Ancelotti lined up to replace Wenger at Arsenal?

While some Arsenal fans would be happy to see Arsene Wenger step down or be sacked from his role as the manager, and others still firmly believe that the Frenchman is the best man for the job and should carry on at the Arsenal helm as long as he is willing, the choice is not ours and it is likely to be a joint decision by the club and Wenger himself as to when his managerial reign comes to an end.

But knowing his attention to detail and how much he is involved in all the big decisions at Arsenal, you would think that Wenger would have a big say in who takes charge after him and I would also think that there have already been talks behind the scenes and maybe even some moves made about recruiting his successor.

There has been a lot of debate among us fans as well, with names like Klopp, Guardiola and many more being put forward. Here is another, Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian is vastly experienced and has a great history of success, including a spell in the Premier League with Chelsea.

He is not a shouter either, but is more of a Wenger type of manager and that would help the transition. He is also a free agent right now after leaving Real Madrid and deciding to use the time to have an operation on a niggling back problem.

I am not just picking his name out randomly either, because a report in The Mirror has revealed that Ancelotti has already been sounded out by our Premier League rivals Liverpool and despite previously saying that they are a great club, he has apparently said no.

Could this be because Ancelotti already has his next job line up in north London?


  1. Though I’m not a supporter of Wenger anymore (after 15 years supporting), don’t think it’s the right time. Not even after next season. He has been here two decades, not easy to split up that fast, because the club will need to change all the system. Don’t want to be frustrated like United was 3 seasons ago when Ferguson stepped down.

  2. The successor to Wenger will not necessarily be the next manager of the club, when you look around at other teams they are changing managers constantly.
    Many Arsenal fans will want a long term successor to Wenger, someone with Arsenal DNA like Henry, Bergkamp, Bould,Adam etc but whoever it is may not be necessarily ready now, and the manager after an era is always going to find it extremely hard eg.Moyes.
    Maybe when Wenger leaves we will use a manager like Ancelotti that is known to be a short term fix to calm the storm a bit and set it up for our successor

  3. Funny Article,thought he was linked with Liverpool,we all want changes in this team and am sure we all know that Wenger would be here till the end of his contract……………so please let’s support the team. OT our fans tearing down the spurs advert board and clashing with stewards,that’s really unexpected from us.

    1. What? I guess you don’t know anything about ancelotti I would welcome him with open arms at arsenal when wenger decides to hang it up. He knows how to play football and is a tactician.

      1. You are right yo own way. Yes, he’s a tactician, he wins etc but if only we base our argument on ‘playing the Arsenal way’, then we would start from there. But it’s Klopp that would be my choice or a former Arsenal player (though this would need patience)

  4. For me, I always try and find out which manager’s style is more suited to MOST of the players we have currently. A new manager will definitely bring in players which suits his style and caliber, but also he won’t make wholesale changes to a squad.

    For me, Klopp, Simone require pressing game players all over the pitch. Guardiola requires short/quick passes players with mobile front. Ancelloti has a playing style similar to us.

    However, I am open to idea’s about a new manger with a different playing style and probably new philosophy and ideas. (Frank De Boer?)

    Hope the managerial transition goes well when (inevitably) it happens for us.

    1. Ancelotti is more about counter attacking than possession play, I would say Guardiola is now more comparable to Wenger, or vice versa. Except Guardiola encourages high pressing all the time whereas Wenger will allow at times only one or two forwards press and the rest to keep a shape until they reach you and then press.

      Ancelottis game could be comparable to how we used to play, to a lesser extent must be said.

  5. Is the Boss’ job on the line, Why then this agitation? They say, there’s no smoke without fire, but we haven’t seen any smoke, so there is no fire. The Boss still has almost 2 years to go on his current deal. So. Why the pre-mature pressure on him ahead of time? If at all the Boss decided to leave after his current deal has expired which I doubt he will do, but depending on his titles success this season and the one after. to have a continuity of doing things generally the Arsenal way, Steve Bold should be allowed to step in as the next Arsenal manager with Thiery O’henry as his assistance when the Boss does leave.

