Anderlecht v Arsenal Player Ratings – Sanchez MOTM Again

Anderlecht 1 – 2 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Martinez – 5
He didn’t have much to do but when he was tested, he looked shaky.

Chambers – 4
He was sloppy all night and just looks very rigid with the way he plays at RB. He doesn’t take his man on and was defensively suspect. Great cross for the goal however but he had a rank night.

Mertesacker – 5
Didn’t really impose a calming influence over the defence. I guess it’s difficult with a LB as your partner and a 19 year old RB who isn’t really comfortable in that position.

Monreal – 3
He was shocking and it’s not really his fault as he’s being played massively out of position.

Gibbs – 6.5
He had a decent performance tonight and scored the all-important equaliser. Still struggled defensively against Anderlecht’s RB.

Flamini – 2
Shocking. Made numerous defensive errors and didn’t really offer anything to the team.

Sanchez – 7.5 (MOTM)
He had a good performance. He was sloppy and lost the ball numerous times but he actually tried to make the difference and his contribution to the winner typified his performance.

Wilshere – 5
He was poor. Dribbled well but his final pass was shocking.

Ramsey – 5
Opposite to Wilshere. His passing was decent but his dribbling and overall mobility was non-existent.

Cazorla – 4
Embarrassing performance for the Spaniard. Exerted no control over the game and wasted numerous chances.

Welbeck – 4
Very poor as well. Just couldn’t control the ball and misplaced a lot of passes. He didn’t really bring any of the midfielders into play.

Chamberlain – 5
He didn’t do much but was involved in the winning goal.

Campbell – 3
He didn’t do much at all and was sloppy on the ball.

Podolski – 5.5
He gets his rating solely for scoring the winner.

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  1. Alexis Sanchez is another level to his teammates, it must be frustrating for him at the moment where would we be without sanchez
    we’re counting draws as positive results these days this is what we have become yesterday we got lucky & yet wenger talks about mental strength

    1. Per, as I’ve always said, is a damn liability to the back four. Though he naturally lacks pace, he’s just not smart enough to read the movement of the opposition around the box. Even Monreal makes a good central back than he (Per) does.

      1. I thought we didn’t have a manager during games… thought that was only on every other day. Strange I have never noticed a manager.

    2. wheel chair 5! for doing what? running in ti walls with his down with the ball, over clinging on to the ball till he loses it? failing to play with others or making those sloppy predictable inaccurate passes???????(FYI we equalized and scored a winner after him leaving the pitch. was it a coincidence again?)
      Chamberlain 5, honestly what did he do apart from running with the ball in to the wall?
      And u give campbell 3???? if u weren’t watching he initiated so many attacks and even ran to defend especially that moment were he slid to grab the ball from the opponent when they had counter attacked us.
      Wilshere is costing us points because we struggle while he plays, just cross check with the games he’s started many are draws or loses.

    3. But what on earth does this sanchez eat and drink! Or is this guy on a particular hard drug! What planet exactly is he from! Every rugby teams will always regret seeing him playing football. His never-die vigour reminds me of that great canadian wrestler of a blessed memory – Chris Benoit. No anti-arsenal will ever wish him injury free.

  2. Boy you really hate Joel Campbell. He was a non-factor but didn’t play very long. Was he really the worst player on the pitch for Arsenal on a night when only 1 player (Sanchez) showed up to play?

    1. Campbell’s pass completion rate was dismal.
      He have the ball away 4 time while not under pressure in what should have been a simple pass to a team mate, each time he hit is so under power that an Anderlecht player was able to run and intercept it.

      Jack? Meh, he wouldn’t start for Chelsea, City, Utd or Liverpool. Why should he start for us?

  3. it’s sad that some people only support Arsenal because of AW, know nothing about Arsenal let alone football Repeating experiments that don’t work yet Wenger remains stubborn Literally no game plan or tactics again

    yet there are many here who wants wenger to stay

    1. I am not supporting Wenger’s tactics or teams performance here. Both were really poor yesterday.
      It was the worst game I have seen for a long time…This is not the way Arsenal plays football.
      Had Wenger made the substitutions a little earlier!! Had Wenger signed a proper DM and CB!!
      Oh Wenger you fool!!

      But it is sad that there is a different set of “fans” who know nothing about the history of Arsenal, who became fans during the Invincible era and know nothing about Wenger’s contribution to make Arsenal as we see today….

