Analyst explains why Arsenal is smart to renew their Emirates deal

Arsenal has recently extended its shirt sponsorship agreement with Emirates, marking the establishment of one of the longest-standing partnerships between a sports team and a brand in both England and Europe.

The renewal comes at a time when Mikel Arteta’s team has regained a spot in the prestigious Champions League, enhancing their allure to potential sponsors.

As Arsenal reaps the benefits of their return to the Champions League, the club is keen to leverage this newly gained success to maximize their financial gains.

Kieran Maguire, a finance expert, has weighed in on the significance of Arsenal’s decision to renew their partnership with Emirates.

He tells Football Insider:

“You have only got to set foot overseas to see the number of Arsenal shirts being sold.

“The club does have a global fanbase so therefore rolling over the Emirates deal makes a lot of sense.

“The size of the deal is further indication that while fans were frustrated over a few years of not qualifying for the Champions League, Arsenal are on their way back to the top. 

“With the new Champions League format being introduced, having a tier-one sponsor such as Emirates is certainly the way to go.“

Just Arsenal Opinion

The commercial side of our operation as a football club is very important and as we succeed on the pitch, we expect to see progress there as well.

We have some seasoned executives who should continue to help the club secure good and profitable deals worldwide.

If that happens, our valuation will improve and we could soon be talked about as one of the most valuable clubs in the world.

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  1. Addidas Rebok pepsi, coca cola, nike would have paid them more than the Airline company. But Emerates is a good name that sounds good too.

    1. Adidas is already our kit sponsor, and that hasnt changed with this extended deal.
      Having Adidas rules out Nike and Reebok, and I don’t remember any major club having Pepsi or Coca-Cola splashed across the shirts of any major football club in Europe.

      Stop being a Spud!

  2. @daveg, I thought the sponsorship from the Emirates is different from the sportsware.
    Addidas is still on board.

  3. I believe there’s a £20 mil per year increase in the money we will get from Emirates Airlines under this new deal.

    1. 50 million per season isn’t to be sniffed at… I’m now wondering what Google and Persil bring on top as well as the Rwanda deal.

  4. we’re so used to calling the stadium”The Emirates”, it’ll be weird having to call it a different name.

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