Another anniversary for Wenger and Arteta eulogises

Although Arsene Wenger was officially signed by Arsenal on the 30th September 1996, he did not pick his first starting XI until today, the 12th October, and we ended up with a 2-0 away win at Blackburn Rovers, who were bottom of the table at the time.

The Gunners finished third that season, and the rest, as they say is history! The other day Mikel Arteta gave his thoughts about working under Wenger to the Online Gooner. He could not praise Le Prof any more: “It is a privilege, you learn a lot from a guy who has such a big spirit and believes in football.

“I think the way he treats everybody and the way he looks after the club, it’s very rare to see in this world. When he’s been here for such a long time, it’s not only because he brings trophies, he brings success or he brought something different to England. He’s a special man.

“He is one of the most loyal people I’ve seen in football. He works incredibly hard. He’s completely obsessed about football and then he’s got a passion about developing players. He’s patient, he understands. He seeks things out that other people don’t see in young talent and he’s a person that you can learn a lot of things from and I would say he’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve come across.”

Well, what he could we say about Wenger that could improve on that description of him. The fans may criticize from the sidelines, but there are very few people who know him as well as Arteta, so I am going to take him at his word.

Wenger is a genius…

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  1. Where or when did I mention hate. Just gave my opinion as I am allowed to Last time I checked.

    As for faceless I’m t about those who thumb down without a counter opinion or argument. Not the fact that we are virtually co-existing on here.

  2. The better you are as a player the less loyal you are. How long will top 4 finishes and being a participant in CL be sufficient for Ozil and Alexis?

    That said, Sir Alex made a good point. If you get rid of Wenger, then who will you get? Especially, now that Klopp is taken. I want Wenger out but would rather keep him then get Moyes, Hodgson, Rednapp, Rogers etc. The only managers I would accept over Wenger would be Guardiola, Ancelotti, Benitez, Martinez, Mancini, Low or Tutchel

    1. Frank deboer in
      Wenger out

      Out with the dictator who brings no trophies
      Out with the dictator who does not know what man marking is or how to defend
      Out with the dictator that brings in injured back up or none at all
      Out witb the dictator that plays us all for fools and rightly so as we fall for it time and again

      Out, I say OUT WITH WENGER

      1. FYI: Mickey mouse cup is not a real trophy thats why qe all wamt BPL or CL trophy.

        Or are you happy with 4th place (possible no CL) due to pathetic state of English league and Mickey Mouse cup?

        AKB’s spin the truth and enlighten us please

  3. Enough with mediocrity, lets bring in a manager that can win.

    You all love new signings and star players, why not a star manager?

  4. O.T. Pls Arsenal fans, lets pray for Alexis against Chile’s match tomorrow as are reporting that Peru fans are performing a ritual to jinx him so he has a bad game tomorrow.

    1. Unless the ritual willl give him a little bit hamstring niggle, or make him lose his travel documents for the Munich game, I’m not that concerned!

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