Anderlecht v Arsenal review – Podolski pinches Gunners win

Arsenal needed to get off to a good start, with our Belgian opponents Anderlecht having their own problems with injuries, form and recent results. This game offered the Gunners a great chance to claim a morale boosting win and keep the hopes of winning the group alive.

But we started porly, giving the ball away and not playing with enough tempo. So that encouraged the home side and they started giving us problems at the other end, which did not help our nerves. Arsenal still created chances, of course, with Alexis Sanchez looking the most likely to find a way through a hard working defence.

But Ramsey still looks short of match fitness and Santi Cazorla was having another off day. His free kick in a great position hit the wall below waist height and you have to wonder why Alexis, who has already scored a beauty for us, did not take it. The Chilean found Welbeck with a great gross but the England striker couldn;t keep it down.

Wilshere was doing some good work in the tight spaces around their box, but overall it was a disjoited first half from Arsenal and the Belgians were good value to be level at the break.

And there was more toil to little effect in the second half. There were a couple of close calls from Alexis and Cazorla but it was Anderlecht who had the most chances and they got their reward with 20 minutes to go. Some poor defending from us and some good play from them and Arsenal were staring down the barrel.

Campbell and the Ox replaced Welbeck and Flamini as we tried to make something happen. Alexis came inches from levelling the scores with a great free kick, but the hosts also hit the bar to finish us. The Gunners defence was in disarray by now and Martinez had to save us a few times.

Wenger had one last throw of the dice, with Podolski replacing Wilshere but chances were not coming. Then out of nowhere the two full backs combined, Chambers’ cross finding Gibbs who produced a lovely drilled finish to rescue a point. And then unbelievably POdolski grabbed us a winner after good work from the Ox and Alexis. Phew, Gooners, we got away with one there.

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      1. after this display by pod & wilshere,
        wenger will definitely start wilshre next time and only allow pod to come on 80th min.

        1. Merson looks gutted. Ray parlour…they all know wenger is even worse then last year.hes losing even his supporters

          Dont want him to leave cos hes hounded out.

          Why didnt he leave last year after the fa cup?

          1. This is the most mediocre Arsenal team i have watched in my entire life, 2 shots on target against Anderlecht. WTF is going on

            1. anderlecht are sh*t,literally a toilet seat from outta space-

              wenger should morph into a bar stool so i can pick it up an break it against ivan gazidis head

              1. On the bright side, Damian Martinez was great. Anderlecht are a decent side. I have followed the belgian league closely and Praet and Matias Suarez are top 7 quality. I would say they are similar to Everton instead of strength. The midfield was at a different level to the defence. Arsene Wenger has to and probably will get a defensive cover in January.

        1. That silly. 4-1-4-1 formation again plus the insipid Wilshere/Ramsey combination. Phew-thank God our teeth head some skin to hang on to.

          1. Ramsey and Wilshere are never going to take us to the next level, even these young kids can out muscle Arsenal players. Something is just not right

    1. Heart attack and then resuscitated..!
      Sometimes I feel arsenal really lack intentions..they only realise they have to win when we are a goal down..!!
      Thank you podolski and Gibbs..well played Sanchez!
      Good game from anderlecht

        1. The crisis is real, because Arsene clearly isn’t learning from the mistake that’s right in front of him. 4141 with jack and Aaron together yields nothing positive for us. It’s not bad luck it’s poor management and team selection.


      1. I’d have been REALLY happy, if what had happened today was against an outfit like Real Madrid or Juventus because we belong to that level of the football! Taking 90 seconds at the end of the game to unlock the gates against a team like Anderlecht with all that possession we had is just pitiful! In fact, if they were sharper in attack, this game would’ve been curtains long before Gibbs got one back!

      2. I have good news for you. Antonio Rudiger will be joining Arsenal defence line in January. Take heart, your nightmare will soon be over.

