And so it begins – Unai Emery asking board for more money

It was always going to happen, Unai Emery has reportedly asked the board for more money so that he can fund the signing of Wilfrid Zaha.

According to the Sun, Emery has gone to the board and asked them to cough up the £55 Million it will cost to sign the 26-year-old.

Now, straight off the bat, I will accept this is the Sun reporting this and the usual caveats are in play when we are talking about tabloid rumours, especially unsubstantiated ones.

That is not the focus of this article, what is the focus is the low budget and that it was always going to be the case that at some point Emery would want more money. If it is not for Zaha this time, it will be as some point for another player.

The big problem for Emery is that he cannot offload some of his prized assets which include Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mesut Ozil, they simply will not leave on the wages they are on and no club will take those wages on.

Then there are players that few clubs will want to buy unless they are priced very low, Shkodran Mustafi springs to mind.

So, the Spaniard is put in a position where he would have to sell players that he would like to keep, Lucas Torreira as an example.

This is simply untenable for Emery, in order to sign players he needs to strengthen the team and make them competitive he needs to sell players he wants to keep thus creating a vicious circle of selling his best players to buy quality players.

Having a budget of just £45 Million is not going to be enough when your rivals are spending much more and the manager knows this, that is why he has no choice but to go to the board.

He may not be doing it with Zaha as I am not convinced this rumour is true but he will be doing it sooner rather than later and that is when a clash with the hierarchy will surely happen.

It is not inconceivable that Emery will issue a back me or sack me ultimatum and to some extent, he cannot be blamed.

He must be as confused as the rest of us that a club of Arsenal size and wealth simply will not release enough funds to do a proper rebuild, regardless of the self-imposed self-sustaining transfer policy.

Financial fair play works over a number of years and one year worth of investment can be offset against future years and Emery will know this, I mean, he was the manager at PSG.

In conclusion, whether this particular rumour is true or not it does not change the fact that there is a transfer budget storm coming soon at Arsenal Football Club.


        1. True Sue True we took the Micky out of Thursday night football for decades how we now see it as our way to get in to the champions legue

  1. Emery is more than true and true how will he compete with the likes united who spend our all budget on asingle player haaaaa u cant bergain to buy Allison Becker Imagine agoal keeper really our board must check up

  2. Adrien Rabiot is a free agent right? Top quality, technically superb, strong and fast…. He’s got a bit of a bad boy reputation but he can’t be worser that Alexis right, even PEA was warned as a bad dressing room character, but look how things are….

    It’s obvious he’s a massive upgrade for us and he is friggin free, there has to be atleast some talks going on right?

    1. According to the news, he is heading to Juventus

      He is tall and possesses good skills, but I don’t think he is fast. Based on what I saw from several CL matches, his playing style is similar to Guendouzi, a ball hogger

    2. He is not free will demand huge money for his salary. Can’t afford to have to many bad boys on big money. I am afraid to say when a manager has to beg for transfer money from the owner it’s not good. Arsenal mid table next season. Unless Kreonke sells.

  3. Would love Zaha on Right and Ryan Fraser on the Left

    I don’t think £55 mil will do it. In April they wanted £80 million for Zaha.

    May need to add a player to the deal

  4. Emery seems to want to get a tricky winger, as what he had at PSG

    Zaha/ Adama Traore/ Ousmane Dembele/ Chukwueze have a lot of tricks and are perfect to get some cheap free kicks

    Dembele is too expensive and is injury prone, but I bet Palace would budge for a 50 M offer. If Zaha and Chukwueze are out of reach, Traore is available cheaply

    1. Traore tranferred to Wolves, where he’s a Super sub, for 18m last season. What makes you think he would be ‘cheap’?

  5. For the love of god, use the money to buy quality CB ‘s PLEASE. we conceded 51 goals last season even though we have one of the best keepers in the league. we can’t rely on an 18 yr old French kid, injury ravaged holding or Fulham boy chambers to fix the problem. Go out there and buy a CB that’ll immediately fix the issue, look at what VVD did for Liverpool. That’s what we need to significantly improve this team, there’s no point getting ZAha to bang in/create 10-15 more goals a season when we’re still conceding 3 goals per a game.

    1. Agree, but Manolas is heading to Napoli

      If you want someone older than Saliba or Upamecano, Andersen is at the right age. But we have to face strong competition from his other suitors

    2. What money,where and who is paying for all this .Bull Kreonke won’t budge wake up and smell the coffee. Ozil won’t move Mikitarian won’t move. Now we sell Torrieraand Xhaka god knows who else. And then who do we buy.

  6. The board has always used financial fair as an excuse for long and see where we are on the table .Why can’t stinchy Kroenke one day at least break it so that we are number one on the table at least for once . He has made Arsenal laughable !

