Analyst insists Arsenal must start paying bigger salaries to keep their best players

Arsenal, as one of the prominent clubs in the Premier League, benefits from being able to offer some of the highest salaries in the world of football. This financial clout enables them to attract and acquire top talents from around the globe. However, it is equally crucial for Arsenal to continue paying its players competitive wages in order to retain them.

In recent seasons, Arsenal has faced challenges in being among the top-paying clubs globally, which can potentially affect their ability to retain and compete for top talents. In a highly competitive football landscape, players often choose clubs that offer them the most lucrative contracts.

Over the years, Arsenal has lost some key players due to financial reasons, but they now have top-quality players in their squad. To maintain a competitive edge and keep their star players satisfied, it is imperative for the club to offer competitive salaries.

Financial analyst Kieran Maguire underscores the significance of Arsenal’s commitment to paying their top players well, as it not only ensures player retention but also contributes to a positive and harmonious atmosphere within the club.

He tells Football Insider:

“Arsenal’s wage bill is around £150million a year less than that of Manchester United.

“If they want to keep their best talent and want to be competing for trophies, then they’ve got to be sitting at the top table when it comes to wages.

“What we have seen over the course of probably the last six to seven years is that Arsenal have fallen further and further behind the other big players.”

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We have offered competitive salaries to our key players who have signed new deals recently and will continue to do this for the foreseeable future, so our owners know what Maguire is saying.


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  1. Another take on the 2 clubs above is that a harmonious working life onslightly less or top dollar in a fractured set up has its benefits

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