Analyst says there is a long list of candidates who want to be Arsenal’s CEO

Vinai Venkatesham, who has been a fixture at Arsenal since 2010 and ascended to the role of CEO, will be departing the club at the end of the current season. His departure marks the end of an era at Arsenal, where he has consistently advanced through the ranks.

Venkatesham’s decision to seek a new challenge is a prudent move, especially given his impressive performance in recent seasons. Arsenal now faces the task of finding a suitable replacement for this crucial executive position.

As the club embarks on the search for its next CEO, there is likely already a list of potential candidates in consideration. Arsenal’s status as one of the top organisations in the world makes the position highly coveted, and there are likely many individuals eager to take on the role of leading the club.

Analyst Kieran Maguire suggests that there is already a lengthy list of candidates who would be keen to assume the role of Arsenal’s CEO.

He tells Football Insider:

“Arsenal are a very attractive proposition to any CEO.

“Being a CEO of a club is definitely a 24/7 job so you can understand why somebody might step down and want a fresh challenge.

“I imagine there will be a long queue of candidates willing to throw their hat into the ring because the club appears to be moving in the right direction.

“They have a £100m-a-year matchday revenue which puts them in the top three in the Premier League.”

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We are one of the most prominent sporting organisations in the world, so we expect several top-level professionals to be eager to work for us.

But the board is experienced enough to pick the right man to help us continue our rebuild positively. 


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    1. You “dont even care really”?

      And you say THAT, despite the importance of getting the right person for this key post. Sigh!

  1. Arsenal need to install a female to complete the Management jig saw puzzle, and that lady should be the one and only Marina Granoskaia.

    The former Chelsea sporting director would not allow some of the gaffer impulse spending.

  2. If only fans favourity, David Dein was available. Need someone with vision and not affaid to ask for large transfer budgets and also be better than the predecessor with sponsorship deals that match Manchester United

  3. The comments on this website is only showing one from your best freind Reggie. Please allow and show other comments otherwise your site becomes boring withour opinion and variety.

    1. @DaveG
      Are you talking to me about JustArsenal?
      If so Reggie must be a very busy boy because (I’ve just checked) we have had 240 comments in the last 24 hours. 10 every single hour including overnight,
      Can you REALLY only see Reggie’s????

  4. Now, for some reason, the other opinions are showing. I take back the boring comment and appologis and just let you know that their maybe some kind of glitch that you are not aware of that portrays only one comment. This is a frequent occurrence you may not be aware of. If this is the case, then i withdraw the boring comment and bigup just arsenal for trying to allow variety opinions to be displayed.please look at the spontaneous technical issue.

  5. As the CEO is the vital link between the owner and the manager then it is vital that the club chooses wisely.
    The hierarchy was one reasons that poor decisions with contracts were made. Cedric is still with us due to Sanhelli

    1. Yes Sue. Sanllehi- curse him – was far more responsible than many onJA even imagine, for much of the wasted money spent on players who were effectively useless. But their purchase benefitted that corrupt fraud, personally both financially and hugely. .

      Why he was simply sacked and not prosecuted, I have never understood.
      If AFC were my personally owned club, HE WOULD CERTAINLY BE DOING TIME FOR FRAUD RIGHT NOW

  6. Kevin Maguire talks only of a long list. No actual names given though, I notice. Very easy to speak in generalities but it needs knowledge and some guts to name names.

    HAD HE THE KNOWLEDGE OR GUTS TO HAVE DONE SO , I could have respected him.
    But he did not. Sigh!

  7. I’m guessing Overmas is a no no now.i read about that Josh Kroenke has been talking up the Irishman Padraig Smith .The Rapids’ president has been at the club since 2015 after initially joining as Sporting Director. In 2018, he held a position in the club’s top executive position to become responsible for procedures on and off the May, Smith earned another promotion to president of the Rapids.Josh also said that they were very well prepared for successions, replacements, promotions…hopefully,there is someone already at the club who has been groomed to take over vinai.lets not forget that it took Vinai 14 years( I think) to get the CEO jib at Arsenal.

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