  7. Zaha would be a massive massive massive signing for us hope it hapens with a tall and proven defender

    How those that saying go…Speculate to accumulate, apart from Laca and Abu we have not speculated for a long time compared with other big clubs, we have bought a few panick buys like Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneni to name a few I’m suspicious regarding where the Arsenal money goes we have everything in place including new deals on sponsership

    If we keep crying we are skint we canot attract decent players

  8. Admin
    will I ever again comment without constant resigning in everytime? It’s been a year now pls sort it out

    Thanks ?

      1. Sue, we all love to sign a whole lot of good players..but will we?there are lots and lots of good wingers.
        we dont handle tranfers well…A good example is what is happening with Kieran already. Just hope we dont mess it up

        1. No probably not… and we’ve seen it all before – the dithering, the penny pinching, the panic buying… I don’t see why this time should be any different…. just have to wait & see. Everyone has certain players they’d like us to buy.. come August 8th – I’m hoping at least a few of us will have smiles on our faces!!

          1. I really do hope so Sue..and wont still mind a Carrasco if we cant afford Zaha. we are in dare need of a top notch winger..

  9. We have to give Mustafi and add some money to land PEPE and we are done.Swap Orzil to any club with peanut price to live space in salary line, then bring Hakim of Ajax to replace Ramsey, Sell Lauren K and bring a defender who can command the defense then the team balancing should await January transfer

  10. Rafa Benitez will be available next month,a well respected and decorated manager in England, Spain and Italy and has worked with tight budgets.Good coach/manager, would love to have him at Arsenal.Would be a legend over here! Unai get your act ready and start on a winning note.And good we play Barca in the preseason, a morale and confidence booster for Unai and his merry men before the EPL!

  11. Someone at The Sun has been Licking The Transfer Window.
    Nothing on Ornstein about this or from his illegitimate son…Kev. 🙂

    As for Dick ever saying sack me or back me on £6M per year re-read the £6M per year bit !

    1. Le Coq,
      I’m not saying your wrong, but where did you see that £6 million a year salary quoted?

      As for Zaha, would be a brilliant signing…as would Ronaldo, Griezman etc etc…been shafted too many times to get excited!!!

      I’m just waiting for the official confirmation from The Arsenal regarding any signing in or transfer out.

      1. On another site Ken, I shall try and Google to make sure……….just had a look and two different quotes are £5M and £6M, I would copy and paste it, but every time I put a link up on here it goes into moderation for some reason and can take ages to be released !…… could also Google it yourself.
        It`s got to be millions though hasn`t it ?

        1. Le Coq, I could google it myself of course, but I wondered if it was from our official site.
          It seems that everyone appears to know all the ins and outs about everything to do with our club and I do like to know when something is from the club itself, as that obviously gives the real picture.
          That’s why the only other source I look at, in general, is wickepedia.

          I agree with your estimates of being in the region of a million or two…just shows how mad football money has become when we accept the odd million or two with a shrug of our shoulders doesn’t it?

          1. I dont just find it mad, Kev, I find it morally disgusting !
            I wonder how much our first double winning manager Bertie Mee was on ?

  12. Emery will not lie for this board, if it is only a small budget Emery will tell you there was no money left rather than saying he’s completely happy with this squad.

    I do believe that we are trying to get some cheaper options so that we can make one big splash on a player. If we get our first two or three targets without too much fuss then I reckon a big bid for someone might happen. Emery sounded like he wanted to make that splash at the CB or GK area, whereas I think many fans would like to see it done with a wide player or a CM player.

    1. You are right B-o-t; Emery has already told the truth to the media and supporters when he stated that Arsenal only had funds available for loans, not out and out transfers.
      Given Emery only has a contract until the end of the 2019/20 season, with a possible extension; however I can see him walking if not supported by the board in the transfer budget. Even though he may be on £5-£6 million he will not be short of offers. This will not enhance Arsenal’s chances of getting a superior replacement, after prospective managers see how Emery was treated

  13. This would show that Arsenal mean it. It would be a statement. Zaha has become a BIG player and is still 26 years old. A good five years of him ahead. This is the chance Arsenal (Kroenke, management, board and manager) have a chance to come together and really show we MEAN it. C’mon Satan Kroenke…show us your intent.

  14. As someone who prizes justice and fairness, I AM FIRMLY ON Emerys side if he stands up to the club and their meanness. The club , which means the owner, IS mean . Damned mean too and no manager worth his salt should be expected to take on top clubs who use financial bombs, armed with just a paltry water shooter, as he has now. That is unfair and unjust and I FOR ONE WILL ALWAYS CALL IT FOR FAIRNESS, NOT LACK OF FAIRNESS. I never self fool as so many choose to do, sadly. To blame Emery for Kroenkes stinginess is lunacy. Yet some Gooners are doing so anyway. Unfair fools!

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