Another 5 reasons for Arsenal to abandon Champions League

By the time that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players jump on a plane to Spain and prepare to play the away leg of our Champions League knockout tie, we will hopefully all be feeling a bit better about life and a bit more confident in the team, but even if the Gunners do win the three games before that, I feel that we would be wasting our time in putting everything we have into that game in Spain.

Even the Arsenal boss all but conceded defeat after that late double from Lionel Messi condemned us to a 2-0 home defeat and that left us needing a miracle of sorts. Maybe not a miracle but we would need to see the very best of Arsenal and at the same time our opponents would have to have a bit of a nightmare.

As unlikely as you might think it is for Arsenal to hit top form in that game, it looks even less likely that the Spanish La Liga champions will falter. Last night they smashed five goals past Rayo Vallecano and set a Spanish record of 35 games unbeaten in all competitions. Even on an off day they are alright if Messi is in form and three of their five goals last night came from the little man.

In those 35 games they have conceded just 20 goals while scoring a massive 107. If you want a glimmer of hope, though, maybe the fact that the two games they did lose this season, right at the start, were both by scorelines that would see Arsenal go through. Celta Vigo shocked them 4-1 in the league and Atletic Bilbao beat them 4-0 in the first leg of the Spanish super cup.

But Barca were away in both of these matches and the last time they lost a match at home by a scoreline enough to see Arsenal stay in the UCL was back in May of 2013 when Bayern Munich beat them 3-0 on the way to their own treble. Barca are much better than that these days and last night’s five goals should just reinforce the fact that Arsenal will be leaving the Champions League very soon so we might as well save our effort for the competitions we still have a chance of winning don’t you think?

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  1. I was suppos’d to hold a party with ma pals if we win the league here in Kenya…seems lyk there will be no party 🙁

    1. I hate when Arsenal make it easy to complain, negativity is too easy. Just like when everything is going great it is easy to write positively, but you like it, that’s the difference. I bring this up because I appreciate how some people are trying to keep positive in a most difficult time, this is an extremely hard thing to do. So well done fellow Gooners and I hope AFC make it easy for you very very soon, like Saturday.

  2. Yes we work very hard every year to achieve the “Wenger spot” (4th)

    then we participate in the UCL only to later come up with the idea of ABANDONING it

    Great!…..just great!

    1. What do you mean abandon the ucl its over anyway the best we can do now is try not get embarrassed ir completely raped off the pitch

  3. well, there’s a slim chance u could still celebrate a party

    ……….the 4th place party!

  4. Haha that would be nice but even the girls wont attend,it will be jst me,a few AKB’s and a letter of congratulation from Wenger!

  5. What’s the use whether we stay or leave the UCL or whether we concentrate on the EPL or not, we still lack a leader on the bench or on the pitch to motivate the team mentally to win major trophies.

  6. One giddy night in Greece we played like we owned football again. What the hell happened……….

  7. Just shocked you need 5 … Anyway should seal Ramsey’s dream move to the camp nou … Can’t make this crap up … Would be hilarious though to reprint that string of comments on that topic to see just how utterly dilusional so many arsenal fans had become after slurping back the wenger kool aid

  8. It will be a nice trip for the boys, and the sponsors will be happy and so will the board by I expect no miracle.

  9. A massive round in the EPL.
    City and Utd must win
    to have any chance now.
    Leicester can edge closer
    with a win at Watford.

  10. NL “D” day is at hand.
    Is this the title decider?
    Will a loss for Arsenal
    confirm the end of
    our title chase or will the Gunners put Totts on their Arse?
    Will a draw leave both teams further behind Leicester?
    OMG what a prospect

  11. It’s not a shameful thing if we play with an extra midfielder tomorrow. We’ve been leaking too many goals.

    Sanchez Ozil Ramsey
    Coquelin Flamini
    Back Four

    1. @Twig
      I like your line up…but maybe if he is fit Arteta for Flamini for me…Hard to judge what kind of form Arteta is in now but if he is still Arteta of old, he is a better at dictating tempo in the middle.
      Ramsey and Campbell is a toss up for me, I feel campbell deserve a starting spot based on last game form but prefer Ramsey for this game as I feel we need him against Spuds very combative midfield…

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