          1. stuggart player. imagine gary cahill…. if he was black….had only one arm and when he headed the ball out from corners would make a choo-choo noise

        1. He is a very good young player. He has the potential to be better than koscielny. He is very quick and commanding. He is only 19 but has a bright future ahead of him. Would love to here were you got that from though?

          This week he said he’s an arsenal fan and his heart bleeds arsenal.he also has an alexis home shirt.

    3. Jack off for just six(6) mins and Arsenal won 1-2 what if doesn’t play or comes as a sub what will happen 4-1 against Galatasaray…..0-3 against Aston Villa…..Wenger never learns

    4. Everybody in the world knows Arsenal’s problem even a toddler…its a shame only Wenger can’t see it and calls himself a manager…”Wenger Out” is still on

  1. I just punched myself in the throat for all that shit talk hahaha WOW what an ending. Thank you Prince Poldi and Gibbs!!!

      1. Errrr, so you mean to say you were absolutely cool and happy with our performance and knew we would somehow pull 2 goals out of our arses in the lass 5 min?

    1. I’m not sure what you mean. Are you suggesting we put a bathroom door between us and the goal to make us start shooting on target? Or are you making a leg joke…

    1. A small sh*t team like anderletch put us in totally shame FOR at least 80 min. Good job wenger.


      1. I have said this for 5 years, You give Wenger Ronaldo, Bale, Messi, Yaya Toure, he will still find a way to fcuk it up. He is fcuking useless. GET HIM OUT NOW BEFORE ALEXIS, CAZORLA AND KOSCIELNY WANT TO LEAVE

      2. Youri teilemans is a class act I’ve been talking about him for 2years for me he is the best teenage cm/dm in Europe. He is only 17 but he was the best player on the pitch today.

  2. Same sh*t every game.
    Play 4-1-4-1, play like dogsh*t, start loosing, Take off useless jack, then win or draw.

    1. Love how sanchez was shaking his head at full time.
      He knows narrowly beating such a sh*t team is not good enough.
      Too bad our ”world class” manager doesnt.

        1. No he will leave.

          He had juve an psg on the table.

          From competing for everything alongside messi neymar and iniesta hes scraping shite teans like anderlect along jack wheelchair and per mertatwatter

          1. He competes for90 minutes every game. He should leave before he gets injured. I hope he doesn’t. He carrying us right now.

      1. Absolutely never. If he was going to learn anything, he would have done so 4/5/6 years ago. He is an absolute idiot and a total bull$$shiter to us fans

    1. who cares, this is a tournament wenger will never win –

      3 points is a hollow word which will not keep me warm at night under this tyranny we call the wenger era

  3. Absolutely terrible team.. No fight, very slow, can’t pass, no creativity, very weak.. Seriously we are in trouble this season…

    1. Some clown the otherday said that we aren’t lacking creativity in the midfield lool.
      Other than sanchez (winger) who else created anything

        1. That’s cause our creative central midfielders are played on the wings so that our above average (when played in their proper position) box to box midfielders can be asked to do something they’re not capable of and cause us to look average.

      1. @th14.. Sorry, I thought you meant it’s me the same clown that said we did not lack creativity..

        People are going on about we need a DM and CB, but we are really missing a creative midfielder.

        We had a chance to get Cesc in the summer but the same mugs on here kept going on about we have Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, The Ox etc…


  4. Was screaming at gibbs “STOP CELEBRATING AND RUN BACK TO F***ING GOAL!!!!”(great goal though) lol. Alls well that ends well I guess…

  5. Can’t begin to say how underwhelmed I am with our season so far. Only good game we’ve had was against Villa, who’s team were sick on match day. Even Galatasaray Szczesny messed up.. It just hasn’t looked like Arsenal on the pitch.

  6. Im sorry Jack is good player, but imo he just doesn’t suit our fluid style. Slows our game down so much by holding onto the ball. He’d be perfect in a league like the eerie where the tempo of the game is slower maybe but not for our pacey fluid game.