    2. I love Wenger. But people who love Wenger need to get with reality. He should go to Monaco, only if we bring in a quality manager who is not a risk. Those people who want to risk it with unproven one season wonders like Martinez are just as delusional.

      1. Well said. It’s a momentous change to get rid of AW, and people should be careful what they wish for. I reluctantly agree that a change is needed, but who would anyone suggest to replace him? Jurgen Klopp – forget it until next season at least. Martinez – perhaps, but BIG difference managing Arsenal even to Everton.
        Any other suggestions??

        Anyway…no change until at least next summer, so lets get behind team, or at least constructive criticism.

  4. Wenger has brought Ramsey back too quickly. He should not have started last night and it showed. Only a matter of time before Wenger over works him leading to another injury.

  5. Merson spot on with his analysis. “This is Arsenal – you can’t go to Anderlecht & put in a performance like that”
    & then
    AW: “We kept going and managed to score 2 good goals because we had spirit.” doesn’t sound funny anymore

    1. I am sorry, but anyone who credits Merson’s analysis is being ridiculous. In fact, it wasn’t an analysis, it was a rant from a man who looked like he was about to cry. The only reason fans are jumping on this band wagon is because they share his frustration, but to say that because we are Arsenal, we should be going to Anderlecht and smashing 4 or 5 past them is daft. Since when has the champions league been so predictable? I seem to recall Real barely getting past Ludogrets a fortnight ago, and Liverpool losing at Basel. I’m not saying it was a good performance yesterday, but the team and the manager has the right to be happy with an away win in the champions league, anyone saying otherwise is being childish. There are issues with the team, blatant issues, with our lack of defensive options being one of them. However, there is now nothing we can do about it til January. The fans have voiced their opinion over the issue, the manager has acknowledged that they are right. That should be the end of that as there’s now nothing more that can be done. Let’s now regroup and move on and support the team through this trying period. The team is clearly still gelling which is understandable considering the lack of squad stability due to injuries, new signings and a lack of preseason. Podolski scored yesterday, now fans are demanding he starts, forgetting the last time he started, he was beyond abysmal and also that his best performances seem to be off the bench for us.

      Football is bigger than the 90 minutes that’s played on the field, and while I know we all know that, we seem to momentarily forget it when we voice our opinions, especially on this site. We won’t win the league this season, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good season, and I truly believe that the squad that has been assembled this year is a fantastic foundation for an assault on the league next season. Kind of like Chelsea’s team last year, except our issues are at the back not up front. Arsene is here for the next three years, while not everyone believes he should be allowed to finish that contract, we all know he will be. It’s best we get to supporting the team to try and help bring out whats good about it, rather than moaning about what’s bad.

      1. Great comment, someone with some sense. We have been so unlucky this season, we deserved a little bit of luck. We have a acquired some great new players that look as though they’ve got a great future. Sanchez is just awesome, to come into any side and play like has, there is so much more to come from this man.

        We have had some really tough games, Southampton result doesn’t look as bad now. You don’t rise from 4th to 1st is is a slow progression. I know we have been stuck there for years, but the recent spending spree along with more signings to come is something we all should be very excited about. We have entered a new era and it is like we are starting a fresh start.

        The fans on this site infuriate me, always putting the players down and AW (who is an absolute legend, anyone slagging him off must be too young to realise what he’s down for our club).

        We will have a DM, but I won’t be a panic buy, or get someone in to appease the fans. It it will someone that will turn Arsenal into true title contenders.

        To all you knockers of Giroud, Wilshire, Flamini, AW you are a bunch of moaning bitches that know nothing about football. Probably the same ones that were slagging off Ramsey-your eating your words now.

      2. Let me quickly remind you before you forget again and again that this very problem was outlined before the close of transfer window, instead of making reinforcements, he sold our true back up central defender, didn’t buy replacement after he ‘promised’, and played an already poor left back out of position for cover, we have not had a defensive midfielder after Gilberto left, so tell me again how these problems are fresh from this season… Its time arsenal fans stop glory hunting and realise that even if Wenger hand us the EPL (a chance fatter gunnersaurus)… HE NEEDS TO GO!!!

