Andrei Arshavin discusses Mesut Ozil and predicts his Arsenal future

Andrey Arshavin has become the latest professional to slam Mesut Ozil for his style of play and contribution to the team.

Ozil remains one of the most divisive figures in the Premier League, on his day he has the technical ability to change any game, however, when he is out of form, he struggles to even keep hold of the ball.

Since he signed his recent contract at Arsenal, he has come under the microscope even more and most fans have been unhappy with his output for the team.

The Gunners are struggling to sell him off because of his huge wage bill and Arshavin appears to believe that the club is taking the right step by considering his sale.

The Russian spent four years as an Arsenal player and he even played two seasons with Mikel Arteta.

He is of the view that Ozil doesn’t contribute enough to be an Arsenal player and he even suggested that the German slows the game down and also slammed Ozil for not taking enough shots.

“As a player of course I respect him. Mesut is a world class player,” said Arshavin, as quoted by the Daily Star.

“But he slows down the game. I would prefer to use another player.

“Mikel, as we can see, is the opposite and plays him a lot. He has improved his game at Arsenal but still in the future I do not see him there.

“He also does not shoot enough. He always looks to pass and that makes it simple for the defence.”

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  1. Lots of good players are dying to earn what Ozil earns, but the guy does not even put an effort to appreciate a hefty salary that Arsenal is paying. It seems as if he doesn’t bother, knowing that he’ll get a good salary till next year.

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