  7. Wilshere, Ramsey in midfield just look out of place.. Put Cazorla in the no10 position.. He is our best creative player in the squad..

    We seriously are a poor team, no spine whatsoever…

    It’s is going to be a long season//

    1. 4231 wasn’t broken. Keep Jack and Aaron has box-to-box CMs or don’t play them. We have too much actual talent in the place he’s choosing to play those players; and we have too much talent in the places that the players that are forced to play out of position are played.

      Imagine if Ozil gave away the number of balls Jack and Aaron did today? But you know what the bias Media will focus on? Oh Jack and Aaron worked so hard. Not “Jack dribbled into 3 people and lost it.” Or “Ramsey gave away 7/9 penetrating passes.”

      1. Was it just me or was Cazorla total shIte tonight?
        It can’t ALL be about Jack….at least he tries to make things happen. (I know he’s poor at the moment) Aaron wasn’t fit, Flamini’s an idiot, Monreal an accident waiting to happen.
        We need to play Ox regularly, get Arteta back and hopefully Theo soon

        1. @Charlie Nick
          Jack tries hard my azz. He does zero defending, zero creating, just plain zero. The only thing he does is go to ground. he negates our play and gets in the way of our flow. At least Flamini put his body in front of shots. Now he “tried”. Ramsey needs to stop with the little fancy back passes and keep it simple. Chambers was to blame for the goal by ball watching and lettin Najar get the jump on him.
          Monreal held his own, he just gives players too much space.

      2. @TH14.. I know what you mean.. But the difference is that Wilshere and Ramsey cost next to nothing and are not earning anywhere near £150,000 a week like Ozil.. You know the more a player costs and earns the more his every move is put under the microscope.

        That’s how it is..

        But Wilshere and Ramsey are absolutely looking like squad players, they need to step their game. They just look like they have never kicked a ball in their whole life..

        The team is really not balanced at all..

        We are in trouble..

        1. Santi was not at his best tonight, no, but he once again is not a winger, not when he’s better than the two players playing centrally….and he knows it. Psychology says that players begin to resent things like that over time.

        2. Ozil isn’t sh*t but he is performing nowhere near 42mill quality.
          I think the most painfull thing about the whole ozil situation is that if he stayed at madrid they would have sold us di maria for around £30mill and we would have bought sanchez and fabregas this summer.
          But no point crying over spilt milk.

      3. Go back to 4-2-3-1 but with two proper wingers. Rotate Carzola and Jack at no. 10. Stop playing CAMs on the wing.

  8. Terrible performance but if only we could continue with our most successful 2 strikers formation then we are gagame for anything. Also I would anyday gamble with Chambers or Ox in DM then the pair of Arteta & Flamini.

    1. So it was Jack’s fault that Monreal didn’t put a challenge in for their goal or Flamini ran into Chambers back, or Cazorla was woeful, and didn’t try a leg.
      Jack Wilshire is NOT the main problem with Arsenal.

      1. @charlie nick: No, that is Wenger’s fault for choosing those defenders.
        Cazorla is not winger. Please get that in your head.
        Yes, wilshere is not the problem, it’s all about Wenger.
        Wilshere is still young and can learn from cazorla and ozil.
        But he should not start at the no.10 position ahead of those two.

        1. @charlie nick, are you wilshere’s boyfriend? the guy is sh*t, like it or not, the only thing that can do is lose the ball.

  9. What a poor performance. Our defence is at elementary-level right now. NO Pressing, NO passion

    Joel Campbell looked very positive!

    1. yeah, i worry for campbell: after this performance, wenger’s definitely not going to give him another run out.