        1. Vermaelen was replaced by Chambers. Jenko by Bellerin and Sagna by Debuchy. You conveniently forget the fact that Vermaelen is still injured at Barcelona and god knows when he will be match fit. Terrible luck with injuries where you can’t put the blame on Wenger, we all have seen how the players got injured DURING THE GAME not in the training.
          Yes, last night Wenger got the lineup terribly wrong and only last second inspiration and will from Sanchez made the difference. Will he learn from it? I sure hope he will.

      3. It’s sad for anyone who knows what Arsenal could be under a proper manager to read comments like this. Arsene is not Arsenal, even if he bought in January would he buy the right player, would he play him in his best position, would it therefore be a waste of money, would it just leave less money for Arsene’s replacement to sort out the monumental mess Arsene is currently leaving behind him? We are heading down the same path as Liverpool, spending money on wrong players, with the wrong manager, wrong contract extensions which means that when Arsene goes the new manager’s hands will be tie. The Arsenal board up to and including ‘Sir Chips’ are a joke.

      4. Its sad that the manager and players share your loser mentality.
        But atleast alexis sanchez doesn’t hence why he was shaking his head in disappointment at full time whilst the rest of the team where celebrating.
        You think Messi, Ronaldo, ibra, etc, you know winners would be satisfied with that performance?
        Alexis must be shocked by the lack of quality and embarrassing mentality of the players around him and the manager.

        1. Sanchez must learn English very fast and become the leader of the team. At this moment we have no leader on the pitch. Arteta is too soft and Flamini is too crazy.

  6. Wilshere always over-dribbles and that not positive, lol this kj guy.the guy is similar to his coach doing the samething time and time again and hoping to get result.

  7. For all the outpouring love and respect that Sanchez deserves, the “He is on another level to our players” is a hypothetical, mysterious and a pile of sh*t.

    Yesterday, he worked his socks off. But hey ho, this is football not marathon, they don’t award a goal for running around. He tried to hard to make a difference.

    Yesterday his first touch was erratic, his passing was ineffective, and shots were mad dash.

    He created two chances, both of which should have been put away by Santi and Ramsey. But other than that he was quite simply awful.

    He should have scored from the Santi freekick which touched his back. He should have passed instead of taking shots mindlessly when others were in a better position. Even in the Podolski goal, he wasn’t passing the ball, he took a mindless shot, which luckly fell to Poldi.

    I love Sanchez, make no mistake about that.

    1. you got a good point, he does lose the ball a lot and misplace passes.

      but you have to admit – when he gets the ball, things happens.
      It was his pass to chambers that led to Gibbs’ goal. and i don’t think he was trying to shoot during the second goal, looked more like a hard cross. But anyway, he won the aerial battle against two defenders. He stayed on his feet while avoiding the high kick. He then crossed/shot the ball hard the middle. the ball bounced off the defender to poldoski who roofed sh*t into the net. Sanchez worked his socks off and it was worth it. give credit where it is due.

      btw, sanchez and only sanchez should take our free kicks. the end.

        1. nah Sumo. it was Ramsey, Sanchez, Chambers to Gibbs. (i watched the highlights just to be sure). glad you agree with the FKs.

    2. I beg to disagree. The best player in the world would have been made to look average in an Arsenal shirt last night. “They don’t award a goal for running around”… When the team isn’t playing well and not gelling, you kind of have to go find the ball. However, if the team was gelling well WITH Sanchez’s work rate, everyone would be saying, “wow, Sanchez is making brilliant runs time and time again”, instead of “Sanchez is running around aimlessly”, which you are alluding to.

      However, I do agree with you on his first touch and some passes, even when he wasn’t under pressure his passes were misplaced, and lost control of the ball a few times. But hey, that could be said about every player last night!

      Is it just me, or was Wilshere trying the long ball every time he had possession last night? Especially in the first half. Not really his style, and also lost lots of possession that way.

      1. “his first touch and some passes, even when he wasn’t under pressure his passes were misplaced, and lost control of the ball a few times. But hey, that could be said about every player last night!”

        Exactly this is what I said? Than why disagree?

        “For all the outpouring love and respect that Sanchez deserves, the “He is on another level to our players” is a hypothetical, mysterious and a pile of sh*t.”

        I said this, that yesterday he was not on another level to our other players like how some fans are pointing out.

        1. Mate, selective quoting. I said “however, I do agree with you on” and only then do you start quoting me. And then ask why I disagree with you? Come on mate, really?
          If you want to quote me, quote my whole paragraph, and not the parts that make you want to question me.

