Angry Arteta slams his players after ‘unacceptable’ Brighton defeat

There were not many Arsenal fans who really believed that we could beat Man City last Wednesday night, but we all fully expected the team to bounce back and take all three points against a Brighton team that hadn’t won a game all year and hadn’t scored a goal for six hours before yesterday.

We seemed fully in control, without scoring, in the first half, but once Pepe put us in front it looked like we would kick on and win the game, but how wrong were we? Not for the first time this season have we thrown away a lead, but we were hardly even surprised when Maupay scored the winning goal for the Seagulls in the dying seconds.

Mikel Arteta was very annoyed after the game and made it clear who was to blame. “Obviously after a defeat you want to put the next result straight away to winning.” he told “I think we did a lot of things today to win the game comfortably, but we haven’t competed like you have to compete in the Premier League. We gave first goal away and we lost a few important duels afterwards, so I think it’s all our fault.

“Not about the characters, it’s about how you compete in a Premier League match and it’s for 100 minutes in this case. It’s for every ball, it’s for every action and the moment you lose attention, the opponent is going to punish you. It’s not the first time it has happened and if you want to win football games consistently at this level, it’s a must and it’s a non-negotiable.

“I think they competed for large parts of the game, but in crucial moments when you don’t, you pay the price and that’s it. It’s all my fault obviously because I’m the one that has to make sure they do.”

He seems to be facing an uphill battle to get the team prepared for Thursday’s game at Southampton, and is aware of the task ahead. “Absolutely [it will be hard to do]. I think when you lose two games in a row that hardest thing to do is to lift the players up and believe again in what we are doing.

“The context of the last game against Man City and this one is completely different. I am much more upset today because I know the accident that happened against City but the accident today was provoked by us and it’s unacceptable.”

Thursday’s game is another away fixture, and as we have failed to get three points on the road for 8 games now, stretching back to December 9th, how can the players or fans have any confidence at all of winning at St Marys?


  1. To greater extent I match with arteta’s comment. The players looked as if they didn’t want to win however much the referee was also as if he was supporting the opponent. But the players , they need to step up. They have made every team in UK to believe arsenal can be beaten any cost. Let them step up their game and attitude

  2. I’ve often wondered what’s going on between Arteta and his players. Always seems to be a niggle somewhere. Guendouzi earlier and Ozil and Martinelli at the moment come to mind. What’s going on? Surely he can’t think that Willock is better than Martinelli ANYWHERE ON THE PITCH!
    Then of course there’s Arteta’s eternal refusal to play AMN, an excellent centre mid player, in his correct position. This is the AMN who’s done his best when Arteta’s stuck him at left back, right back, right wing and in my lady’s chamber – in fact anywhere but in his preferred position. Is it a punishment? Looked at Arteta the wrong way or something?
    Was it Torreira, injured at the moment, who was also admonished for having the temerity to say where he’d like to play or was that just with Emery?
    I hope Arteta isn’t becoming a bit of a dictator-type as in “You WILL play where I tell you so shut up about your preferences.” If so I would remind him that AMN did play where he was told, not always successfully I thought, and what sort of reward does he get – he gets put behind the hapless Willock in the pecking order!
    With midfielders Torreira and Xhaka (hopefully) out of contention, Ceballos looking as though he’d prefer to be anywhere but Arsenal, Guendouzi no better than when he joined us, and Willock just plain useless surely Arteta couldn’t do worse than to stick them both in the middle and see what happens? I have faith in Martinelli playing anywhere on the pitch – so where the hell is he?

    1. the coach has lost it. He needs to resign after the FA cup if he cannot pass by Sheff

        1. Maybe he’s right Pat, Don’t think Arteta’s up to it. Allegri free and I’ve heard he’ll take the job. Changing the subject, I’ve got to say. So typical of the powers that be to give us four away games on the trot with the least amount of rest than any other club, then we start with Manchester official Anthony Taylor who five minutes from the Etihad followed by the bias Atkinson, who’s next Mike Dean I suppose followed by Micheal Oliver another who never gives us a break and has actually give eight penalyies against us in the ten games he’s done us No excuses, the teams going backwards under Arteta but I still say they’re conspiring against us while Mike Riley’s on charge

          1. I checked, Kenny…it’s Graham Scott… gobsmacked it isn’t one of the names you mentioned!!!

      1. You are so right about the coach loosing it, honestly Arteta is way out of his league, never convinced.

    2. It is entirely possible that the manager is managing unlike you and me who just get to comment on what we think is wrong

  3. Mikel Arteta should take note on every player that he used, benching Ozil, Martinelli is not the right things we need these players at the pitch stop benching them. Also, we need quality player like 8 and 4.

  4. A young coach as Arteta better be able to be the bigger man apologize if he as to round his troops together and get them fighting like before the break. Come on mikel we believe in you……….for a good while.

    1. Yes, Jah son, from outside the Emirates you get the impression a good get together/clear the air session is well overdue. But of course we don’t know what’s going on inside so it’s all conjecture on our part.
      Either way I hope the whole team get together and come out battling on Thursday. Getting sick of all these timid, milk and water attempts at tackling. Hope they’re not expecting Southampton to do them any favours as according to Footcharts they’re top of the fouls league so things might get rough.

  5. Subbing 3 players for youngsters in the last minutes says it all. A coach with a bit of experience would never do that.

  6. Rookie coach taken ona team with a weak mantality so here is the mess Arteta talks good talk and understands the dated values of Arsenal FC.
    That in its self says it all if we was still a big club we would of gone with some one proven.. what has Arteta proved apart from being Peps assistant and who won the clash between them? I mean look we may of had a little run but we struggled in most of the games..
    Only convincing win was against Newcastle we will not beat Sheff UTD In the FA at the end of the season Arteta should step down.
    Those in charge need to stop stop looking at the cheap option and act like a big club not charity AFC clubs know they can bully us tackle us hard and we will fall.
    We need to ruthless and a number of people need to sacked on the top to.bottom of club starting with Raul.

    Oh yeah Joe hart is being considered for a GK for us what does that tell you I am no longer depressed about us anymore the who UK is mocking us we are a joke

  7. Now i understand the problem is the board is not doing anything jst to take money from the club

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