  10. Well am glad we got the three points, a great comeback… But we really made a meal of a much weaker anderlecht side… A poor performance by the team in the end, once again Sanchez the stand out player…

  11. God of football was with our side today. Anderlecht had many chances to kill off the game but we were the ones to scrap a win in the end…God, we need to improve in so many areas, I don’t know what the hell they are doing in training but they do need to step up some levels…





    1. …8 million a year. an complete control of the club.
      plus he has a huge following who seem to think his rectum is the sun rising over sydney harbour-

      ffs without george graham’s backline, bruce riochs bergkamp buy- would wenger have had those years of glory?

      cant belive i was ever a akb-

  13. “If there is one (player) you want to see in front of the goal in a shooting position, it is him because Podolski is certainly one of the best finishers I have ever seen”

    ~ Arsene Wenger (2014)

  14. Don’t know why Wenger doesn’t play Podolski and Campbekl more? Did they do something to piss him off?

  15. The performance was terrible. we are not going to come across any other teams at the level of anderlecht. if we do go through to the knockout stage i am seriously concerned. Gazidis, wenger and kroenke want as much money as possible but true gooners dont want the team to be ridiculed.

  16. Imagine if Ozil gave away as many passes as Jack and Aaron gave away today? The English and too many people on here would be ripping him right now. I’ll says again what I said before, all of Jack and Aaron’s industry does not equal Mesut’s ability to find a final pass.

    Stop trying to play Jack and Aaron into world class 10s when we already have world class 10s. We then move Santi and Mesut out wide, and then point the finger at them when things don’t go well. Campbell and AOC are better wingers than Jack and Aaron are 10s, so balance the side again and go back to the 4231. Split Jack/Aaron at the CM role or don’t play them.

    Alexis Man of the Match.

    1. Why is it every time someone else has a poor game theres a cry out for Ozil. And then when Ozil does play he also doesnt produce? Let’s stop picking on individuals as a whole. The problem is down the poor tactics and playing people out of position. I dont think ozil wouldve done much better in the match simply because wenger has no tactics. I swear Alexis was the manager today. He seemed to be the only one trying to push the team to the win. Arsene was just sitting in his chair doing nothing. Tired of Wenger and he’s losing more and more respect from people the longer he remains stubborn.

      1. I have to respectfully disagree with you. Ozil through the middle most likely would’ve done what he did this season the other two games this season when he’s played through the middle.
        People have no problem pointing the finger at Mesut or Santi when they don’t run as hard as Jack and Aaron do — despite the fact they’re being played out of position — yet the moment that I state the obvious that Mesut and Santi are better than Jack and Aaron as ACMs it’s an uproar.
        Our season is sputtering, as Arsene has said, and it’s sputtering because he’s playing people out of position and not in the proper shape.

        1. Umm everyone on here is saying how bad Wilshere was, so its not just Ozil who gets insulted. Anyways, as I said its Cazorla who should’ve been No.10 today anyways. Ramsey/Wilshere partnership failed like it always does, and we didnt start playing better until Wilshere came off. Don’t really feel like getting into a big Ozil discussion today anyways since he’s not even a factor until 2015.

      2. @RSH
        Sooner or later the guys on the pitch are going to have to shoulder some blame for their performances. Tactics this and tactics that. Alexis always does his, whats wrong with the rest ?

    2. your comment is so painful to read because its soo obvious and true yet wenger refuses to do this and in the process has ruined both ozil and cazorla

        1. @john0711
          In the real world, the winner is always considered best. There is a huge difference between what they could have done and what they didn’t do. Same goes for us. We had chances, we missed some chances, same with them.
          They converted 1, we converted 2.
          Luck does not come into play here…

  17. Fu ck me! I can’t bear this Arsenal for a long time. I will have a stroke pretty soon if it continues like that. I have no words. Geeeeeeeeez !!! I am happy for the points but shakin’ my head just as Sanchez did at the end. We were lucky. Make no mistake.

