zinchenko back from the sidelines? If not, then he’ll will start Tomiyansu which is no brainer.But which defensive Gunner will cover for him on the bench? Tierney? He should be if he doesn’t start the match. But Arteta is unpredictable. As he might comes up with something of a left back starter different from what is thought he should start at left back for the match. Such as when he started Partey at right back for out last Epl home match against Nott For last Saturday. But Arsenal won the match. So if he does similar unusual start at left back for our CP match and Arsenal won again, I will take the win abduction will not ask any question.

  2. If Zinchenko is healthy he will start, no way will Arteta pick Tomiyasu or Tierney over Zinchenko. Unfortunately Arteta likely won’t open up the LB spot to competition.

  3. Recent signing and contract renewals may have taken us back to square one as far as the wage bill concerns

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