          Secondly, Sanchez WAS on another level to everyone else yesterday. Put it this way, if the team was playing at 40% last night, Sanchez was playing at 70%!

    3. I’ve never heard so much shit!

      This guy has come into our team, scored quite a few goals and assists. Runs his ass off to get possession back. Did you see his free kick last night? so close, scored from a free kick already this season. HE IS ANOTHER LEVEL. Have a look at your ‘rates’, lets see you agrees with you.

      He created two assits that should have been put away, crearted another assist that was scored and nearly scored a free kick (when Arsenal were shocking). The stats say it all.

      Sanchesz was the reason we won last night. He is the type of player that is the difference between winning and losing.

    4. And yet according to this guy wenger deserves no criticism lol.
      Sanchez was a class above everyone else and he created more than 2 chances. And that was quite obviously a cross to podolski. And even the fact he was able to bring the ball to get a cross in was class itself.
      Without sanchez we lose that match and he was our best player by a mile even a toddler could see that, but i guess you know more than all the pundits and fans.

      1. When did I say Wenger deserves no critism? He deserves criticism for 89 mins where we played poorly. But also praise for the last 5 mins which won us the game.

        Also the critism he gets for substitutions, this is the 2nd time(1st being Everton) where substitution won/ drew us the match.

    5. The way you described more like talking about wilshere. The different is sanchez hard work bring goal but wilshere hard work bring shi*.

  8. A win at home v Anderlecht
    vitualy assures Arsenal of
    a place in the last 16.
    Dortmund and Gala away
    will probably be dead rubbers.
    6 weeks from now Arsenal will be 4th
    in the league and things will be hunky – dory.

    1. Since like you have give up hope on arsenal . Your expectations are getting lower and lower. I feel you cos since nothing can be changed so just close your eyes and support. A win is a win. When there is a sweet just took it cos we don’t know when there will be again.

  9. Shocking really, always trying to find positives in matches were we are suppose to whoop our opponents. As I said a weeks back we’ve lost the ability to impact fear into our opponents, even small teams come to the Emirates and make noise these days. Wenger has lost the plot and at the end of the season I believe he should step down if he really loves and care about this club.

    – Sanchez, always fighting, always willing to make something out of nothing.

    – Poldi and Gibbs goals – well these two boys saved us from an embarrassment, our opposition supporters even begun to celebrate and am sure the British media already started producing articles before these two stepped up
    – 3 points
    – uhh, uhhh, uhhhh. Got nothing else really, the Ref should get some praise for been awake during this boring game.

    – Inability to select the right players for the game – Wenger and his assistants
    -Playing players out of position – Wenger and his assistants
    -Making subs late – Wenger and his assistants
    -Poor performance from the team overall – Team, Wenger and his assistants
    -Poor coordination in the midfield and the final third – Team, Wenger and his assistants
    -Poor defense – Team, Wenger and his assistants
    -Lack of fight, SPIRIT, winning mentality, – Team, Wenger and his assistants

    All in all I fear at the rate at which we are going Wenger will end up loosing the dressing room especially with non British players (Poldi, Campbell, Sanchez, Ozil, Carzola, TR7). Him insisting on playing out of form players such as Jack, Ramsey (though he just retained) and forcing other players out of there natural positions is so irritating to watch. Its affecting the team negatively and it will lead to his down fall. Wenger also insisting on playing his 10’s on the wings when we have players on the bench who could make the team play a more balanced game is shocking.

    I say ship out Wenger, Bold, and the other coach’s as there all clueless and wont push the team forward. Any other manager would be an upgrade at this moment even with this same average squad!

    1. @007 wenger is killing the team spirit with his british-core,forcing wilshere to a starting line-up this season when he should be competing with ramsey.real talk mate

  10. truth been said , we have been made a shit club now always getting lucky to draw or win. I hate wenger now more than ever

  11. Not sure if it was Monreal/Chambers who lost their man during the first goal, but I don’t think Monreal did that poorly for a guy just coming back from injury playing in an inappropriate position. Should get higher than a 3.

    and give Martinez a 6. Woj is stupid for getting a red card and we just learned Ospina got injured about 2 days ago? The kid stepped up. Maybe he coulda got that goal, idk I’m not a keeper. And he shoulda held on to the ball when he was isolated with the ST, but made the initial stop which was crucial. And he made some decent saves.

    then again… this is Anderlecht. would be another story with any other team.