    1. Top 4 trophy and losing to bayern/barca in round of 16- sorted 🙂 welcome to groundhog season

      Wenger certainly is consistent.
      An im consistently losing the will

  18. Say what you will about Poldi, but his champions league record is 6 goals in 9 games for us, pretty decent…

  19. Given Weaver’s class, pedigree and pride I am very worried about what might be going on in his life outside football. That he cannot figure out and be a shame of his central role in this show of shame may be the strongest indication that all may not be well with him.

    1. the fact he never gave up led to the winner. Everyone in that lockerroom better be bowing down the him. No Arsenal player came close to his performance.

  20. Horrible performance for 89 minutes. Scraped that win, good three points though. Performances have still been POOR and this one was no better, we just got lucky this time. Wilshere easily the worse player on the pitch followed by Welbeck who just kept giving the ball away. Minutes after Wilshere comes off we start scoring goals. Wilshere was the obviously horrible today and shouldve been off at half time. Well, dramatic 3 points so gotta be somewhat happy, but still fear for the future Anderlecht and Hull have battered us the past week. Not good. And PLAY PODOLSKI MORE!

  21. Again we won a game because jack was taken off lol,when will people get it that we do not hate jack it just that the is being forced to this arsenal side

    1. i dont hate jack.
      i loved the jack that i saw v barcelona when we beat them.

      i just know we win when jack’s not in.
      if we had a coach, he’d probably tell jack to pass more and longer, but what do i know?

  22. BTW, Wenger had the team totally wrong today. I have never seen such a bad Arsenal not even when we lost 6-0 at Chelsea. At least he realised at the end that he needs a total approach to the game. They must go directly in the meeting and analyze the $hit game they played today. And it begins in this case with Wenger and ends with Cazorla and Welbeck. Bad,bad game! Have no words.

    1. @Budd
      Exactly. We’re wasting our talented speed demon wingers in order to accommodate Jack and Aaron. Ox and Campbell instead of Jack and Aaron, with Santi pullin the strings and we would have steam rolled em…

  23. Anderlecht made us look like a Championship team. I am scared for us facing more stronger teams now, we just don’t seem to be learning from our mistakes from last season and this season, same old lethargic, slow, clueless, no direction, no purpose, poor passing, no pressing, players looking so tired after 20 minutes..

    What’s going on? We lack motivation..


  24. Gibbs has just said our final ball let us down. Is he talking about JW ? A goal from defence and a goal from a CF that Wenger doesn’t like playing. That says it all.

    1. wenger’s going to put the hex on pod now.
      no more 80th min substitutions: only >85 for pod from now on.

  25. Alexis is the great.

    He is not happy cos he got championship attitude as the rest of the players are so happy of their performance that are wenger attitude.

  26. 8 million a year for rhis everage team
    arsen stop playing wilshere game after game
    when wilshere off we win why you have to wait so long to make sub arsen
    you have chance untill january to sign strong dm and stronng cb

  27. Sigh, what a game. The football golden rule is cruel, i feel srry for Anderlecht, they outplayed us but missed the chance to finish us off. When Poldi scored i jumped around the place and did beat my friends up from joy.

    All what i have to say is, Wenger, if you trully love Arsenal then move away. Just Go and give up as you have become a burden to milions of fans.

  28. This win means nothing. Just some extra millions for us by advancing to the last 16. There we are going to get humped anyways.

  29. After that display Wenger must step down Arsenal looked second best and that being kind.
    The only Arsenal Player who played with HEART was A Sanchez the rest of the Arsenal looked as if the could not give a Sxxxxx. How can Wenger say we can compete with the big teams.

        1. haha!

          oh and i’ve become Mesut O-grillz. I’m injured so I have more time to ‘grill’ burgers, hotdogs, and fish. Everyone is invited. BYOB.

  30. So f*cking happy we won. But be prepared – we are probably gonna see this same sad lineup on Saturday. Keep your inhalers handy.

