An Arsenal fan’s view of England being better at hosting “tournaments better than anyone else”

When the UK and Ireland were confirmed as hosts for Euro 2028, Rishi Sunak boasted, “We host tournaments better than anyone else.”

Of course, the Prime Minister is bound to be delighted that under his watch, an event has been secured that amounts to approx. 2.6 billion pounds.

Yet this is why other nations view Britain as quite an arrogant fanbase.

It’s the reason why outside of England ‘It’s coming Home’ is deemed cocky.

A representation of a country who think they are unique and have a divine right to privileges.

Because while Mr Sunak’s statement above consists of powerful buzz words, whisper it quietly …. it’s not true, is it?

Now if you needed to organise a competition with a week’s notice, everything is in place in England, Wales., Scotland and Ireland.

Plenty of stadiums to choose from with transport links already prepared.

Yet there’s a reason why whether it’s Prince William, Southgate, Harry Kane, etc, all refer to Euro 96 or the London Olympics as proof this part of the world know how to throw a party.

It’s like we are meant to forget the last European Championship’s which was essentially played on English soil.

Remember that Final?

Where thousands showed up without tickets?

Forced their way past stewards, broke down barriers and sat in seats others had paid for.

The FA stayed quiet about sanctions handed out to them?

Yet for years we judge other associations for similar issues.

Some have the audacity to use lockdown as an excuse for breaking the law.

This weekend Man United will change Tuesday’s minute silence for Bobby Charlton into a round of applause. If I were his family, I would be so offended I would rather Man City not bother if they can’t act with dignity.

A gesture designed to showcase dignity and class instead highlighting our flaws.

People are not being asked to clap at the Etihad to remember Mr Charlton, it’d because the crowd can’t be trusted to be quiet for 60 seconds.

Everton might have the same issue after the death of Bill Kenwright. Think about that for a second, the ‘People’s Club’ are worried their fans might boo a tribute of a man’s life because they deem him not good at his job.

He never got to say a farewell to his beloved Toffees, with a security warning it was no longer safe to attend Goodison Park.

(West Ham owners faced the same death threats at the London Stadium)

We shouldn’t be shocked, this is the same city who couldn’t stay quiet for a period of silence when the Queen passed away, because they are the only place in the world who ever had anything bad happen to them.

Man City v Liverpool has been ordered to start at lunch time after the police deemed an evening kick off too dangerous after years of yobs attacking team buses.

This season alone a man was arrested at the Emirates for attempting to head butt Roy Keane, in Sheffield a grown man has admitted to not being able to cope with Sunderland away fans kissing the badge, so responded by holding up an image of Bradley Lowery, a 6 year old who lost his battle with cancer.

Cardiff is being earmarked to house the first match of the Euros in five years. I was at Wales Vs Croatia the other Sunday and the min silence for Israel and Palestine was ruined.

Let’s not even talk about the number of players who complain about racial abuse, no longer newsworthy because of how often it happens.

West Ham fans were banned from travelling abroad last month due to how some Hammers conducted themselves in the Conference Final.

The final two Old Firm Derbiesin the  last campaign had zero away fans due to the conduct of both sets of supporters.

I could go on ….

The truth is UEFA have given no assurances how lessons have been learnt from the last European Championships.

Zero evidence that anything will be better.

After the lack of policing in 2021 it sends a bad message to the rest of Europe and essentially that’s been ignored during this process.

Its only our own bias that makes us ignore the fact that despite having a serious issue everyone turns the other cheek when it suits.

That issue is the belief that in the confines of a stadium, grown adults think they can act how they want.

“Better than anyone else” ?

Simply not true….

Dan Smith

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  1. I don’t disagree Dan that the English/British have a poor record of discipline at times as you have shown in your article. Sometimes it’s cringeworthy and at other times it’s nothing less than disgusting hoodlums who have no barometer regarding right and wrong

    I do think it’s wrong to paint us as culprits without recognising the appalling actions of other countries and their mindless thugs.

    We do have the infrastructure to hold these events and as the Olympics showed, the talent to put on a show. The French made a horlicks of the European cup final and tried to blame the Liverpool supporters. There have been stabbings abroad too. I’m afraid as well as our own, there a foul people in every country who let down the majority of decent people

  2. My only disagreement is that the big Apple would be right up there with Britain.

    But how I was made to understand it most of the discontent towards England, may have been before the advent of the premier league, back then working class people had not been price out of football grounds, the players themselves were not on the astronomical wage they are on now, at the time it may have been common seeing players and fans in night clubs and pubs.
    There was also standing areas in the stadiums where fans from the lower scale working class could afford to attend, which meant a large fan base of poor unemployed men filled with rage and frustration could meet up with their peers and take out their frustrations on opposing fans.
    And with no CCTV back then so much of the thuggery went unpunished which definitely not to be the case today.

    The whole dynamics has shifted drastically from lower working scale and unemployed day out with the lads and beer versus another set with beers to something quite different, maybe the massive shift is down youth culture.
    Think too the changes in consumer habits and the broader entertainment landscape have further altered what it means to be a fan today.
    So yes England has company.

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