Analyst reveals how Arsenal will make more money from their record shirt sales

Kieran Maguire has discussed how Arsenal is poised to generate more revenue following their record-breaking shirt sales.

In the 2022/23 season, the Gunners achieved a new milestone by selling 850,000 official replica shirts, setting a record. While the immediate financial gains from these sales may not have been substantial, the club has strategically positioned itself for future benefits.

Since 2019, Adidas has been the manufacturer of Arsenal’s shirts, and as the existing deal approaches its conclusion in a few years, both parties will enter into negotiations for a new agreement.

Maguire suggests that the unprecedented number of shirt sales has strengthened Arsenal’s negotiating position. This success not only allows the club to secure a favourable deal with Adidas but also positions them well in negotiations with other potential partners in the future.

He tells Football Insider:

“The volume of shirts sold for Arsenal helps the club in terms of their negotiations with Adidas.

“It will help them secure a higher value when it comes to renegotiating.

“It also helps in terms of front-of-shirt and shirt sleeve commercial deals.

“Also when it comes to other sponsorship deals, it’s one of the key performance indicators a club can offer to commercial partners to show not just the domestic value but the global value of Arsenal’s brand.

“We know that Arsenal are very popular in a lot of international markets and this can help the club when it comes to signing deals and extracting maximum value from commercial partners.“

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have become a very attractive club, thanks to our style of play and recent on-field success.

Our players have worked hard to ensure we stay competitive and that is helping the club close deals outside.

We will remain happy to hand them new deals as long as the money keeps coming.

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  1. I hope Sala and Rice can help gives our shirt sale a shot in the arm.

    All my boys still have a shirt with Ozil name printed in the back, but signs leading up to the game in the MetLife is very encouraging.

    Arsenal need that poster boy like Ozil to sell shirts

    1. Wow! We’ve signed Sala, our goal scoring problems are over!
      Sorry Gunsmoke, I realise it’s a typo but couldn’t resist it 😊

  2. Gunsmoke, give your boys the thumbs up!!
    Isn’t it poetic, after all the “shirt selling genius” barbs aimed at Ozil by some cretins on JA, it turns out that those shirts bearing his name was worth something to the club after all!! 😂😂
    Yes, I know it was before 2019, but Adidas saw what the potential was and, as martin admin says, the future under MA is continuing to sell those shirts, with Saka, Martinelli and Rice continuing the Ozil trend.

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