    1. He tried really hard tonight, but he’s well paid for it.

      A lot of guys out there were faking it – stand up Flamini, Cazorla, Monreal

    1. @Mr Lean.
      A tad rich coming from
      someone who slaughtered
      the team and manager all night 🙁
      20/20 hindsight is wonderful 🙂

  31. AKBs pls remember this match that wenger are so lucky so next time when we lost pls don’t blamed the ref or come out other excuses like Wenger.

  32. So if Arsenal and Dortmund repeat victories in their respective next games, both would have qualified for last 16. Only to decide group winners!!!

  33. Wenger
    We were only teasing them.
    I had everything under control
    Last 16 again for the 18th time.
    No need to add in January. Silenced my critics?
    Where’s that female BBC reporter now?
    Think I’ll demand a pay rise and extend
    my contract + raise those ticket prices.
    Ivan Smithers will be licking my boots all week
    AKB’s are right. I know best 🙂

  34. you can always predict what happens with this arsenal side in the champions league, finish second get drawn with a team like bayern or barcelona or another big team, lose the first leg then get knocked out after a spirited performance in the second leg.

    1. our only hope is that bayern, real madrid, and barca finish second in their groups. which… won’t happen.

  35. just watched the highlights, i don’t waste time watching an entire game anymore. Good to see them win it in the end but from the sound of it they had a horrendous game

  36. We just don’t deserve to win the game, but it shows how sh*t the opposition was and how incapable they were able to finish their chances.
    Dortmund cruised that game…!!
    We have nothing and we can produce nothing…
    We use to be the team that lose game, but still produce a spectacle.
    Now we play sh*t and there is just nothing, but nothing there…!!
    May be one of the worse Arsenal team I have ever seen !!
    We have a number 10 (number on the back of his shirt) and he is one of the worse midfielder in the premier league right now at the position…!!
    To top that, we have a manager who just has no clue about modern football and is tactically disgraceful.
    Fans are right to ask the questions… Why is Campbell not playing? Why is Podolski not playing? Where is Diaby? Why so many injuries? Why always the same tactics? Why is Wenger still in the job?

    1. Podolski is an impact sub, not 90 min player – countless games when he is a passenger,,,BUT bring him on at least half an hour before the end, His finishing is great. Think we should use Ox a lot more too.
      Absolutely vital that we buy a DM player….really don’t want to see Flamini ever play again…beyond useless.

  37. Legend,Paul Merson looks absolutely gutted for AFC, obviously knows Wenger should go, but didn’t want to say it! We beat a team in the last minutes of the game who haven’t won a game in their own league and are a bunch of schoolboys. If it had Real Madrid would have been stuffed!

  38. Know Podolski is a right striker while Wilshere is a creative midfielder? The boss won’t drop Wilshere for Podol’. But could drop Welbeck at Sunderland for Podolski.

    1. i hate to admit it, but it’s true. we looked way better off when he was off the pitch. Saturday’s match will be a good telling… if Wenger plays everyone in the right position

  39. This win is for all the arsenal supporters but not Wenger supporters, they don’t deserve it. Coyg!

  40. I just cannot imagine or see us play against the like of Real Madrid… We will get destroyed and humiliated…! We are just not at the same level.

    Again Sanchez was the spark in the game. But one finger cannot clean the all face.
    He must ask himself what the F*ck am I doing here?
    He has double his wages, so it is a consolation.

  41. Like most other supporters I`m tired of asking the question. `WHY`?
    How many times has Podolski come to Arsenal`s rescue? How long does Campbell have to wait? How long before Wenger retires?

  42. Jack, Jack, Jack… no one mentioning Ramsey who lastly played well during community shield!!! Pick a player who was good in that midfield …it’s only Sanchez who tried to do sth. And our players can’t open in the box for a pass!!! oh my!!

    1. Ramsey is caught in two minds. Last season we had a great defence. This season we have a goalkeeper only.
      We need a DM, and either cazorla or ozil to play @10. Wilshere disrupts his game. Also did you see how he had to even play on the flanks when cazorla was drifting off to the middle?
      Wenger is clueless. The players are all good.