  6. It has to happen sooner or later wenger has had a great run but new fresh ideas on top of what the clubs philosophy already is what is needed imo! was it not the players that rallied themselves on after the southampton loss after new years? It wasnt Arsene, Mertersakers interview revieled that! Arsenal are ready to make the move to the next level just need a new direction of management of the squad and an owner whos ambitious enough to spend the clubs own money to win trophies.

    My opinion has a long term view to it, Klopp i believe would be perfect for Arsenal and would stay for a long time! Cant say he wouldnt be given time at Arsenal

    1. Assistant manager to Klopp…Dennis Bergkamp! Knows the club inside out, is a legend here and is doing good things apparantly at ajax, just has a football brain all round. Steve bould is okay but abit of DB10 around the Emirates would be an inspiration for our players as well as having Henry as striking coach and as hes doing now, coaching the youth teams. Having a few invincibles around the club for coaching and advice would be a great and a massive help for Klopp to settle around the place as they can help massively. DB10 flying a problem but im sure that could be sorted somehow!

  7. Personally I don’t understand why fans are scared of a change….Wenger has done very well for us, he is a legend but its obvious he has gone stale and lost the hunger,motivation and most importantly the modern touch to take us to the next level…its just a shame the board are a bunch of clueless money grabbers who are afraid to confront reality head…Wenger will have to go sometime, whether he or the board likes it or not but what preparations are in place to scout a viable replacement? The board has chosen to adopt the head in the sand approach and hope the problem will just go away or a solution will just appear from nowhere….we see what is happening with Man u, if we suffer the same fate then I the whole board should be imprisoned for life because they know they have a big decision to make and are shirking it…LOSERS!!!!!

    1. Liv weren’t afraid of change, they showed us how bad it can be though. Everyone knows continuity is best, but getting the right one in first off the bat is easier said than done ..don’t believe me, go ask loserpool. Dortmund before Klopp, a huge club in the past they used to be, a very long time coming back all the same. Now though they are the second biggest club in Germany, but there not challenging every season never mind winning.

      I’m sure there are examples which are contrary to this, unless we are talking about Spain I can’t think of one that springs to mind all the same …(chelsea came to mind). It’s not so simple as change will work I have no doubt. It’s not written that Wenger will succeed once again either. This is football.

  8. Ask me what made me attracted to Arsenal. They aren’t my neighbours, no. I hv no friend/relative there. It was the beautiful football back in the day. Remember I share the same frustration like you, I hate to lose! But you and I know for some reason that AW has bosses who don’t care what happens on the pitch for as long as they hv money. Maybe it’s naive of him not pressing them hard. Maybe it’s his lack of ambition. But few of other managers would handle similar conditions. We put all the blame on Wenger, but ask yoself if you had an employee like that who isn’t performing, what do you do??

    1. Google nasris article and he says Wenger doesn’t have control over transfers so I’d believe that over you mate

  9. First off, I reckon Wenger is allot healthier than Ancelotti so will endure at top for much longer. Secondly Arsenes wife has left him because of the time given to Arsenal, if there was even a hint of him thinking about his retirement she would have stuck it out after doing just that for 20/30 years. I cannot see him leaving anytime soon unless his standards drop down a place or two and that looks to becoming the norm, or the gap with us from the top just wont get any smaller.

    To keep the board happy, he only needs to keep doing what he has been doing. To keep the fans happy, he needs to make that gap up.

  10. let us foc
    us on what is happening today,wenger is currently our coach, I personally hv no any personal misunderstanding wd him, bt ol I hate are wenger’s sentimental, egoistic behaviour, selfishness, vagabonism, nt considering supporters welfare.

  11. So calling people infidels, and saying they should be stoned to death is ok, but me pointing it out isn’t. What a weak bunch on here.

    1. Hey i looked for that comment and couldnt find it. Are you sure I hadnt already deleted it? Its definitely not on that thread you just posred….

      1. Definitely this thread, the quoted post has now been changed to read ” the whole board should be imprisoned for life”.

        Oh well, at least it’s gone now.

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