Ange Postecoglou doesn’t care if Spurs results help Arsenal

Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou is focused on his team winning their remaining games of the season, even though that could help make Arsenal the champions of England.

Spurs are struggling to secure their return to the Champions League next season, and they must be perfect for their remaining matches of the campaign, including their game against Manchester City.

If they win or draw that match and Arsenal wins their remaining games of the season, the Gunners could be champions.

Having Arsenal celebrate winning the Premier League title in North London is not what Tottenham fans want, but they also need to beat City for their own good and Postecoglou said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘I don’t give up on anything, I’m fighting tooth and nail every single day for everything I can get for this football club because that’s my responsibility.

‘I would not give up on any cause — even the most lost of causes — because then I’d be abstaining from my responsibilities. I want us to finish the season strongly. I want us to try to win three games and see where that takes us. I’d be surprised if anyone in my position at this level will go in with anything other than 100 per cent commitment to fight for everything because if you don’t, invariably you fail.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tottenham could do us a favour that they ideally will not want to do, and we hope they will take some points from Manchester City when they meet.

But even more importantly, we need to win our own games between now and the end of the term.

JustArsenal’s Admin Pat has done an interview with the biggest Man United fan site about our upcoming game – Read it here…

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  1. rivalry in it’s strongest form exists between fans of rival clubs

    let’s be honest

    the vast majority of Arsenal players were not Arsenal fans before they joined the club – to prove the point nearly all played at another club prior to Arsenal and will play at another after Arsenal

    they are [rightly] loyal while wearing the shirt [I hope] but expecting that before and after is unrealistic nonsense

    likewise, if they are not really Arsenal through and through like you and I, then they will feel the local rivalry very differently, and given they are professionals first then it is just about winning for your team/employer

    Spurs players are no different in profile to Arsenal players, virtually none of them are true Spurs fans, they just happen to play for Spurs today, they played for another team before and will play for another team after

    to think that they are motivated of any bi-product of a game they play impact on a local rival is just fantasy and nonsense media talk

    Spurs players, like Arsenal players in previous seasons are playing to win any match at any time without any reference to ‘doing a favour’ to anyone else

    so Ange is absolutely right and honest, he is only interested in Spurs (just like we are only interested in Arsenal) and so plays Spurs game for Spurs only

    do us a favour? do me a favour…

    1. Exactly! Would’ve thought everyone understood that, but unfortunately they don’t. Given Ange has admitted his team are not CL quality, i don’t expect them to beat City, as they must’ve been beaten even before a ball is kicked. Therefore i look forward to West ham on the final day. I hope city will drop points sooner though.

  2. I don’t think either Spurs or WH have a cat in hell’s chance of getting anything from City unfortunately.

    From my clutching at straws point of view, at least they both won yesterday which may have been a confidence booster.

  3. Tomorrows’s game between Villa and Liverpool is key. If that goes the way we want it to then even I will be supporting Spurs on Tueday.

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