    2. Ramsey was extremely poor today, as he’s been all season. He’s being asked to play too far forward, and he’s trying to do too much. He should not have been in the team today.
      Arsene’s 4141 is ruining Jack, Ramsey, Mesut, and Santi.

      1. The only reason we are playing a 4141 is so Wilshere can get in the lineup. Jack has no place in a 4231. I agree Ramsey is being played too far forward, he’s not an attack-minded midfielder in my opinion. Reason why he was so good last season was his ability to win the ball.

        1. even more the main reason he did not buy fabrigas was because Wilshere would have had no chance to play. The reason why wenger is protective over wilshere has nothing to do with the player himself but more with the ego of the french men to prove that he is a talent creator…

  43. Wow Jack is getting pummeled tonight by y’all. But he was no worse than Carloza and Ramsey on the night. If Ramsey was subbed instead of Wilshire result probably would have been probably been the same. Sadly it looks like we’ve got a Gerrard-Lampard situation on our hands. Great finish by Gibbs and hopefully this gives us some confidence that if we can play so insipidly and still get three points, imagine what we can do with a good performance.

    1. ramsey set up Chamber’s cross. Jack would’ve just dribbled into the middle of the pitch and lost the ball.

  44. KJ’s rating on Podolski – N/A despite scoring the game winner for us he had done nothing and being invisible.

    Happy birthday Wenger, the odd player(s) presented you the birthday gift, surprise ~~~


  46. I just feel so sorry for Alexis. He is a winner stuck in a team of losers. He deserves to be at Barca, Real, Bayern, Chelsea not pathetic Arsenal. He should be playing alongside Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Bale, Neymar, Fabregas, Costa etc… But instead he is playing with Wilshere, Cazorla, Flamini, Arteta, Monreal, Mertesacker, Debuchy, and Giroud.
    Every time I see him on the pitch I feel really sorry for him. He’s basically ruined his career

  47. Guys why do we have carzola and ozil when they are not gonna be played at no.10 and position is given to a guy who is not at their level

  48. Whats is all these useless “i am sorry for sanchez” comments all about? He gets paid for this.even falcao went to monaco and now man u instead of real madrid cos of the pay. Dont make it look like alex is doing some charity work. Poldoski is a super sub, no more no less. Wenger should revert to the 4-2-3-1 formation. And to all the jack is this, jack is that brigade, was ramsey,carzola better than him. Yes,he had his own shortcomings so were ramsey and carzola.pls, stop all these carzola is not j winger comments.they are boring. He scored hattrick against reading, a goal against liverpool last season all from the wing.he was a left winger before we bought i dont know how is now a cam and not a left winger.he played shit today. Finito

  49. 3 points but what a load of shi*e! This side has so lost its way, disjointed doesn’t do it justice. Wouldn’t be suprised of we draw or lose ro Sunderland, after the 8-0 drumming at southhampton they will haveba point to prove. My real concern is that the longer this unconvincing period goes on the more likely our few class players will want out. Sanchez must be wondering what the hll he’s done! And what to do with poldi and campbell now? Still think wenger will sell one or both come jan. How we need some inspiration, oh for a modric clone!

  50. Recently we’ve been doing enough to win games and drawing them instead, (bar Chels + Dort), tonight we were terrible and won. We were LUCKY tonight, yes we had some luck. At last, lady luck shone on us and does it feel good? No not really, however if we were to somehow win our group will we remember this performance? Probably not.

  51. Welbeck
    Sanchez. Campbell

    Ramsey Carzola
    Gibbs. Chambers Mertz. Bellerin


    This line up can win the match easily.Its not compulsory we play 4141 or 4231.
    Playing players out of position will not help the team and will also negative effects on the player’s improvement and Concentration in his favourite position.

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