    1. @Mesut O-grillz
      It was Chambers who got caught ball watching and didn’t see Najar rollin up behind him. I think Monreal had a decent game also. His only problem was giving players too much space, which enabled the cross into Najar…

    1. that’s not a bad idea. at least bring Crowley to train with the first squad so that Wilshere sees the competition every day. But I don’t think Wilshere will be outgunned by Crowley, Ramsey will take his place when Walcott will be fit. And Arteta. And Diaby.

  12. With the exception of Campbell, KJ’s ratings are spot on. Amazing that we came out of the game with anything.

    Wilshire has already peaked in my opinion. I think last year’s Ramsey was an imposter. Flamini is absolutely horrible. Arsenal needs to revamp the entire central midfield and add a central back. This won’t happen under Wenger, so much more mediocrity to come. Depressing.

  13. On current form, I would select the Ox playing box to box or CM rather watch Wilshere or Rambo play. Apart from 1 or 2 games these lads have been pathetic on the pitch to say the least. Aint too sure about the Ox’s passing but atleast his got the stamina, strength and grit which we so much need in our midfield at the moment.

  14. @007 plz do watch our game with sunderland and see how well ramsey performs in a b2b role since wilshere will be suspended and we will be using a 4-2-3-1

    1. Great Mate!!! Thank God his suspended I hate seeing Jack starting games for us. Maybe we can finally see Carzola back in the middle. Even though we were to win 10-nill minus Jack, as soon as his back Wenger will throw him straight into the line up and disturb the whole team.

  15. Heard you but we all know wenger team selection is Very poor even with the players available Arsenal Fc can be a reckoning force but Wenger is too sentimental when it com to team selection Wilshare and ramsey donts work and he keep playing both. Arsenal Fc is not a club for experiments but a club of achievement….this days Arsenal is better off the pitch(business) than winning trophies…Read my words…if no change is made it will be the same story as b4..

  16. Heard you but we all know wenger team selection is Very poor even with the players available Arsenal Fc can be a reckoning force but Wenger is too sentimental when it com to team selection Wilshare and ramsey donts work and he keep playing both. Arsenal Fc is not a club for experiments but a club of achievement….this days Arsenal is better off the pitch(business) than winning trophies…Read my words…if no change is made it will be the same story as b4..”Almost there (4th position)” just known that almost can never kill a bird…

  17. Guys have you noted that arteta has not been playing maybe wenger saw that the guy offers it a hint that we will be signing a dm?maybe needs to add cb in his list rodiger?

  18. Arsene Wenger claims Arsenal won because of the spirit of the team. I disagree completely. I felt the team was low in spirit. But if that is how Wenger’s team plays when they are HIGH in spirit, then the should’nt drink anything at all next time. LOL

  19. Mertesacker 5… Which game did you watch again? MIA for the goal where he finds himself on a RB position…!! Slow and his placement is now wrong (he misses Koscielny who use to save his ass).
    Monreal 3… Well, I would have give him a 5… He is not a CB (and never played at the position before he got into that Arsenal mess).
    Wilshere 5… I know he has that “local boy” crap going for him, but when he is far from the team we just play better… Wenger little jewel…!!!


    Not deserved, but I guess the boys showed some heart for 8 mins (strange, just after Wilshere substitution and it is not the first time) and scored 2 goals.

    Wenger can talk about spirit and his belief “delusional” speech, but it is just paper over cracks.
    One of the worse CL game I have seen.
    We have nothing going, play wise and tactically… just poor and boring.

    3 more years of that? Waooooooooo!!!

    1. other than comment about wilshere who at least kept things moving have to agree with this…mert is a joke CB for a top ranked club rramsey was was dire and chambers lacks pace as full back….has to stick with bellerin chambers kos and gibbs to give them experience and build some rapport…but in decades of watching arsenal i do not recall a defensive line up with so little strength and power …and what has happened to cazorla he is a class player but has been awful this season?

  20. Guys. We all get your point. Wenger was good in the past but not good enough today. Can we stop discussing how bad he is after every f****ing gametime. Because it is so old topic. Talk about something else. This website is now so boring to read because all we see are dirty words in comments towards Wenger and the players. Don’t you feel tired saying that again and again. Plus you should say that to the board, not me. I hear enough of it from media, rivals’ fans, pundits, now even the Arsenal fans? And even when we has just won a game???????

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