Angers 1-1 Arsenal – Mustafi played well in a boring match.

The first half was truly a dull affair and truth be told Angers probably just edged it but that is no surprise considering the weakened side Arsenal put out.

Gabriel Martinelli looks a live wire but I have to question his tackling abilities. Reiss Nelson was busy but that was about it, just busy and Eddie Nketiah has gone backwards a little but then again it may well have been different if he was surrounded by more seasoned players.

No real complaints against the defence in the first half, yes they conceded but it was a well-worked goal but of course, the defence should have done better.

That said, I am not going to criticise Mustafi for his first-half display because I do not think he did anything wrong, he played the ball out of defence well and his positioning was just fine.

The second half was better for Nelson, he got himself on the scoresheet with a tap in and was more effective with his runs against the defence.

Guendouzi was bright but he has to cut out the silly fouls and giving the ball away so often.

Mustafi continued to have a good game in the second half making a few well-timed tackles in the penalty area and overall I thought he had one of his better games today and was certainly a contender for man of the match.

Arsenal was susceptible to the counter-attack and the midfield has to do better in those scenarios. They do not make it easy for the defence that is for sure.

Aubameyang had a bit of a shocker, to be honest, missing two open goals and he will have to sharpen up once the Premier League gets underway.

Overall, it was a bit boring and told us very little which considering the circumstances of the game and so many players missing, was not exactly a surprise.

But still, it was a good workout and will help with fitness and definitely help Mustafi’s confidence.


  1. Eddie had disappointing game, and Martinelli looks lively. Mustafi did not look bad overall, but the team wasn’t sharp today.

    It falls to Emery now; good players coming in, attack with Pepe one of the best in the world. He has to coach up the defense it’s part of his job.

    Waiting for Tierney now, ready for the season to officially start.

  2. Not really a bad game for anyone today which makes a welcome change.

    I was watching Martinelli mainly and I gotta say I’m really liking the lad.
    His tackling and finishing may need to be worked on (he has scored/almost scored in every game though) but he’s always in space, intercepts and tracks back well, and makes some nice runs off the ball.
    Seems a bit nervous but then it’s a massive change for him so I hope to see him settle a bit, gain a bit of confidence and take his man on more…. You can see its in him but for now he tends to take the safer option and pass it.

    1. Martinelli was the standout for me as well. He looks very comfortable going forward and knows when to take a player on or find a teammate in the box. Something a ton of youngsters get wrong all the time, and something a lot of senior players still do. So far I’m impressed with whoever scouted him.

  3. Thinking back at how we wanted Medley ahead of Mustafi! I guess the coach know better than us. Am not sure any of the academy player are ready to be starter, it will be best to integrate them gradually, not more than 20min of action in EPL, hopefully they will learn from our classy players at training. We have a lot of class players the youth could learn from

    1. Medley not nearly aggressive enough for how big he is. Mustafi still bad but at least will win tackles and challenges before he ruins everything. Medley will probably not make it since we have Saliba coming next season.

      1. I too was disappointed with Medley; slow in thought and action; he needs to work on his speed over the ground.

    2. People think Mustafi is crap because he was expensive. In fact, he is mediocre – still slightly better than Chambers (as a CB), not to speak of Medley, but naturally everyone expects more from him.

      Similar to Ozil criticism. People say he’s average because he hasn’t lived up to his potential, but he’s still miles better than, say, Reiss Nelson.

      1. Medley will need to expect more of himself if he wants a spot on the team. Or else the Frenchman Saliba will take the position of the Englishman Medley. I know that goes against your perception of Arsenal though.

  4. Nelson grew into game and looked good, Willock kept ball moving up the pitch, and Thompson looked better than Monreal.

    Medley needs a loan with Eddie, but the other youth looked pretty good. I thought Mustafi had better performance than Sokratis.

  5. Gabriel Martinelli looked sharp. He has an old head on young shoulders. He looks a real find.

  6. The problem again was Arsenal’s profligacy in front of goal, Nelson and Aubameyang missed sitters and as for Mhikatarian’s penalty attempt, what can you say?

    1. Our attackers get away with their missing goal errors while will prosecute defenders for defensive error.

  7. Martinelli my player of the match tireless work attacking and defending, a real mature player for his age and always gets into the box, i expect to see him in and about the first team.

    Nelson fairly decent in the second half, my issue with him is to know when to dribble and when to pass, but the potential is there.

    Guendouzi looks ok with the ball at his feet but without the ball, he is lost, focusing too much on ball distribution than keeping the midfield shape.

    Eddie and JJ seem to pressure themselves too much and must allow the game to come to them naturally.

    Medley has to be more alert and anticipation is a must for a CB, which is lacking in Medley, more coaching is needed in his case.

    I think the Ethic schedule has caught up with the player’s body, but by match time they will be able to maintain their levels over 90 minutes.

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