Analyst reveals why Kroenke will support Premier League games in the USA

Financial analyst Kieran Maguire has revealed why Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke might support Premier League games being played in the USA.

The Premier League has been getting suggestions about staging some league games in the USA to expand their reach.

La Liga is already making plans to stage some league games in North America starting in 2025.

This will probably tempt the Premier League to do the same, although for now, they do not have a serious plan for that.

However, while discussing the idea, Maguire believes it is an idea that the American owners of some Premier League clubs would like, including Arsenal.

He explains why to Football Insider:

“There’s no doubt that owners of clubs, especially American owners such as Stan Kroenke, will take the view that matches at the Emirates are not maximising potential revenues.

“It doesn’t maximise earnings from ticket sales as many seats are taken by season ticket holders, who owners feel get their tickets far too cheap.

“So they will use this opportunity to copy La Liga and also use La Liga going to the US as an excuse that the Premier League has no alternative.

“I expect this to be the cry and mantra from the American owners in the Premier League.“

Just Arsenal Opinion

Playing league games in the USA is an idea that fans will not easily warm up to because that will require them to travel across an ocean to support their teams or probably force them to watch the matches on TV.

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    1. You and I Jax think that tickets are pricey enough as it is but my son and his friend paid £200 plus each last season to a tout for the away fixture at Fulham. Not any every day occurrence by them but it shows the insatiable appetite for watching the EPL worldwide

      I hate the idea of a ‘home tie’ being played anywhere else but at the Emirates and I mostly watch on tv

    2. Of course they are NOT cheap JAX. No wonder either when ALL players grow obscenely rich at fans expense!!

      THAT is what needs to change and S/Ts will never go down until it changes!

  1. Moving games to the US would show they care more about revenues than the sport itself, which I suppose shouldn’t be surprising. It would kill the competition imo – how do you justify having selected games in another country? How could you ensure a level playing field with that approach?
    The only way it could make at least maintain a sense of fairness might be if they scrapped goal difference and added extra games when teams were tied on points to decide which finished higher – still, the messaging is awful (change only made for money), holding the game in the us would be arbitrary and it would be another kick in the face to the local supporters.

  2. Kroenke wants to penalise season ticket holders by taking away one of their games, which also deprives one team of “home advantage”.

  3. As there is a reported 92,000 waiting list for season tickets, I would think that the club would set a price that suits them.
    Also, the word “might” sums up this article succinctly – it’s someone’s opinion and has nothing in factual detail whatsoever….. at the moment!!

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