Andy Cole certain that Man City will beat Arsenal to the title

Arsenal are on a quest to lift the Premier League title. Their fine form this season sees them top the PL standings with 69 points, eight points clear of second placed Manchester City.

However, they have played one game less, meaning if they are to play and win their game at hand, it may take Arsenal just two losses to lose the title race. Interestingly, Andy Cole believes he knows which games could be a stumbling block for the Gunners. Cole isn’t convinced Arsenal are winning this league title and believes the games against Liverpool and Manchester City are ones that Arsenal could lose the title race. “I still think Manchester City will win it,” said Cole on Filthy Fellas. “You are what, eight clear?!

On Man City having to play Liverpool first up: “The way Liverpool have been inconsistent, then I can see Man City winning. But I am going to be brutally honest with you. Man City, I don’t know what it is this season, for some reason, they have hardly kicked a ball.

But if Liverpool beats Manchester City: “Then, Arsenal (for the title), yeah, yeah. But then, Arsenal need to go to the Etihad and Anfield! Every time I have seen Arsenal play Manchester City, they have schooled Arsenal. I mean schooled.

“When I was playing, the manager (Sir Alex) always used to say to us, The season doesn’t get started until Easter’. That’s when you dropped points. If Arsenal come through that period, because there are mad games during that time, if they come through that dropping three or four points, then yeah (they’ll win the league).”

Many can’t believe Arsenal can manage to beat Manchester City to the league title, but they just might. Arsenal just have to match Man City’s results and, come May 26, make sure they leave the Etihad with a point.

In the end, Cole’s comments are just his opinion; Arsenal’s grit and spirit have won our hearts; if they haven’t won Andy Cole over, it is not our problem….

Daniel O

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  1. You are correct DANIEL O, that it is not our problem! ,. Neither is it of any interest at all to sensible GOONERS WHO CARE NOTHING ABOUT WHAT COLE THINKS, NOR ABOUT AN ARTICLE ABOUT WHAT HE THINKS TOO!

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