And if Arsenal do not win the Europa League?

Arsenal face a massive game tonight against Atletico Madrid in the semi-final of the Europa League, and all the players are promising to give their all for Wenger so we can send him off in style, but what if they let him down, as they have in so many games this season?

Atletico are struggling lately and the injuries and fixture congestion is taking it’s toll on the La Liga side, but Wenger admits he is still worried about the crunch match, especially looking at the fact that Atletico rarely concede goals at home, making it imperative that the Gunners get a good lead to take to Spain. “The rules in Europe make the weight of an away goal very strong. That’s why when you play the first game at home, you’re a little bit in a difficult psychological situation because you know that you have to score but as well that every goal you concede can be a huge handicap.

“I would say one of their strengths is that they have no obvious weakness. they are a very efficient team and a team who can use every weak moment of their opponent. Overall I must say that is their main strength. ”

But all the impetus is with Arsenal at the moment, having scored at least three goals in each of their last six home games, with a 100% record, but have they played anyone with the quality of Atletico in those games?

So with the current situation, Arsenal are all fired up, but it is not a foregone conclusion. We still have to turn up and do the business. So what if it all goes pear-shaped and the players let him down? Does he think the season would be an anti-climax if we fail to win the Europa League trophy before he leaves? “Yes, of course, but that’s part of it.” Wenger said. “It will not take away from the fact that people will realise what I said many times: that to qualify for 20 consecutive years [for the Champions League] is not as easy as it looked at one stage. It would really feel like an anti-climax of course. That’s why we want to give our absolute all to have a chance of going to the final.

“I want to do it for [the players], to achieve something with them because I feel they have a special mental quality. My biggest satisfaction would be to be successful together with the group of players that I have. I’ve seen them behave the whole season and they deserve it.”

I’m sorry if I’m feeling a little cynical here, but saying these players have a ‘special mental quality’ after seeing them lose every away game in the League since the turn of the year simply does not give me any confidence in their mental qualities, but I sincerely hope I am wrong.

I am just worried now that all the hyperbole about winning the Europa League for Wenger could quickly turn into a damp squib very quickly if it all goes wrong.

Just saying!

Darren N


  1. Ozziegunner says:

    Let’s as the saying goes “take each match as it comes”.
    If the current players don’t put their heart and souls into this and every other match until the end of the season knowing it is Wenger’s last at Arsenal, they will demonstrate that the loyalty he showed them is misplaced. If beaten by Atletico Madrid because they are the better team so be it, but the team must play to its full potention and show fight and respect for the badge and the manager.
    Every player is playing for their Arsenal future under the new manager.

  2. Malaysian gunner says:

    There is no guarantee in the fw and life. Suffice to say even if he were to win the EC,he shd leave asap. I cant see Arsenal ever improving to challenge the top teams.
    This is because these teams know how he likes to play.I need not elaborate Look at his record against MU/MC/Pool/Spurs and even other midtable teams.
    These teams will let him have all the possession a nd hit on the break as MU did to win 3-1 although the rd were outclassed but its goals that win games and until this sinks into the fms arrogant ego,Arsenal will continue to clutch at the coattails of these teams.

  3. JJ Pawn says:

    It looks like Arsenal will lose game 1-2.

    Why? No fan support to get them the 12 man support.

    Arsenal have the worst fans in the world in any sport. That is why the team has under performed.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      It’s all the fans fault; do the fans play the game on the pitch and get paid a relative fortune to do it?

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah like it’s all the fault of the fans again isn’t it?This from someone who has probably never been to a game in his life.If he had he would be as depressed and angry as the rest of the fan base at the absolute rubbish we have been forced to put up with these last few years.The Emirates Stadium is capable of producing a great atmosphere but it works both ways.We need something to get excited about and get the fans back into their seats.Most have paid season tickets and have just got too disinterested.

        1. John Wick says:

          Here here Phil ?

      2. frank says:

        its not abt fanz,players are the driver,we enjoy the ride n some passion and fyting spirit and the fanz will support u even if you r loosing.wenger will blame the fanz for the failure.i remembered the game against man u they shoewd some spirit n we wa happy even even if we lost the game.entartain the fanz n will support u

        1. Phil says:

          who can forget that gameFrank.We absolutely battered Manure and somehow managed to lose a game we should have won by a mile.But the team were excellent on the day and the crowd knew this.I Not sure I’ve ever applauded a team off at the end of a game we had just lost but the performance was there just not the result.The fans do want to appreciate the Team.Ot needs the Team to appreciate the fans a bit more

          1. Phil says:

            Apologies for grammar but on train and signal all over the place

          2. frank says:

            i appreciate i understand everything.
            wat hav bin wondering is wen wenger says they play under poor environment at home that y they r no.6.we cant b smiling we poor sydway games

  4. Kedar91 says:

    I think it will be draw at Emirates and Madrid will beat at Wanda Metropolitano…. So we will be knocked out…

  5. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

    I’m optimistic but being realistic it is difficult to see Arsenal getting through given how poor we are away from home and how strong they will be in the second leg.

