Anderlecht deletes tweet causes confusion after Arsenal fans believed announcement was imminent

RSC Anderlecht removed a Twitter post which read “All the Best, Purple for Life,” that all-but confirmed that Albert Sambi Lokonga will leave as we await for him to be unveiled as an Arsenal player.

It has been frustrating for a Gunner to see their club taking so long to announce transfers. Although the deal was agreed weeks ago, the Gunners have still not made Lokonga’s arrival official.

The Anderlecht post all-but put an end to the saga that has dragged on for quite a long time. Thus, they will sign in relief as the North London outfit are set to unveil their second signing of the summer after Nuno Tavares.

Some sections of the fan-base are so desperate, that they already announced the transfer on their profile, while people joined in the celebrations in the comments section in a humorous way. Meanwhile some others were questioning what the Arsenal admin was waiting for.

The Gunners have been slow on the transfer front and need to get a move on as the Premier League campaign edges closer with every passing day.

There has just been two departures and one arrival in their reported “summer overhaul” which has made the transfer window nervy for some of our fans.

The North London faithful saw a similar type of performance on their Scotland trip, to the one that they have been witnessing first-hand in our recent underwhelming league seasons. It is safe to say that they need changes swiftly and Arsenal aren’t helping their cause at all thus far.

Although the imminent arrivals of Lokonga and White are positive signs, work still needs to be done to reach the finishing line.

Yash Bisht

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  1. A major part of the delay in getting this one announced is apparently due to the fact that London Colney has undergone a “deep clean” throughout, after C19 positive tests in the U18 & U23 groups.

    We all know the “unveil” shots are done at Colney – hence the delay.

    Lokonga this week, White back off hol’s medical & signed (later) this week / early next.

    1. Yes, officially confirmed by The Arsenal – keep going MA/EDU, kronkie is backing you at last… Next White?

      1. But NOT “to the hilt” KEN! And lets not forget who had all the money from all those AW led years of CL qual.
        Where did that all go to. I don;t wonder, because we all know EXACTLY WHERE AND IN WHOSE GREEDY POCKET that went . Don’t we!!

        1. Jon, this gives me the opportunity to list the reasons why I think kronkie IS backing him to the hilt:

          1. Every player that MA didn’t want (for whatever reason) has been shipped out and at a great loss to kronkie financially.
          2. There has been numerous backroom changes, involving redundancies and compensation to clubs we have taken away people to fill those vacancies.
          3. Despite finishing in our worst position in over two decades and not having any European football, again in over two decades, kronkie has made it very clear that MA is his man… as MA has also done with regards to kronkie.
          4. After sanctioning MA’s wish to offer both Aubameyang and Willian their ludicrous contracts, he is also backing MA with a transfer budget that eclipses any other one we have seen in any single window… if the White deal goes through at the reported £50,000,000 and a back up keeper, right back and midfield player also brought in, we could be looking at nigh on £150,000,000 to back up MA’s vision… tell me Jon, what more do you expect kronkie to do?

          As for your question regarding where the money went while AW was in charge, I find it ironic that you are asking that now, when AW was being given a pittance compared to the figures I have quoted above… of course it was feeding the owner, but that was never considered when AW was pilloried for not spending the money!!!

          I look forward to your reply.

          1. Unfortunately, for those who continued to support AW into his latter years at the club all this shows that money has been available.
            AW cannot be completely absolved from responsibility for Arsenal decline here as he proclaimed on a number of occasions that funds were available but insisted that he would only buy players if they would improve the squad. The idea that the squad he put together in his latter years was the best that Arsenal could do is difficult to support; if not outright untenable. His rigidity is one of the reasons Arsenal declined so dramatically; whatever one might say about the subsequent managers and contemporary circumstances.
            He left an unbalanced, barely competitive squad which has needed significant rebuilding for years.

  2. Blimey, the cleaners got their fingers out !!

    All the very best to A S L

    Let’s hope he has a great career at the Arsenal.

    1. Twice for some reason, as 1st returned “error” ??

      Or is it just my delirium over getting a signing over the line ( 2 in close succession !! ).

      Oh well, the best wishes remain the same !


  4. I wish sambi all the best. He looks adventurous from the clips of him i’ve seen, if he ends up having very good defensive ability he’ll be knocking on the managers door for a starting role in no time.

    Who has an idea who is next, cuz after Ben White there are no other positive talks in outgoings and incomings.

    Mr Ken any idea?

    1. None at all Son, as I always watch the official website and not the nearly 80 players we have, supposedly, have an interest in OR lost out too!!!!

      I’m just waiting to see if the White deal comes off and if he’s the big signing we were promised – fingers crossed 🤞

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