Analyst says Arsenal’s latest business move is straight from PSG’s book

Arsenal has been busy with on-field and off-field matters this summer as they prepare to return to the top of English football.

Mikel Arteta’s side is now top of the league table after winning their first four matches of the campaign.

The Gunners have also entered some new business partnerships that will boost their finances.

One way to raise money is to sell football shirts and Arsenal has just released streetwear-style merchandise as their pre-match shirts.

This will certainly sell, especially among their younger fanbase and the financial analyst, Dr Dan Plumley believes it is a smart move which mirrors what PSG has done in the past.

He tells Football Insider:

“I think it’s a really smart move.

“From a consumer point of view, we might think it’s just yet another kit. But from a commercial point of view, you’ve got to look at the PSG model. They have done something different away from the traditional football shirts.”

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We are in good hands now from the management of the playing staff to the club’s administrators.

This will help us achieve as much success as we can in this campaign and keep our accounts fat.

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  1. I’m genuinely amazed that anyone supports this blatant exploitation of the fan base.

    3 kits that change every year and now a “pre-match” thing as well. Seriously? Some people need their heads looked at.

    If supporters had any sense they’d get a red-and-white scarf, and write “Just Arsenal” on it (as in “I just support Arsenal, I’m not playing your business con game”).

      1. Yes! With the right marketing it you could make a fortune Pat… maybe something along the lines of:

        “Tired of buying new kit every year?
        Ever wanted JUST to support Arsenal without feeling that you have to pay through the nose for the privilege?
        Well… just buy this one thing and make a stand – your “Just Arsenal” scarf. Wear it proudly through the years”. 🙂

        Maybe you could get away with a very small logo in the middle, like the one on the web site (the shield with the spuds crossed out) lol

    1. i dont see how it’s exploitation. Football shirts are totally optional. There are fans who have tons, one or none. I have no interest in the shirt they just released myself. These kind of decisions help our finances though, and helps the club function, and helps us be competitive. If certain fans like something the club have released and they choose to buy it I don’t see how that is a concern.

      1. Well, the way retail works is that one of its marketing strategies is to play on societal pressures – the old “keeping up with the Joneses” thing.

        Little Bertie/Gertie saying “Daddy, Daddy, Freddie next door has all the kit for his club but I don’t have any. It’s not fair”.

        Daddy is under pressure. Some capitulate, some don’t.

        Or someone looking down on another supporter “Oh is that last year’s kit you’re wearing?”.

        If you can’t see that you’re being exploited then there’s probably no helping you, but ask yourself why club kit didn’t change for years at a time before business got involved in football, when it was just about the football not profit. Or ask yourself what possible difference it would make to team performance if the club played in the same kit design for 10 or 20 years.

      2. RSH, Its only “exploitation” if you also consider all forms of advertising to be also exploitation. Actually, in my view there IS a considerable case to make that the advertising industry DOES exploit people, of all ages not merely kids, and that is why from a business point of view advertsing works. That is just a reality.

        Whether or not it is actually exploitation, depends on your personal view of that industry. Even a markettrader will shout his wares for sale.

        So is that therefore wrong OR is it only the huge corporates that exploit?

        I suggest its each persons personal choice as to what they think about expoitation. Mine is that most corporates DO exploit but they do it so openly, and often, that is is seen as normal and harmless by many.

        If we choose to live in a capitalist society where money is many peoples “God” and enormous personal wealth as seen as “success”, then it is certainly going to happen and be the norm.

        Just life’s reality, no matter what I or anyone else may wish.

        BTW, I firmly believe in capitalism, but in ETHICAL capitalism, which largely we do not have in Britain, imo!

        And certainly NOT in the PREM!!

        1. Not sure it’s quite the same as advertising really.

          The club isn’t advertsing by changing their kit annually, in fact it actively works against brand awareness (how many people see a pink kit and think “Ah yeah, Arsenal”?).

          If I saw someone in another club’s 3rd kit I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a clue which club it was unless they wrote it on the kit, which kinda defeats the object of colouring it in the first place. I’d just think “Rabid football fan, no dress sense”.

          The original reason for having more than one kit was simply to avoid colour clashes and teams were able to get by with only one alternate kit – even in the days when black-and-white TV was a concern – so there’s no good reason to have 4 nowadays, including a “pre-match shirt” (sigh).

          And back in the day, people didn’t buy/wear either of those 2 strips either – they wore a scarf if they were going to a match and the rest of the time they dressed in normal clothes (wearing anyone’s football colours was generally a good way to make sure you got into a fight).

  2. I believe the sentence

    “We are in good hands now from the management of the playing staff to the club’s administrators.”

    Has yet to be proven!!

    I suggest only a UCL place at the end of the season will add veracity to that sentence!!!

    (Either by a top 4 finish or by winning the Europa League)

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