    It would take a combination of them being bad in Spain and us being unusually good on the road to see anything coming from this.

  6. st sass says:

    cynics, whether it’s for Wenger or for the funs. I don’t give a fck . all I know is we are lifting this trophy. coyg

    1. Taiwo says:

      Gbam! QED ?
      We are not only winning this tie but surely going ahead to lift the cup.
      I do not understand where the negativity from many fans come from. Is this site so infiltrated by the spuds?
      Get behind the team and let’s celebrate ? together. Wenger leaving or staying?, Athletico Madrid being world class or sh*t team ?, how are those yardsticks for supporting my darling Arsenal ??
      Baseline is Athletico Madrid is getting a spanking and whoever comes against Arsenal in the final will head home dejected.
      I love my Arsenal ?

      1. st sass says:

        thanks guy, all I know is arsenal is winning the Europa, I don’t care how it comes whether ugly or any fck. hoping mustafi steps up and keep that ugly diego coshitt in check as well as greizwoman. a brace for lacazzette hoping welbeck announce his presence all assist @ ozil. arsenal 4:0 atm.

  7. gotanidea says:

    No problem, because Wenger is leaving, hence this season is already the best for me

    The Europa League trophy is just an icing on the cake

    1. frank says:

      am with u,my trophy is that is going.if he wins well am happy,if he luz thanks 4 the memories.its his downfall.he lost it at transfer market by bin sturbon n tryin to prov every1 wrong.i guess he realize who was ryt.ITS TIME WE START AFRESH WITHOUT HIM NEXT SEASON.I SUPPORT THE TEAM 100%BT AM CONCERN ABT NXT SEASON IN CHAMP,OR IN EUROPA.I WAS WAITING 4 HIM TO GO

  8. Sue says:

    It’s a dodgy week… Atletico, United, Atletico! If we come away with something from these games, I’ll be happy, seeing as 2 of those games are away ☹
    I hope we do go foŕ it tonight… COYG
    Anyone else not like Costa? ??

    1. Vanpayslip, Esq - Making Arsenal great again says:

      I don’t think Mustafi likes him either

  9. malch95 says:

    i had all my fingers and toes crossed that we’d meet them in the final. clearly lady luck has struck again. if we’re looking at these guys on paper, we’ve got no chance. They havent lost to real madrid at home since they had courtois which was a few years ago. Madrid this morning hung bayern (the team that constantly leaves our tails by our legs) out to dry, in their own backyard. But in Europe they’ve been very shaky this season. Hence why they’re in Europa league. They just edged past Sporting and they’ve got a few injuries plus alot of players looking to leave/ not signing contracts. Oblak, gimenez, possibly Koke. They also lost 2 massive players in January (Nicolas Gaitan, Yannick carrasco) and are feeling that alot. They’ve got diego costa, filipe luiz and Juanfran injured. They’ve got half their team on the verge of missing the next leg (Griezmann, savic, godin, giminez, thomas and hernandez are all one yellow away from suspension) and form wise they’re shocking atm. They haven’t scored in 3 of their last 4 games taking 4 points from them. Including a 3-0 hammering by Real Sociedad. If we can someone take a 2-0 lead to the wanda metropolitano. If we put 11 men behind the ball and hit them on the counter at home we should be able to pull off the miracle. FINGERS CROSSED, PRAY FOR US BOYS. LETS GIVE THEM A ROWDY ONE AT THE EMIRATES

    Professor Gooner Malch out

  10. Gelz says:

    Can’t stand Costa with all his dirty tricks and winding up of players, let’s hope our players don’t fall for his tricks and do something stupid.

    1. st sass says:

      he will be our fifth defender today.

  11. malch95 says:

    predicted lineup

    welbeck jack ozil
    ramsey xhaka
    monreal mustafi kos bellerin

    gonna miss myhki and elneny, hopefully we dont pay for it!

    1. st sass says:

      pay for what? atm are not invincibles bare in mind they dropped from the UCL. They haven’t been good ever since like wise arsenal. STILL very optimistic. arsenal will be crowned at the end.

      1. malch95 says:

        They’re 2nd in their league tho, like above Real madrid. They also don’t have relegation-like away form like we do -_-

  12. John Wick says:

    I’m going to be optimistic for once Atletico were ripped apart by Sociedad and were 2nd best against betis at home they are beatable and if we turn up we can beat them and beat them well let’s not forget they only just narrowly beat Leicester last season maybe fast premier league football unsettles they’re style if that awful Roma team can take Barcelona the unbeatable Barcelona apart then surely we can do a number on Atletico who knows here’s hoping.. COYG

  13. Kenny Rolfe says:

    You all know what Wenger’s like, as far as his concerned he’s the only one that knows anything at all about the game, us fans no nothing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he played both Ospina and Iwobi. If that’s the case little (not big enough to be a keeper) Ospina will be bullied by Costa, no where to be seen at crosses and Iwobi with his flapping arms will be non existent, running around like a headless chicken. Lets hope I’m wrong and we put in a performance to match the occasion. COYG

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