Angry Spurs fan calls in to admit Arsenal made him leave stadium before half-time

A Tottenham Hotspur fan has admitted that he left the Emirates Stadium before half-time yesterday, with Arsenal rampaging over his side.

The Gunners were in a rampant mood as they built up a 3-0 lead inside the opening 35 minutes of play, with Emile Smith Rowe and Saka combining for the opener, before Aubameyang and Saka added the second and third respectively, and we threatened to add more before the break.

One fan has now admitted to TalkSPORT that he left the stadium before the half-time whistle had even been blown, proceeding to blast his club’s awful defending, before turning his attention to captain Harry Kane who ‘doesn’t want to be there anymore’.

“It was diabolical, I have never seen it this bad for years,” he stated. “We signed a right-back that cost us £26million and he’s fast and on the bench.

“We got [Japhet] Tanganga there who is fast but is not a right-back. He’s got a bit of pace [Emerson Royal], he can run with the ball, he can get the ball forward and take pressure off our defence.

“Our defence is appalling, we still have [Eric] Dier who was appalling last year.”

“Kane doesn’t want to be there anymore,” the Tottenham supporter added. “He just stands there and just looks, Son went past him and when he had that shot [Aaron] Ramsdale saved, Kane just stood there.”

I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to turn up the Emirates yesterday on the losing side, watching your team get pummelled by your biggest rivals, although I’m not sure what they expected considering they have been playing that level of football since the international break.

Crystal Palace were dominating them when it was 11 v 11 and the red card changed very little, so they should really have been prepared for a serious loss if we turned up, which is exactly what we did.

Could you ever imagine leaving a match before half-time? Do Arsenal deserve more credit for making Spurs look bad, or were they simply awful regardless?


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  1. After our rotten start to the season we have suffered mercilessly at the hands of the press. Every decision from Arteta slagged off day after day, comment that we are not a team, that Mikel has lost control. All this with a smug Spurs (And the way they got off they had the right to be so) – highly expectant that their new stadium will bring success (somebody needs to tell them that stadiums dont win games – players do)
    So this NLD had a cup final feel – of real importance – were Spurs going to get our manager sacked, were they going to take Arsenal into unrecoverable turmoil – or were we going to prove what is on our badge -Victory through Harmony – well its history now we came out super top and plumy Nuno into P45 land
    But to make it worse Jamie O’Hara of talksport claims our fans exaggerated celebrations are out order – nothing about all the spurs fans disappearing with half an hour to go – We deserved our party and we know the process ahead – we have a little more trust in it this morning

  2. Following football is an addiction providing a temporary escape from the challenges of real life.
    Like all addictions the highs can be very high and the lows very low.
    Utter despair alternates with absolute euphoria.
    Leaving games early or turning off screens early is endemic to all fandoms.
    Most fans give up on their club several times every season but dollars to doughnuts the fan is back the next game swearing life time allegiance.
    It’s how fans roll, it’s what fans do it’s in every fans dna.


      SOME fans do indeed turn against their team far too easily and do not qualify as true supporters but are simply self entitled fans.

      But you said “fans”, meaning all fans. That is cleary NOT true!

      Many of us are fans AND real supporters too and remain staunch in good times and bad.

      Please do not claim to speak for me therefore and, I suggest, for many other true supporters too.

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